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Naturally we faced criticism over the Lugh conflict. Many people thought that we should have been in there guns blazing. On the one hand you have a system that wants to be independent, and on the other you have the oppressive Federation telling them 'no'. The authorities in Lugh put out a call for aid. And what did the Alliance do? We turned them down. That would never happen on the holos, would it? I would've been at the head of the Alliance fleet, taking down the Fed cap ship with a well-aimed torpedo up the tailpipe!
But life isn't like the holos. You need political and legal clarity. When Lugh asked for our help, who exactly was doing the asking? The people? Alright then, which people? Who counted their votes, and how was the process monitored? Was their decision an informed one, or were they bombarded with propaganda? The Alliance is rigorous, you see. You can't join a voluntary association of free systems unless you can offer demonstrable proof of your freedom to choose, just as you can't enter into a contract without being of sound mind, acting without coercion.

— Edmund Mahon, responding to a question from Jessica Braganza, one of a party of schoolchildren visiting the Prime Minister's residence[1]

Edmund Mahon is the incumbent Alliance Prime Minister, the head of government and head of state of the Alliance. Hailing from the Diso system, Mahon is a career politician with a strong academic background who knows the Alliance political system well. While some of his counterparts lacked leadership or the ability to drive the disparate elements of the Alliance, he is known to be able to work within the system and actually get things done. He is also an expert at ensuring that the concerns of individual systems are properly represented within the Alliance, something that is seen as very attractive for new member systems. Mahon is regarded by some as the greatest leader the Alliance has seen since its inception.[2]

In May 3307, Mahon won reelection by a plurality vote in the Alliance Assembly, becoming the first prime minister in Alliance history to secure a second term in office. His historic victory was taken as a sign that the Assembly desired stable leadership in a time of ongoing galactic turmoil.


Early life

Edmund Mahon was born in 3187 to a family of corn farmers on planet Birmingham in the Diso system, at a time when Diso had been annexed by the Federation following the collapse of the Galactic Cooperative in 3174. Mahon's cunning was demonstrated from an early age, and he became known as an unbeatable negotiator who always got the best of a deal. In his autobiography, The Shadow of Silo Seven, Mahon attributed his talents to preparatory research.[1]

At the age of 18, Mahon won a Federal scholarship to study law at Alioth University,[3][1] and initially set out to begin a legal career specializing in cases of corporate exploitation, but switched majors to political science when he discovered the deception and corruption within the legal profession. Two years later,[sic] Mahon lost his scholarship after arguing in favor of the newly-formed Alliance on his personal video channel, which violated a clause stipulating that he not publicly criticize the Federal government. Rather than return home, Mahon took up bartending to pay his tuition, and even became manager of the bar by the time he graduated. He claimed that his time working behind a bar is what propelled him into politics, explaining that a good bartender had a similar skill set to what was desired in a politician.[1]

Political ascent

Mahon's first foray into politics was running for city office against Jensen Crane, the favored corporate candidate. Mahon did not expect to make much of a dent in Crane's commanding lead in the polls, but his campaign was buoyed by his successes in live debates, which exposed Crane as out of touch. Crane nonetheless won the election by a narrow margin, but Mahon had amassed a significant base of supporters who urged him to continue in politics. By age 27, Mahon was working alongside the respected Irene Mendel as she campaigned to break Diso away from the Federation and join the Alliance. When Diso did finally become a member of the Alliance in 3287, Mahon was an accomplished politician. He was elected as a planetary representative multiple times before launching his successful run for Alliance Prime Minister.[1]

Edmund Mahon was first elected Prime Minister by the Alliance Assembly in early 3301. The earliest mention of Mahon serving as Prime Minister was on March 11, 3301, when he announced that the Alliance would not intervene on behalf of the Crimson State Group in the War for Lugh.[4]

Reelection campaign

Alliance Prime Ministers serve a term of six years, and can run for multiple terms, although no Prime Minister has yet been elected to more than one term in the history of the Alliance.[5] Nonetheless, Mahon started planning to seek a second term in office in late 3306 and moved to bolster the Alliance's economy by exploiting the Coalsack Nebula.[6] Councillor Nakato Kaine of Tionisla emerged as his main opponent, and criticized him for the Alliance's increased dependence on corporations and the other two superpowers, as well as its aggressive pursuit of Meta-Alloys in Thargoid territories.[7][8] Mahon formally launched his re-election campaign from his homeworld of Birmingham in Diso on January 19, 3307, the first stop in a tour of Alliance space to tout his accomplishments and galvanize his supporters.[9]

In an unusual move, Mahon proposed delaying the election to avoid overlap with the Galactic Summit scheduled to begin in February, arguing that a potential change in leadership would weaken the Alliance's image during the conference. The Assembly narrowly approved this measure on February 1, pushing the election date back from February 25 to May and effectively extending Mahon's term by three months. Councillor Kaine was outraged by the development, insinuating Mahon was making a power grab and once more demonstrating his priorities lay with projecting the Alliance as a superpower instead of seeing to the welfare of Alliance member systems.[10] By February 22, protests against the postponement had spread across many Allied worlds. While Mahon was forced on the defensive and tried to downplay the unrest, Kaine sided with the protestors.[11]

On February 25, 3307, Prime Minister Mahon arrived at Patterson Enterprise in Sirius to attend the Galactic Summit as the leading member of the Allied delegation.[12] He personally ratified the Cornelius-Lasky Convention with his Federal and Imperial counterparts on March 3.[13] He proposed the Sirius Treaty on March 4, which would greatly expand the remit of Aegis in the Second Thargoid War and strengthen international cooperation against the Thargoids. On March 9, Archon Delaine, the Marlinist Colonies, and several other independent groups committed to signing the treaty in response to Professor Alba Tesreau's plea for increased funding for Aegis.[14][15] The treaty was left unsigned when the Galactic Summit was cancelled in response to the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army's Nine Martyrs attack on starports in nine systems on March 11.[16]

Edmund Mahon resumed his election campaign on May 10, when the new date for the prime minister election was announced to be May 27. Alliance Tribune political correspondent Vanya Driscoll commented that the controversy stemming from the election's delay and Mahon's apparent prioritisation of the Galactic Summit and the Sirius Treaty over Alliance affairs may have severely damaged his standing, and could result in him losing the election to Councillor Kaine, whose own public support has swelled.[17] On May 17, Mahon and Kaine embarked on tours of the Alliance to rally supporters, with Mahon speaking at a business conference on the planet Industry in Zaonce and criticising Kaine as a reactionary. Opinion polls indicated Mahon still enjoyed majority support, but the margin had tightened after his move to delay the election. Many citizens also agreed with Kaine that the Alliance should not have attended the Galactic Summit.[18]

Despite the slip in his approval rating, pundits began asserting as early as May 20 that Mahon's victory was all but certain. However, that same day, Mahon and Kaine announced dueling public initiatives to rally support for their respective platforms; the more successful initiative was deemed likely to influence the early policy direction of the candidate who ultimately won the election. Mahon requested deliveries of industrial materials to Gateway to further his plans for the Alliance's expansion by building new starports, while Kaine requested deliveries of manufacturing materials to Tionisla to boost trade between Allied systems and increase the availability of Alliance-made rare commodities.[19] Mahon's initiative triumphed and moved to its second phase, which involved mining tritium to fuel the construction of up to five new starports in the systems LHS 2522, Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19, Bei Dou Sector ZZ-Y b0, LFT 814, and Herculis Sector IW-W b1-3. This phase received less robust participation, but enough tritium was still collected to build starports in the first two systems.[20] The Alliance Assembly also voted in the 3307 prime minister election on May 27 with no further delays, and opinion polls published that day again heralded imminent victory for Mahon, while also noting that Councillor Kaine had amassed broad support for her own policies.[21]

Second term as Alliance Prime Minister

It was officially confirmed on May 28, 3307 that Edmund Mahon had won a historic second term as prime minister of the Alliance. He received a plurality of the vote in the Assembly, and political observers commented that Mahon's calm, measured leadership had been a key factor in his victory, as the Assembly likely preferred the stability that he represented at a time when the Core Systems faced multiple internal and external threats.[22] However, less than a month later on June 25, controversy ensnared Mahon when Councillor Kaine revealed evidence that he had possibly made a backroom deal with Sirius Corporation to help complete his two new starports, Enterprise Market and Prosperity Core. The Office of the Prime Minister responded by only confirming that the megacorporation was one of multiple partners in the Alliance's expansion programme.[23]

Mahon made an effort to rally support for the Sirius Treaty on September 7, 3307, explaining in an interview with the Alliance Tribune that the treaty remained viable and needed only to be ratified by himself and the other signatories. He described the treaty's abandonment following the Nine Martyrs attacks as the greatest regret of his career, and criticised the ongoing investigation into Aegis's conduct over the disappearance of the Alexandria as an indignity that could have been avoided. Mahon believed that the Thargoids were still the greatest threat to humanity and Aegis should be restored to deal with them.[24]

By December 22, 3307, with Aegis still suspended and fears mounting that the Alliance was unprepared for a Thargoid invasion, Mahon suggested forming a strategic defence contract with Sirius Corporation to bolster the capabilities of the Alliance Defence Force. The Alliance Assembly invited CEO Li Yong-Rui to Alioth to take part in discussions.[25] These talks led to the signing of a strategic defence pact between the Alliance and Sirius Corp on January 3, 3308. The measure was approved by a slim majority in a rare, closed-door, joint session of the Assembly and the Council of Admirals. Although most of the pact's terms were classified, Mahon divulged to The Alliance Tribune that Sirius Corp would support the ADF in anti-xeno operations and was given priority access to certain financial opportunities in exchange. The lack of transparency drew criticism from Nakato Kaine and other disapproving Councillors.[26] The defence pact came into effect on January 10 with the appointment of Admiral Nikolas Glass of the Sirius Navy to the Council of Admirals. While Mahon was joined in his endorsement of Glass's appointment by ADF Fleet Admiral Hayley Sorokin, Admiral George Varma spoke out against the mingling of commerical and military interests, and Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran revealed that she had abstained from the January 3rd vote, implying that Assembly support for the defence pact was weaker than had been assumed.[27]

In another controversial move, Mahon used his executive authority to invite Sirius Corporation to establish a permanent presence in Alliance space on January 14. Sirius obliged by deploying four megaships in the Alliance systems of Alioth, Arimpox, Di Jian, and Reorte. At the same time, Sirius Corp advisors officially joined the ADF and multiple government departments to streamline cooperation between the two partners. Councillor Kaine argued that permitting Sirius Corp in Alliance systems was illegal without the explicit approval of the Assembly, but because the decision was linked to the defence pact, it was considered a classified military matter and exempt from reversal through civil court.[28] Reorte's local government responded to the presence of Sirius Corporation by using military force to drive them out of the system. On February 8, 3308, Mahon gave Li Yong-Rui his personal guarantee that the Reorte incident would not be repeated after the CEO expressed concerns about the safety of his employees within the Alliance. However, the Reorte incident also caused more members of the Assembly to side with Kaine and question the wisdom of the strategic defence pact.[29]

Kaine motioned to censure Mahon over the Reorte debacle on February 25, and the motion was approved by a plurality of the Assembly after some abstentions. In particular, the prime minister was rebuked for "disregarding the Alliance's principles by unilaterally forcing cooperation with Sirius Corporation". After Mahon formally accepted the reprimand, Kaine called for the strategic defence pact to be reconsidered by the Assembly as civil legislation rather than a military contract, and she further demanded that Li Yong-Rui either accept these new terms or withdraw from the pact and Alliance territory.[30] In response to Kaine's summons, Yong-Rui appeared before the Assembly on March 9, 3308 to extend a compromise: allow a three-month trial period for Sirius to demonstrate its worth to the Alliance, then decide whether or not to continue the pact. This offer was accepted, and Mahon was pleased by the outcome.[31]


14 MAR 3308

  • The Reorte Mining Coalition wants to cut ties with the Alliance in protest against the military defence pact with Sirius Corporation. Vox Galactica featured an announcement from the faction's CEO, Fergus Cassidy: "The pact's three-month probationary period is clearly a ruse. It is designed to allow time for Sirius agents to bribe, convince or threaten Allied decision-makers into accepting Li Yong-Rui's presence. We'd rather become an independent faction than allow this greedy and untrustworthy company into Reorte space." Councillor Ainsley Niven, who represents Reorte, told the Assembly: "Obviously I have argued against this extreme move, but I cannot ignore the strength of feeling from the system's governing faction. For Reorte Mining Coalition leaders, leaving the Alliance is less risky than allowing Sirius Corporation to become embedded in the system's infrastructure." Vanya Driscoll, political correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported: "There are already wild rumours that this situation might spark mass declarations of independence, similar to the Federation's secession crisis last year. But there is no indication as yet that these events will play out quite so dramatically. What is certain, however, is how damaging this is for Prime Minister Mahon's campaign to promote acceptance of Sirius Corporation. A historically significant system such as Reorte withdrawing from the Alliance would likely sour the megacorp's reputation with those it seeks to impress."[32]

09 MAR 3308

  • The Alliance and Sirius Corporation have negotiated a three-month probationary period for its proposed anti-xeno defence agreement. In response to a summons by Councillor Nakato Kaine, CEO Li Yong-Rui appeared in person before the Assembly. As part of a longer speech he stated: "I fully understand that, in order to be effective, the strategic defence pact requires broader political support. But to share its details before the Alliance can experience its benefits may lead to hasty decisions. Instead, we propose that Sirius Corporation is provided with an opportunity to demonstrate how we can enhance Allied security against the Thargoids. At the end of a contractually defined period of time, the Assembly can review the pact and decide whether or not to continue with our partnership." Following further discussions, Yong-Rui accepted that the probationary period would be reduced to three months from the originally suggested six. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon expressed his gratitude that a solution had been reached. Councillor Ainsley Niven, representing the Reorte system, sounded a cautionary note: "Frankly, some Allied factions won't tolerate Sirius's presence for three minutes let alone three months. I fear that this will not be enough to convince all of our member systems to cooperate."[31]

25 FEB 3308

  • The Alliance Assembly has delivered an official rebuke to its prime minister following the recent skirmish in the Reorte system. There have been heated debates following the conflict between Reorte Mining Coalition and Sirius Corporation. This was triggered by the megacorp's unpopular attempt to establish a presence in the system as an anti-xeno defence partner. Councillor Nakato Kaine led a motion to censure against Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, which successfully passed with a plurality of votes after some abstentions. The strongly-worded reprimand focused on 'disregarding the Alliance's principles by unilaterally forcing cooperation with Sirius Corporation'. After Mahon formally accepted the reprimand, Councillor Kaine addressed the Assembly: "This body does not have the right to govern its member systems without their consent. The strategic defence pact must become civil legislation rather than a military contract, so it can be passed as law. I call upon Li Yong-Rui to agree to these terms, or else to abandon the pact and remove Sirius Corporation's forces from the Alioth, Arimpox, Di Jian and Leesti systems."[30]

08 FEB 3308

  • The recent battle in the Reorte system has caused Sirius Corporation to question the terms of its partnership with the Alliance. The Alliance Tribune's political correspondent Vanya Driscoll reported: "When Sirius Corporation megaships arrived in four Allied systems, it's fair to assume they anticipated a degree of public resistance. But being directly attacked by the Reorte Mining Coalition clearly wasn't part of their risk assessment. Li Yong-Rui has urgently sought assurances from the Alliance that such conflicts will not happen again. The megacorp's CEO claimed that he has a duty to protect his employees from aggression by their own clients. In response, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon personally guaranteed that this unfortunate incident was a one-off, stressing that Sirius personnel have been welcomed in the Alioth, Arimpox and Di Jian systems. He added that the Alliance Defence Force is working closely with Admiral Nikolas Glass, the Sirius Navy's representative. But others in the Assembly are now openly questioning the wisdom of the strategic defence pact. Although Councillor Nakato Kaine's opposition to Mahon is often viewed as predictable, more members now agree with her that many Allied factions will reject the assertion that Sirius Corporation is an ally to be trusted."[29]

03 FEB 3308

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    The Reorte Mining Coalition has succeeded in forcing Sirius Corporation to withdraw from the Reorte system. Despite the megacorp's strategic defence pact with the Alliance, Reorte's controlling faction claimed the Sirius megaship Chariot of Rhea was an illegal intruder. This resulted in open conflict, which has ended with Sirius Corporation's defeat. Fergus Cassidy, CEO of the Reorte Mining Coalition, transmitted this message: "With the support of many brave pilots, we have prevented Sirius from sinking its claws into the Reorte system. I hope our victory will convince the Alliance's leaders to think twice about their deal with the devil." Captain Delfina Dominguez has confirmed that Sirius Corporation has started to withdraw from Reorte. The megaship Chariot of Rhea will leave Reorte and jump to the Leesti system pending further discussions with Allied leaders. Sources have confirmed that permits to the Alioth and Sirius systems have been allocated to independent pilots depending on the faction they supported during the conflict. The Assembly has held emergency meetings to debate this turn of events. Councillor Ainsley Niven, who represents the Reorte system, delivered a warning to Prime Minister Mahon: "You have invited Sirius Corporation to provide military aid against the Thargoids, but without seeking the approval of those we are pledged to protect. That is not the way of the Alliance, no matter how grave the threat."[33]

27 JAN 3308

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    The Reorte Mining Coalition has declared its intent to remove the Sirius Corporation presence from its home system. The megaship Chariot of Rhea arrived in Reorte as part of Sirius Corporation's new role as the Alliance's strategic defence partner. But the system's controlling faction ordered it to withdraw. The megaship's non-compliance has resulted in skirmishes targeting Sirius forces. Fergus Cassidy, CEO of the Reorte Mining Coalition, announced: "We fully support Councillor Kaine's position that Sirius Corporation is operating illegally under Alliance law. Therefore, we will defend our territory from this aggressive foreign entity." A response was broadcast by Captain Delfina Dominguez of the Sirius Navy, who commands the Chariot of Rhea: "Our presence is authorised by the military contract between Sirius Corporation and the Alliance Defence Force. If local forces continue to attack, we will have no option but to defend our assets." The fighting is not believed to have reached surface level and is expected to remain a ship-based conflict. To rally support from independent pilots, both factions are offering access to permit-locked systems. Reorte Mining Coalition will sponsor distribution of an Alioth system permit, while Sirius Corporation will authorise a permit to the Sirius system. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has ordered the Reorte Mining Coalition to cease hostilities immediately. However, Councillor Ainsley Niven – who represents Reorte in the Assembly and is a political supporter of Nakato Kaine – claims that the faction has the right to protect its territory, since it was not invited to ratify the defence pact.[34]

24 JAN 3308

  • The presence of Sirius Corporation in the Reorte system at the Alliance's invitation has been challenged by the controlling faction. In its new role as a strategic defence partner, Sirius Corporation recently established itself in several Alliance systems. But its megaship in Reorte, Chariot of Rhea, has found itself blockaded by system security and refused permission to offload cargo or personnel. A broadcast was made by Fergus Cassidy, CEO of the Reorte Mining Coalition: "Councillor Kaine is right to say that Sirius is acting illegally. The prime minister did not consult us or any other Allied faction on working with them, and there's good reason to be sceptical of their motives. We regard the Chariot of Rhea as an intruder and insist that it leaves immediately." Li Yong-Rui has assured Alliance leaders that Sirius Corporation will only be collaborating on anti-Thargoid defence projects. He stressed that there will be no disruption to any local civil or commercial activity. The Alliance Tribune commented on the situation: "Many Allied systems welcomed the news that our military is being bolstered by Sirius Corporation. But others expressed disapproval, particularly among the Old Worlds where the populations tend to be more sceptical of change. What happens in Reorte could determine whether or not the new defence pact becomes widely accepted."[35]

14 JAN 3308

  • Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has invited Sirius Corporation to establish a permanent presence within the Alliance. The Alliance Tribune's political correspondent Vanya Driscoll reported: "Sirius Corporation's new role as a strategic defence partner has expanded swiftly, with a Sirius faction established in the Alioth system to represent the megacorp. In addition, several megaships have arrived in other Allied systems to provide support. The Alliance Defence Force and some government departments now have official advisors from Sirius Corporation on their staff. Prime Minister Mahon announced that these developments will streamline joint operations with the Sirius Navy, and in turn provide effective countermeasures against Thargoid aggression. But Councillor Nakato Kaine claims that the presence of Sirius Gov is illegal as it was not ratified by the Assembly. She has pointed out that since the defence pact makes this a classified military matter, any civil action to reverse Mahon's executive decision has been deliberately blocked."[28]

10 JAN 3308

  • A new member has been appointed to the Council of Admirals to represent Sirius Corporation as the Alliance's strategic defence partner. Political correspondent Vanya Driscoll reported for The Alliance Tribune: "There are always six seats on the Council of Admirals, taken by senior military commanders from the largest regional fleets. Not only is this the first time that a seventh position has been created, it's also the first to come from outside the Alliance. The new addition is Admiral Nikolas Glass, a highly decorated officer with the Sirius Navy. His new role is to coordinate the Alliance's anti-Thargoid operations, which from now on will be directly supported by Sirius Corporation. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Fleet Admiral Hayley Sorokin both endorsed this development as a way of strengthening the Alliance Defence Force, which lacks the might of the Federal or Imperial Navy. Many member systems have demanded increased protection against the Thargoid threat, so this news is likely to be well received. As expected, Councillor Nakato Kaine opposed the defence pact, with Admiral George Varma also critical of 'merging commercial interests with military matters'. Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran also admitted that she abstained during the recent joint vote, but chose not to elaborate on her reasons. So it seems that the Assembly is not fully confident about this union with Sirius Corporation."[27]

03 JAN 3308

  • Sirius Corporation has signed an agreement to provide the Alliance with ships, materials and personnel to help combat the Thargoids. The Alliance Assembly and the Council of Admirals held a rare joint vote on the issue of inviting the megacorp to become a strategic defence partner. The motion was debated in private and reportedly passed by a slim majority. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon told The Alliance Tribune: "The danger posed by the Thargoids is increasing once more, perhaps accelerated by the loss of Aegis and a lack of any binding treaty between the superpowers. It is vital that we make a proactive decision to maintain security for Alliance systems. Sirius Corporation will work closely with the Alliance Defence Force to reinforce our member vessels, focusing exclusively on anti-xeno operations. In return, new commercial agreements will provide the company with increased access to certain financial endeavours." Councillor Nakato Kaine spoke on behalf of several disapproving members of the Assembly: "We are already too entwined with this ruthless corporate giant, so to hand our defences over to them is another blow to the Alliance's identity. It is also convenient that the details of the pact remain classified under military restrictions. We don't even know what price we're paying to hire Sirius to be our guard dog."[26]

29 DEC 3307

  • Continuing a series of articles by historian Sima Kalhana that look at the most newsworthy events during the past year.
    "April 3307 saw the creation of the Federation's Proactive Detection Bureau in reaction to the Nine Martyrs bombings. This organisation monitored all public and private communications for evidence of terrorists, to prevent similar attacks in future. But its highly controversial nature would soon present the Federation with new challenges. ACT's investigation led them to the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, which had helped deliver the caustic enzyme bombs to their nine targets. The faction's defeat was an early victory against the NMLA, but much of the organisation remained a mystery. When the 'ghost ship' Adamastor began receiving an encoded signal, this began an entire saga of mysteries. Its long-lost sister ship, the Hesperus, was soon located by pilots who had been recruited by an anonymous figure named Salvation. His interest in Azimuth Biochemicals, the 200 year old corporation that owned both vessels, would bring a strange twist to the ongoing Thargoid conflict. In May, Hadrian Duval was targeted by Federal forces after accusations that he was the mastermind behind the NMLA. The spectre of Empire-Federation war rose once again as Nova Imperium successfully defended itself, but ACT concluded that evidence had been falsified to implicate Hadrian and his new wife Lady Astrid. Aegis came under intense scrutiny when the megaship Alexandria, laden with newly collected Guardian artefacts, began attracting Thargoids in every system it jumped to. The Alexandria later vanished completely in hyperspace, and to this day remains missing presumed destroyed. The Alliance election finally took place at the end of May, having been delayed by three months due to the Galactic Summit. Councillor Nakato Kaine fought a spirited campaign, but Edmund Mahon was re-elected to serve a second term as prime minister. Supporters of Neo-Marlinism gained a voice in June, when Minister Aaron Whyte offered a peace deal with the Empire to prevent further terrorism. The idea of a political wing of the NMLA gained support from those fearing further bombings, but opened major rifts within the Marlinist Colonies. Salvation once again contacted pilots to track down survivors from the Hesperus. This led to the discovery of an ancient Guardian-Thargoid battleground, where Azimuth scientists had built a research base around their vessel Proteus. All were killed by unusual experiments into weaponising Guardian crystals. The Proactive Detection Bureau had been generally accepted by Federal citizens, but many claimed it was a violation of civil liberties. Halfway through the year, the Azaladshu Free faction took the bold step of seceding from the Federation, thus triggering the possibility of mass rebellion."[36]

22 DEC 3307

  • The Alliance Assembly has invited Sirius Corporation to collaborate on enhancing protection for member systems against the Thargoids. Political journalist Vanya Driscoll reported on the development for The Alliance Tribune: "Sirius Corporation has been a key partner in the Alliance's expansion programme. Most notably, its subsidiary Sirius Atmospherics helped establish colonies in the Coalsack Nebula to support meta-alloy harvesting. But according to insiders, the suspension of Aegis and the increasing Thargoid presence has raised fears that Alliance systems may be vulnerable to xeno invasion. This has led to Prime Minister Edmund Mahon suggesting a strategic defence contract with the megacorp. In response, CEO Li Yong-Rui himself has travelled to the Alioth system. It's understood that high-level discussions are taking place on ways in which the company might augment the Alliance Defence Force's capabilities. Councillor Nakato Kaine, Mahon's political rival, has repeated her claim that Sirius Corporation has a disturbing amount of influence over some council members. She fears that private agreements are being made behind closed doors, and has called for increased transparency."[25]

10 SEP 3307

  • A day of mourning has been declared across the Empire to mark the first anniversary of the NMLA's Imperial starport bombings. On Thursday the 10th of September 3306, Imperial stations in the Cemiess, Gabjaujis, LHS 4031 and Rabh systems were attacked without warning. Over sixty thousand people were killed and twice as many wounded by powerful explosives that delivered a caustic enzyme payload. The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army is an extremist paramilitary group that is dedicated to reforming Marlin Duval's original republican government. Prior to these bombings, it had only performed minor strikes with low casualties. The NMLA's terror campaign grew to encompass all three superpowers with the Nine Martyrs attacks in March 3307. It also led to supporters of Marlinism fleeing from the Empire as refugees, eventually resettling in the Marlinist Colonies. Princess Aisling Duval paid respects to the victims during a memorial ceremony at her palace on Emerald. She also spoke of her father Prince Harold Duval, who was assassinated by the NMLA shortly after the bombings. Messages of condolence have been sent by President Zachary Hudson, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval and First Minister Octavia Volkov. All vowed to continue contributing resources to ACT, which recently shut down many terrorist cells. Coupled with the loss of its political wing, the NMLA threat may finally be diminishing.[37]

07 SEP 3307

  • Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has commented on the Aegis inquiry and his failed proposal to unify anti-xeno operations. As part of an interview with The Alliance Tribune, he said: "The greatest regret of my career is that I was unable to formalise the Sirius Treaty at the Galactic Summit. This would have revolutionised Aegis by providing the commitment and resources it deserves, sparing it the indignity of a public inquiry. The Nine Martyrs attacks prevented that historic occasion, of course, but the Sirius Treaty itself remains viable. I'd be happy to ratify it on behalf of the Alliance if we can convince the other signatories that defending humanity from the Thargoid threat should be our utmost priority." Investigators continue to gather information regarding Aegis's operations. There have been further resignations of key staff, and financial records are being independently audited. Dr Paul Baumann, chair of the board of inquiry, confirmed that charges of criminal negligence could be brought against key figures within Aegis given sufficient evidence. However, there is uncertainty as to which court would deal with legal proceedings for a tri-superpower organisation.[24]

25 JUN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Two Alliance stations have been constructed following a successful re-election campaign by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. Enterprise Market in the LHS 2522 system and Prosperity Core in the Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19 system are now fully operational. Prime Minister Mahon welcomed visitors to the new starports, promising that they would "further enhance the Alliance's commitment to creating opportunities". However, Councillor Nakato Kaine triggered heated debate in the Alliance Assembly when she made this announcement: "My investigation turned up irregularities in the tritium mining campaign, suggesting that it only received enough deliveries to allow one starport to be built. Furthermore, docking records seem to indicate that Sirius Corporation made up the shortfall with a number of unregistered donations. Sirius Corporation now has a presence in the Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19 system. This suggests disturbing parallels with the company's recent dealings to help build Archon Delaine's new starports. The question is – what did Mahon promise in return?" A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister clarified that Sirius Corporation was one of many companies currently partnered with the Alliance to support its expansion programme. It did not address the discrepancy in tritium deliveries or refer to any contributions from the megacorp.[23]

16 JUN 3307

  • Councillor Nakato Kaine has suggested that the Alliance's current electoral system should be replaced by direct public voting. The proposal follows a recent election where Prime Minister Edmund Mahon was reinstated for a second six-year term. Addressing the Alliance Assembly, Councillor Kaine said: "Only allowing council members to choose the prime minister is a flawed system, vulnerable to corruption and outside influence. The people of the Alliance should have a direct mandate to determine their leader by casting individual votes." Political journalist Vanya Driscoll reported for The Alliance Tribune: "Although Kaine stopped short of claiming that Mahon's victory was achieved fraudulently, the Assembly took a dim view of this attempt at electoral overhaul. Some council members accused her of failing to accept that her policies received considerably less support than those of her rival. Despite this, a few accepted that there could be merit in such a restructure. However, organising public voting across all Alliance systems would be much harder than in democracies with a more established infrastructure, such as the Federation, or that have smaller populations, such as the Marlinist Colonies."[38]

03 JUN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon's request for mined tritium has concluded, paving the way for new Alliance starports. Large quantities of tritium were delivered, which will provide fuel for a civil infrastructure programme designed to increase the Alliance's presence. As part of this expansion, new Alliance starports will be constructed in these systems by the 25th of June 3307:
    LHS 2522
    Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19
    Prime Minister Mahon, who was recently re-elected by the Assembly, told the media: "The economy of the Alliance will benefit greatly from investment in expansion. These new stations will provide more opportunities for individuals and corporations alike." Pilots who mined and delivered tritium can now collect their rewards from Dublin Citadel in the Gateway system.[20]

28 MAY 3307

  • The election for Alliance prime minister has been won by the incumbent Edmund Mahon, who begins a second six-year term in office. The Alliance Assembly voted yesterday to elect the new head of state. Mahon received more votes than any other candidate, albeit not a majority of the electorate. Some council members demanded additional checks, causing a delay in announcing the results. Prime Minister Mahon gave a victory speech to the public: "It is my great honour to continue serving the diverse peoples of the Alliance. We will hold fast to our principles of democracy, prosperity and mutual defence, no matter what the galaxy throws at us." Vanya Driscoll, political correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, observed: "With the core systems affected by political unrest, terrorist threats and economic turmoil, it is no surprise that the Assembly voted for stability. Mahon is a known quantity, and the Alliance has become reliant on his calm, measured leadership."[22]

27 MAY 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    As the Assembly votes for its new leader, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has requested mined tritium to aid expansion. The new initiative follows on from his successful drive for industrial materials, which resulted in large amounts of ceramic composites, polymers and superconductors. Pilots who contributed to this can now collect their rewards from Dublin Citadel in the Gateway system. A competing community drive by Councillor Nakato Kaine, Mahon's main rival in the election, brought deliveries of copper, micro-controllers and polymers. Prime Minister Mahon's new tritium mining initiative aims to provide a stockpile of fuel to support the Alliance's expansion programme. This will involve constructing up to five new starports, which are expected to be operational within a month. Mined deposits of tritium can be delivered to Dublin Citadel in the Gateway system. Members of the Alliance Assembly will gather today to cast their votes for a new prime minister. Opinion polls believe Mahon will comfortably win, although acknowledge that Kaine has broad support. The successful candidate will serve as the Alliance head of state for a six-year term.[21]

20 MAY 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Councillor Nakato Kaine have launched rival delivery initiatives in Alliance space. The two leading candidates for Alliance prime minister are attempting to gather public support, although the actual election will be determined by votes within the Assembly on the 27th of May. Every opinion poll suggests that Mahon's victory is all but confirmed, which will grant him a second six-year term. However, the outcomes of these community drives will directly affect the successful candidate's policies once in office. Prime Minister Mahon is focusing on increasing industrial materials to aid expansion. He has requested that shipments of ceramic composites, polymers and superconductors are delivered to Dublin Citadel in the Gateway system. Councillor Kaine aims to support local manufacturers in order to boost trade. She has asked for supplies of copper, micro-controllers and polymers to be delivered to Brett High in the Tionisla system. Whoever is most successful will run a second campaign the following week. Mahon will launch a tritium mining initiative, leading to the construction of new Alliance starports. Kaine will use void opal mining to help stimulate trade, increasing the availability of rare goods in Alliance-controlled systems.[19]

17 MAY 3307

  • The front-runner candidates in the Alliance election have stepped up their campaigns, amid widespread political and civil unrest. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Councillor Nakato Kaine are touring across the Alliance, gathering public support to sway the Assembly when it votes on the 27th of May. Attending a business sector conference on the planet Industry in the Zaonce system, Prime Minister Mahon stated: "We've heard a lot of reactionary rhetoric from Councillor Kaine, but it's much easier to be critical than constructive. She has done little to secure the prosperity of our people and companies, which was my primary focus over the last six years." At a protest march on New Caledonia in the Alkaid system, Councillor Kaine addressed the crowd: "Again, the Thargoids lash out at our presence. Again, we prop up the other superpowers. Again, we pump money into Aegis and Lakon but not our own economies. Nothing changes, unless Mahon is voted out and the Alliance takes a new direction!" Opinion polls suggest that Mahon has retained majority support, but with a narrower margin than in February when the election was originally scheduled. Many agree with Kaine that the Alliance should not have participated in the Galactic Summit, which led to the 'Nine Martyrs' bombings.[18]

10 MAY 3307

  • The election of the Alliance prime minister will take place on the 27th of May, having been postponed due to the Galactic Summit. Vanya Driscoll, political correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported: "Prime Minister Edmund Mahon's decision to postpone the election for three months caused enormous disruption and mass protests. This may have mortally wounded his campaign to be re-elected as head of government for a second six-year term. With hindsight it's clear that Mahon was prioritising the Sirius Treaty, a detailed proposal to unite the superpowers against the Thargoids. Unfortunately, the Galactic Summit was prematurely halted by the 'Nine Martyrs' bombings before the treaty could be agreed. Although there are several candidates, Mahon's only serious challenger is Councillor Nakato Kaine. She has been a vocal critic of his expansionist policies, and gained much public support for her focus on boosting trade between Alliance systems. Electoral votes will be cast by members of the Alliance Assembly, whose decisions reflect popular opinion in their constituencies. No previous prime minister has served more than a single term, so it remains to be seen whether Mahon will defy precedent or Kaine will follow the pattern of history."[17]

26 MAR 3307

  • Former President Jasmina Halsey has joined the Federal Diplomatic Corps to become an ambassador to the Alliance. In recent years Halsey served as an advisor to Prime Minister Mahon, but returned to the Federation in January to stand as a witness in the Starship One trial. She was a guest of Shadow President Felicia Winters at the Galactic Summit, and both were evacuated back to Mars when it was cancelled. At a press conference, Ambassador Halsey said: "Being at the conference reminded me that the political arena is where I belong. My new responsibilities allow me to continue serving the Federation while making use of my experience within the Alliance, and hopefully build stronger bridges between the two." Elijah Beck, head of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations, sent this message: "Jasmina's level-headed advice has calmed many tense political situations. This is the ideal role for a diplomat of her calibre, and I look forward to working with her again." In related news, the Federal Diplomatic Corps confirmed that Ambassador Jordan Rochester had been recalled from duty to be reassigned. Most of the Empire and Federation's embassies in each other's space have been closed since November 3306.[39]

15 MAR 3307

09 MAR 3307

  • Potential solutions to the threat posed by the Thargoid race are being debated at the diplomatic conference in the Sirius system. Political correspondent Conrad Sterling reported for Vox Galactica: "As always, the topic of the Thargoids brings division. The Alliance delegation has portrayed the aliens as a universal danger, while the Empire and Federation took a more balanced view. Professor Alba Tesreau's plea to increase support for Aegis was well received, but many delegates argued that further anti-xeno breakthroughs were needed to justify additional funding. To this end, Aegis will undertake new research into the Guardians, hoping to discover a technological advantage from that ancient species. Prime Minister Mahon's proposal for strategic cooperation against the Thargoids – known as the Sirius Treaty – is now being examined in detail. Supporters view it as a logical progression from the recently agreed Cornelius-Lasky Convention. There was minor uproar when Archon Delaine agreed to be a signatory. Coupled with similar commitments from the Marlinist Colonies and other independents, this has brought pressure upon the Empire and Federation to follow suit. If ratified, the Sirius Treaty could be the crowning achievement of the conference. However, putting it into practice will require a huge influx of resources. Decisions are expected before the end of this week."[15]

04 MAR 3307

  • Pirate warlord Archon Delaine has unexpectedly appeared at the diplomatic conference and demanded to participate as a political delegate. Delaine is the leader of the Kumo Crew, a notorious crime syndicate that controls dozens of systems. Their arrival at Patterson Enterprise station initially caused many delegations' security teams to begin evacuations. However, representatives of the Sirius Corporation called for calm and delivered this message: "We have vouchsafed Archon Delaine's presence and extended full diplomatic immunity to his retinue. As with all attendees, they are expected to abide by our rules and etiquettes." This reassurance did not prevent several ambassadors from walking out in protest. Some accused Sirius Corporation of striking a deal with Delaine to prevent even more pirate vessels from swarming through the Sirius system. Mainstream newsfeeds also covered the impact of Delaine's arrival.
    The Imperial Herald: "Senator Patreus officially complained about 'the repulsive sight of pirate scum strolling alongside respectable politicians'. However, Chancellor Blaine agreed that Delaine could address the conference, albeit under close scrutiny."
    The Federal Times: "Neither Hudson nor Winters have commented on Delaine's appearance, but the security chief for the Federal delegation remarked: 'One wrong step and we'll put some big holes right through their immunity.'"
    The Alliance Tribune: "This is an unwelcome distraction from Prime Minister Mahon's proposal for Aegis's remit to be enormously expanded. The Sirius Treaty will fully unite superpowers, corporations and independent systems against the Thargoids – assuming that Mahon can convince his fellow leaders to agree."[14]

03 MAR 3307

  • Leaders from the Alliance, Empire and Federation have agreed a series of minor treaties at the diplomatic gathering in the Sirius system. Vox Galactica featured this report from political correspondent Conrad Sterling: "Following days of heated arguments, temperatures in the conference chamber finally cooled enough for all three superpowers to formalise a raft of agreements. These were ratified in person by Chancellor Blaine, President Hudson and Prime Minister Mahon. The most significant of these treaties is the Cornelius-Lasky Convention, named after its two leading proponents. This requires the Alliance, Empire and Federation to share information on any large-scale threats to civilian populations, including environmental, medical and xenological crises. There has been slow progress on other topics, such as military limitation and border control. Many independent ambassadors are demanding to prioritise debates on the Thargoid issue, and especially the defensive role played by Aegis. Outside the chamber, First Minister Fairfax invited Princess Duval to a small ceremony to honour her late father. Fairfax formally apologised for Prince Harold's death and condemned the terrorists responsible. Aisling Duval gracefully accepted this, but time will tell if it was an empty gesture or the first step toward Imperial-Marlinist rapprochement."[13]

01 MAR 3307

  • Delegates at the diplomatic conference have clashed over long-standing political issues, with some threatening to abandon the event. Journalists at Patterson Enterprise in the Sirius system reported their observations via mainstream newsfeeds.
    The Imperial Herald: "Minister Whyte's claim that the Empire had fomented terrorism by repressing Marlinism was somewhat predictable. But nobody expected Princess Duval's icy retort, which caused shocked gasps across the chamber."
    Sol Today: "President Hudson easily dealt with Patreus's whine about the Federation's so-called 'war-mongering', putting the bombastic Imp in his place."
    Eye on Achenar: "The dull-witted thug of a president was no match for Senator Patreus, who received cheers for his condemnation of typical 'Fedneck' arrogance."
    The Alliance Tribune: "The conference's hosts were visibly embarrassed by Councillor Kaine's claims that Coalsack Nebula terraforming projects had triggered recent Thargoid attacks. Shockingly, several delegates dismissed this as an internal matter for the Alliance."
    The Federal Times: "Chancellor Blaine's stonewalling on the co-funding of humanitarian aid brought a rare flash of anger from Felicia Winters: 'Maybe the Emperor's puppet could loosen a few strings?'"
    The Sovereign: "Despite Prime Minister Mahon exaggerating the benefits of Alliance membership, several independent ambassadors complained about its incomprehensible bureaucracy, saying it would be less damaging to declare war against the Alliance than join it."
    A representative from Sirius Corporation reported that the Galactic Summit was "going well".[41]

26 FEB 3307

  • Alliance, Empire and Federation leaders have held their first ever face-to-face discussions at the diplomatic conference in the Sirius system. Political correspondent Conrad Sterling published this report for Vox Galactica: "The Galactic Summit has already made history by bringing together many political figureheads within one conference chamber. Optimistic opening statements from Chancellor Anders Blaine and Prime Minister Edmund Mahon gained applause. President Zachary Hudson was more curt, reminding everyone that billions of people would be affected by their efforts. Agendas and debate topics for the next three weeks were formalised. Much of the work will be done behind the scenes by ambassadorial staff, making big decisions in small rooms. The general tone so far has been courteous, although that may not last. Predictably, interactions between the Imperial and Marlinist delegations have been frosty, with Senator Denton Patreus refusing to even acknowledge their presence during discussions. However, First Minister Jenna Fairfax enjoyed a more cordial meeting with Shadow President Felicia Winters. They were joined by Jasmina Halsey, who has accompanied Winters from Mars in an unofficial capacity. One notable absentee was Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, whose family is under legal scrutiny following the crimes of his older brother Jupiter Rochester. This at least spared Jordan the awkwardness of having to formally greet his ex-fiancée, Princess Aisling Duval. But it's likely there will be no shortage of tension between other delegates in the coming weeks."[42]

25 FEB 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Federation is working with Sirius Corporation to offer bounty hunting opportunities to protect the diplomatic conference. The first Galactic Summit has officially opened at Patterson Enterprise station in the Sirius system. Temporary permits have been issued to all arriving delegates and Commanders for the three weeks of its term, although these do not apply to fleet carriers. Sirius Corporation's CEO Li Yong-Rui announced: "The data supplied to us in January revealed several unanticipated threats, putting additional strain on our navy and security forces. Working with the generous support of the Federation, we have placed bounties on all wanted ships to ensure delegates' safety. Pilots defending the Sirius system will be rewarded for handing in bounty vouchers at the Spirit of Laelaps." The joint initiative will run for one week, after which Sirius Corporation will partner with the Empire to provide for the needs and security of the conference. In related news, Core Dynamics, Gutamaya and Lakon Spaceways are celebrating the political gathering of all three superpowers with a 10% discount on their ships during the next three weeks. Delegations have begun to arrive and formal introductions are taking place, with much media attention. This is the first time that universally recognised figures such as President Zachary Hudson, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Princess Aisling Duval have been seen side by side.[12]

23 FEB 3307

  • The postponement of the election for a new prime minister has led to widespread public disorder across Alliance systems. The Alliance Assembly vote was scheduled for Thursday the 25th of February. This date clashed with the start of the Galactic Summit, causing incumbent Prime Minister Edmund Mahon to propose that the election be delayed for three months. On many Alliance worlds, large-scale protest marches have placed pressure on local police forces. Some civil leaders have condemned Mahon for using the diplomatic conference as an excuse to extend his term of office. Mahon has referred to the unrest as being caused by a "vocal minority of agitators", and insisted that the delay is in the Alliance's best interests. Councillor Nakato Kaine, Mahon's main rival, has given the protests her full support. She has become a figurehead for public dissent, with some political pundits suggesting that she might have won the election had it been held this week. Speaking to The Alliance Tribune, Councillor Kaine said: "This is the latest in a string of short-sighted decisions, and it's clear that the people no longer trust their prime minister. For this reason, despite believing the Galactic Summit to be a waste of time, I will be attending the conference to ensure that Mahon's agenda does not dominate proceedings."[11]

01 FEB 3307

  • The Alliance Assembly has agreed to delay electing a new prime minister to avoid clashing with the forthcoming Galactic Summit. The proposal to postpone the election date came from Prime Minister Edmund Mahon: "Now that the diplomatic conference has been confirmed, we must adapt to take advantage of this historic event. A potential change in leadership occurring at the same time as the Galactic Summit would cause confusion and undermine the Alliance's presence." Although Mahon's proposal was voted through by a narrow margin, many council members disagreed with altering the political calendar. Councillor Nakato Kaine, who is a candidate in the election, declared: "It is outrageous that the prime minister is using this as an excuse to extend his term in office. Once again, he is more concerned with projecting the Alliance as a superpower than the interests of member systems. This behaviour is what you’d expect from a corrupt emperor or president, clinging onto power at any cost." The Assembly has rescheduled the election to take place three months later in May 3307, although this remains only provisional.[10]

22 JAN 3307

  • Councillor Nakato Kaine is visiting key systems across the Alliance as part of her bid to be elected as the next prime minister. Of all the challengers to the incumbent Edmund Mahon, Kaine has the most support from fellow council members. She has represented the Tionisla system for nearly a decade, and is renowned for delivering forceful speeches before the Assembly. Kaine's disapproval of the expansionist policies in recent years has struck a chord with people in many systems. She also has a strong reputation among the 'Old Worlds', which are viewed as the historic hub of the Alliance. During a political rally on Leesti, Councillor Kaine directly criticised her election opponent: "Prime Minister Mahon clearly thinks that the Alliance must mimic the Empire's arrogance and the Federation's corporate greed. He has repeatedly led us into conflict with the Thargoid race, risking millions of lives so we could raid their territories like thieves in the night. I believe that we should be inspired by the mutual cooperation that once made the Old Worlds thrive. We must invest in trade and security to benefit our member systems, instead of pretending to be a monolithic superpower."[43]

20 JAN 3307

  • Former President Jasmina Halsey has arrived on Mars to stand as a witness in the upcoming trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent. Halsey was subpoenaed by the Federal High Court to testify before the jury. Although this was not legally enforceable, since she now lives beyond the Federation's jurisdiction, she has acceded to the court's request. Jasmina Halsey served as Federal president prior to the destruction of Starship One in 3301, which Vincent is accused of arranging. She was recovered alive, but abandoned her political career and emigrated to the Alliance. She has since campaigned as a peace activist and acted as an adviser to Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. After greeting a large crowd of supporters at Olympus Village Spaceport, Halsey gave a statement to The Federal Times: "This is a bittersweet moment for me. Coming back to the Federation feels like revisiting a past life. But perhaps we can finally lay some ghosts to rest." She was welcomed in person by Shadow President Felicia Winters, who was secretary of state in Halsey's administration. However, President Zachary Hudson has made no comment regarding his predecessor's return or the forthcoming trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent.[44]

19 JAN 3307

  • Edmund Mahon has launched a political campaign to be elected as the Alliance's leader for a second term. The incumbent prime minister is undertaking a whistle-stop tour across Alliance space to rouse support. Only members of the Assembly can cast votes in this election, but they will be heavily influenced by public opinion within their systems. Mahon's campaign has focused on the Alliance's huge expansion during his six-year premiership, with reminders of triumphs such as the Alliance Festival of Culture. His ability to handle a crisis has also been highlighted, including President Kincaid's attempted coup and the League of Reparation's crusade. More recent examples of his leadership are welcoming Marlinist refugees from the Empire and exploiting the Coalsack Nebula to boost economic prosperity. However, Mahon's critics have pointed out that both strategies increased the risk of attack from Neo-Marlinist terrorists and the Thargoids. Addressing a packed conference hall on Birmingham in his home system of Diso, Mahon proclaimed: "We live in an increasingly turbulent galaxy, making it important to maintain a steady hand at the wheel. I will be honoured to continue representing the diverse peoples of the Alliance."[9]

08 JAN 3307

  • The organisation Aegis has expressed support for Utopia's offer to host a Galactic Summit for all three superpowers. Aegis was jointly formed by the Alliance, Empire and Federation to study the Thargoids, and develop new methods of monitoring and combating their forces. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of research at Aegis, gave this statement: "Humanity's focus on petty internal conflicts has blinded us to the existential threat of the Thargoids. Their recent horrific attacks should be a wake-up call to the fact that defunding has crippled Aegis's ability to offer protection. We strongly entreat our founders to come together and channel resources toward Aegis, and particularly into research. There can be no hope of coexistence with this alien species unless we increase our understanding of them." No official responses to Utopia's proposal have been made as yet. However, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Princess Aisling Duval and Shadow President Felicia Winters have all signalled broad approval of the idea. There are reports that many congressmen, councillors and senators are pressuring their respective leaders to attend the diplomatic conference. Simguru Pranav Antal has confirmed that the governments of independent systems will also be welcome to send delegates to the Galactic Summit. However, Utopia's primary aim is to provide neutral territory for the Alliance, Empire and Federation to debate policies.[45]

04 JAN 3307

  • The Alliance has entered a period of political campaigning prior to the election of a new prime minister. The appointment of a head of government takes place every six years, with the forthcoming vote scheduled for the 25th of February 3307. Unlike the Federation, there are no political parties in the Alliance. The Assembly is comprised of councillors who each represent the ruling faction of a member system. Electoral votes will be cast by these individuals rather than the public, but councillors tend to abide by the majority views of their constituencies. Edmund Mahon is the current prime minister, having been in office since 3301, and is campaigning for re-election. If successful, he will be the first to serve more than one term. There are several rivals challenging Mahon, but the greatest support is for Councillor Nakato Kaine of Tionisla. She has become a rallying point for discontent among the Assembly, speaking out against the Alliance's increasing dependence upon corporations and other superpowers. At an emergency debate regarding the current wave of Thargoid attacks, Councillor Kaine stated: "Can we be surprised that the Thargoid race is launching fresh assaults against us, when we brazenly invade their territories? Our obsession with meta-alloys has turned us into the aggressor! This is not the same Alliance that I pledged to serve. It's time for a new direction."[8]

24 DEC 3306

  • Tens of thousands of Marlinist refugees have claimed sanctuary in Alliance space, after emigrating from the Empire to avoid political persecution. In recent weeks, there has been a steady stream of ex-Imperial citizens arriving at Alliance systems, mostly travelling aboard small private vessels or in the holds of cargo ships. The humanitarian aid organisation Safeguard Interstellar reported that accommodation and basic necessities are being provided. Alliance Interpol is running stringent security checks for evidence that members of the NMLA terrorist group are present. The initial wave of refugees, which fled to the Federation, are currently preparing to populate a number of independent colonies established by the Sirius Corporation. However, these systems cannot yet provide harbour to the continuing exodus of Marlinists from the Empire. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon publicly welcomed the refugees, but there has been some dissent in the Alliance Assembly. Councillor Nakato Kaine, who is expected to be Mahon's main rival in next year's election, received widespread support for her views: "Naturally, we must provide these poor people with emergency aid, but there are practical limits to our resources. It is not our responsibility to solve the Empire's domestic issues, and we have seen the Federation pay the price for sheltering terrorists. The Alliance cannot end up as the dumping ground for other superpowers' problems."[7]

09 NOV 3306

  • Discoveries made two hundred years ago by an abandoned megaship have revealed untapped sources of meta-alloys within the Coalsack Nebula. The Adamastor, which was launched in 3111, returned to the Chukchan system from the Coalsack Nebula on autopilot with no traces of its crew. Thargoid barnacle sites were found in the nebula by independent pilots. The Alliance Assembly has announced an expedition to thoroughly explore the nebula, with the primary goal of securing fresh sources of meta-alloys. A press release stated: "Recent Thargoid activity in the Witch Head Nebula and over-exploitation of that region mean that this latest discovery has come at an opportune time. The Coalsack Nebula will now be the focus of an initiative to identify sites of commercial and scientific interest. To achieve this, we have established new partnerships with several corporations including Sirius Atmospherics. Although the mystery of the Adamastor may never be fully resolved, we hope it will leave a positive legacy for the people of the Alliance." Mention of corporate partnerships caused ripples in certain industries, with speculation that these have been in the pipeline for months. Political commentators also observed that 3307 will be an election year for the Alliance, placing pressure on Prime Minister Edmund Mahon to secure economic stability.[6]

20 OCT 3306

  • The Empire has formally demanded that the Federation extradites all Marlinist political refugees that have fled into their space. Hundreds of thousands of believers in the republican ideology evacuated their homes following anti-terrorism lockdowns. The Imperial blockade in Ackwada prevented ten megaships from escaping, but others carrying huge numbers of Marlinists have appeared in the Federal systems Charunder, Ennead, HIP 36081, LTT 1935, LTT 3607 and Thetis. Many smaller vessels are also thought to have spread far and wide. Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana sent the formal request: "The Federation is harbouring potential criminals who are connected to the NMLA terrorists. We insist that they are detained and returned to us to face justice." Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, who was once engaged to Princess Aisling Duval, provided an official response: "There is no extradition treaty for unconvicted citizens, and these people have claimed political asylum. I have requested that Congress grant them sanctuary within the Federation, and that we offer protection to all Marlinists seeking to escape discrimination by the Empire." Although there is no indication that Marlinist emigrants have set course for Alliance space, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon confirmed that they will be welcomed. Some independent systems are also offering assistance, while others have warned that any influx of refugees will be resisted.[46]

24 SEP 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT: For the attention of all Commanders*
    Rare commodities required by the Empire in the Baal system.
    The state funeral of Prince Harold Duval has begun on Capitol. An official week of mourning has been declared throughout the Empire. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval opened the ceremony, delivering a eulogy for her half-brother. Princess Aisling Duval, Harold's daughter, was also in attendance but was too emotional to address the huge crowds. Messages of condolence from across the galaxy were on holographic display, including from Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Federal President Zachary Hudson. Even Hadrian Duval, the exiled leader of Nova Imperium, paid respects to his late uncle. The body of the Prince, contained within a jewelled transparent casket, was paraded through the city by a company of Imperial Guard. It will remain in state for two weeks prior to internment in the Hall of Martyrs. The Imperial Palace will host a memorial ceremony to honour Harold Duval, for which rare commodities have been requested before Thursday 1st October. Ngadandari Fire Opals, Esuseku Caviar, Lavian Brandy and Kamitra Cigars should be delivered to Oterma Station in the Baal system, where the White Templars will transport them to Capitol after security vetting. Commanders of the Pilots Federation will be assigned an Achenar system permit alongside financial rewards. To further encourage participation, Gutamaya Corporation will apply a discount of up to 25% for all ship purchases according to the amount of rare items provided.[47]

18 DEC 3305

  • End-of-year celebrations have concluded in the Reorte system, with organisers declaring the week a grand success. Deliveries by independent pilots ensured that the needs of the billion-plus attendees were met. Meanwhile, agitators in the system were prevented from intercepting convoys or causing trouble. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon offered this statement: "I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation to everybody involved in the festivities, from interstellar traders to revellers on the streets. Now, as goods are packed away and sensory experience hubs are dismantled all across Home, the clean-up efforts begin. It has been a real honour to witness so many come together in Reorte. On behalf of the Alliance Assembly, I wish everybody a most prosperous New Year." Pilots who took part in either campaign can now obtain their rewards from Davies High in the Reorte system.[48]

12 DEC 3305

  • The Reorte system has been selected for the Alliance's end-of-year festivities, prompting huge demand for commodities. Traders, performance artists and chefs throughout Allied space have already flocked to the system, where billions of attendees are expected. The planet Home is planning a synchronous firework display spanning every continent, while the habitation decks of Davies High will offer a culinary celebration featuring dishes from across the galaxy. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon was the guest of honour at the commencement ceremony, and he offered these words to the gathered press: "As the year draws to a close we have a lot to be thankful for. There is peace between the superpowers. Thargoid encroachments on human space have ceased. Through hard work and cooperation, we have proven ourselves capable of rising together in response to significant challenges. This is something each and every one of us can be proud of. And so, the Reorte system will host a celebration to tell future generations about. We call upon the galactic community to ensure the system is well supplied, and look forward to rewarding these ever-reliable pilots for their continued service." The Reorte Mining Coalition has elected to oversee the initiative. Units of fish, fruit and vegetables, animal meat and beer have been requested at Davies High in the Reorte system. More exotic traders are also encouraged to bring units of Lavian Brandy, Anduliga Fire Works and Eranin Pearl Whiskey. To ensure the celebration goes without a hitch, the Reorte Mining Coalition has also offered to pay handsomely for all bounties collected on wanted ships in the system. The initiative is scheduled to run from the 12th to the 18th of December 3305. If the final targets are met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.[49]

06 SEP 3305

  • The Alliance Festival of Culture has entered its final week with a celebration of food and drink on the planet Birmingham in the Diso system. Corinne Macintyre, culture correspondent for the Alliance Tribune, reported: "City streets are lined with stalls offering a wide range of food. Dishes range from humble, home-cooked recipes using local speciality Diso Ma Corn, to delicacies such as baked greebles. Drink connoisseurs have sampled everything from Ethgreze Tea Buds to Leestian Evil Juice, while a multi-storey cocktail bar sponsored by distillers of Lavian Brandy has attracted revellers. Despite some companies experiencing difficulty sourcing ingredients, following lower than expected harvests in some systems, this event has been enjoyed by millions of hungry visitors." To mark the conclusion of the seven-week festival, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon made this announcement: "I'd like to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped make the Alliance Festival of Culture a grand success. We’ve enjoyed amazing artwork, heard beautiful music and experienced great theatre in recent weeks, much to our delight. I have been reminded just how diverse and colourful the Alliance's shared cultures can be. Artists and creatives across the galaxy are invited to make the Alliance their home and further enrich this vibrant society."[50]

02 AUG 3305

  • As the first week of the Alliance Festival of Culture draws to a close, Lave residents have shared mixed feelings about the decision to stage the opening ceremony in their home system. "Clearly this was a political gesture from Edmund Mahon," said Grady Chen, an independent journalist speaking at Lave Station. "An independent faction rules Lave now. There was military conflict here just last year. Yet we have Alliance leaders trying to garner support despite losing control of the system. It's blatant propaganda." Sarai Messemer, a financial consultant, offered a different opinion when interviewed in The Orange Sidewinder. "Lave has been an Alliance system for decades. We lived by the Alliance's ethos for a couple of generations, y'know? Sure, we've got Lave Radio in control of the system now but that doesn't change who we are, or what makes us Lavians." A spokesperson for Lave Radio, Dr Allen Stroud, provided the following statement. "It was quite a surprise that the organisers decided to open the festival in Lave, but I guess they see things the same way we do. We're all just trying to get along and there's much to celebrate about the Alliance, regardless of whether your system is a current or former member. I'm looking forward to Lave welcoming as many visitors as possible. Come for the festival, the brandy, the radio station or one of our many other attractions, and we'd be delighted to host you."[51]

27 JUL 3305

  • Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has announced the start of the Alliance Festival of Culture, a series of events taking place across seven systems. The Alliance Tribune's cultural correspondent Corinne Macintyre provided a summary of the festival: "This seven-week tour of Alliance space will begin at the Fine Art Emporium on Lave. We have been promised that a wide range of artistic achievements, entertainment and history will be highlighted. Naturally, the Tribune will be offering in-depth coverage over the course of the festival." The prime minister was visibly pleased to introduce the Alliance Festival of Culture, describing it as "a celebration to lift citizens' spirits in these challenging times". It has been speculated that Mahon is hoping to move forward from the recent political scandals involving Gibson Kincaid. The centrepiece of the opening ceremony was a tribute to Megan Madigan, widely considered one of the most significant visual artists of the late 33rd Century. Her most famous work, titled 'Penance Street', was tragically lost in transit sixty years ago. The much-loved painting was honoured by modern reinterpretations from dozens of Lave's finest artists.[52]

21 JUN 3305

  • The Alliance Assembly has permanently dissolved the role of President of the Alliance, following the recent revelations about Gibson Kincaid's multiple crimes. Summarising the vote, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon said: "Recent events have made it clear that the presidential position is open to misuse, which places the integrity of the Alliance at risk. Following a thorough debate on the matter, this Assembly has voted – by an overwhelming majority – to remove the role from our constitution. The defunct Office of the Alliance President will now be restructured. Many emissaries will be retained to serve as the non-political ambassadors they were intended to be. Councillor Elijah Beck has volunteered to resign in order to oversee the new department. We hope that this unfortunate chapter of Alliance history has now been brought to an end." An earlier vote held during the same session has selected Admiral Tahir West of the Tionisla fleet to join the Council of Admirals, replacing the disgraced Frederick Yamamoto.[53]

24 MAY 3305

  • Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has called on President Gibson Kincaid to step down pending an official inquiry. Addressing the Alliance Assembly, Mahon said: "President Kincaid's decision to assume direct command of the Zaonce fleet, coupled with allegations of illegal campaign funding, justify the suspension of his presidential term. Kincaid is now being protected by Admiral Yamamoto's ships as well as emissaries from the Office of the Alliance President. This autocratic behaviour must cease, and Kincaid must cooperate with our investigation or face impeachment." President Kincaid issued a response from his private residence in Zaonce: "These false accusations are further proof that the Alliance needs a single, strong leader. Unless the Assembly has irrefutable proof of illegality, the constitution states they cannot force me out of office."[54]

04 MAY 3305

  • President Gibson Kincaid has been accused of receiving illegal campaign funding via the Bank of Zaonce. Councillor Elijah Beck presented evidence to a special session of the Alliance Assembly: "During September 3304, President Kincaid's re-election campaign received several billion credits worth of undeclared funds. I have received data suggesting that these transactions were secretly arranged by a senior figure within the Bank of Zaonce. Regrettably I cannot reveal the source of this evidence since it constitutes part of an ongoing investigation. However, I call upon the Assembly to open an official inquiry to establish if there was any violation of campaign finance law." Councillor Beck's proposal was approved by a majority vote, after which Prime Minister Edmund Mahon authorised the inquiry to begin immediately. As yet there has been no comment from President Kincaid.[55]

26 APR 3305

  • Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has once again clashed with President Gibson Kincaid, following the latter's attempt to take control of government policy during an Assembly session. Political journalist Vanya Driscoll reported for The Alliance Tribune: "There were dramatic scenes in the Assembly as President Kincaid sought to steer debates on military strategy, making several demands for increased funding towards new fleets. Prime Minister Mahon eventually stepped in and rejected these proposals outright. Kincaid was further reminded that a prior request for executive presidential powers had been unsuccessful, even if he insists on behaving otherwise. Although he still has supporters, a number of councillors have privately opined that Kincaid is now a toxic presence at odds with the Alliance's ethos."[56]

07 FEB 3305

  • President Gibson Kincaid has sought to illustrate potential threats to the Alliance, highlighting isolationist group Nova Imperium as an example. Speaking to the Alliance Tribune, President Kincaid said: "The rise of such radical beliefs demonstrates how quickly the other superpowers might turn against us. Had the recent military conflict ended differently, the Empire would have callously abandoned humanity's united struggle against the Thargoid threat. All other leaders are looking elsewhere, pretending Nova Imperium never happened. But I have the courage to give a voice to our people's fears. The Alliance must prepare to stand alone against any aggressor, whether human or alien!" Prime Minister Edmund Mahon later released a brief response: "I remind President Kincaid that his focus should be on diplomatic duties, as agreed by the Assembly. Inter-superpower cooperation against the Thargoids remains unchanged, and the Empire's internal politics do not concern the Alliance."[57]

29 DEC 3304

  • The leaders of the Alliance and the Federation have commented on the rise of the isolationist group Nova Imperium. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon told the Alliance Assembly: "The civil unrest in the Empire is an internal matter, but it would be a major concern if it resulted in a policy change regarding inter-superpower cooperation. We are therefore watching the situation closely." In Congress, President Zachary Hudson said: "If Nova Imperium comes to power and the Empire ceases contributions to Aegis, our combined defences against the Thargoid threat will be jeopardised. In such a case, the Federation would be forced to intervene in order to safeguard humanity’s future." Independent sources have confirmed that Federal Navy resupplies have increased in frequency. Fleet manoeuvres have also taken place in regions bordering Imperial territory.[58]

26 OCT 3304

  • The Alliance Assembly has concluded its debate over President Gibson Kincaid's request for executive powers. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon announced the decision: "The Assembly has voted that President Kincaid's proposed changes to the constitution will not be adopted, and no executive powers will be granted. There was broad agreement, however, that the role should be updated, which has resulted in the creation of a new non-political department: the Office of the Alliance President. The president will now oversee a team of ambassadorial emissaries who will focus on diplomatic functions. This will free up council members, allowing them to govern more effectively. The presidential term has also been extended to three years." President Kincaid told the media: "I regret that the Assembly cannot see how the Alliance would be strengthened by an empowered president, but I must respect their decision, and promise to put my new team of emissaries to good use."[59]

17 OCT 3304

  • Gibson Kincaid was announced as the winner of the Alliance presidential election. He will continue serving as president of the Alliance. Kincaid obtained a small majority of the public vote, defeating Councillor Elijah Beck. Entrepreneur Fazia Silva, the third candidate in the race, was recently found dead, and is the subject of an Interpol investigation. President Kincaid addressed his followers at a victory rally: "My thanks go to every citizen who saw the wisdom of my vision. I vow to lead you into a glorious future!" Prime Minister Edmund Mahon gave a statement to the media: "I offer my congratulations to President Kincaid on being successfully re-elected. The Assembly is continuing to debate his proposal to imbue the presidential role with executive powers. We have agreed to extend the deadline by one week, after which a parliamentary vote will decide the outcome."[60]

13 OCT 3304

  • The two remaining candidates in the Alliance presidential race returned to the Alioth system to make their final campaign vows. In the parliamentary chamber of the Assembly, Elijah Beck addressed his fellow council members: "The Alliance occupies a unique position, and as such must remain true to its principles. My focus as president will be on attracting more independent systems to our interstellar family." He was followed by the current incumbent, President Gibson Kincaid: "Fazia Silva's assassination was an assault on our democracy. The Alliance's enemies are growing bold, and we must do the same. I beseech the Assembly to imbue the presidential role with executive powers, to transform our Alliance into a true superpower capable of challenging its adversaries." Prime Minister Edmund Mahon thanked both candidates and wished them good luck in the election. The public vote will take place on Tuesday the 16th of October and the results will be announced later that week.[61]

05 OCT 3304

  • Alliance presidential candidate Fazia Silva was found dead in her room at Hume Orbital, Mullag, and authorities believed she had been murdered. Inspector Erin Sangster of Alliance Interpol informed the media: "Ms. Silva's body was found in a room at Hume Orbital, where she was staying during her presidential campaign. Medical teams detected traces of poison, making this a suspected homicide." There has already been speculation that this was a political killing, motivated by Silva's proposed changes to Alliance financial policy. The entrepreneur also had fierce rivals in the business world. Her sister Tashmira Silva, who has been overseeing the Silva corporate empire, stated: "Our family is devastated – we can't believe that Fazia has been taken from us. I will honour her by continuing to run the companies that she made so successful." Condolences have been delivered by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and both of Ms Silva's election rivals, Gibson Kincaid and Elijah Beck. President Kincaid said: "This tragedy constitutes a direct attack on our democracy. The Alliance's enemies will do anything they can to destabilise us, including murder. If we are to fight back, we will need strong leadership."[62]

21 SEP 3304

  • With the Alliance presidential race gathering speed, political journalist Vanya Driscoll has published an analysis in The Alliance Tribune: "The election of a new president is usually a ceremonial matter, during which voters select a public 'face' for the Alliance, but this year is a genuine power struggle – one that may have major consequences. Elijah Beck is the only candidate who seems content with the status quo. By contrast, entrepreneur Fazia Silva promises to boost the economy and increase commerce. Her new financial policies have been welcomed by interstellar corporations and small businesses alike. President Gibson Kincaid is causing the most controversy, however. His proposal that the role of president should include executive powers is being taken seriously by the Assembly. Kincaid claims that having a single controlling voice will enable the Alliance to 'challenge our rivals' dominance'. There is a surprising amount of support for this combative rhetoric. Many agree that the Alliance could be stronger, and that Prime Minister Mahon is often hamstrung by bureaucracy. Rumours suggest that the Empire and Federation are watching this election far more closely than usual."[63]

06 SEP 3304

  • The Alioth Independents has announced plans to host a gala event in the Alioth system, to officially begin the Alliance presidential election. The event will give the as-yet unannounced presidential candidates an opportunity to meet distinguished figures from among the upper echelons of Alliance society. Durien Ballas, chairman of Alioth Independents, issued the following statement: "Everyone's heard of President Gibson Kincaid, but the other candidates may not be so well known. This will be their chance to shine. As well as hosting key members of the Alliance Assembly, we can also confirm that Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and three members of the Council of Admirals will be in attendance." To make this a truly spectacular event, the Alioth Independents have placed an open order for Esuseku Caviar, Ceremonial Heike Tea and Live Hecate Sea Worms, promising to reward pilots who deliver these commodities to Smith Landing in the Amber system. The organisation has also placed a kill order on all ships on its wanted list, to ensure that those contributing material to the campaign can do so safely. The campaign begins on the 6th of September 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.[64]

05 SEP 3304

  • The Alliance Assembly agreed to hold an internal vote on Alliance President Gibson Kincaid's proposed changes to the constitution, which would restructure the Alliance's political system to allow the Alliance President to serve a single six-year term and grant the office the authority to make all executive decisions. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon told the media: "After much discussion, the Assembly has agreed to vote on President Kincaid's proposals in mid-October, at the same time as the presidential election. We will announce any amendments to the constitution shortly afterwards." Milo Vesper of the Alliance Tribune commented: "President Kincaid's proposals are seen by some as a long-overdue restructure of the political system. Compared to the current bureaucratic procedure, having a single person make all executive decisions has an obvious appeal. But some in the Assembly are concerned that such changes could imbue the president with emperor-like levels of authority. Prime Minister Mahon is playing down such fears, but the words 'constitutional crisis' have already been heard in Parliament. Whatever happens, this could be the most significant election in the Alliance's history."[65]

31 AUG 3304

  • In response to Alliance President Gibson Kincaid's stated plans to alter the Alliance constitution to invest the Alliance presidency with executive power over and above both the Alliance Prime Minister and Alliance Assembly, Prime Minister Mahon commented, "Our constitution has served us well for decades and I see no reason to amend it. Its system of checks and balances exists to prevent any individual from becoming too powerful and destabilising the Alliance."[66]

12 JUL 3304

27 JUN 3304

  • The office of Prime Minister Mahon issued a statement of cautious support for the impending marriage of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester: "The Alliance offers cordial congratulations to the couple, although it remains to be seen if their intentions become a reality."[68]

19 APR 3304

07 MAR 3304

  • Prime Minister Mahon issued a statement in response to Ram Tah's recent Guardian technology breakthroughs: "Information is wealth, and Ram Tah’s efforts to expand the boundaries of science and knowledge will make us rich indeed."[70]

28 JUL 3301

  • Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes about some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this third article he looks at Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. Politicians from the Federation and Empire often underestimate their counterparts in the Alliance. This is in part due to their relative sizes, since of the three superpowers the Alliance is by far the smallest and least powerful. However, it should be remembered that the Alliance was born from defeating both the Federation and the Empire on Alioth, a topic I'm certain the esteemed Sima Kalhana will cover in her Sunday posting sometime soon. The other superpowers also see the Alliance's complex interlocking of systems, committees and power-sharing as a limit on the Prime Minister's influence. Edmund Mahon is a career politician and knows the Alliance political system well. He has a strong academic background as well as a lifetime of service. While some of his counterparts lacked leadership or the ability to drive the disparate elements of the Alliance, he is known to be able to work within the system and actually get things done. Some would argue, and I count myself among them, that Mahon is probably the greatest leader the Alliance has seen since its inception. He isn't much to look at, but his drab exterior belies a cunning mind and a will for the Alliance to bring its values to more systems. He is also an expert at ensuring that the concerns of individual systems are properly represented within the Alliance, something that is seen as very attractive for new member systems.[2]

02 JUL 3301

  • Prime Minister Mahon gave a speech today to the assembled graduates of the esteemed Alioth University, the same establishment he graduated from as a student. While his opponents sometimes deride his 'matter of fact' presentation, few could argue against the Prime Minister's passion for the values he holds dear: "The Alliance of Independent Systems is built upon a single defining principle and that is one of freedom. The freedoms we enjoy range from our personal freedoms as inscribed in the Bill of Human Rights to the freedom of societies and even planets within the Alliance. But we should not accept this grace blindly or assume that its existence continues by mere chance. The birth of the Alliance came from removing the burden of the Federation and the Empire who for centuries fought each other for our resources and we were caught helpless in the middle. Both of those organisations proudly describe their origins as being freedom from the tyranny of others. And yet now they are the tyranny and it is our duty to oppose them, while also ensuring that we don't become them." The speech then turned to the minutiae of the Alliance's democratic process. But pundits were quick to comment that this was a bold statement from the Prime Minister and that perhaps the recent successes in the Old Worlds region show a more robust future for the Alliance in galactic politics.[3]

25 MAY 3301

  • After what many residents have called 'years of neglect from Sol', President Halsey made a brief appearance aboard Seddon Gateway yesterday. Thousands gathered to welcome the President as she was ferried over from Spaceflight One. Sadly, upon arrival the President was whisked off to the bridge to meet with local dignitaries, leaving most residents to return home disappointed. GalNet sources aboard Seddon Gateway report that the President spent much of the day receiving visitors in the Captain's Cabin. Most, but not all, of the President's visitors were members of Federal organisations which still operate in and around 78 Ursae Majoris. Those questioned indicated that during their meeting, the President mostly spoke about ways in which the Federation could help better support small and medium sized business interests in the area. In the evening, Seddon Gateway played host to a diplomatic dinner between President Halsey and Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. The Prime Minister arrived at Seddon Gateway without fanfare at some point in the early evening. After Mahon's arrival, the two faction leaders are reported to have spent several quiet hours enjoying dinner away from the vast majority of their entourages. What the two leaders discussed during their time together remains a mystery. Spaceflight One safely departed 78 Ursae Majoris this morning, and will now be travelling to Saga in order to continue the President's tour of Federal frontier systems."[71]

11 MAR 3301

  • Speaking before a gathering of the Alliance Assembly today, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has issued a warning to the Crimson State Group that it stands alone in its opposition to the Federation's continued governance of Lugh. "It is not the place of the Alliance to intervene in matters of legitimate Federal governance. No laws have been broken, no rights have been abused and as such no military aid will be forthcoming for the freedom fighters of Lugh. Similarly, until such time as the residents of Lugh have fully seceded from the Federation, any applications to join the Alliance of Independent Systems will be automatically rejected on the grounds that Lugh is not a fully functioning independent state." The news will come as quite a blow for Lugh, and the Crimson State Group in particular, who will now need to find allies closer to home if they want to have any hope of winning their fight for independence.[4]


On this day we remember the brave who fell so that the Alliance was born and free from Federal and Imperial aggression.

— Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon

It is not the place of the Alliance to intervene in matters of legitimate Federal governance. No laws have been broken, no rights have been abused and as such no military aid will be forthcoming for the freedom fighters of Lugh. Similarly, until such time as the residents of Lugh have fully seceded from the Federation, any applications to join the Alliance of Independent Systems will be automatically rejected on the grounds that Lugh is not a fully functioning independent state.

— Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon


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