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Earth in 3302

Outdoor world with a human-breathable atmosphere and indigenous life. The atmosphere is far from chemical equilibrium as a result.

— In-Game Description

An Earth-like World is a type of Terrestrial Planet that has an active water-based chemistry and indigenous carbon-water-based life. As the name indicates, the planet Earth in the Sol system is the standard by which all bodies of this type are compared. Naturally-occurring Earth-like Worlds are very rare, and they also occasionally support indigenous intelligent species at various stages of development. Universal Cartographics offers some of its highest payouts for discovery and mapping data of previously uncharted Earth-like Worlds.

Humans possess the technology necessary to terraform certain Terrestrial Planets, including Earth-like Worlds with native ecosystems that cannot sustain human crops and livestock or may be harmful to humans in some respect without protective equipment, and artificially induce human-acceptable conditions in a matter of decades. All terraformed Earth-like Worlds are located within the Core Systems. In the early days of interstellar colonisation, terraforming destroyed numerous alien species, such as the mudlarks of Capitol, as well as entire ecosystems, but in the 34th century, terraforming and colonisation of Earth-like Worlds are both heavily regulated by strict environmental protection laws.

Notable Earth-Like Worlds

System Planet Type Notes
Sol Earth Natural Birthplace of humanity, previous capital of the Federation
Sol Mars Terraformed Current capital of the Federation
Tau Ceti Taylor Colony Terraformed The first extrasolar Earth-like World terraformed and colonised by humanity
Achenar Capitol Terraformed Capital of the Empire
Alioth Turner's World Terraformed Capital of the Alliance
Lave Planet Lave Natural Former capital of the Galactic Cooperative
Shinrarta Dezhra Founders World Terraformed Headquarters of the Pilots Federation