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For the non-canon timeline of previous Elite games, see Elite Timeline.

This is the timeline of Elite Dangerous. The contemporary Elite Dangerous narrative begins in September 3300 and progresses in real-time. Currently, the year is 3308. There are some timeline disparities with the previous games of the Elite series, but it is set in the same fictional Elite Universe.

Elite Dangerous features a shared narrative which is influenced by players on all platforms. This occurs with community events, Community Goals and Powerplay activities. All meta data of the galaxy is shared between players. It is not traditional storytelling, rather an interactive, overarching narrative. Players have influenced and changed the course of events. The story unfolds in real time, in which players can decide the outcomes and be the stars.

GalNet is the official source for galactic news. Tourist Beacons and Listening Posts feature official lore about a wide range of topics. The official role-playing game handbook Elite Encounters and the Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game contain in-depth guides to the lore. The Commander Chronicles is a series of cinematic shorts set within the game.

Century Year
N/A Ancient history
20th 1955 - 1957 - 1961 - 1963 - 1969 - 1977 - 1994 - 1998
21st 2030s - 2044 - 2055 - 2097
22nd 2151 - 2159 - 2160 - 2161 - 2163 - 2165 - 2182 - 2190
23rd 2200s - 2228 - 2240 - 2242 - 2280 - 2288 - 2290 - 2292 - 2296
24th 2304 - 2312 - 2314 - 2320 - 2324 - 2325 - 2339 - 2379 - 2381 - 2398
25th 2402 - 2412 - 2413 - 2416 - 2422 - 2452 - 2463 - 2480 - 2483 - 2498
26th 2541 - 2559 - 2594 - 2599
27th 2600 - 2603 - 2604 - 2606 - 2618 - 2621 - 2684 - 2690 - 2696
28th 2700 - 2702 - 2708 - 2735 - 2739 - 2762 - 2799
29th 2810s - 2849 - 2854 - 2855 - 2856 - 2858 - 2862 - 2864 - 2865 - 2866 - 2867 - 2872 - 2874 - 2876 - 2878 - 2897
30th 2914 - 2924 - 2925 - 2943 - 2945 - 2951 - 2956 - 2959 - 2968 - 2976 - 2978 - 2981 - 2982 - 2983 - 2990 - 2991 - 2994 - 2996
31st 3000 - 3006 - 3008 - 3022 - 3034 - 3055 - 3061 - 3080 - 3082 - 3088 - 3098
32nd 3100 - 3101 - 3104 - 3111 - 3113 - 3122 - 3123 - 3125 - 3132 - 3136 - 3144 - 3145 - 3149 - 3151 - 3153 - 3155 - 3162 - 3167 - 3170 - 3172 - 3174 - 3177 - 3182 - 3184 - 3187 - 3193 - 3198 - 3199
33rd 3218 - 3223 - 3224 - 3225 - 3228 - 3229 - 3230 - 3232 - 3233 - 3239 - 3240 - 3243 - 3244 - 3247 - 3249 - 3250 - 3251 - 3252 - 3253 - 3255 - 3256 - 3260 - 3264 - 3270 - 3273 - 3276 - 3283 - 3284 - 3286 - 3289 - 3290 - 3292 - 3294 - 3296 - 3297 - 3298
34th 3300 - 3301 - 3302 - 3303 - 3304 - 3305 - 3306 - 3307 - 3308 - 3309 - 3313 - 3318 - 3330

Ancient history

  • Many millions of years ago - The Thargoid species develops an interstellar civilisation.
  • 1-2 million years ago - The Guardian species develops civilisation on an unidentified world in an unidentified system somewhere in the Inner Orion Spur.
  • The First Guardian Civil War occurs, resulting in the unification of the Guardians under a single global government.
  • The Guardians expand into space and build many interstellar colonies across the galaxy.
  • The Thargoids return to a region of space that they seeded with barnacles long ago and find many of its systems have been settled by the Guardians in their absence. To reclaim what they see as their territory, the Thargoids instigate the Guardian-Thargoid War.
  • The Guardians create sentient robots known as the Constructs in an effort to counter the Thargoid invasion. Eventually, the Constructs overwhelm the Thargoids, who opt to withdraw from the war and cede the disputed territory to the Guardians rather than endure more losses.
  • Technological advancements made during the Guardian-Thargoid War cause controversy in Guardian society, eventually dividing it into two main ideologies: the anti-technology traditionalists and the pro-technology progressives. The traditionalists gain control of the Guardian homeworld and expel all progressives, while the progressive powerbase establishes itself in the Guardians' interstellar colonies.
  • The Second Guardian Civil War occurs between the traditionalists and the progressives. By the end of the century-long conflict, the progressives emerge victorious, but they are then wiped out by their own Constructs, who had come to view the Guardians as an existential threat. The Guardian species is rendered extinct.

20th century


  • On Earth in the Sol system, the Space Race begins amidst the Cold War and the nuclear arms race. The United States of America and the Soviet Union compete to be the first to achieve several space-based technological milestones.


  • The Soviet Union takes the lead in the Space Race when it launches Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite.


  • Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union becomes the first man to travel to and return from space.


  • Valentina Tereshkova of the Soviet Union become the first woman to travel to and return from space.


  • The United States launches the Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the Moon. Buzz Aldrin, part of the same mission, becomes the second.


  • The United States launches the Voyager program, sending the probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 to study the outer planets of Sol.


  • Following a detente in the Space Race and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States and the Russian Federation collaborate on the Shuttle-Mir program.


  • The space agencies of the United States, Russia, Japan, Europe, and Canada participate in the International Space Station program.

21st century


  • Major resource problems force humanity to look to the stars once again for a way to relieve population pressures on Earth. Commercial organisations plan missions to build the first colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as explore the rest of Sol for possible safe havens as political tensions on Earth come to a boil.[1]


  • World War III begins. Intercontinental ballistic missiles carrying thermonuclear warheads with explosive yields of 45 megatons are commonly used by various countries in multiple, well-documented nuclear exchanges. Only the United States of America is able to avoid suffering any nuclear detonations on its soil during the war thanks to its defensive laser grid, which combined ground turrets with armed satellites to disable inbound enemy missiles before they reached their targets.[2] The global nuclear conflict sets space exploration back decades.[3]


  • World War III concludes.[2] Over one billion people perished in the conflict, and many countries collapsed.[1] The victorious United States of America absorbs its neighbors and becomes the United States of the Americas, cementing its position as Earth's dominant power. As the planet's other remaining countries join it over the next several decades, the United States of the Americas eventually renames itself the "Federation of the United States", and then simply the "Federation" when the last countries join and it assumes the role of Earth's global government.[3][1]


  • The first generation ship is launched from Sol to colonize an extrasolar system. In the years that follow, over 70,000 generation ships would be launched, with many still traveling through space to their destinations over a millennium later.[4]
  • Towards the end of the 21st century, permanent colonies finally become viable on the Moon and Mars.[3]

22nd century

  • The first hyperdrive is invented by a team led by Li Qin Jao, spurring an explosive wave of exploration and colonization beyond Sol.[5]


  • Following the return of an interstellar probe sent to the Tau Ceti system, the first human colony outside of Sol is established in Tau Ceti on Tau Ceti 3, where the first alien life is also discovered.[6][1]


  • The colony on Tau Ceti 3 becomes self-sufficient and elects a civilian administrator.[6]


  • From 2160 to 2179, almost three-quarters of Earth's productivity is geared towards interstellar colonial efforts.[1]


  • John Taylor, an advocate for protecting the lives of colonists over preserving indigenous alien ecosystems, is elected civilian administrator of the Tau Ceti 3 colony and immediately pushes for independence from Earth. In response and at the behest of the colony's corporate backers, a delegation arrives from Earth and finds widespread active destruction of the planet's native ecosystem. The Authority for Ecological Control issues guidelines for habitat conservation and recommends a follow-up delegation be sent in twelve months to monitor the situation.[7]


  • The second delegation mandated by the Authority for Ecological Control arrives in Tau Ceti and finds the degradation of Tau Ceti 3 to have worsened. Trade sanctions are imposed on the colony, but this action only strengthens John Taylor's support among the colonists.[7]


  • John Taylor proposes a referendum on Tau Ceti's independence from The Federation. The referendum is defeated, but narrowly.[7]


  • Indigenous life at an early stage of its evolution is discovered in the Delta Pavonis system, but is wiped out soon after by a human-caused bacteriological accident.[8]


23rd century


  • The implementation of the Earth Environmental Recovery Programme in the 23rd century demonstrates considerable success in restoring polluted and radioactive regions on Earth.[10] As a result, agreements are reached with Beta Hydri and Altair to preserve their native ecosystems in exchange for further self-determination. Delta Pavonis later joins the agreement and pledges to act with restraint towards any further life found in the system.[11]


  • An undercover documentary makes its way to Earth that exposes further ecological transgressions and unmitigated resource exploitation by Tau Ceti colonists under the rule of John Taylor, now well into his eighties. Earth assembles a military taskforce to Tau Ceti to revoke its colonial charter.[12]


  • In the hours before the arrival of the fleet from Earth in Tau Ceti, the main settlement changes its name to Taylor Colony and approves an independence referendum. Lacking starships of their own, the colonists target the Earth fleet dropships as they attempt to land, but this fails to stop the invasion. When the Battle of Taylor Colony stalemates, both sides are forced back into diplomacy.[13][1]



  • A small object known as the Martian Relic, the first alien artefact ever documented, is discovered buried on Mars. As the Martian Relic was confiscated by the Federation shortly afterwards, it has been shrouded in secrecy for centuries, with its existence only confirmed by leaked Federal records. All that is known about the object is that it is artificial, it was not created by humans, and it measures no more than a few centimetres square.[14][15]



  • The terraformation of Mars is completed. Many Earth-based corporations and government organisations would begin transferring their operations there over the following years.[1]



  • Marlin Duval perishes in an apparent shuttle accident with her partner and children. Her brother, Henson Duval, assumes control of the Republic of Achenar's senate as Marlin's closest living heir, then disbands the Republic's ruling council and appoints himself leader in its place, marking the transformation of the Republic into the Empire. Henson's popularity grows as he replaces his sister's pacifism and egalitarianism with jingoism and authoritarianism, in addition to fanning anti-Federation sentiment. Centuries later, historians would suspect that Henson was behind Marlin's death.[1]
  • The colonization of Achenar 6d results in the extinction of the world's native intelligent species, the mudlarks, in a few short years, despite Marlin Duval's efforts to protect them and ensure they were treated as equals.[1] Imperial scholars suggest that multiple factors, including imported bacteria carried to the world by colonists led to the tragedy, while the Federation maintains that the world was deliberately sterilized prior to terraforming under Henson Duval's orders.[17]

24th century


  • Human settlers arrive arrive in Arcturus. The planet Discovery is found to have life in the early stages of its development, but the settlers replace it with an Earth-like ecosystem adapted for the red light of the system's red giant star.[18]


  • December 21 - Isabelle Patreus, a botanist and ancestor of Denton Patreus, founds the first settlement on Eotienses A 3. The event is later celebrated annually in the system by the holiday of Planetfall.[16]




  • The Battle of Achenar, known within the Empire as the "Great Battle of Liberation", begins. It is notable as the first large-scale interstellar conflict. The Federation invades Achenar, seeking to forcibly bring the system into the fold under the pretext of removing the government for committing genocide against Achenar 6d's natives. While the principal reason for the invasion was years of rejected invitations for the Empire to peacefully join the Federation, the protection of xeno-culture and life forms was a key tenet of the Federation’s founding.[20] Upon arrival, the Federation fleet is surprised to encounter heavy resistance in the form of the newly-constructed Imperial "People's Fleet".[1]


  • The Battle of Achenar ends. Outmatched and worn down by the Imperial military while disadvantaged by a long and fragile supply line, the Federal invasion fleet is forced to retreat. Independent colonies begin to flock to the Empire's banner as a consequence of the Federation's humiliation, and the Empire becomes the second human superpower. The Federation refuses to recognize the Empire's legitimacy.[1]
  • The Federal fleet holds its ground in Beta Hydri bolstered by improved supply.[20] Lingering friction and an ongoing conflict over the Beta Hydri system results in a cold war between the Federation and Empire.[1]


  • Sirius Corporation founds the first entirely corporation-run colony in the Sirius system, and quickly grows into a major interstellar conglomerate after emerging as the premier supplier of drive fuel in human space.[21][1]


  • Sirius Corporation mediates negotiations between the Federation and the Empire to end the cold war.[1]


  • Negotiations between the Federation and the Empire conclude in a formal peace treaty. As part of the terms of the treaty, the Federation agrees to grant Achenar and its colonies full autonomy, and recognizes the hereditary title of Emperor.[1]
  • Emperor Henson Duval orders the construction of the Hall of Martyrs, a monument to the 16,032 citizens of Achenar who died in the Battle of Achenar.[1]


  • The Federation launches a new wave of colonial missions to locate new resources. One of these missions eventually discovers Alioth.[22]

25th century


  • Emperor Henson Duval dies, and is succeeded by Saik Duval.[19]


  • The region that would later become known as the Old Worlds is first explored and colonized.[1] The Colonial Deep Space Cruisers Herschel and Oberon arrive in the L-453 system, which would be renamed Lave.[23]


  • The first colony fleet arrives in Leesti, setting up mining facilities and processing plants.[24]


  • Lave, Leesti, and Zaonce become self-sufficient and declare their autonomy from nearby supply routes.[1]


  • An expedition from Lave explores the Diso system. Within a decade, the planet Birmingham is colonized and its potential for agriculture is discovered.[25]


  • Alioth is first colonized, with the first settlement established on Alioth 5b and named "Fruitcake" after the world's soft, moist soil and plentiful pockets of minerals.[1]


  • Sirius Corporation enters Alioth to stake a claim on the system's gas mining rights, but is stymied by the presence of two other corporations, leading to armed conflict. After Imperial vessels arrive, claiming to have been sent to protect the local population, Sirius Corporation appeals to the Federation for assistance.[1]


  • The Federation grants the system van Maanen's Star to the Guardians of the Free Spirit, an ascetic religious sect.[26]


  • Emperor Saik Duval dies, and is succeeded by Trasken Duval.[19]
  • Colonies within the Old Worlds region band together to form the Old Worlds Coalition, a loose mutual defence pact intended to deter Imperial expansion into its territory.[1]


  • The Empire launches an offensive against the Old Worlds Coalition after the destruction of a listening post in the Morten-Marte system, an act blamed on the Coalition. The invasion catches the Coalition off-guard, and it is forced to accede to Imperial demands for it to disband its merchant reserve navy and restrict fleet activity to trade and exploration only.[1]

26th century



  • A Caker group hijacks the Imperial tourist liner Everichon in Alioth. Before the hijackers can crash the ship into one of the system's gas giants, Imperial commandoes retake it. The incident is later dramatised in the holo-vid broadcast "Rebel Madness".[27]


  • Federal Congress passes two highly significant laws revising the Federation's structure. The controversial first act dramatically reduced the total number of Congressmen seats to 500 beginning in the next round of public elections. Previously, under the Federation's colonial charter, every member state was entitled to its own Congressman to represent them in Congress, but the Federation's continued expansion and the constant admission of new members meant that Congress had become excessively bloated and slow to make decisions.[28] The second act, the 77th amendment to the Federal Accord,[29] altered the tenure of the President of the Federation from a maximum of two four-year terms to a single eight-year term with an automatic vote of no confidence in Congress after the first four years. This change was made in recognition of political reality: Federal Presidents serving two consecutive terms were commonplace, and they only rarely faced any credible opposition in what was increasingly referred to as a "mid-term" election.[28]


27th century


  • Federal President Sadiq Kessler removes all remaining charter requirements from Alioth's Federal Membership criteria, offering the system de-facto full membership in the Federation. Kessler hoped that the move would garner enough local support in Alioth to give the Federation a key advantage against the Empire in the ongoing struggle for control of the system. Instead, the offer divided Alioth's resistance movement, the Cakers, into pro-Federation and pro-independence factions.[1]


  • In Alioth, the pro-independence faction of the Cakers prevails over the pro-Federation faction after a period of infighting. Quentin Devises secures control of the Cakers and the planet Fruitcake, and declares that Alioth will be made into a port of free trade.[1]


  • Emperor Hennick Duval dies, and is succeeded by Lucius Duval.[19]


  • In Alioth, Federal diplomats meet with Caker leader Quentin Devises after three years of petitioning, only to be informed in no uncertain terms that President Sadiq Kessler's offer of Federal membership was denied.[1]


  • In Alioth, munitions worker Tom Quaterson is tried and executed for selling food coupons to the poor, triggering a general uprising backed by the Cakers and other rebel groups. The residence of the Governor of Fruitcake is stormed, and workers seize control of gas platforms and demand Alioth's independence. In an unprecedented move, the Federation and Empire cooperate to retake the system. Quentin Devises is quickly captured and executed. The two superpowers agree to divide Alioth's assets, with Fruitcake becoming a Federal Protectorate renamed Gordonworld after Federal General Charles C. Gordon, and all local space facilities falling under Imperial rule.[1]


  • The Birthright Wars, a series of conflicts instigated by corporations to seize hereditary land and resource claims from colonists, begin in Federation territories.[31]
  • In Alioth, the Empire successfully uses experimental rapid-terraforming techniques to terraform the world of New California. Many residents of Gordonworld defect to New California in response to the Empire's promises of a "new life".[1]


  • Emperor Lucius Duval dies, and is succeeded by Anders Duval.[19]


  • The September Uprisings occur on Riedquat. The colony's government had been set up and enforced by the Old Worlds Coalition, but as much of the administration was off-world, it lost touch with the needs of the people of Riedquat and its popularity cratered. The government is overthrown in a violent revolution, and the former officials are executed, with their bodies heaped at the capital city's spaceport. Riedquat descends into a state of bloody anarchy that persists for the next five centuries, and Coalition officials begin an extensive reevaluation of their policies.[1]


  • The Galactic Cooperative of Worlds is established. Following the Old Worlds Coalition's failure on Riedquat, its member worlds reorganize into a new trade organisation that emphasizes the principles of economic self-reliance, mutual defence, and political independence. GalCop's resulting withdrawal from trade with the Federation and Empire provokes the ire of both superpowers.[1]
  • Terraforming is completed on the planet Conversion in Achenar.[17]

28th century


  • The first iteration of the Python, then manufactured by GalCop corporation Whatt and Pritney Constructions, debuts. The Python's innovative modular design pioneers a new era in accessible space travel, spurring the rise of independent pilots.[1]


  • As the Birthright Wars continue, the Federation begins reorganizing its military. In the past, Federal fleets had been assembled by mustering resources directly from Federal member systems, but the rise of interstellar corporations allowed the Federation to contract the construction and maintenance of centralized fleets. The first of these modern fleets is commissioned and trained in Anlave.[32]


  • The Birthright Wars enter their final stage. The descendants of the original, exiled colonists of Anlave who were displaced by corporate activity invade the system and bombard the Federal Naval Academy at Anderton. A fleet of privateers soon follows, but they are beaten back by Admiral Ghenkis B'nami.[32]


  • The Birthright Wars conclude, with Federal corporations having successfully seized land and resource rights from numerous colonies.[31]


  • Emperor Anders Duval dies, and is succeeded by Hender Duval.[19]


  • The Viper Defence Craft, a product of Faulcon Manspace and the predecessor of the Viper II, Viper MkIII, and Viper MkIV, debuts.


  • Emperor Hender Duval dies, and is succeeded by Trasken Duval II.[19]

29th century


  • Beginning in the 2810s and continuing into the 2840s, GalCop documents a significant number of ship disappearances within its space and near the Pleiades Nebula. Investigations find no evidence of foul-play, but the disappearances and other strange phenomena continue intermittently, stoking anxiety among pilots. These incidents are later believed to have been early encounters with Thargoids.[1]


  • In 2849, the first grainy footage surfaces of one of these "encounters", with one blurry image appearing to show an alien ship with the word "THARG" on its hull. The media immediately coins the term "Thargoid" as a name for the aliens. However, no conclusive proof of the Thargoids' existence is obtained, and they fade into folklore.[1]


  • Imperial soldiers instigate martial law on New California in Alioth and attempt to impose a genetic correction programme on the population. This is prevented by a coup against the military garrison by a new Caker sect, which sent an appeal to the Federation for assistance. A fierce battle ensues, with the Imperial Navy carrying out orbital bombardments. The battle escalates when a Federal fleet led by Admiral Kracer arrives, eventually forcing the Imperial ships to retreat. When Admiral Kracer lands on New California with his marines, they are received by cheering crowds in the capital.[33]


  • Paynou, Prossett and Salem debut the first iteration of the Cobra multirole ship.[1]


  • The first iteration of the Anaconda, then manufactured by RimLiner Galactic, debuts.


  • Emperor Trasken Duval II dies, and is succeeded by Trasken Duval III.[19]
  • Faulcon Manspace debuts the Asp, a heavy fighter spacecraft and predecessor of the Asp MkII. The Asp becomes a mainstay in GalCop's Galactic Navy.[1]



  • President Isaac Gellan mobilises the Federal Navy to invade the Ackwada system. Unknown to the public, the invasion's goal is to dismantle the Rockforth Corporation, which provided illegal loans to Gellan's election campaign that Gellan refused to repay.[34]


  • The Rockforth Corporation sends a request to Emperor Trasken III for aid against the Federation in Ackwada, offering a substantial monetary reward. Traken III assembles a battlegroup led by the privateer Samuel Lanner which succeeds in expelling the Federal fleet. The Rockforth Corporation pays Trasken III for his assistance and hires Lanner's privateers as a security force.[35]


  • President Isaac Gellan loses his vote of no-confidence and leaves office. In what became known as the Gellan Scandal, the extent of his corruption comes to light and a number of Federal Congressmen are implicated. In the period of increased scrutiny that follows, corporations reduce their involvement in Federal politics.[36]
  • Olaf Smith is elected President of the Federation, and serves until 2874.[30]


  • President Olaf Smith sends a Federal fleet to investigate after several traders disappear near Zelada. When more traders disappear in Ququve and Aymiay, the Federation fortifies the Laedla system into a major military hub to defend against an apparent "alien threat". Smith's claims that he was "driving away the alien threat" make him immensely popular, although it is never proven if Thargoid or other alien activity was behind the disappearances. Smith's actions result in the enhancement of the Federal Navy, and go a long way towards restoring public trust in the presidency following the corrupt Gellan administration.[37] Decades later, a pirate known as "The Black Prince" claimed he was responsible for the attacks, and that the attacks only stopped because he and his cohorts retired. The Black Prince's story is widely disputed, but some assert his claims were simply an exaggerated version of a mostly true but seedier story.[38]


  • Former Federal President Isaac Gellan emerges from prison with most of his wealth intact. He hires a mercenary fleet to settle his score with the Rockforth Corporation. However, Samuel Lanner remained on retainer and led a modern and well-equipped fleet that easily overwhelms Gellan's mercenaries. The defeat leaves Gellan humiliated and financially diminished.[39]


  • Jeremy Tann is elected President of the Federation, and serves until 2882.[30]


  • President Jeremy Tann launches an offensive in the Phekda system and economic instability and civil war throw it into chaos. A military governor is imposed and an attempt is made to repatriate the system into the Federation.[40]



  • With the Federal repatriation of Phekda a failure, the Federation abandons the system.[40]

30th century


  • The first iteration of the Adder, then manufactured by Outworld Workshops, debuts.


  • The Durn and Resner Corporation requests the Empire's aid in enforcing their mining claims in Alioth. A small Imperial fleet is sent and drives Federal forces from the system.[41]


  • The Imperial force in Alioth vanishes. Simultaneously, Emperor Trasken III seizes all assets belonging to the Durn and Resner Corporation. While the circumstances behind these events are never made public, Federal intelligence sources later accuse the Duvals of having instigated a cloning program to breed specialized infantry units.[41]



  • Emperor Olban Hensard Duval demonstrates a subtle approach in handling Imperial involvement in disputes in the Liaedin system.[42]


  • Emperor Olban Hensard Duval empowers Erronsa and Francis Ashfield as agents of the Empire in the Zeaex system in their conflict with Grambourne Cambridge of the Federation over mining rights.[43]


  • Verity Campbell is elected President of the Federation, and serves until 2960.[30]


  • Emperor Olban Hensard Duval deploys an Imperial strike force, supported by The Emperor's Own, to the Laedla system. The Imperial fleet overwhelms the Federation garrison on Mansfield in an event known as "Lightning Thursday".[44]


  • Ulrich Vale is elected President of the Federation, and serves until 2976.[30]


  • Grant Keller is elected President of the Federation, and serves until 2984.[30]
  • Emperor Olban Hensard Duval assembles an Imperial fleet in response to the assassination of Francis Ashfield, allegedly by Federal agents, but conflict is averted in Zeaex when the settlers of Newtown send personal appeals to both the Federation and the Empire. The mining rights issue is resolved, and an uneasy truce is established.[45]


  • Resource negotiations between the Empire and GalCop break down after Emperor Olban Hensard Duval loses patience with the "upstart state". Over the next two years, Imperial capital ships with diplomatic markings are warily observed in the Zelada and Ququve systems by GalCop vessels.[1]


  • Imperial scientific teams are sent to the Exioce system to study an apparent failed terraforming attempt that had rendered a planet inhospitable and saturated its atmosphere with ammonia.[1]




  • Munitions manufacturer Manticore is founded within the Empire. After centuries of developing ship-based technology, it will diversify into the personal defence market with a line of plasma weapons.[47]



  • Emperor Gaylen Trasken Duval renews Imperial-Federal hostilities in Alioth.[48]


  • Emperor Gaylen Trasken Duval suppresses a Federation-backed coup in the Ackwada system.[48]

31st century


  • To celebrate the new millennium, Emperor Gaylen Trasken Duval creates the corporation Imperial Gutamaya, tasking it with producing a limited run of luxury ships for his favourites among the Imperial nobility. Gutamaya ships, built by shipwrights Jordan-Blakestow and designed by famed sculptor Amita Gutamaya, prove to be overwhelmingly popular with the public, and Gaylen soon orders the company to enter full-time production to meet demand.[49]


  • Amita Gutamaya of the Gutamaya corporation dies in unexplained circumstances. She is interred in her family's crypt on New World in Achenar.[49]


  • Tyrell Biggs is elected President of the Federation, and serves until 3016.[30]
  • During a lull in the Federal-Imperial conflict in Alioth, President Tyrell Biggs secretly sends Federal diplomats to the Empire to propose Achenar and its subsidiary systems join the Federation as full members. This had been attempted before, and met with Imperial derision. However, documents outlining the proposal were leaked by Federal spies to other Imperial systems, causing widespread unrest and increased distrust between the Federation and Empire. This may have been the result Biggs' sought all along.[50]


  • Raul "Proxmire" Santorini becomes Governor of Tau Ceti, achieving substantial popularity and, rare for a regional Federal politician, interstellar significance.[51]


  • The shipbuilding corporation Faulcon Manspace merges with DeLacy Shipworks. The newly-established Faulcon DeLacy becomes the largest independent corporation in the galaxy at the time, wresting the title from Sirius Corporation.[1]


  • An Imperial colonial charter is drawn up for the Cemiess system.[52]



  • The Empire begins terraforming Cemiess 2 after years of delays, ending Federal ambitions for the system. Approving Imperial colonization plans for Cemiess had been Gaylen Trasken Duval's last official act before his death.[52]


  • Emperor Atticus Obellan Duval sends a second mission to the Exioce system to terraform the planet Experiment, quashing Federal plans there.[53]


  • Scrivener College commissions Dredger J-403 as part of a research fleet which is sent on a long-term exploration mission.[54]


  • Governor Raul Santorini of Tau Ceti is assassinated. The Federal press blames the Empire, as Santorini was vocally anti-Empire, but in an unusual move, Emperor Atticus personally rebuts the accusation.[55]

32nd century


  • The Pilots Federation officially establishes its ranking system for independent pilots. CMDR Peter Jameson becomes the first person to obtain the coveted "Elite" rank.[56]
  • The Cobra MkIII, then manufactured by Lave Cowell & MgRath, debuts.
  • The Fer-de-Lance, manufactured by Zorgon Peterson, debuts around this time.


  • An Imperial fleet arrives in Cemiess and lands Imperial colonists on the planet Emerald. The Federation responds by sending a fleet of their own under Admiral O'Brien, triggering a war for the planet that would rage for the next 30 years.[55]


  • Emperor Hender Saik Duval continues the large-scale renewal of the Imperial military by establishing Facece Military Academy.[57]


  • October 13 - Professor Penelope Carver's planetary survey team, which was hired by Azimuth Biochemicals to survey planets in the vicinity of the Coalsack Nebula, establishes the settlement Geological Survey 23B on the surface of the third planet of the Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 system.[58]
  • October 20 - Professor Carver records the discovery of alien structures and a crash site on Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 3.[58]
  • October 26 - The Adamastor, an Azimuth Biochemicals megaship, departs Chukchan for an unknown location.[58][59]
  • October 27 - Professor Carver reports that an object recently removed from the alien crash site has been causing equipment malfunctions at Geological Survey 23B. Meanwhile, Azimuth Biochemicals orders Carver's team to cease all transmissions and await the arrival of the Adamastor.[58]
  • October 28 - The Adamastor enters an unknown system. The system's name and what the Adamastor was doing there are erased from the ship's logs.[59]
  • October 29 - The Adamastor enters Synuefe XE-Y c17-7. It checks in with a listening post orbiting the third body and receives new orders to divert to Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 and pick up Professor Carver's survey team.[59]
  • October 30 - The Adamastor arrives in Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 and begins extracting the survey team and its research using Sidewinders. The appearance of possible Thargoid vessels and a firefight within Geological Survey 23B likely instigated by Pharmasapien sleeper agents causes the Adamastor's crew to make an emergency departure. The surveyors and mercenaries who are left behind perish or are abducted. The last doomed survivor is Dr. Dominic Murphy, who concealed himself and witnessed the apparent attack, but may have been killed by Thargoids.[58][59]
  • October 31 - The Adamastor experiences crippling malfunctions induced by the Thargoid object, forcing it to frequently drop out of hyperspace to conduct repairs. When another cell of Pharmasapien sleeper agents attempts to seize control of the ship as it passes through the HIP 69200 system, Professor Carver escapes using a Sidewinder, but crashes into the surface of HIP 69200 1 B. Any remaining crew apparently evacuate as well, leaving the Adamastor to default to an automated return course to Chukchan that it does not complete until 3306 due the failure of its hyperdrive.[60][59]


  • The Hesperus, the sister ship of the Adamastor, departs from Li Chul for an unknown destination and is never seen again.[61]
  • July 12 - Pharmasapien sleeper agents seize control of the Hesperus near the Col 69 Sector LY-H c10-0 system in the course of an hour. The security staff and bridge crew are killed, and the remaining Azimuth Biochemicals employees are confined to the cargo holds. A small number of Azimuth employees, including Lieutenant Hugo Kelemen, Private Adriana Velasco, and several scientists, hide in the depths of the ship. Kelemen speculates that Pharmasapien learned about Azimuth's probes discovering signs of non-human activity.
  • July 13 - Pharmasapien operatives massacre the captured Azimuth employees and steer the Hesperus towards the California Nebula. Lieutenant Kelemen's party opts to escape using the Proteus, the Hesperus's secondary exploration craft, and continue the search for alien artefacts in nearby systems, while Private Velasco remains behind to sabotage the Pharmasapien personnel.
  • July 22 - Junior Engineer O'Neill, a Pharmasapien operative, embarks on an EVA excursion to check the comms array of the Hesperus while it is in the Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2 system. When O'Neill reenters the ship, they find it has been flooded with toxic gas and all Pharmasapien personnel are dead. O'Neill is now the only person alive on the Hesperus. O'Neill determines that Private Velasco released the gas into the ship's ventilation system, but is unable to decontaminate the ship and has only a limited supply of oxygen canisters with which to survive.
  • July - The Proteus arrives in Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 and discovers multiple Thargoid shipwrecks and a Guardian ruins site on planet 1 A. The ship lands to investigate, and is eventually converted into a research facility. Attempts are made to contact Azimuth Biochemicals for rescue, but no response is received because Pharmasapien's agents had sabotaged the Hesperus's signal beacons.
  • September 21 - Lieutenant Kelemen resumes recording official reports and describes the recent activities of the Hesperus survivors, which are focused on studying the alien ruins and artefacts of Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 1 A.
  • September 23 - Lieutenant Kelemen and the Azimuth scientists retrieve a crystal from the Guardian site and transport it to the Proteus for study.
  • September 26 - An experiment with the Guardian crystal goes wrong, releasing a surge of radiation that kills all of the Hesperus survivors in a matter of hours. Lieutenant Kelemen spends his last moments recording a log of the disaster and revealing that Azimuth's goal in searching for alien technology had always been to weaponise it for profit.


  • Emperor Atticus Obellan Duval contracts a debilitating illness that lasts until his death. As his health declines over the next decade, the Imperial Senate takes on some of the Emperor's authority, ostensibly to keep the Empire running smoothly as its leader weakens.[1]


  • Sightings of "octagonal ships" and reports of hyperdrive malfunctions occur in the early 3120's. In 3123, the wreckage of two ships are found in GalCop space bearing damage from more powerful laser weapons than were available to human civilisation at the time.[1]


  • The First Thargoid War begins. The first reported encounters between human starship pilots and a new intelligent alien species occur. This species is named "Thargoids" by the pilots who survive the experience, hearkening back to the unexplained incidents of 2849.[62] In every encounter, the alien ships quickly opened fire. Some asserted that the attacks had been provoked by humanity after a leaked Federal report surfaces revealing that colonists of the Veliaze system had opened fire on a similar vessel.[1]
  • The Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm, or INRA, is secretly established as a joint initiative by the Federation and Empire to counter the Thargoids. INRA is tasked with identifying and exploiting Thargoid weaknesses to win the conflict by any means necessary.[1]
  • Orion Independent University absorbs Scrivener College, gaining legal ownership of its assets, including Dredger J-403.[54]




  • Varian Scott is elected President of the Federation. Scott removes the Federal military budget restrictions championed by Raul Santorini, expands and modernises the Federal Navy, and cuts Congress out of military decision-making to increase response times to future conflicts.[1][63]


  • The Imperial Courier, manufactured by Gutamaya, debuts. It is the first Imperially-funded ship design in centuries, and the culmination of Emperor Hender Saik Duval's efforts to reorganize and expand the Imperial military.[57]
  • The Galactic Cooperative stagnates, having overexerted itself economically by reassigning trade ships to military duties in the Galactic Navy during the war against the Thargoids.[1]


  • Galactic Cooperative Chief Executive Officer Naris Ellison contracts a rare degenerative disease and dies. Her deputy William Henderick becomes the next GalCop CEO, promising to continue Ellison's efforts to restore GalCop to prominence, but is implicated in Ellison's death and replaced by acting CEO Simmone Hendry.[1]



  • Acting GalCop CEO Simmone Hendry's position is made permanent as discontent with GalCop's administration spikes.[1]


  • December 27 - Dr. Cassandra Lockhart of Project Equinox notes there have been no sightings of Thargoids since the project's inception.[64]


  • Nance Lightoller is assigned to investigate corruption and illegal activity within GalCop's administration. Over the next five years, she survives multiple death threats and assassination attempts.[1]


  • Nance Lightoller's corruption investigation is completed. Ex-CEO William Henderick and five other conspirators are confirmed to be responsible for former CEO Naris Ellison's death. The investigation also brings to light rampant misreporting of GalCop's stability and colony management together with policies that isolated and deceived the planetary populations of member worlds.[1]


  • By this time, after decades of decline and the poaching of existing and prospective member worlds by the Federation and Empire, the Galactic Cooperative has shrunk to only 11 members, all located within the Old Worlds region. GalCop finds itself reduced to the same trade routes that its colonies first depended upon centuries ago when they were being established. CEO Simmone Hendry is forced to sell off much of GalCop's assets to the other two superpowers in exchange for access to their trade routes.[1]


  • August 16 - As the Galactic Cooperative declines and destabilizes, Project Equinox is shut down, despite Dr. Cassandra Lockhart's warnings that the Thargoids are sowing the seeds for their future return.[64]


  • August 19 - GalCop CEO Simmone Hendry rescinds the organisation's charter. The Galactic Cooperative of Worlds is officially dissolved.[1]




  • Loric Trander is elected President of the Federation, and serves until 3192.[30]
  • President Loric Trander deploys privateers to Alioth after the murder of Riley Dain, an official who had been investigating the abuse of permitted gas mining quotas. In response, Emperor Hesketh Duval sends the Imperial XV fleet to Alioth, instigating a fresh conflict in the system.[66]



  • The Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm is officially "established", bringing it out of the shadows and into the public eye. The organisation continues to operate with little real oversight or transparency, however.[67][68]


  • The Federal-Imperial conflict in Alioth that began in 3184 comes to an end, with neither side having accomplished anything of note.[66]
  • Li Yong-Rui is born.[65]


  • The Federal Navy introduces the Eagle MkII. This is quickly followed by the Imperial Navy's introduction of the Imperial Eagle, leading some to believe that Federal engineering staff had contributed to the Empire's project.[1]

33rd century



  • Takada is founded as a haulage corporation. In later years, it begins developing a line of personal laser weapons to defend its shipments from pirates.[47]




  • A revolt breaks out in Alioth after the Federal corporations supplying one of the system's population centers raises its prices. Federal and Imperial forces are dispatched to the system to quell the uprising, but encounter heavy resistance bolstered by fighters from neighboring independent systems. The Empire withdraws first, unwilling to commit to a protracted conflict so far from its core territories, and the Federation follows suit when it realizes how unpopular the war is among Federal citizens.[70]


  • Felicia Winters is born.[65]
  • Alioth becomes a major manufacturing centre as the local robotics manufacturing industry expands, overshadowing the rival Holiacan system.[71]


  • The Alliance is founded in Alioth by Mic Turner and Meredith Argent, built around the principles of protecting and supporting those who wanted to remain independent of the Federation and the Empire.[70]
  • The planet Gordonworld in the Alioth system, formerly known as Fruitcake, is renamed again to Turner's World in recognition of Mic Turner's achievements.[1]


  • Indaol joins the Alliance during the early years of its initial wave of expansion. The otherwise unremarkable system quickly prospers as Allied membership brings in significant technological improvements.[72]



  • Mic Turner returns to the Olgrea system in command of an Alliance fleet. After skirmishing with Federal forces, Turner captures critical infrastructure, and the Federation concedes defeat and withdraws. Olgrea joins the Alliance.[69]




  • Holiacan, also called Holliacan,[1] joins the Alliance during the later stages of its initial wave of expansion. The Federation declines to contest Holiacan's secession due to the system's lack of assets. Over the following years, Holiacan's robotics manufacturing industry sees a significant boom, and a number of prominent Alliance politicians also emerge from the system, most notably the influential Lucinda Kallis.[71]




  • The Alliance has expanded to over 20 systems by this time, firmly establishing themselves as a third superpower.[70] This marks the approximate end of the Alliance's initial wave of expansion.[71]
  • The Olgrea system reaches 100 million inhabitants since its colonisation 26 years earlier, one of the fastest system migrations in human history, and becomes an integral part of Alliance infrastructure.[69]


  • Sirius Corporation debuts the Highliner Antares, touting its revolutionary new hyperdrive system, an early version of the Frame Shift Drive. During a series of exhibition trials in Sirius, the ship activated its hyperdrive for its first jump and disappeared without a trace.[1]


  • Mic Turner and Meredith Argent begin searching for the Thargoids. While testing the drives of their specially-designed exploration ship Turner's Quest, the vessel disappears after jumping out of the Pleione system with Turner piloting it. Argent holds a memorial service for him later that year.[1]
  • Meredith Argent launches a second exploration ship named Argent's Quest, which is piloted by an unnamed individual. According to leaked documents from the time, the pilot discovered a Thargoid outpost and returned to Alioth with a captured Thargoid vessel. The pilot was then allegedly contacted by INRA, and the Thargoid vessel departed Alioth that day, its destination unknown.[1]


  • The Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm is disbanded. After the previous year's Thargoid vessel incident, Meredith Argent claimed that it had been caused by an INRA infiltrator tasked with eradicating the Thargoids. Combined with campaigning by Alliance leaders, public and governmental opinion of the organisation soured rapidly, forcing its dissolution.[1]
  • The agrarian colony of Fafner in the Jotun system is attacked and overrun by Thargoids. The incident was seemingly unprovoked and almost all of the colonists were massacred.[73]
  • Denton Patreus is born.[65]


  • October 30 - Holloway Bioscience Institute hires the mercenary unit Excalibur Troop to investigate the abrupt loss of contact with Holloway Bioscience Research Facility 15 on the moon AB 5 B in Snake Sector GW-W c1-1. The mercenaries find the research team dead, killed by a swarm of native fauna that lived below the moon's crust and were attracted by the facility's waste heat. The creatures emerge and attack Excalibur Troop after the facility's geothermal plant is reactivated. Excalibur Troop is unable to hail their orbiting ship to evacuate.
  • October 31 - Only three members of Excalibur Troop survive the creatures' onslaught before they finally retreat underground after the Holloway facility's power plant is deactivated. The mercenaries make contact with a passing dredger, which they believe will rescue them.




  • Antonia Madison is elected President of the Federation after Eugene Cooper loses his midterm vote of no confidence, and serves until 3272.[30]
  • A young Archon Delaine kills Pirate Lord Crabbe in single combat and becomes the new Pirate Lord of the Kumo Crew.[74]
  • The Wagar expedition discovers the Earth-like moon Eurydice in the Eulexia system.[75]







  • Pirate Lord Archon Delaine of the Kumo Crew defeats Pirate Lord Horvath, the leader of a rival pirate gang and the last significant challenge to Delaine's uncontested supremacy over all pirate gangs in the Pegasi Sector. With no other competition, Delaine declares himself the "Pirate King".[74]








  • Sirius Corporation releases a revolutionary new hyperdrive: the Frame Shift Drive. The FSD is smaller, more efficient, cuts down travel time in hyperspace from hours to seconds, includes a "supercruise" mode for rapid in-system travel, and deposits pilots at a system's primary star after a jump rather than the outskirts. By 3300, all registered ships have been upgraded with this new technology.[1]


  • D and C Shipping, Inc., an Imperial shipping company owned by Patron Damon Clarke, funds and organises weapon shipments to individuals linked with the Imperial ultra-traditionalist movement Emperor's Dawn.[86]
  • Caine-Massey secures a 10-year contract with local companies in the vicinity of the Dulos system to exclusively supply them with ore and other raw resources.[87][88]

34th century

Elite Dangerous takes place from September 3300 onward. For more details, see the GalNet Articles Archive, which includes a complete record of all GalNet news reports.


September 3300

  • Imperial Senator Denton Patreus' characterizes the situation around Eranin as a 'civil war'.
  • As Eranin 30th Anniversary celebratory liquor is spread far and wide, the practice is banned in short order by the Federation.
  • Peace talks between the Eranin government and Federation-leaning rebels collapsed into chaos and war was declared, 26 Sep 3300;
  • The Eranin civil war escalates.

October 3300

  • The Pilot's Federation has made the Universal Cartographics Discovery Module a standard component in all Sidewinder loadouts.
  • New FSD Interdictors renew legal debate.

December 3300

  • Emperor Hengist Duval is sick.
  • CMDR Zulu Romeo becomes the first human to visit Sagittarius A*.
  • Rise of the Crimson State Group in the Lugh system.
  • The Imperial Palace has issued a statement saying that while the Emperor is unwell, it is not as serious as many commentators are suggesting.
  • The Federal President Jasmina Halsey has declared the newly discovered rare narcotic 'Onionhead' illegal throughout Federal space
  • Zemina Torval sent two of her personal Majestic Class Interdictors to put down the revolt in Sorbago
  • Aisling Duval, celebrity daughter of heir, declares slavery dishonorable.
  • Federal Admiral Vincent has declared a blockade of the Kappa Fornacis system to prevent the spread of the narcotic onionhead
  • Arissa Lavigny claimed that she is the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Hengist.
  • Federal Warships Bomb Farms with the narcotic Onionhead.
  • Senator Denton Patreus declared Imperial succession about power, not blood
  • Senator Torval Speaks out against Aisling Duval and Her (Slavery) Abolishionist Message
  • Emperor Hengist Duval decreed his son Harold Duval not of sound mind
  • His grace Emperor Hengist Duval is to marry Florence Lavigny
  • Senator Denton Patreus announced the government of the impoverished Durius system has defaulted on the loan he provided in 3294.
  • Patreus attacks Durius.
  • Christmas Celebrations throughout the Federation and Alliance
  • Slave Rebellion Crushed in the Sorbago System
  • Federal President Halsey Denies Onionhead Crackdown after being confronted by a crowd protesting against ‘Oniongate'
  • Senator Zemina Torval has freed 10,000 slaves she bought from private traders in Federal systems
  • Commanders Decide Two Civil Wars as Torval Triumphs, Patreus Defeated but Defiant
  • A peaceful Christmas demonstration which started on Christmas Day continues on the steps of the (Federal) Congress building in Olympus Village on Mars
  • Torval Backs Patreus's Line on the Imperial Succession
  • Aisling Duval revealed a little of the state of mind of her father Harold
  • Shadow President Hudson Supports Navy.
  • Senator Torval Blames Federal Agitators from Luluwala for Sorbago Rebellion
  • Federal Shadow President Zachary Hudson Demands Conscription and held a long speech highly critical of his opponent President Halsey
  • The armed conflict between Senator Patreus’s Imperial forces and those of the impoverished Durius system continues.
  • Federal President Jasmina Halsey announced Tax Rises in New Year which caused shockwaves throughout Federal Space
  • Aisling Duval Lashes out against Zemina Torval.
  • Sanna system in Bid to Leave Federation.
  • Federal Shadow President Zachary Hudson Demands Lower Taxes.


January 3301

  • Federal Vice President Nigel Smeaton was discovered dead in his private swimming pool at his luxury apartment on the foothills of Mount Olympus, Mars.
  • CMDR Erimus Kamzel becomes the first human to reach the far side of the galaxy, discovering the star system that later became known as Beagle Point.

February 3301

  • Patreus Slave Sale Ends. The people of Durius continue to be assimilated into the greater Empire fold.
  • Residents of Toolfa Large were left in shock after local security services found a small fortune in raw gold sitting aboard an abandoned Sidewinder in a station's lower hangers.
  • There's trouble brewing in Cemiess, caused in no small part by the recent influx of emancipated Imperial Slaves who now call the area their home.
  • Ethan Naylor, the Congressman for Siren, was formally signed in as the Federal Vice President in a formal ceremony in the Congress building on Mars.
  • Thanks to the combined efforts of entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate sponsors, preparations for the launch of the new EAUC Exploration Ocellus are well underway.
  • Commander Samwell Drakhyr is the fastest pilot in the galaxy, champion of the 37th almost annual St. Valentine Day Regatta
  • Effinger Port, Furbaide, Reports Contagion Spreading Unchecked.
  • President Halsey has ordered an all-out assault on the Nijotec region in a shock announcement.
  • Following the Federation's success in rousting the rebel forces from Banki and BD+03 2338, Admiral Vincent has declared his intention to follow the invaders of BD+03 2338 back to their own homes.
  • The galaxy is abuzz with excitement following the news that an anonymous donor has contributed a case of highly valuable and extremely rare Vesperian Nectar to the charity SpecialEffect
  • The Alioth system has been at the centre of controversy today after the arrival of Éamonn Uí Laoghire, the leading spokesperson in the current bid for independence of the Lugh system
  • The Sirius Corporation announced its plan to launch a number of new colonial outposts to the very edges of occupied space.
  • Federal Navy, in conjunction with Core Dynamics, has declared their intention to commission the creation of a new capitol ship.
  • The Defence Force of Tanmark, in association with the Farmers Union of Kappa Fornacis, is pleased to announce the success of their initiative to increase the local production of Lucan Onionhead
  • Aisling Duval arrived in Furbaide aboard Effinger Port to offer assistance to overworked medical staff currently caught in the struggle against the virulent and deadly Volungu Blight.
  • There's a metal rush in LAWD 26, with thousands of entrepreneurs heading to the region in the hope of making their fortune before one of the big three mining corporations can establish a presence in the system
  • Alioth played host to scenes of chaos today when Éamonn Uí Laoghire addressed the crowds after his second attempt to gain an audience with Alliance representatives failed.
  • Tensions have been running high aboard Effinger Port this week as doctors, nurses and scientists worked around the clock to find a cure for the Volungu Blight
  • There's war brewing in the Empire, as despite a stern warning issued in their direction by Senator Denton Patreus, the pirates of Falisci continue to plunder innocent traders
  • Core Dynamics declares a new stage in their partnership with the Federal Navy for the construction of several new capital ships.

March 3301

  • Two lone deep space explorers rendezvoused 43,000 light years from home on the fringe of the Scutum-Centaurus arm.
  • The Imperial Slavers Association, in conjunction with Senator Zemina Torval announced the official opening of the newest ISA slave training facility aboard Lagerkvist Gateway in the Synteini system
  • The Sirius Corporation announced that the reconnaissance portion of its latest colonisation project is complete.
  • Lugh Ambassador Éamonn Uí Laoghire Accuses Federal Party of Foul Play.
  • Tanmark system has an ongoing conflict that broke out between the Defence Force of Tanmark and a local criminal gang known as the Tanmark Posse.
  • The Big G Corporation, in association with the Alliance, announced that a dozen planets involved in the Alliance terraforming program are ready to undergo their last stage of biochemical transformation
  • Imperial forces have decimated the majority of the Falisci Purple Gang’s fleet, just five days after the Citizens of Tradition declared war against the dreaded pirate crew and their allies.
  • Unity Starport Officially Opens in New Yembo.
  • Zemina Torval Handles the Help in Synteini.
  • Pirates Prosper in Tanmark, attacking innocent traders
  • Aisling Duval campaigns to stop slavery on the Empire’s most-watched reality stream show, Celebrity Pets
  • Lady Kahina Tijani Loren's Imperial Courier has been denied docking clearance at Mars High.
  • Senator Patreus and the Citizens of Tradition have been successful in their crusade against the Falisci Purple Gang.
  • Anti-Slavery Support Grows in Synteini System.
  • An emergency special session of the Federal Congress was held today to discuss how best to deal with the Crimson State Group’s attempt to force Lugh to secede from the Federation.
  • The Federation may have won the war in the Banki system, but survivors on both sides are still in a struggle for survival.
  • An investigation into the Galactic Mechanics Union will result in charges being brought against the organisation by all three of the galaxy’s major powers.
  • Lugh Prepares for War.
  • Alioth Warns Lugh they stand alone.
  • A powerful lobbying group, acting on behalf of Admiral Vincent and the Federal Navy, are currently engaged in a massive campaign to lower taxes on combat-capable spacecraft.
  • Core Dynamics Completes Work on New Capital Ship.
  • Senator Patreus and socialite Aisling Duval have been spotted together at a number of popular nightspots in Capitol this week
  • Sirius Corp launches 9 new colonial outposts.
  • Patreus calls on Blaine to release Emperor’s medical records.
  • Full Scale Attack on Polahukuna Postponed.
  • President Halsey has today officially declared war on the Crimson State Group.
  • Chancellor Blaine refuses Patreus’ request.
  • In a show of solidarity and in protest at her perceived shabby treatment by Federation hosts, dozens of Commanders volunteered to escort Lady Kahina Tijani Loren's Imperial Courier through Federal space.
  • Shadow President Hudson released a scathing attack on the President’s offensive against the Crimson State Group
  • The fighting has been fierce in the Lugh system this past weekend. Hundreds of thousands of ships have been shot down and millions have lost their lives in the opening salvo of the war.
  • Prism Senator Kahina Tijani Loren continues to Woo Federation Residents.
  • Rebels Declare War on the Federation in 78 Ursae Majoris.
  • A Commander of the Asp 'Spirit of Indianapolis', claims to have been the first to visit what he calls Sol's ‘true North Star’ "Wregoe TV-L C24-0.
  • Onionhead is once again available in port around Panem of Kappa Fornacis.
  • Core Dynamics was put in the deeply embarrassing position of having to further postpone the maiden voyage of the FNS Nevermore.
  • A covert raid, carried out by special operation forces acting on behalf of the Gold Vision Company, led to the capture of Swift Terminal in Eta Draconis.
  • Senator Kahina Tijani Loren’s Imperial Courier was tagged with a fine at Mars High apparently due to activating its boosters while still within the station
  • Federation continues to dominate the skies of Lugh. President Halsey honours those heroes who have made the greatest contribution to the war effort.
  • Senator Patreus and Aisling Duval have been spotted out and about on Faece this weekend. The Empire’s newest power couple took to the fashion halls for a pleasant afternoon shopping spree, accompanied by a vast entourage of followers and hangers-on.
  • The Crimson State Group’s air defences have been all but shredded by Federal forces.
  • Faith in Federal President Falling. Recent popularity polls have scored President Halsey at a shockingly low 26% approval rating
  • President Halsey demands that Federal pilots attack and destroy an unarmed refugee convoy as it fled from the fighting around Lugh 6.
  • The debate in Congress turned ugly tonight, as members of both parties grilled President Halsey over her mishandling of the Federation’s interests during the last six months.
  • The Crimson State Group and the Sons of Conn have managed to wrestle control of Hartsfield Market from the Lugh for Equality Party.
  • The Federal Navy Withdraws from Lugh – Fighting Continues.
  • Demand for original Onionhead is higher than ever.
  • The War for Lugh: A Temporary Peace.
  • Fearful that yet another rich, powerful system would soon leave the Federal fold, President Jasmina Halsey ordered the Federal Navy to suppress the populist uprising.
  • CMDR Swift Arrow claims to be the first explorer to fully map out the entire NGC 3199 Sector, and the 2nd explorer to visit the nebula
  • Senator Patreus and the Citizens for Tradition won a war against the Falisci Purple Gang. Its leadership was in chains, and its members sold off to work as Imperial Slaves.
  • Alliance representatives from Alioth extended an invitation to f Senator Kahina Tijani Loren to visit their star-systems.
  • Shadow President Zachary Hudson held a press conference on Mars earlier today to address rumours that he would be seeking support to oust President Halsey from office.
  • Aisling Duval was in the spotlight again last night, as the diva Duval took to the streams to call out Zemina on the popular Imperial talk show, ‘A Fireside Chat with Serena’. “
  • The small system of Themiscrya has found itself embroiled in a row with Imperial Senator Denton Patreus who demanded Themiscrya to pay its debt.
  • Federal Vice President Naylor Pledges Support of Halsey.

April 3301

  • Investigation into the Emperor's Assassination Attempt Ongoing.
  • Prism Senator Kahina Tijani Loren Returns to Empire.
  • More scandal accompanied Senator Kahina Tijani Loren’s visit when she was presented with a large vial of Gerasian Liquor by representatives at a concert in London
  • Onionhead Sales Still Growing.
  • Shadow President Hudson Swears to Succeed where Halsey Failed.
  • Princess Arissa Addresses the Nation.
  • Hudson Takes Tour of Brightlight Facilities with Admiral Vincent's closest aides received a warm greeting when he visited the Hors system earlier today.
  • Aisling’s Angels did the best they could to support the people’s princess, freeing an astonishing 1,149,756 Imperial Slaves in the span of just one week.
  • Thousands of criminals have been apprehended by Commanders working on behalf of Princess Arissa, although sadly only a handful of them were able to provide clues as to who ordered the attack on the Emperor.
  • Senator Patreus has reached a new financial agreement with Themiscrya, a system that owes the Senator a sizeable debt due to loans taken out by the current government before they came to power
  • This evening marks the 153rd annual Exphiay Bankers’ Ball. Shadow President Hudson will be in attendance.
  • The office of Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval issued a statement this morning to reveal what information had been collected by members of the Imperial Court loyal to the House of Duval.
  • All over the Federation is reports of a resurgence in nightclubs catering to under-40s.
  • On Arissa’s orders a sizeable number of Counts and Earls have flocked to Facece to help investigate both their fellow nobility and the citizenry under their care for the investigation into the attack on her father.
  • A GalPoll results show that President Halsey's popularity continues to fall, with her approval rating now down to an abysmal 16%
  • Kui Hsien and Quivira have refused to acknowledge Silver Universal PLC’s legal right to increase its rates.
  • Denton Patreus and Aisling Duval were spotted grabbing dinner in Capitol late last night at the very exclusive pop-up restaurant, Fodder.
  • Shadow President Hudson appeared before Congress earlier today to demand that President Halsey address the continued spread of Onionhead throughout Federal space.
  • The Shadow President’s tour of the Federation continued this week with a medical visit to the Reyan BPS headquarters aboard Moisuc Station, Mongan.
  • The East India Company, announced a new initiative they are calling “the Galactic Silk Road”.
  • Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval provided some new insight into the ongoing investigation into the attempted assassination of Emperor Hengist Duval
  • Imperial Law and Order: Investigation into Attack on Emperor Continues.
  • After winning the ‘Great Slaver Showdown’, the office of Senator Torval released a statement to GalNet in honour of the Emperor, for the glory of House of Duval, Torval authorised the sale of 5 million Imperial Slaves
  • Thousands of Imperial bounty hunters answered the call of Princess Arissa over the last week, joining her in the hunt to uncover the identity of the cabal behind the cowardly attack on the ailing Emperor.
  • Senator Patreus has today begun the process of sending his agents to reclaim the debt owed to him by the government of Kui Hsien.
  • Senator Denton Patreus has today announced an initiative to rejuvenate Parkinson Dock, in order to promote the development of High Tech goods in Eotienses.
  • Zemina Torval Apologises for Synteini Slave Snafu.
  • Denton Patreus and Aisling Duval were spotted in attendance at ‘A Dinner to Defeat Dementia’ in Capitol last night.
  • Race to Center of Galaxy Starts in Sol called the Buckyball Run A*
  • Evidence suggests that rogue members of Silver Allied Network channelled funds for the attack on the Emperor through Silver Universal Plc.
  • A group of Federal Commanders, known as the Merchant Marines, engaged in a series of unauthorised attacks against Imperial traders in the employ of Senator Patreus.
  • Hudson Praises Merchant Marines.
  • Reorte Liberated by the Alliance.
  • Emperor’s Grace Indicted in Attack on Emperor.
  • President Halsey Denounces Patron’s Principles.
  • President Halsey Announces Tour of Frontier Systems.
  • Arissa Prepares to Present Evidence about the foiled attack on the Emperor to Imperial Senate blaming the HR 706 Chapter of Emperor’s Grace.
  • Victory in Volungu for Federal Forces which neutralized the threat from Patron’s Principles.

May 3301

  • Quivira Feels the Wrath of Patreus.
  • Prism Senator Planning New Voyage?
  • Securing the Old Worlds. For months the Old Worlds have been terrorised by roaming gangs of psychopaths and thieves. Residents’ pleas for help have been rejected by the Alliance's Council of Admirals
  • Hostage Crisis in Eotienses Turns Bloody. A tense hostage situation in Eotienses turned bloody as East India Company members failed to negotiate the liberation of an Imperial trader from a pirate group the Code.
  • Scientists Baffled by Mysterious Artefacts.
  • Residents of the Lave cluster Silver United succeed at securing the Zaonce system from lawless scum.
  • Turmoil hit the small system of Quivira as thousands of Imperial pilots descended to deliver the wrath of Senator Denton Patreus on his debtors.
  • President Halsey's Tour of Frontier Systems is set to begin shortly.
  • Prism Senator Kahina Tijani Loren was summoned to Achenar.
  • Research into the recently recovered Unknown Artefact has intensified. Scientists, engineers and Commanders are flocking to assist Dr Arcanonn and his team from all across populated space.
  • President may not be taking her planned tour, following news that Shadow President Hudson publicly challenged President Halsey to a live policy debate on the popular Federal political stream show ‘Face the People’.
  • President Halsey Refuses Shadow President’s Request.
  • 78 Ursae Majoris Reacts to President Halsey’s Intended Visit.
  • The Alliance Supports Five a Day in Diso! On Friday the Green Party of Diso announced their plans to rejuvenate the failing financial fortunes of Birmingham.
  • Quivira Electronics Plc, acting under orders of Senator Denton Patreus, launched an all out attack on the People’s Quivira for Equality Party
  • Prism Senator Kahina Tijani Loren denies intending to challenge for the leadership of the Empire.
  • Senator Denton Patreus officially declared War on the impoverished system of Quivira. Thousands of vessels loyal to Patreus have been pouring into Quivira ever since, bringing death and destruction to any non-Imperial ships that they find.
  • Crowds of residents gathered on Mars to watch the presidential battlecruiser, Space Flight One, depart on the start of President Halsey’s tour of Federal frontier systems.
  • New reports from the frontier suggest that a horde of militant nomads called The Kumo Crew is sweeping their way through the Pegasi Sector.
  • 78 Ursae Majoris Increases Security Ahead of Presidential Visit.
  • For the first time in almost a decade, Utopixx Entertainment, the subsidiary of Reynhardt Intellisys responsible for some of the top virtual reality experiences in the galaxy, has posted an operating loss of almost 5,000,000,000,000 credits.
  • Upgrade of Parkinson Dock Complete after two weeks of frantic construction with close to 70,000 engineers.
  • Kahina Tijani Loren refuses to commit to factions or future, remains ambivalent to inquiries into her intentions.
  • According to sources close to Dr. Arcanonn and his team, Halsey's government have refused to acknowledge that Federation ships were transporting the artefacts through populated space, despite mounting evidence.
  • As further alien artefacts claiming to be from Soontill are being sold on the open market, the results of the initial scientific tests revealed they're not made by humans.
  • Imperial forces loyal to Senator Patreus continued their assault on Quivira, and due to their efforts, Quivira Electronics Plc was finally able to secure control over Godel Dock early on Monday afternoon.
  • The war-torn region of Quivira has finally settled into an uneasy peace, following an intense period of fighting which saw hundreds of thousands dead and several billion credits worth of damage done to the local economy.
  • Anti-Federation Terrorists Linked to Artefact Research.
  • The accomplishments of independent pilots participating in the Buckyball Run A* rally race continue to make headlines around civilized space.
  • Aisling Opens Art Installation on Emerald.
  • Arissa Addresses Problems in Persephone. "the illness affecting the refugees, many of whom are malnourished and woefully lax in terms of adequate vaccination cover, is not something that should concern the locals."
  • The return of Onionhead to Panem may be a blessing for the farmers of Kappa Fornacis, but for their neighbours, the Fornacian dream has turned into a living nightmare.
  • Terrorism Claims Against Wolzan and the Shadow Navy Denounced by Crimson Fortune Company.
  • Reports from Saga indicate that President Halsey missed her scheduled meeting with delegates aboard Zudov Terminal.
  • Starship One, with President Halsey and Vice President Naylor on board, went missing after entering hyperspace
  • Felicia Winters was declared Acting President in the wake of the disappearance of Spaceflight One.
  • Acting Federal President Felicia Winters made a personal appearance to address the disappearance of Starship One after failing to re-enter normal space following a routine hyperspace jump.
  • Federal Search Efforts Continue.
  • Shadow President Hudson today called an Emergency Session of Congress to address concerns surrounding Starship One’s disappearance.
  • Despite claims that the disappearance of Starship One was due to a failure in the ship’s Frame Shift Drive, rumours abound about a more sinister, possibly extraterrestrial explanation.
  • Following Shadow President Zachary Hudson’s call to have Congress issue a Vote of No Confidence against President Jasmina Halsey, Acting President Felicia Winters held a press conference outside Congress to address the Shadow President’s concerns about the future.
  • Shadow President Zachary Hudson has continued his criticism of Halsey’s administration, finally moving to the feared vote of no confidence.
  • It has now been 5 days since Starship One lost contact, and the search and rescue teams have yet to find any trace of the missing ship or her crew.
  • Shadow President Hudson placed a motion before Congress asking that they issue a Vote of No Confidence against President Halsey’s administration.
  • 78 Ursae Majoris Celebrates Security with Shield Sale. News of the catastrophic accident that is believed to have consumed Starship One, and taken the President’s life, has been spreading through the galaxy

June 3301

  • Members of Congress from across the Federation made their way to Mars, in response to Shadow President Hudson's call for a Vote of No Confidence Against the current liberal administration.
  • Following a 66% vote of no confidence by the Federal Congress, the missing Jasmina Halsey lost the presidential title on 02 JUN 3301
  • Zachary Hudson was declared President of the Federation on 02 JUN 3301
  • The loss of Starship One was linked to Mechanical Failure according to a Federal Navy report
  • Many Federal systems began taking a much firmer stance against the supply and distribution of illegal narcotics as per the changing political climate.
  • The majority of Federal worlds are content to wait and see what kind of President Zachary Hudson will be.
  • Shadow President Felicia Winters intends to start her time in office by taking on her ex-employer in a bid to stabilize the Federation’s interests in the Tascheter sector.
  • Both Federal and Alliance campaigners turned out in force to exert their influence over the Eranin sector.
  • The now wealthy farmers managed to create a new strain of Onionhead, and so the spread started, working alone and with others.
  • A week ago the Hand Gang of Gandii and the Camorra of Krisha issued a call asking for allies of the Kumo Crew to aid them in overthrowing the authorities in their homelands which was met with a weak response.
  • Shadow President Felicia Winters was spotted meeting with representatives of Utopia aboard Tanner Settlement in Polevnic which was seen as her being at odds with her predecessor’s hard-line.
  • Hundreds of supposedly honourable Imperial commanders crossed the border to smuggle massive quantities of Imperial Slaves to sell in black markets controlled by the Kumo Crew.
  • President Hudson hinted at a raft of new policies to motivate the Federation’s youth.
  • Simguru Pranav Antal addressed rumours that the Utopians had entered negotiations to ally themselves with Shadow President Winters’ supporters.
  • For some groups, President Halsey's disappearance Is not a "case closed".
  • Infighting and infiltration has been rife within the Kumo Crew since Delaine began accepting new members, causing the Kumo to falter in their bid to take over the Pegasi system.
  • Kappa Fornacis Calls Federal Freedom Into Question.
  • Angels Flock to Follow the People’s Princess Aisling Duval to bring about meaningful change in the Empire.
  • Chancellor Blaine reported “I am pleased to report that the Emperor is recovering nicely”
  • Prime Minister Mahon Announces Open Trade Agreement in Old World Cluster.
  • Federal Vigilantes Defy All Galactic Powers by declaring itself its own sovereign power.
  • Thousands of Pegasi sector civilians were forced to evacuate their homes last week, following a series of brutal raids carried out in the name of Archon Delaine.
  • Archon Delaine and his Kumo Crew have continued their seemingly unstoppable rampage across the Pegasi sector this week.
  • The Pilots Federation Supports Fuel Rat Initiative.
  • Prime Minister Mahon announces open trade agreement for Lave cluster.
  • Infection runs Rampant in BD-02 4304. Hundreds of businesses closed, thousands of people are quarantined.

July 3301

  • Mahon speaks out on Alliance Values.
  • The Utopians unveiled their plans to fight back against the pirates of the Pegasi sector.
  • Emperor's Grace Blocks People’s Princess move in to disrupt the long standing Imperial slave trade of Rishair.
  • Aisling Supporters Pledge to Commander Andariel in the 'Thirteenth Legion'.
  • The governing authorities for Pangborn Dock in the Abres system released an open contract for a staggering quantity of Osmium.
  • Commanders following Simguru Pranav Antal and those of Sirius Gov agreed a non-aggression pact.
  • Fuel Rat Rescue Operation Saves Millions of Credits.
  • United Imperial Offensive into Pegasi Sector.
  • Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace Develop Joint Technology Company.
  • In the Carns system, plans were revealed to upgrade the extraction and industrial facilities to support high tech operations.
  • Grand Sale of Slaves in Carns.
  • Scientists working under Dr Arcanonn uncovered that the discovered "Unknown Artefacts" may have some basis in human technology.
  • Naval Academy Graduates join "Operation Davy Jones" in the Pegasi Sector.
  • Leaked Data Caused Concerns over Latest Imperial modules by discredited Professor Denzile Dex.
  • The commanders of the Alliance and Sirius Corporation celebrate the one month anniversary of the Inter-faction Mutual Benefit Agreement (IMBA).
  • The outbreak of the Cerberus Plague beyond BD-02 4304 is slowed by efforts of the local authorities and independent pilots.
  • After several decades as a Freelance member of the Pilots Federation, Commander DarkStar decided to unite a fleet of former Imperial and Federal pilots as the Nova Fleet.
  • Senator Anders Blaine declaired with obvious joy on his face that the Emperor has awoken from his coma.
  • For his service to the Empire by joining the fray and training wings during a war in the Pancienses system, Commander Na’Qan was awarded the Imperial Order of Merit, First Class, from Senator Arrissa Lavigny-Duval.
  • Adle's Armada Looks to End Illegal Arms Deal in Hel.
  • Security Support Needed For Cerberus Plague Intervention.
  • Grand Slave Sale in Carns Ends.
  • The Emperor Hengist Duval speaks out for unity.
  • The Imperial blockade of Harma and the surrounding systems has intercepted thousands of free citizens who were branded as slaves by the Kumo Crew.
  • Joel Xander, the Federal governor of BD-22 3573 of the Federally aligned Forrester Station was removed from office and arrested.
  • Senator Kahina Tijani Loren went missing from her Imperial suite where she resided.
  • The Office for the Emperor published details of the wedding between Emperor Hengist Duval and Florence Lavigny which is at midday on Wednesday 29th July.
  • Cerberus Plague Outbreaks in the Bast, Una and Santjalan Systems.
  • Victoria Wolf VI and Commodore Stone launch Operation Augeas to rid BD-22 3573 of criminal elements troubling local miners and traders.
  • The Code leaves Archon Delaine's Crew.
  • Newly promoted Chief Communications Officer Ramon Lamor held an enthusiastic press conference announcing the success of Humason Orbital’s project to upgrade its economy to High Tech.
  • Emperor's Grace and Cosmic State commence weapons manufacture.
  • Dignitaries and guests from the farthest reaches of the Empire have started arriving on Capitol.
  • In response to the devastating Cerberus Plague outbreak on the frontier, the Dukes of Mikunn mobilized their members, the Mercenaries of Mikunn, to affected systems to assist local governments in quelling the plagues.
  • Federation Secession Crisis. Debate continues to rage in local governments throughout the Pegasi sector over Senator Lavigny-Duval's invitation to become Imperial citizens.
  • Aisling Duval questions convenience of Emperor’s recovery and the motives of Senator Anders Blaine and other parties close to the Emperor.
  • Cerberus Plague Breakthrough. Patients at Hart Station who were offered Ceremonial Heike Tea showed some improvement in their health.
  • The efforts of the Imperial forces engaged in “Operation Davy Jones” have continued this week, with the attackers keeping up the pressure on Archon Delaine’s stretched and battered forces.
  • While medical teams across the galaxy work to develop the quantities of antidote needed to eliminate the Cerberus Plague, fresh outbreaks of the disease are appearing in other systems.
  • Concerns have been raised that the ongoing war of liberation in the Pegasi sector, Operation Davy Jones, left the Empire exposed to invasion and corruption.
  • Unaffiliated supporters of Arissa Lavigny-Duval voiced concerns at rumours of an escalating intervention in the Pegasi Sector on the part of Lavigny's Legion.
  • Senator Denton Patreus takes his turn to congratulate the Emperor on his return to health and for the upcoming wedding.
  • Ex-Governor Joel Xander Charged with Venality and Abuse of Office by Federal prosecutor Kerstin Marling

August 3301

  • The Sim-Archive with vast collections stored as sims of Antal opens to Visitors for the first time.
  • Fight Against Cerberus Plague Continues.
  • Imperial Commanders close in on well-known smuggling route between Torval and Delaine owned systems.
  • Legate Andariel, of Aisling’s 13th Legion, ended the ceasefire between the 13th Legion and Winters’ Wolves
  • Sirius Corporation shuttle was destroyed and five people were killed when its docking computer failed on approach to Patterson Enterprise in the Sirius system.
  • The Eve of the Wedding. The atmosphere on Capitol is electric. The whole city is abuzz with what some commentators have declared ‘The Wedding of the Century’.
  • Morning of the Wedding. Even though the ceremony won’t start until midday, well-wishers have been lining the procession route throughout the night to ensure they have a good position.
  • Emperor Hengist Duval was assassinated on his wedding day in 3301, where he was intending to marry Florence Lavigny. Hengist was stabbed by a high-ranking member of the congregation.
  • Medical supply ships transporting the Cerberus Plague antidote from the starport are being targeted by pirates.
  • Chancellor Anders Blaine declared the beginning of the official period of mourning for Emperor Hengist Duval.
  • Following news of the Emperor’s assassination, Gutamaya Shipyards decided to reinstate the default restrictions on all their ships.
  • After medical teams delivered the Cerberus Plague antidote to systems affected by the disease, reports say that the plague has been eradicated from a dozen systems.
  • Chancellor Blaine has accepted the task of governing the Empire until the succession has been determined.
  • Children of Liberty call out Alliance hypocrisy claims that a "huge gulf" exists between the Alliance's professed goals and values and the reality present in many of its member systems.
  • Millions of senators, patrons, clients, citizens and slaves from across the Empire are making the journey to the Hall of Martyrs on Capitol in the Achenar system to pay their respects to the late Emperor.
  • Leaked Footage of Emperor’s Assassination. In a move sending shockwaves of revulsion throughout the Empire, independent newsfeed Russell Networks broadcasted what is claimed to be a holographic recording.
  • Where's Walden Now? Today marks 36 years since the last ‘Walden Day’, the annual celebration of the great leader across all four continents of Lave.
  • Some elements of the lower-level Imperial political scene have challenged Senator Denton Patreus to explain his connection to Brendan Paul Darius, the assassin responsible for the murder of the Emperor.
  • Efforts to eliminate pirate vessels targeting medical supply ships in the region were resoundingly successful.
  • Two people died in a crash when a personal transport collided with a Lakon Type-9 Heavy transport vessel.
  • The government of the Apalar system issued an unusual request, inviting independent pilots to help them elevate their system’s economy.
  • Defensive lines along the Imperial border held strong as the expeditionary forces of Operation Davy Jones were joined by detachments of the Imperial Fleet to protect against Archon Delaine's aggressive advance.
  • Scores of marked slaves were rescued by Imperial Commanders in the ‘United Offensive’ in the Pegasi sector.
  • Torval Offers Support to Patreus and condemned sordid elements of Imperial media that continued their campaign against Senator Patreus about his connection with Emperor Hengist Duval’s killer.
  • Imperial Inquisition and Emperor's Grace hold a meeting about the Emperor's murder, Pegasi sector and more.
  • Conspiracy expert Ricardo Bentonio claims aliens kidnapped President Halsey.
  • Personal security of Princess Aisling Duval is under review as another private conversation leaked to the press.
  • The immediate family of assassin Brendan Paul Darius – including his mother, father, sister and six year old niece were found murdered at their home on Eotienses.
  • Pirate POWs Pack Prisons. The Pegasi Pirate War stemming from the United Imperial Offensive has taxed the logistical prowess of the Empire.
  • Officials at Svavarsson Terminal in the Apalar system announced that they received the necessary quantities of industrial materials to elevate their system’s economy
  • Imperial Naval infantry have again intervened as protesters – who took issue with Senator Denton Patreus’s connection to Brendan Paul Darius attempted to prevent access to some of Patreus’s allies late last night.
  • Far from the Hall of Martyrs, Imperial citizens across the Empire have been paying tribute to the late Emperor.
  • In her first public appearance since the death of her fiancé Emperor Hengist Duval on their wedding day, Florence Lavigny made a short statement in the Imperial Palace press hall calling people to be calm.
  • Children of Liberty offer prescription for Empire's future addressing the "crossroads" the Empire finds itself.
  • Prime Minister Edmund Mahon received allegations that unnamed elements within the Pilots Federation are deliberately undermining democratic factions in the Old Worlds.
  • The hunt for the killers of the Darius family came to a dramatic conclusion today in a firefight with local security forces on Eotienses. The suspects who were local vigilantes were killed.
  • The Federal Security Services today revealed that a member of the Presidential Protection Detail has been found dead in her home.
  • Imperial Slave Association conducted a surprise audit by special committee of the Imperial senate. The records and practices of the ISA were meticulously examined to ensure compliance with laws governing the treatment and transportation of Imperial slaves.
  • 'Operation Uranus’ Successful. This week, Archon Delaine hit back at the renewed Imperial offensive.
  • A spokesperson for the Alectrona Imperial Society announced that its appeal for construction materials reached a successful conclusion.
  • Federal and Imperial Diplomats Discuss the Pegasi Sector.
  • Report Raises Concerns about the overall purpose of Operation Davy Jones.
  • Famous Reporter Commits Suicide. The hunt for Elaine Boyd ended today with the discovery of her body in a low-rent hotel in Wyrd.
  • Heike Security Forces pilot Kenji Nobu reluctantly admits that not all visitors to the station are being subjected to "the full scrutiny of the law".
  • Fuel Rats Complete 1,000th Rescue. Heroes: that's what some call the Fuel Rats.
  • The civic authorities on Capitol have reported needing to use strategic reserves of food, medical supplies and shelters as millions of mourners now fill the streets.
  • Athena System Hosts ‘XYZ Fight Club’ a popular gladiatorial tournament.
  • Zemina Torval and Florence Lavigny Join Patreus’ Campaign. Senator Patreus sees a resurgence of support since his declaration of war against the group responsible for Emperor Hengist Duval’s murder.
  • Antares Incident Links to VP’s Death? The case of reporter Elaine Boyd took an unexpected turn as several respected newsfeeds, such as the Federal Times, automatically received encrypted data packages from Boyd.
  • The encrypted data packages revealed that Agent Susan Monroe, who Boyd was accused of murdering, was part of Vice President Nigel Smeaton’s protection detail at the time of his death.
  • An Imperial Navy commando unit uncovered a hidden forward command post for the Kumo Crew invasion force in the Tjakiri system.

September 3301

  • the Federal Times posted a story highlighting possible links between a non-exec member of the board of Core Dynamics and Vice President Nigel Smeaton’s death.
  • Core Dynamics spokesman responded “Any impropriety by any member of the board will be fully investigated"
  • Public Viewing of Emperor Hengist Duval ceases. In the past month an estimated seven million mourners arrived on Capitol and have waited in line to enter the vestibule where the Emperor’s body has lain.
  • The funeral of Emperor Hengist Duval, the 15th Emperor in the Duval line, took place amidst a crowd of millions on Capitol in the Achenar system.
  • Utopia: More Than a Cult? Spokespeople for Utopia have responded to recent accusations that dissidents in systems under their control are being roughly treated.
  • A company called BlipMagnet has decided to capitalise on this phenomenon with the Hutton mug, a commemorative beaker bearing the legend (you guessed it) ‘I made it to Hutton Orbital'
  • To commemorate CMDR Satari's mother’s passing, the rights to register a planet in her name were purchased from Universal Cartography.
  • The Senate reopened today to deliberate how the question of succession will be resolved. Chancellor Anders Blaine opened the discussion.
  • Core Dynamics unveiled their latest offering, the Federal Gunship, a sturdy combat vessel designed to provide the Federation with a superior fighter escort.
  • Imperial Veteran General Anthony Corvus is sceptical about Patreus’s Campaign against Emperor's Dawn.
  • As the campaign against Emperor’s Dawn escalates, captured materials have revealed more about the group and its aims to destabilise imperial society.
  • New Combat Fighter from Gutamaya Shipyards, the Imperial Eagle.
  • The insurgent group Emperor's Dawn issued a public appeal for commodities while Senator Patreus launched a military operation against Emperor’s Dawn.
  • Imperial intelligence has discovered several bases belonging to Emperor’s Dawn.
  • Kumo Crew fleets will soon descend on Imperial territory in an effort to cultivate further civil unrest according to leaked military intelligence.
  • At a public charity event in which several dozen slaves were granted their freedom, Princess Aisling Duval took the opportunity to speak about the succession.
  • A Federal research program has been established to study the strange objects discovered in a number of systems. It's led by Professor Ishmael Palin.
  • Following the audit of the Imperial Slave Association, the Imperial Senate Audit Committee has recommended the introduction of further regulations governing the treatment and transportation of Imperial slaves.
  • A concealed data chit was discovered among the personal belongings of Vice President Nigel Smeaton.
  • Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval Calls Impromptu Press Conference after the day’s Senate deliberations finished.
  • Officials at Ocrinox's Orbiter announced their intention to build a state-of-the-art resettlement facility for refugees of the Pegasi Pirate War.
  • Kumo Crew commanders swept across a number of systems controlled by Arissa Lavigny-Duval in the last seven days.
  • Imperial Internal Security Service Issues another public appeal for exploration data.
  • The Imperial Herald published details of alleged links between the secretive group backing Princess Aisling Duval and some of the funding sources for the Emperor’s Dawn insurgency.
  • Hundreds of independent pilots help resettle Pegasi Sector refugees at Ocrinox's Orbiter in the Munshin system.
  • Princess Aisling issued a statement denying knowledge of the connection with the Emperor’s Dawn insurgency.
  • The Federal research program established to study the ‘anomalous extraterrestrial objects’ was terminated.
  • Senator Denton Patreus issued angry demand for a full senate investigation into the reported links between Emperor’s Dawn and Princess Aisling Duval’s office.
  • Chancellor Anders Blaine declared that a Senate investigation into the claimed connection between Princess Aisling Duval’s office and the insurgent group Emperor’s Dawn was to be undertaken immediately.
  • Utopia added its support to the Mushin government’s call for help as the Pegasi Pirate War continues to displace millions of citizens.
  • Princess Aisling Duval issued a statement praising the efforts of relief workers in the Munshin system.
  • Eccentric billionaire Alfred Jeffress announced his intention to initiate a galaxy-wide treasure hunt and to give a share of his vast fortune to the winner.
  • Reports pour in from the Amitrite system of pirate attacks on refugees fleeing the Pegasi Pirate War.
  • Scientists based at Newholm Station in the Sothis system made a startling announcement – the discovery of an entirely new metalloid called Sothis Crystalline Gold.
  • Senator Patreus offers support to Senator Lavigny-Duval for the succession to the Imperial Throne.
  • Professor Ishmael Palin was invited to join the Canonn Interstellar Research Group.
  • The cockpit bobbleheads returned after intense lobbying by pilot groups and toy manufacturers to lift a ban.
  • Shadow President Felicia Winters called for an open and thorough investigation into the allegations made in recent articles posted by the Federal Times.
  • Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval gained more powerful support from Senator Patreus for the succession.
  • Officials from the Defence Force of Amitrite praised the many pilots who helped clear the system of pirates.
  • President Hudson Confirms Investigation is underway in the allegations raised by the Federal Times.
  • Emperor's Dawn Appeal for progenitor cells and narcotics had a mixed response.

October 3301

  • Professor Ishmael Palin was flattered, but declined to join the Canonn Interstellar Research Group.
  • It was revealed that one of Princess Aisling Duval's key advisors, Patron Damon Clarke, was connected to Emperor's Dawn. She reportedly cooperated with both the Senate and IISS investigations into the allegations.
  • Preparation to mark the upcoming anniversary of the so-called 'Bacon Protests' are underway.
  • Pioneer explorer CMDR Kommodore returned from deep space, having reached Sagittarius A* in his Eagle-class starship – the first known attempt in such a vessel and he cataloged almost 3,900 star systems.
  • Agents of the Imperial Guard and IISS arrested several members of Chancellor Anders Blaine's staff.
  • Fuel Rats Complete 2,000th Rescue.
  • Imperial Succession Vote in Senate. Chancellor Blaine was the strongest candidate, but the revelation of his indirect connection to Emperor's Dawn left Aisling and Arissa as the most convincing contenders.
  • After a clear majority vote by the Senate, Arissa Lavigny-Duval was declared Emperor of the Empire. She's the first female leader of the Empire since Marlin Duval founded the original colony on Achenar in the 23rd century.
  • Remembering the Victims of the Cerberus Plague. As of today, the disease is officially considered extinct.
  • Federal Times Reporter Lends Weight to 'Master Chef' story which claimed that secret genetic experiments were being conducted in the Noti system.
  • The starport of Bacon City played host to the inaugural Bacon Protests anniversary celebrations, which commemorated the repeal of the meat ban that affected citizens of the Carnoeck system in 3288.
  • The requested exploration data by IISS resulted in astrological data, which was subjected to rigorous analysis by the IISS and produced a list of star systems that the IISS believed contain Emperor's Dawn bases.
  • Increased Security on Capitol due to Emperor's Dawn threatening to sabotage the Imperial coronation ceremony, and the Emperor's assassination still casting a pall over the city.
  • An increasing number of political commentators ask the question: where does Emperor's Dawn get its money?
  • Prime Minister Mahon Holds Influence over 1,000 Systems. The office of Edmund Mahon has announced the signing of the Prime Minister's one thousandth trade agreement.
  • Emperor's Dawn was Connected to Universal Cartographics Security Breach.
  • Gutamaya Shipyards' latest vessel, the Imperial Eagle, is available for purchase.
  • Senator Denton Patreus dispatched military fleets to three of the systems occupied by the Emperor's Dawn.
  • Li Yong-Rui, the CEO of the Sirius Corp., announced ambitious plans to revitalize his company's new holdings.
  • In preparation for the coronation, the future Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval invited galactic citizens to bring her gifts in exchange for certain incentives.
  • Carnoeck System Clean up Nearly Over. Hundreds of combat pilots participated.
  • Appeal for rare commodity Aganippe Rush comes to an end.
  • Reports from the Warkushanui system indicate that a number of starports in the region are experiencing technical issues.
  • Arissa Lavigny-Duval Crowned Emperor. It looked like the entire population had come to witness the procession of Arissa Lavigny-Duval through the city to the Imperial Palace.
  • More than 220,000 pilots signed a petition calling for an inquiry into the lack of anti-collision lights on starships and emergency lighting on system-authority ships.
  • Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval denounced Emperor's Dawn as enemies of the Empire, and praised Senator Denton Patreus's handling of the fight against them.
  • As the technical problems in Warkushanui intensify, some commentators drew attention to the fact that the number of anomalous extraterrestrial objects (or AEOs) discovered in the system recently increased.
  • For the past few months, a development group founded by the Explorer's Association has been working on plans to build a starport in the Pleiades Nebula.
  • Sirius Corporation takes aim at pirates in the Robigo system. The Sirius Corporation has a history of taking a zero-tolerance approach to those who threaten its holdings.
  • The starport of Gaiman Dock in 49 Arietis has been hit with a plethora of issues, including power outages and system failures.
  • The Empire dealt critical blows to the Emperor's Dawn forces in the Namarii, Tabaldak and LTT 874 systems.
  • Millions of credits' worth of insurance claims were issued as the Commanders of the XYZ Fight Club kicked off the 'Cobra Crunch'.
  • To commemorate 'Star Wars', the classic audiovisual entertainment series of the 20th and 21st century, the Buckyball Racing Club, sponsored by Leesti Azure Milk, presents the first part of a new galactic race, the Kessel Run.
  • Federation scientist Ishmael Palin initiates Independent Research Programme.
  • The Empire confirmed that the campaign had been a resounding success, resulting in the total destruction of all three Emperor's Dawn bases in the Namarii, Tabaldak and LTT 874 systems.
  • Work began on a new Ocellus starport in the Kaushpoos system.
  • Following news of technical issues in the Warkushanui system, officials at Gurragchaa Gateway announced that all station services, bar refuelling and rearming, have been suspended.
  • Investigations into the Empire conflicts with criminal groups uncovered disturbing connections, as many confiscated weapons and munitions bear serial numbers of garrison supplies stockpiled in the Guathiti system.
  • Pirates begun congregating in the Kaushpoos system, preying on the traders and contractors travelling to and from the construction site.
  • Eccentric billionaire and reclusive philanthropist Alfred Jeffress announced second treasure hunt.
  • CIRG Researcher Addresses Artefact Developments. The UA's Morse-transmission behaviour is evolving and are spreading at an alarming rate over a huge volume of space.
  • The starport of Weyn Dock in the 64 Arietis system bacome the latest to be affected by mysterious technical issues, following a rash of inexplicable breakdowns and malfunctions at starports in the Warkushanui system.

November 3301

  • News of similar technical problems at Bond Hub in the Varati system are beginning to emerge.
  • Security personnel at Christian Dock in the Nganji System successfully apprehended a group of armed interlopers.
  • The Explorers' Association released a statement confirming that the pirates in the Kaushpoos system are eliminated. Hundreds of pilots responded to the organisation's appeal.
  • Imperial investigators confirmed ties between Archon Delaine's Kumo Crew and the mercenary group the Cayutorme Syndicate.
  • The treasure hunt organised by the billionaire and philanthropist Alfred Jeffress came to an end, Commander Woodhouse claimed victory.
  • London Relay in the Epsilon Indi system will host a summit conference focusing on terrorism and galactic security. Representatives from the Empire, the Federation and the Alliance will attend the three-day event.
  • Sirius Corp launched an initiative to boost the economy of HIP 8396. At the heart is a request for osmium.
  • The deadline for the inspection and disbandment of the mercenary Cayutorme Syndicate fleet has passed, and Imperial Naval vessels entered the Cayutorme system.
  • Mavia Kain, High Inquisitor of the Imperial Inquisition, formally announced the Galactic Games for Charity.
  • With the official coronation period over, Gutamaya Shipyards announced restrictions on its ships are reinstated
  • Imperial forces have begun their offensive against the Cayutorme Syndicate and its illegal fleet.
  • After several days of fighting between Imperial forces and the mercenaries of the Cayutorme Syndicate, order has been restored to the Cayutorme system.
  • Authorities in the Epsilon Indi system have reported a dramatic increase in smuggling over the past week.
  • The Explorers' Association announced a new Ocellus starport in the Pleiades Nebula enters final phase.
  • The Money Matters news feed reported that the market value of the unknown artefacts dramatically increased.
  • Sirius Corporation Program to deliver osmium to the people of HIP 8396 ends with positive appeal by miners.
  • The Explorers' Association announced the third stage of its Ocellus starport project is complete in Kaushpoos.
  • Request from the Drug Empire of Xelabara for onionhead drew hundreds of pirates to the system.
  • Additional starports have experienced a raft of mysterious technical issues and malfunctions in Hinz Hub in the Ngobe system, Tsunenaga Dock in the Iapodes system, and Li Qing Jao in Sol.
  • The Drug Empire of Xelabara has announced that its appeal for onionhead has been successful.
  • Authorities in the 64 Arietis system confirmed that station services at Weyn Dock have been suspended due to ongoing technical issues at the starport.
  • Revolutionary Noti Values Party announced that the Master Chefs are real and would be available for purchase. Human rights activists condemned the allegedly inhuman practices employed in training the Master Chefs.
  • A joint initiative from the Pilots Federation and the Fuel Rats resulted in a new colour scheme for search-and-rescue vessels.

December 3301

  • Dr Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group calls for halt to artefact sales.
  • Gutamaya Shipyards Announces the Imperial Fighter.
  • The Explorer's Association is delighted by the positive appeal for exploration data by the galactic community.
  • The station Gabriel Enterprise in the Harma system is the latest to be affected by mystifying technical problems
  • Federation triumphs over Emperor's Dawn. Admiral Kirby confirmed the initiative to route them as a success.
  • Massive fake gem scam discovered originating from the region of the Prism system.
  • The Hel Purple Energy Industry in the Hel system issued an appeal to commemorate the winter solstice.
  • Billionaire Alfred Jeffress announced a third treasure hunt, the winner receives a share of his personal fortune.
  • Professor Ishmael Palin requested help to establish a research base on Maia B1BA to study unknown artefacts.
  • Technical issues currently plaguing the galaxy spread to Gabriel Enterprise in Harma.
  • Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corp, announced that they will launch an official search for the Antares ship.
  • Professor Palin announced the request for evacuation shelters was well received by the galactic community.
  • CMDR MAX RED and Sync Mercy completed Jeffress' treasure hunt within seconds of each other, both won.
  • Hel Purple Energy Industry's public appeal for crystalline spheres to commemorate winter solstice festival ends. Hundreds of independent pilots deliver the requested commodities to Snow Moon in the Bento system.
  • Independent Cherets Labour issued an open contract for fireworks to mark the start of 3302.
  • Clauss Incorporated's appeal for Special Gifts has been warmly received by the galactic community.
  • Sirius Corporation begins analysing wreckage of thousands of tonnes of space-borne debris that they received.


January 3302

  • Authorities at Gabriel Enterprise, Harma, announce a suspension of services due to technical issues, making it the seventh station to experience mysterious malfunctions.
  • The Diamond Frogs announce that Operation: Mistle Toad has collected 250,000 tonnes of Christmas gifts in the Santa Muerte system.
  • Personnel at Obsidian Orbital in Maia work around the clock to keep the station operational as it suffers technical issues, but have yet to find a solution.
  • The Canonn Interstellar Research Group announces it has been investigating the origins of strange "meta-alloys", and believes they are linked to both alien barnacles and the objects designated Unknown Artefacts. Volunteers are requested for a search of the Pleiades Nebula for new barnacle sites.
  • Commander MeglaManiac and Commander Burias oversee the first "Galactic Base-Jumping Open" on planet 1 in Njokujinun.
  • The first symposium of the Pioneers Cooperative, a group dedicated to supporting human expansion into uninhabited space, concludes.
  • Commanders flock to Achenar to undertake the "Achenar Challenge" and make a safe landing under the extreme gravity conditions of planet 3. Over 100 ships are estimated to have crashed on Achenar 3 since mid-December 3301.
  • Sirius Corporation announces that the previous year's search for the wreckage of the Highliner Antares did turn up pieces of the lost vessel. The wreckage will be subjected to further analysis to determine the cause of the Antares disaster.
  • Conditions at Obsidian Orbital continue to deteriorate.
  • A brief, fragmentary signal is picked up by Obsidian Orbital, and estimated to originate somewhere within 23 lightyears of Maia. Pilots are advised to watch for any ships in distress and offer assistance.
  • The Distant Worlds expedition, a first-of-its-kind transgalactic journey to Beagle Point involving over a thousand pilots, launches from Pallaeni.
  • The Canonn announces the discovery of alien barnacles on Merope 5 c and in Pleiades Sector JC-U b3-2, which were uncovered thanks to analysis of the corrupted signal received by Obsidian Orbital.
  • A correlation between deliveries of Meta-Alloys and a reduction in mysterious technical issues at stations is noted after pilots arrive in the Pleiades to harvest the newly-discovered barnacles and sell their Meta-Alloys at Obsidian Orbital. The exact cause of the technical issues remains unknown.
  • The Green Party of HIP 112974 decides to follow the Drug Empire of Xelabara's success and establish its own Onion Head operation in HIP 112974. Pilots are asked to deliver Onion head to La Cosa City.
  • The independent minor faction Allied Facece Order unexpectedly seizes control of Facece, ousting the Empire. Chancellor Anders Blaine, previously Facece's senator and administrator, assures the public that the Empire will retake the system.
  • Technical issues afflict more stations, bringing the total number of stations disabled by the "technological plague" to 22.
  • The Green Party of HIP 112974 announces its appeal for Onion Head was successful, leading to the creation and distribution of Onionhead Beta Strain.
  • Senator Denton Patreus reveals that the Imperial Internal Security Service has discovered "shadow cells" of Emperor's Dawn in Dakshmandi, Ipilyaqa and Ch'i Lin. The secret outposts are thought to be the final bastions of Emperor's Dawn's leadership. Patreus asks for volunteers to neutralise the outposts.
  • Professor Ishmael Palin issues a request for Meta-Alloys to assist his research into the cause of technological plague.
  • Sirius Corporation reveals that its analysis of the Highliner Antares wreckage confirms that the ship was destroyed by a catastrophic explosion in the hyperdrive that overwhelmed the hyperdrive's internal containment systems at the moment the Antares was transitioning from normal space to hyperspace.
  • Professor Violet Belbin of the Xenological Research Institute voices concerns that alien barnacles are living organisms and harvesting Meta-Alloys from them may have unforeseen consequences. The Xenological Research Institute sends representatives to Maia to discuss the issue with Professor Ishmael Palin.
  • Turbo Blue Netcoms Exchange denies allegations that it bankrolled the unauthorised Buckyball Racing Club event known as the "Turbo Hour Endurance Race" scheduled to run alongside the station's annual air show and starship exhibition from January 25 to February 12.
  • Professor Ishmael Palin responds to Professor Violet Belbin's statement, saying her concerns are misplaced and that his team will take every precaution when handling Meta-Alloys.
  • Amid calls for transparency from the families of victims of the Highliner Antares disaster, Sirius Corporation reveals that the ship's wreckage was found in the Luyten 205-128 system, and that no organic remains were uncovered.
  • Dr. Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group moves to an undisclosed location for his safety after he receives death threats in response to urging the galactic community to search for alien barnacles. The senders of the threats appear to believe that tampering with the barnacles will lead to humanity's annihilation.
  • Buckyball Racing Club champion Commander Alot completes a trip from Sol to Sagittarius A* in 7 hours and 56 minutes, breaking the previous record of 11 hours and 46 minutes set by Commander Anuranium in April 3301.
  • The Imperial Inquisition launches an initiative to upgrade the shipyard and outfitting services of their base, the planetary outpost i Sola Prospect in Brestla.
  • Federal President Zachary Hudson announces a campaign to search for Starship One, which was lost last year with then-President Jasmina Halsey, Vice President Ethan Naylor, and hundreds of other staff and crew aboard. Pilots are asked to deliver wreckage for analysis at Leoniceno Orbital in Azaleach. Mysteriously, the faction Daurtu Jet Comms PLC sets up a competing search campaign and refuses to divulge its intentions.
  • Professor Ishmael Palin confirms that the so-called technological plague is caused by Unknown Artefacts, which extract non-organic materials from their immediate environment to repair themselves. Research continues into how Meta-Alloys may be used to counteract this self-repair mechanism.
  • Anti-meta-alloy protests break out at Obsidian Orbital, resulting in a blockade of the station's entrance. Pilots making deliveries of Meta-Alloys report coming under attack from the protestors.
  • Pilots report receiving strange encrypted messages in the local public news feeds at certain starports.
  • An unidentified Diamondback Explorer with the markings "S6: 7" is reported making a high-speed pass near Obsidian Orbital and scanning the station.

February 3302

  • Two weeks after the discovery of Emperor's Dawn shadow cells in Dakshmandi, Ipilyaqa, and Ch'i Lin, the Empire's offensive appears to stall, and dispatches reinforcements to quell the insurgency.
  • President Zachary Hudson thanks the galactic community for supplying an ample amount of wreckage to analyse for traces of Starship One. Daurtu Jet Comms PLC's competing campaign offered more rewards, but failed to acquire enough wreckage for its unknown purposes.
  • Chancellor Anders Blaine announces that after two weeks of planning, the Empire is ready to recapture Facece.
  • The LHS 2936 Alliance Combine issues a request for osmium deliveries to improve its manufacturing capabilities.
  • The Paladin Consortium of LFT 37 asks for water purifiers to head off a humanitarian crisis. The Paladin Consortium recently took control of the system from an Imperial faction, and had run into bureaucratic difficulties in formally liberating the population of Imperial slaves.
  • Senator Denton Patreus declares that the Emperor's Dawn shadow cells are eradicated, and thanks supporters for their help. Commentators outside the Empire note that despite claims by Imperial propaganda, the Empire's victory over Emperor's Dawn was hard-won.
  • The Imperial Inquisition's initiative to upgrade i Sola Prospect is successful, and improvements are expected to begin immediately.
  • The first round of the Galactic Base-Jumping Open is announced to take place on February 6 at the "monolith" on Altais 2 b.
  • Canonn Interstellar Research Group security determines that Socha Korbemile, research assistant to Dr. Arcanonn, had been leaking sensitive information to an unknown source likely related the death threats Arcanonn had been receiving. Authorities also wish to speak to Dr. Huros, a rival of Arcanonn with militant views on alien life.
  • Commander Doumaz_B reports seeing another unidentified Diamondback Explorer scanning Zenbei Orbital in Vaka.
  • Professor Ishmael Palin departs Obsidian Orbital for his newly-completed research outpost on Maia B 1 b a.
  • A day after departing Obsidian Orbital, Professor Ishmael Palin is reported missing, and local authorities begin a search operation.
  • The Federal faction Earth Defence Fleet announces plans to develop the economy of Okinura, and asks for deliveries of polymers and assistance in eliminating local criminals.
  • Grant Academics announces a partnership with the Buckyball Racing Club to escort students from Exigus to the galaxy's most popular tourist spots for the upcoming Spring Break season.
  • Dr. Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group expresses his fear that Professor Ishmael Palin was taken by the same forces threatening him, and speculates they are linked to the sightings of unidentified Diamondback Explorers.
  • A Federal investigation team releases a report confirming that Starship One was destroyed by mechanical failure caused by a power surge in the ship's power planet that overloaded other vital systems.
  • Authorities in Brestla announce that due to the exorbitant expense of delivering ships and modules to i Sola Prospect, prices at the planetary outpost will be immediately increased by 20%.
  • President Zachary Hudson announces that researchers investigating Starship One have determined that there was a small window during the ship's destruction during which passengers could have evacuated via escape pods. He asks the galactic community to search Lyncis Sector ON-T b3-1, Lyncis Sector ON-T b3-2, Lyncis Sector ON-T b3-3, Lyncis Sector ON-T b3-4, and Lyncis Sector ST-R b4-3 for further Starship One wreckage and possible survivors.
  • Princess Aisling Duval announces a campaign to build a new colony for former slaves in Uibuth, which will operate under Aisling's protection.
  • In recognition of Senator Denton Patreus's victories over Emperor's Dawn, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval promotes him to Admiral of the Fleet, giving him command of the Imperial Navy. Patreus will assume his new role after an inauguration ceremony on Capitol.
  • The Carmack Intergalactic Mining Association announces a 42-day promotion to identify new pristine metallic ring locations. CIMA plans to reward pilots with 100,000 credits for each site they discover.
  • The Canonn continues its research of alien barnacles, and announces the discovery of new sites in Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16.
  • President Hudson's campaign results in the recovery of thousands of escape pods, some of which are confirmed to originate from Starship One.
  • Commander Santander reports recovering two occupied escape pods from a crash site near the NGC 1333 Nebula, over 1,000 lightyears from the nearest starport.
  • The technological plague continues to spread. A solution remains elusive, especially with Professor Ishmael Palin still missing.
  • Princess Aisling Duval's recent emancipation initiative in Uibuth is criticised for stimulating the slave trade, as independent pilots purchased thousands of slaves to sell in Uibuth.
  • Xenobiologist Dr. Elana Lorax warns that alien barnacles are being destroyed by overharvesting.
  • Rose Trebek, a military veteran and founder of the Joint Security Taskforce, launches an initiative to clean out the Orulas Blue Hand Gang from the Orulas system.
  • The Pilots Federation and LHS 3447 Dynamic and Co. begin a campaign to construct a new starport in LHS 3447 over planet B 1 a.
  • Dr. Arcanonn asks pilots to sell any of their reserves of Meta-Alloys at stations affected by technological issues to test if they can combat the technological plague.
  • President Zachary Hudson announces that former President Jasmina Halsey was among the individuals found in recovered escape pods delivered to Leoniceno Orbital in Azaleach. Halsey is alive, but sustained injuries from damage to her pod.
  • An anonymous report claims that the thousands of Meta-Alloys collected at Obsidian Orbital for Professor Ishmael Palin's research have been quietly sold on the black market to various private companies linked to a large yet low-profile conglomerate.
  • The lone remaining Narwhal Liner used by the Federation as Starship One, the personal transport of the Federal president, is retired in favor of a pair of modified Farragut-Class Battle Cruisers.
  • Conspiracy theorist Ricardo Bentonio issues a request for cartographic data to substantiate his theory that the date February 29, 3302, which appears on all galactic calendars, should not exist. Bentonio claims the discrepancy will cause the end of the universe.

March 3302

  • March 1 - Ricardo Bentonio's appeal concludes, but does not turn up evidence of impending universal catastrophe. The date of February 29th also passes uneventfully.
  • March 1 - Congressman Kristine Lasky criticizes President Hudson's decision to use Farragut-Class Battlecruisers as Starship One, arguing the move places an unnecessary burden on taxpayers. Lasky asks the Federal Accountability Office to investigate the costs involved, and proposes limiting the President's use of the vessels to certain occasions each year.
  • March 2 - Canonn scientist Professor D. Luffy of Bond Hub, Varati issues a request for meta-alloys to further research how they can counter the technological plague affecting stations and devise a way to replicate the plague's elimination at Obsidian Orbital.
  • March 3 - The Lave Radio Network launches a campaign to construct a new interstellar transmitter relay in Diso and requests deliveries of Cherbones Blood Crystals.
  • March 3 - The Pilots Federation in association with LHS 3447 Dynamic and Co places a kill order on all wanted ships operating in LHS 3447 to combat an influx of marauders.
  • March 3 - Rose Trebek of the Joint Security Taskforce announces the operation to subjugate the Blue Hand Gang in Orulas and liberate escape pods is successful, though the Blue Hand Gang remains a threat.
  • March 5 - One of the escape pods recovered from the Blue Hand Gang in Orulas is found to contain Professor Ishmael Palin. Rose Trebek speculates that the Blue Hand Gang likely purchased Palin's pod from his abductors without realising who was inside.
  • March 6 - Controversial chef Oliver Gordin proclaims his intent to obtain samples of alien barnacles to use in his dishes.
  • March 8 - Chef Oliver Gordon is sued by the Pan Galactic Mining Corp to force him to change the name of his restaurant, "PanGalactic". Legal experts believe the case could set a new precedent for galaxy-wide intellectual property rights.
  • March 9 - Medical personnel at Wilkes Orbital, Nespeleve confirm that Professor Ishmael Palin will make a full recovery.
  • March 10 - The Lave Radio Network's campaign concludes successfully, with the new transmitter expected to go online within hours.
  • March 10 - The Canonn Interstellar Research Group issues a request for palladium to construct a new outpost in Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 to support research into Unknown Artefacts.
  • March 10 - President Zachary Hudson unveils plans to create a new arm of the Federal Navy funded by local corporations instead of taxpayer credits, the People's Navy. The flagship, a Farragut-Class Battlecruiser, will be added to the 54th Fleet. Independent pilots are asked to contribute to the ship's construction in Beta Hydri.
  • March 10 - LHS 3447 Dynamic and Co announces that agitators in LHS 3447 have been neutralised, and the new Bluford Orbital starport is expected to open in the next few days.
  • March 11 - The Buckyball Racing Club is criticised for reckless endangerment over its "Spring Break Chaffeurs" event, which will involve escorting students from Grant Academics to the region's biggest tourism hotspots between March 18th and 26th.
  • March 14 - Professor Ishmael Palin speaks to the media about his kidnapping. Palin describes his transport coming under attack from unknown assailants, who then captured and interrogated him for several days about the extent of his Unknown Artefact research. When the interrogation ended, Palin was sedated, placed in an escape pod, and apparently sold to the Blue Hand Gang.
  • March 14 - Chef Oliver Gordon loses his legal battle over the name of his "PanGalactic" restaurant. The restaurant is closed and sold to cover Gordon's legal costs after he rejects the Pan Galactic Mining Corp's offer to become their exclusive caterer.
  • March 14 - The Buckyball Racing Club organises a three-day "Midweek Madness" race from Buckey Ring in NLTT 57216 to Raleigh Orbital in Ross 720.
  • March 15 - Media outlets across the Core Systems receive an anonymous message asserting a sinister, conspiratorial connection between Core Dynamics, the Highliner Antares, Starship One, Emperor's Dawn, and setbacks in Unknown Artefact research; the deaths of Emperor Hengist Duval, Vice President Nigel Smeaton, Sean Richards, Arnold Lowe, Susan Monroe, and Elaine Boyd; and the disappearances of President Jasmina Halsey and Professor Ishmael Palin. Federal and Imperial officials decline to comment on the message.
  • March 15 - Molecular chemist Lea Tantaga reveals the cause of the technological plague to be Unknown Artefacts, which have a self-repair process that siphons resources from their surroundings. Tantaga explains that meta-alloys can be refined to create materials capable of neutralising this molecular interference. In response, starports affected by the plague open their markets to the sale of meta-alloys.
  • March 15 - Commander Engalo reports to Canonn his observation that specks of light that appear near barnacles and Unknown Artefacts, so-called "fireflies", appear to interact with each other.
  • March 15 - The Congressional Oversight Committee launches an investigation into reports that a pirate-operated Farragut-Class Battlecruiser with no identification code has been harassing Federal Navy battlegroups in LHS 3447, Fuleum, and HIP 16996.
  • March 16 - Federal officials and media discuss whether Jasmina Halsey could be reinstated as Federal President should she make a full recovery.
  • March 16 - Adle's Armada wins the first Galactic Combat Championship tournament.
  • March 16 - A spokesperson for the Canonn Interstellar Research Group renews the organisation's plea for palladium to complete its new research facility.
  • March 16 - Damon Clarke, a disgraced Imperial patron and industrialist who supplied weapons to Emperor's Dawn, is assassinated by poison. Clarke had traded information about Emperor's Dawn to the Imperial Internal Security Service in exchange for a light sentence, but the IISS was unable to protect him from retaliation by remnants of the terror group.
  • March 17 - The Beta Hydri Corporation completes construction of a new Farragut-Class Battlecruiser. The honour of naming the vessel is granted to Commander Khemsa, who made the single largest contribution to the initiative.
  • March 17 - The Canonn Interstellar Research Group's initiative to build a research outpost in Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 is successful.
  • March 17 - An alliance of independent pilots works to saturate Ackerman Market in Eravate with meta-alloys to hasten its recovery from the technological plague.
  • March 17 - Governor Lawrence of Wilkes Orbital in Nespeleve issues an urgent request for Ceremonial Heike Tea to quell an outbreak of a new strain of the Cerberus Plague detected in Professor Ishmael Palin and his research staff.
  • March 17 - The Revolutionary Party of Vennik calls for deliveries of Land Enrichment Systems to begin the next phase of terraforming the planet Vennik 1.
  • March 19 - It is reported via an anonymous source that Admiral Denton Patreus is privately concerned about President Zachary Hudson's "People's Navy" project, seeing it as a prelude to a major expansion of the Federal Navy. It is assumed the Empire will respond with its own military fortification effort.
  • March 22 - The Alliance holds a diplomatic summit at Irkutsk in Alioth to discuss various domestic and foreign issues.
  • March 22 - The Carmack Intergalactic Mining Association issues a reminder that its ongoing competition to identify new pristine metallic ring sites will conclude on April 3rd.
  • March 23 - Carl Simmons, chief medical officer of Newton Dock in BD-02 4304, discusses the Cerberus Plague at a health summit, and warns about the risks of underestimating the new strain of the disease at Wilkes Orbital.
  • March 23 - Medical personnel at Leoniceno Orbital announce that Jasmina Halsey will be brought out of her induced coma, and should be conscious within days.
  • March 24 - Professor Ishmael Palin returns to work only hours after receiving the antidote to the Cerberus Plague and meets with Professor Lea Tantaga to discuss her breakthrough in producing an Unknown Artefact-resistant material. The Pioneers Cooperative in Maia agrees to sponsor an appeal to gather meta-alloys in order to create special Cargo Racks that can safely transport UAs.
  • March 24 - The appeal for Ceremonial Heike Tea at Wilkes Orbital, Nespeleve concludes, and an outbreak of Cerberus Plague is successfully prevented. Drusus Kane, head of an Imperial counter-insurgency unit in Achenar, speculates that Professor Palin and his assistants were deliberately infected with the disease by their mysterious captors in an attempt to trigger a new pandemic.
  • March 24 - To ensure the success of its terraforming project, the Revolutionary Party of Vennik extends its campaign for Land Enrichment Systems by one more week after supplies of the commodity across the Core Systems are unexpectedly exhausted by overwhelming demand.
  • March 24 - Philanthropist Alfred Jeffress launches a new treasure hunt, promising a generous reward to whoever can find a mystery object and deliver it to a specific location based on the following clue: "The king's resting place is where I'm hid. Entrusted to a queen, with a spring in her steps."
  • March 26 - Federal President Zachary Hudson issues a statement confirming that Jasmina Halsey has been successfully brought out of her coma and could be well enough to speak to reporters in a week.
  • March 29 - Verity Gavroche of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group promotes the Pioneers Cooperative's appeal for meta-alloys, noting that being able to safely transport Unknown Artefacts will be a crucial part of future scientific research.
  • March 29 - Commander Oriza wins Alfred Jeffress's treasure hunt.
  • March 29 - The Federal Times learns from Azalea Halsey, sister of Jasmina Halsey, that the former Federal President is behaving and speaking somewhat strangely, though she appears to be lucid and recuperating well.
  • March 29 - Coordinators of the Distant Worlds Expedition announce that some expedition members have reached the destination, Beagle Point. An individual known as Commander Salomé is among the first arrivals.
  • March 30 - The Buckyball Racing Club schedules its "Total Recall" race at Schneider Relay in Epsilon Indi for April 2nd to 10th.
  • March 31 - The Pioneers Cooperative's appeal concludes, and work begins on manufacturing Corrosion Resistant Cargo Racks. Professor Lea Tantaga also asks independent pilots to deliver meta-alloys to starports affected by the technological plague so they can manufacture UA-resistant material themselves.
  • March 31 - The Revolutionary Party of Vennik's campaign for terraforming materials concludes.
  • March 31 - Edward Bores is appointed the Federation's "onionhead tzar", a position that will oversee the elimination of Onionhead in Federal space. Bores organises a campaign called "Hand in the Head", asking Federal citizens to surrender any Onionhead in their possession at Grandin Gateway in Altair in exchange for a cash reward. The Altair Purple Mob launches a competing donation campaign to study Onionhead with the aim of proving it is harmless and should be reclassified as a legal, non-toxic plant.

April 3302

May 3302

  • Starports damaged by Unknown Artefacts are repaired with Meta-Alloys.
  • Jaques Station, the only space station equipped for continuous star travel, attempts an extreme long-range jump to Beagle Point from Gliese 1269.

June 3302

  • Commander Cly stumbles across the missing Jaques Station in the Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 system.

July 3302

  • Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 is officially renamed Colonia by Universal Cartographics.

August 3302

September 3302

  • The first permanent settlement in the Colonia system, Colonia Hub on the surface of planet 2 A, is inaugurated.
  • Senator Kahina Tijani Loren is implicated in an assassination attempt on Senator Denton Patreus.

October 3302

  • The ruins of the Guardians were discovered by by CMDR XDeath in the Synuefe XR-H D11-102 system
  • Kahina Loren had been found guilty of the attempted assassination of Admiral Denton Patreus. She's sentenced to life imprisonment at Koontz Asylum in the Daibo system.
  • By 21 October 3302, the London Treaty, established in 3278 came to be perceived by some commentators as a major barrier to economic development. Later that year, the treaty was abolished altogether when Fleet Admiral Denton Patreus declared that the Empire would build as many capital ships as it deemed necessary to defend itself.

November 3302

December 3302


January 3303

  • First Encounter with an Alien Ship, Suspected Thargoid. [Aries Dark Region XU-0 B63] Cmdr DP Sayre was the first known commander to encounter active alien vessels, 5th of January 3303.
  • Federation And Imperial Capital Ships are seen in deep space where known Alien Encounters Occurred [Pleiades Sector And Aries Dark Region Sectors]
  • Additional Federation And Imperial Capital ship sightings. A Federation Capital Ship has been Spotted in Merope 2C.
  • Imperial Factions react to discovery. Imperial Pilots ordered not to open fire on the alien vessels under any circumstances.
  • Superpowers Respond to Strange Sightings. Following several sightings of mysterious spacecraft, the leaders of the galaxy's three superpowers have released official statements.
  • Ishmael Palin said "there is a clear visual connection between these mysterious vessels, the shipwrecks found in HIP 17862 and the Pleiades, the Unknown Artefacts and the Unknown Probes." "we are sharing the galaxy with an intelligent non-human species. We therefore have an obligation to discover as much about this species"
  • An additional Capital ship is spotted, a Federal Farragut above merope 1A and another orbits the star.
  • Sirius Corp. to Address Unknown-Artefact Issue by funding research to make starports and other outposts more resistant to Unknown Artefact-related interference through the application of specific microresources.
  • Leaked communications suggest clandestine negotiations may be taking place between the Federation and Empire.
  • Ram Tah Discovers new Ancient Alien Sites of the Guardians.
  • An unidentified individual has been found dead at a Wreaken Construction site in the COL 70 sector.
  • Outspoken conspiracy theorist Ricardo Bentonio said Thargoids exert direct influence over human society.

February 3303

  • Children of Raxxla report says a covert mission occurred in the Formidine Rift, Conflux, Hawkin's Gap in 3270s.
  • Leaders of the galaxy's three superpowers released further statements about mysterious spacecraft reports.
  • Independent engineer Ram Tah said "I am delighted that our research has led explorers to further ancient sites, and I am hopeful that these ruins will yield fresh information about the Guardians."
  • A curious record surfaced, detailing an apparently clandestine expedition to find relics from the lost civilisation known as the Guardians.
  • Since the Synuefe ruins were discovered in October and engineer Ram Tah started researching the ruins, hundreds more joined the search, motivated by a thirst for knowledge or by the promise of reward.
  • Audit records from MetaDrive Inc., acquired by the Sirius Corporation last year, have been leaked into public data silos by persons unknown.
  • A carefully orchestrated heist, involving the theft of a large quantity of meta-alloys, has taken place at Darnielle's Progress in the Maia system.
  • Automated stellar probes in the HIP 16497 system picked up an unusual heat signature. Local explorers launched an investigation, to discover that an asteroid had inexplicably disappeared from the system.

March 3303

  • Recent Reports indicate that a garbled distress call from somewhere in the Col 70 Sector has been received.
  • Three of the five individuals responsible for the recent theft of meta-alloys from Darnielle's Progress have been positively identified, following analysis of starport security footage.
  • Empire expanded into the Pleiades star cluster and established a number of outposts in the HR 1185 system.

April 3303

  • In Imperial Space many imperial pilots are defying the standing kill-on-sight order on Commander Salome.
  • Admiral Aden Tanner was appointed as Chief of Federal Security and said "we can confirm these craft are active primarily within the Pleiades Nebula and the space in and around the Maia and Merope systems."
  • A weak signal from the Col 70 Sector has been detected by listening posts in both Federal and Imperial space.
  • HIP 22460 Is under an Unknown Permit Restriction.
  • Federation sets up two permanent outposts in Merope, First Being Lodestar Laborator on B1, The second being Thunderhead Garrison On 2C. Both have Capitals nearby. The FNS: Liberator is at 2 C while the FNS: Iris Is near 1 B and lastly The FNS: Hawk can be found in orbit of merope's star.
  • News at Obsidian Orbital suggest that the Ant Hill Mob have officially expanded into Merope.
  • Four new commodities have been found at Philips Terminal in the CD-17 190 System.
  • Technology Samples, Resign, Link, Biological Matter. These are related to UAs/UPs and flagged as salvage.
  • The Unknown Link's Description States: "An item Located at large wreckage sites”, It's appearance and composition indicate a common origin with the Unknown Artifacts and Probes found in the Merope System"
  • Philips Terminal is the only known station to buy or sell Unknown Links and likely other Unknown Commodities
  • Merope Population significantly increased to 850K. An Additional Planetary Outpost was established (Alcazar's Hope).
  • The FNS: Boxer is near Alcazar's, approx 32Km from the outpost. Below the FNS Boxer are two barnacles, they are not guarded by turrets but Air Patrols are active.
  • A group of EM-transmission technology enthusiasts in the Tionisla system claims to have found a message in the exploration
  • The Children of Raxxla claim to have found a Derelict MegaShip within the SYREADIAE JX-F C0 system, in the formidine rift (the Zurara Megaship).
  • The Empire and Federation announced plans to expand their presence in Maia by constructing new outposts.
  • The Alliance is about to expand its presence in the California Nebula by establishing a scientific outpost and an extraction facility in California Sector JH-V c2-12.
  • The first of possibly many Generation ships was discovered near the system of Alaunus.
  • The Zurara generation ship's logs painted a haunting picture, indicating that the ship’s crew sabotaged the vessel before killing themselves. The Zurara had been adrift in the system ever since.
  • Imperials succeed in collecting materials to build a new Outpost in the Maia system.
  • Another generation ship was found, this is the third one so far and it's named "Hyperion"
  • Authorities in the Merope system reported a conflict between the Pleiades Resource Enterprise, a Federal organisation, and the Merope Expeditionary Fleet, an Imperial organisation.

May 3303

  • Imperial despatches have confirmed that Commander Salomé, also known as Kahina Tijani Loren, was killed in the Arumclaw system on the 29th of April by a bounty hunter known as ‘Besieger’.
  • The imperial outpost Moni's Hub has been constructed in orbit of Maia 3 A 3.
  • Canonn got their own Scientific Research vessel designated as Gnosis in the system of Varati 6 A. Commanders delivered a grand total of 35.000.450 tonnes of Indium, Computer Components and tea.
  • Reports surfaced of mysterious attacks in the Maia system, where eyewitnesses claim to have found the remains of a number of Federal vessels.
  • Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey held a public demonstration in the Alioth system yesterday in protest of the ongoing conflict between the Empire and the Federation.
  • The Commander Artemis387 was hyperdicted in the HIP 15304 System which is a light year from the bubble.
  • Both the Empire and the Federation have accelerated their expansion plans in the Maia and Merope systems, deploying dozens of ships and establishing a number of outposts.
  • News feeds in the Varati system have provided extensive coverage of the maiden voyage of the Gnosis, a scientific-research vessel commissioned by the Canonn Interstellar Research Group.
  • An additional Barnacle was found in the Canyon 33.0Km from Alcazar's Hope on Merope 2 A.

June 3303

  • The PRE And MEF have both completed and started work on constructing additional outposts in the Pleiades.
  • The so-called Unknown Ships have begun interacting with the barnacles in the Pleiades Sector.
  • Professor Palin asks the galactic community to gather Unknown Ship and Unknown Wake Data to prove his latest hypothesis.
  • As the Empire and Federation continue to consolidate their presence in the Pleiades star cluster, both superpowers have announced new expansion initiatives centered in the region.
  • Media streams have been abuzz with news that the so-called Unknown Ships are in fact Thargoid vessels, as many speculated.
  • The leaders of the galaxy's major powers responded to news that the mysterious ships seen in the Maia system and Pleiades Nebula are Thargoid vessels.
  • New Thargoid/Barnacle encounter discovered in [Pleiades Sector IX-S B4-4 B 1| -40.06 25.81] by Cmdr Harry Kruth.
  • Doctor Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group has issued a statement from the Gnosis concerning the recent discovery that the so-called Unknown Ships are in fact of Thargoid origin.
  • Federation and Empire Pleiades expansion community goal is complete.
  • As the galaxy reels from the revelation that the Thargoids have returned to human space, a number of independent pilots discovered huge Thargoid structures in the Pleiades Sector OS-U c2-7, Col 285 Sector CV-Y d57, Aries Dark Region DB-X d1-63, HIP 19026, and HIP 14909 systems.
  • Thargoid vessel Seen interacting with pilots at the 5th Alien Site (HIP 14909 | -26 / -27).
  • An attacked Federal Corvette was found 11Ls from the Arrival point in the HIP 14909 System.
  • Canonn found another Alien Site in MEL 22 SECTOR ZU-P C5-1 4B [-63.5 / 8.02] and hundreds more followed.
  • Following disturbing reports of attacks on Federal ships in the Pleiades Nebula, the partisan rancour that often characterises Federal Congress has faded into the background as both Republican and Liberal members of congress rally around President Zachary Hudson.

July 3303

  • Listening Post signals leads Commanders to the Relay Station PSJ-17 in the Pleiades Sector, An apparent Black site controlled and run by a currently unknown organization (believed to be The Club).
  • Professor Ishmael Palin, leading authority on xeno-biological research, commented on the discovery of functional technology at the Thargoid structures.
  • Last month, the Empire and the Federation launched initiatives to bolster their presences in the Pleiades star cluster. Following the successful conclusion of both campaigns, they're working on construction projects.
  • A Human Starport was found in Pleiades Sector Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 where it orbits a landable planet with an Alien Site.
  • Reports from the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 indicate that the Oracle (Ocellus starport) relocated to the system to study the region’s Thargoid structure.
  • Communication Hub Zeta 12 Discovered at Electra 4.
  • Abroin Universal Plc announced plans to establish a research outpost in the Pleiades Nebula – one of the centers of Thargoid activity. The appeal for construction materials was well received by the galactic community.

August 3303

  • Professor Alba Tesreau of the Achenar Research Council announced that a confederacy of scientists from the Empire, Federation and Alliance united with a joint superpower initiative to establish a new organisation: Aegis. The organisation’s remit is to gather further intelligence on the Thargoids and coordinate all future research.
  • The Alliance launched a research initiative designed to enhance human understanding of the Thargoids. The primary aim is to build a range of state-of-the-art instruments expressly designed to analyse Thargoid material.
  • A number of media outlets reported that the Sirius Corporation entered the Merope system, establishing two new outposts.
  • A number of independent factions, including the Federal Republican Command, have censured the Alliance for its apparently contradictory stance.
  • The Alliance announced that its research initiative was enthusiastically received by the galactic community.
  • Reports have surfaced that Admiral Aden Tanner, Chief of Federal Security and so-called ‘alien tsar’, is now liaising with Aegis, the inter-superpower initiative established to investigate the Thargoids.

September 3303

  • Following news that scientists from the Alliance, Empire and Federation united to form a new research initiative, speculation is mounting that the cold war between the Empire and the Federation could be nearing an end.
  • Voices of Dissent reports that the Federal–Imperial cold war could soon end have resulted in jubilation in many parts of the galaxy.
  • In October last year, the Federation was criticised for positioning a Farragut-class Battlecruiser above Maia A 3 a, not far from the research base of Professor Ishmael Palin. It came days after Professor Palin announced a breakthrough in his research into meta-alloys. Now Federal ships withdrew the cordon of Maia A 3 a.
  • A distress call near Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55: Federal Fleet of 1 Cap ship, 6 Corvettes found destroyed.
  • Over the past few months, several reports have surfaced of Federal convoys coming under fire in the Maia system. While circumstantial evidence strongly suggested Thargoid involvement, the Federation declined to comment, saying only that the matter was “under investigation”.
  • Lieutenant Jarah Kael of the Federal Navy addressed rumours that the Thargoids may have attacked in self defence. “There has been speculation that the Thargoid attack was an act of self preservation. Nothing could be further from the truth.” "Data recovered from IR-W D1-55, including the black box from the Farragut-class Battlecruiser, proves beyond a doubt that the attack was initiated by the Thargoids."
  • A spokesperson for Aegis, the joint-superpower initiative established to coordinate research into the Thargoids, has confirmed that the organisation is to widen its remit. “Aegis has received sanctions from the leaders of all three superpowers to focus not only research, but also on defence."
  • Following news that the Thargoids attacked a Federal convoy in the Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 system, Aegis recruited two of the galaxy’s foremost independent engineers to immediately begin developing new defensive and offensive technologies.
  • Imperial fleet found destroyed in HR 1185. There's no official comment or acknowledgement on GalNet.
  • Pilots had dozens of hostile Thargoid encounters within the Pleiades Sector.
  • Several more disabled Federal and Imperial Patrols found.
  • A Pilot in a Diamondback Explorer 5k ly from Sol was pulled out of Supercruise by something while exploring and received a "Hazardous Substance Detected" message.
  • Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship In Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 was attacked by Thargoids. This marks the first Thargoid attack on civilians in 3303.
  • First Aegis Initiative CGs concluded. The equipment will be distributed throughout the galaxy.
  • SDC gets the first recorded Thargoid kill.
  • Last week, Aegis started developing weapons and technologies to address the rising Thargoid threat. While some were dismayed to see Aegis shift to a military focus, the general consensus is that it was necessary.
  • As Aegis’ first campaign to address the Thargoid threat concludes, reports have reached the core systems of further Thargoid attacks in the Pleiades. A number of Imperial and civilian ships were targeted, with the strikes taking place in HIP 17962, HR 1185, IH-V C2-5 and the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55.
  • Many independent pilots have equipped their ships to test the anti-Thargoid weaponry. Aegis assembled a team of specialists to analyse the results of these encounters and determine the new weapons’ efficacy.

October 3303

  • First Thargoid Attack In the Core Systems (Bubble) Confirmed.
  • Aquarius Class Tanker (Alfa lima Foxtrot-895) Found attacked and left Disabled by Thargoids in HIP 17962 A4.
  • Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’ chief military liaison, has released a statement confirming that the Thargoids have begun adapting to the weapons and tactics developed to combat them.
  • Aegis announced that its appeal for Thargoid-related materials has reached a successful conclusion.
  • Thargoid activity has escalated dramatically, with attacks from Thargoid Interceptor-class ships becoming increasingly common in the Pleiades Nebula.
  • Federation has withdrawn its ships from the region. The development follows ongoing speculation regarding the Federal-Imperial cold war.
  • First of presumably many INRA planetary outposts discovered.
  • In the wake of reports that the Federation has withdrawn from the Pleiades Nebula, authorities in the region have confirmed that the Empire has followed suit. The Imperial Ships already withdrew from the Pleiades a week before the federation did.
  • Abandoned INRA outpost discovered. The outpost was controlled by the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm.
  • Aegis announced that the third phase of its campaign received enthusiastic support of the galactic community.
  • Reports from the Pleiades indicate that the Thargoids are already operating more tactically, suggesting that their earlier lack of insight was due to unfamiliarity with our ships and weapons.
  • Some of the galaxy’s leading Thargoid experts discussed the discovery of a new alien ship in the HIP 17125 system. “There are clear similarities between this ship and the Interceptor, both of which appear to be made from a quasi-organic material."
  • Further abandoned Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm outposts were discovered in systems in the core. Records from the sites shed light on the INRA’s activities, and indicate that the mycoid fungus, instrumental in countering the Thargoid incursions of the 3100s, was an unplanned by-product of the organisation’s research.
  • Two known systems have been recently colonized/occupied by Aegis within the Pleiades. these currently include Electra and HIP 16753.
  • The fourth phase of Aegis’ campaign to counter the Thargoid threat has come to an end.
  • Contractors in the core systems reported that Aegis is poised to establish a number of outposts in the region.
  • Halsey comments on end of Cold War. "Were it not for the emergence of a greater potential threat, the Empire and Federation might still be installed in the Pleiades, squabbling over barnacles. And while the impact of the conflict could have been far greater, it was still far from a bloodless war.”
  • There are 3 Additional Aegis-Controlled Starports within the Pleiades. Celaeno, Artemis Lodge (Coriolis) | Atlas, Cyllene Orbital (Orbis) and HR 1183, Arc's Faith (Occelus).
  • Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, addressed reports of capital ships being destroyed by the Thargoids. “The fact that capital-class ships are more vulnerable to Thargoid attack means they are an ineffective way of protecting outposts, planets and shipping lanes. Consequently, for the present, the deployment of capital ships is not considered an effective defence strategy.”
  • A Second "Barnacle Forest" was found by CMDR Hazzu.

November 3303

  • Cooper Research Associates have launched a rescue operation to recover personal effects, data and people from Thargoid attack sites in the Pleiades Nebula.
  • With Thargoid attacks becoming a regular occurrence in the Pleiades Nebula, Aegis has leveraged its considerable reserves to fund a military operation in the Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55. The initiative, dubbed ‘Operation Andronicus’, has been expressly conceived to counter Thargoid aggression in the region.
  • New Aegis Systems: Pleiades Sector DL-Y D65, Agricola' Ascent.
  • Additional Attacked Megaship(s): Beckett Class Science Vessel [Zulu India Golf-097] (IR-W D1-55) & Naphtha Class Tanker [India Papa Delta-038].
  • Additional INRA Base found, Linked to Hyperdrive Research. | Conn A 3 A [73.38, 102.37]
  • The new Taipan is equipped with two AX multi-cannons, replacing the default utility mount and small hardpoints. These cannons are punchier than standard and make the ship effective against Thargoid vessels.
  • An intriguing message in the Celaeno system was recovered from a listening post, apparently contains an emergency broadcast from the Aida, a Hogan–class cargo vessel that was attacked by Thargoids.
  • Recent reports indicate that a new kind of Thargoid vessel, the Basilisk, was encountered in the Electra system. The previously unseen ships were encountered by independent pilots investigating the wreckage of the Aida.
  • Aegis announced a second military strike on a Thargoid-occupied system, following the success of Operation Andronicus.
  • Additional INRA Base found, HIP 12099 1A | -72.62 / -67.52. And 12 Trianguli 1 a | [-51.57 / 130.66] (look for the large hill in the crater | -51.5745 / 130.6770)
  • Commander Jameson's Cobra Class Vessel Found By Canonn in HIP 12099 1 B -54.3 / -50.3.
  • Fifth Aegis Campaign Concludes. The operation aimed to reduce the number of Thargoids in the system.

December 3303

  • Aegis has announced plans to dramatically expand its research division with the creation of over twenty new laboratories, situated at starports across the galaxy.
  • Despite the repeated assurances of the galactic authorities, which have endeavoured to downplay the scale of the Thargoid threat, it is clear that many of those in the core systems feel less than secure. This is evidenced by the huge numbers of citizens fleeing to Colonia, eager to escape the Thargoids.
  • Reports from the Taygeta system indicate that Aegis’s new research programme is already bearing fruit. “We’re currently focusing on the Thargoid Probes and Sensors, and we’ve already learned a great deal about the way the Thargoids transmit and store information.”
  • Galactic Leaders Condemn INRA. Following the discovery of further INRA outposts, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon issued statements denouncing the now-defunct INRA.
  • Recent reports indicate that several starports in the Pleiades have been attacked by Thargoids. The attacks have resulted in significant damage and hundreds – possibly thousands – of deaths.
  • Galactic authorities have confirmed that the affected starports are Titan's Daughter in the Taygeta system, Liman Legacy in HIP 16753 and the Oracle in the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55.
  • New Thargoid Interceptor variant encountered: Medusa.
  • The Colonia Council announced that its appeal for construction materials reached a successful conclusion.
  • The Alliance commissioned Lakon Spaceways to produce a new ship in response to the recent Thargoid attacks in the Pleiades. The vessel, named the Type-10 Defender, represents a comprehensive revision of the Type–9 Heavy.
  • Following the Pleiades attacks, authorities in the Taygeta system said: “Our priorities remain getting civilians to safety and securing the commodities we need to stabilise the starport. Independent pilots are encouraged to deliver foods, water, basic medicines and natural fabrics to Titan's Daughter and other affected stations.”
  • Lakon Spaceways announced that its new ship, the Type-10 Defender, is now available to the public.
  • Three further starports were attacked by Thargoids. The affected stations are Hudson Observatory in HIP 17694, Cavalieri in Electra and Bao Landing in HIP 17497. The attacks resulted in significant damage and hundreds of casualties.
  • Hudson Observatory In HIP 17694, Cavalieri in Electra and Bao Landing in HIP 17497 are undergoing repairs.
  • Huge numbers of citizens flee to Colonia. Although the Thargoid attacks have so far been confined to the Pleiades Nebula, many fear that the aliens' next target will be the core systems.


January 3304

  • Thargoids continue attacking stations in the Pleiades Nebula, adding Copernicus Observatory in Asterope, Cyllene Orbital in Atlas, Artemis Lodge in Celaeno, Obsidian Orbital in Maia, Reed's Rest in Merope, Kipling Orbital in Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-11, Malthus Terminal in Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41, Borrego's Vision in Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-7, and Kamov Survey in HIP 17892 to the list of targets.
  • The Alliance's campaign to restore order to their outposts in the California Nebula concludes, but officials suspect that the wave of criminals had been driven into the area by a more powerful group.
  • Sirius Inc announces plans to construct a Flight Operations Carrier Megaship, the Dionysus in the 42 n Persei system, which occupies a strategic position on the route to Maia. The campaign was successful, but Sirius Inc opted to move the Dionysus's final location to HIP 17044.
  • With a year having passed since the first contemporary encounter with the Thargoids and the aliens only becoming more aggressive, political commentator Daxton Sung asserted that the three superpowers lacked a way to respond to the threat beyond continuing to fund Aegis.
  • The Federation and Empire announce a joint initiative to liberate the HIP 17692 system from the Thargoids. While the Merope Expeditionary Fleet handles the military side of the operation, the Pleiades Resource Enterprise focuses on rescuing attack victims.
  • Aegis releases a new anti-Thargoid technology, the decontamination limpet, which is designed to purge ships of the caustic residue deposited by Thargoid Interceptor enzyme missiles.
  • The Simbad Regime announces plans to construct a new asteroid base among the rings of Nu Tauri 5.
  • Princess Aisling Duval announces plans to fund a peacekeeping operation in the Guuguyni system. The operation's primary purpose is to neutralise an illegal slave-trading ring in the region.
  • After the Thargoid attack on Kipling Orbital, one starport personnel member notes that the Thargoids seem to be sweeping the Pleiades Nebula region and slowly making their way to the Core Systems.
  • Angeli Imperial Enterprises announces an initiative to construct an orbital family restaurant in the Wangal system. The eatery, which will be named DaMorg's Bar and BBQ, will allow spacers to enjoy the finest food and drinks that Wangal has to offer.
  • An attempt to sabotage the Dove Enigma, a Wells-class Carrier based in the Colonia system, with Thargoid Sensors has been thwarted by the galactic community. Massive quantities of meta-alloys were hauled to Dove Enigma to counter the Sensors' damage, and staff at the megaship announced they have a large enough surplus to guard against any future sabotage attempts.

February 3304

  • Thargoids continue attacking stations near the Pleiades Nebula, adding Armstrong Orbital in Bhal, Asami Orbital in Pleiades Sector JC-V d2-62, Beaufoy Vision in Nauni, Bennington's Rest in 42 n Persei, Cleaver Prospect in Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57, Exodus Point in Hyades Sector AB-W b2-2, Gaiman Dock in 49 Arietis, and Weyn Dock in 64 Arietis to the list of targets.
  • The Alliance announces plans to build a new Orbis starport in Synuefai EB-R c7-5. The station is intended to help link the Core Systems with the Alliance's outposts in the California Nebula.
  • With the number of starports attacked by the Thargoids climbing to 17, Federal President Zachary Hudson and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval issue fresh appeals for aid, imploring independent pilots to support relief and reconstruction efforts.
  • The Utopia movement announces that the Sim-Archive is to undergo a period of comprehensive maintenance, and issues an appeal for various goods to be used in the maintenance to be delivered to Chargaff Orbital in Airman Di.
  • Ram Tah, the galaxy's foremost expert on the Guardians, reveals that his research funding will soon end. In an effort to make the most of his remaining finances, the engineer appeals to independent pilots to deliver Guardian artefacts to his base in the Meene system.
  • As questions mounted about humanity's apparent lack of an effective military response against the Thargoids, Imperial Senator Gianna Tachibana pushed for a coordinated, comprehensive military strategy. Meanwhile, sales of Thargoid-themed novelty merchandise have skyrocketed in recent weeks despite public criticism of such items as insensitive.
  • The Federation launches an initiative to develop autonomous military hardware with which to fight the Thargoids. Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters shed further light on the initiative, which has been christened the Bulwark Project: "As the Thargoids' aggression escalates, it's essential that we find ways to minimise casualties while continuing to protect ourselves. Aegis is doing commendable work, but it needn't be our only line of defence."
  • Fleet Admiral Patreus coordinates a second Federal-Imperial joint operation against the Thargoids, this time centered on the Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7 and Arietis Sector XE-Z b4 systems.
  • Aegis confirms that the Thargoids have been specifically targeting Aegis laboratories, likely to prevent Aegis from analyzing Thargoid technology, and defensive measures at all stations with an Aegis presence would be increased. Professor Alba Tesreau speculates that Aegis will have to build new labs in secret locations in order to continue its research.
  • Ram Tah requests help in locating new potential Guardian ruin sites in three systems: Col 173 Sector QU-O d6-25, HD 63154, and Synuefe EU-Q c21-10.

March 3304

  • The Alliance and Lakon Spaceways announce the release of the new Alliance Chieftain.
  • The Federal-Imperial anti-Thargoid operation in Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7 and Arietis Sector XE-Z b4 concludes and is hailed as a success.
  • In response to ongoing Thargoid hostility, the Arek Crimson Vision Corporation announces a campaign to boost the Colonia region's military strength by providing weapons. Meanwhile, the Colonia Council also launches a campaign to construct a new security installation. Both campaigns are successful.
  • Reports from independent pilots confirm the presence of Thargoud Scout Marauders in the Pleiades and on the fringes of the Core Systems.
  • Ram Tah announces that ongoing investigations of Guardian sites have yielded significant new discoveries in the form of groundbreaking technological information. Having produced blueprints for new weaponry and power plants based on Guardian designs, Ram Tah begins liaising with Technology Brokers to manufacture and distribute the devices.
  • Federal President Zachary Hudson, Imperial Admiral Denton Patreus, Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Simguru Pranav Antal, and Professor Alba Tesreau react optimistically to Ram Tah's Guardian discoveries.
  • The Coalition of Othime announces plans to construct a new asteroid base in the Othime system. The asteroid base, Lone Rock, would expand Othime's refinery capacity and provide accommodation in the system for large ships for the first time. The campaign is a success.
  • Aegis constructs six orbital surveillance installations around the Pleiades as part of the Eagle Eye initiative. This new initiative's purpose is to monitor Thargoid surface sites and collect data on Thargoid behavior outside of combat zones.
  • To further his research into the Guardians, Ram Tah releases a decryption algorithm to independent pilots that can be obtained from any station in the Meene system other than Felice Dock, and offers rewards to anyone who can obtain a complete series of the new Guardian logs.
  • Aegis Core launches an anti-Thargoid operation in the Socho system, specifically requesting that pilots obtain certain materials from Thargoid Interceptors and Scouts for research purposes. The operation is a success.
  • Aegis reports that Eagle Eye has confirmed fluctuations in Thargoid transmissions originating from Thargoid Surface Sites. With the aid of the Pilots Federation, Aegis has determined that the transmissions point to specific locations in human space and might be used to identify future Thargoid attack targets.
  • Officials in the Huveang De system report that Thargoids have disappeared from the system. While the reasons for the Thargoids' arrival in the system and their abrupt departure remain unknown, it is speculated that an influx of human combat pilots may have headed off a major attack there.
  • Glazkov Terminal in Irandan is attacked by Thargoids, the first attack against a station since February 22. Both Irandan and HIP 21559 had been identified as potential targets by Eagle Eye, but fewer pilots had come to Irandan's defense over the preceding week.
  • Sirius Corp announces that it will significantly expand its presence in the prospering Sothis and Ceos system with the construction of new starports, settlements, and Megaships.
  • EG Union, working on behalf of Yuri Grom of the EG Pilots, announces an initiative to construct a new shipyard in the CPC 20 6743 system. The shipyard will provide new Farragut Battle Cruisers to bolster humanity's defenses against the Thargoids. The campaign is a success.
  • Aegis publishes a groundbreaking report compiled with information provided by Ram Tah that explains the Thargoids general behavior and goals in the ongoing conflict.
  • War erupts in the Ross 310 system as the Ross 310 Cartel attempts to overthrow the ruling Ross 310 Natural Services faction. Both factions appeal for assistance from independent pilots. Ross 310 Natural Services is eventually victorious.
  • One week after the Glazkov Terminal attack, Aegis reports that Eagle Eye has detected no new signals from Thargoid Surface Sites. Admiral Tanner expresses optimism that this indicates a temporary reprieve from Thargoid attacks.
  • Aegis launches two military Megaships, Acropolis and Vanguard, to coordinate anti-Thargoid operations at key locations. The Megaships will periodically relocate to systems where they can be strategically effective.

April 3304

  • Aisling Duval accuses Aegis of being too slow to respond to the Thargoid conflict and calls for faster progress in developing countermeasures. Federal and Alliance media outlets defend Aegis and deride Aisling's criticism as a ploy for attention, citing numerous examples of Aegis breakthroughs and projects.
  • The Privateers Alliance announces plans to build a military installation in the HIP 33368 system. The installation is intended to "reinforce the gates" by defending the Core Systems from Thargoid forces in the Pleiades.
  • The Atlas Corporation launches a campaign to build a Megaship in the Lambda Arae system. The vessel, which will be named the ACS Overwatch, will fulfill a multi-faceted role in the ongoing fight against the Thargoids.
  • Professor Cora Shaw, director of the Palin Institute, publishes a paper speculating on the origin of the Thargoids.
  • Technology Brokers release three new Guardian-derived modules developed by Ram Tah: the Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster, the Guardian Hybrid Power Distributor, and the Guardian Shard Cannon.
  • The Empire announces an initiative to bolster the superpower's military strength. The initiative centres on a new training programme designed to create the next generation of starship pilots, and will be overseen by the Rind Gold Electronics Org in the Rind system.
  • Imperial Senator Pal Vespasian, Alliance Defence Force Commodore Riri McAllister, and media figure Jast Fernández voice some support for Aisling Duval's criticism of Aegis, noting that Aegis's successes are relatively minor and have not been sufficient to allay the public's fears of Thargoid conquest.
  • Astronomers based in the Sol system believe they may have detected a signal from New Horizons, a space probe launched in 2006 with a mission to study various objects in the Kuiper belt. Data indicates it is approximately 1,726,716 light seconds from the sun and 1,526,050 light seconds from 90377 Sedna.
  • An independent report written by Dr. Jin Rameer notes that piracy and criminal activity has declined since the return of the Thargoids. While Dr. Rameer suggests that many criminals have turned their attention to combating the Thargoids, security forces in the Pegasi Sector dispute her claims and point to an uptick in raids carried out by the Kumo Crew in recent months.
  • Angeli Imperial Enterprises launches the Rekohu Project, an initiative to construct a Bowman Class Science Vessel to research Earth-like worlds in the Plaa Ain Sector.
  • Independent journalist Chukwuma Grant publishes an article on peace activist and former Federal President Jasmina Halsey, who has become a key advisor to Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon.
  • Imperial Senator Nestor Cartesius was found murdered in his home on Capitol. A note left at the scene read "For Jameson," implying that Cartesius' murder was a form of revenge for the death of CMDR John Jameson; Cartesius was known to be a direct descendant of a senior INRA member.
  • Simguru Pranav Antal urges galactic citizens to join Utopia and help preserve the Sim-Archive against the possibility of a Thargoid victory and humanity's extermination.
  • The Vadimo Patrons of Law announce plans to host an elaborate soirée in the Vadimo system to help the people cope with the ongoing Thargoid threat.

May 3304

  • The Utopia commune sponsors an initiative to construct a military in its home system of Antal to defend the Sim-Archive from a potential Thargoid attack.
  • Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters, Admiral Aden Tanner, and Sirius Corp CEO Li Yong-Rui publicly dispute Utopia Simguru Pranav Antal's recent suggestion that humanity could lose the war against the Thargoids.
  • The murderer of Imperial Senator Nestor Cartesius is killed in a gunfight with IISS investigators. Examination of her communications equipment reveals that she had been hired by the League of Reparation, a secret organisation dedicated to avenging the victims of INRA's crimes. Lead investigator Captain Niamh Seutonia announces that she is coordinating with her counterparts in the Federation and Alliance to track down and dismantle the League to prevent further killings of INRA descendants.
  • Admiral Aden Tanner issues a statement on behalf of Aegis insisting that the Thargoid conflict is contained and independent pilots armed with Aegis technology are successfully halting Thargoid attacks.
  • The Empire announces plans to build a new Riker Class Prison Ship in Veroklist. The vessel will house criminals who accepted Imperial slavery in lieu of a jail sentence, but who have proved to be too dangerous or unstable for such corrective punishment.
  • The League of Reparation claims responsibility for the death of Fleet Admiral Tulimaq Buchanan of the Alliance's Council of Admirals, whose ship was attacked and destroyed while en route to Lave. Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride of the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the League confirms that Buchanan was a descendant of a senior INRA commander.
  • Scientists at Foster Terminal, Coeus in the Colonia Region request donations of microresources to research ways for Colonia to support larger populations.
  • United Carnoeck for Equality launches a search-and-rescue initiative based out of the Carnoeck system after a pirate group attacks a convoy that was moving through the Core Systems.
  • Independent reporter Gethin Okonkwo publishes an article on the proliferation of radical "doomsayer" cults, such as the quasi-religious Church of the Eternal Void and the euthanasia proponents Generation Omega, in response to the Thargoid incursion.
  • The League of Reparation claims three victims in Federation space. Wealthy entrepreneur Ezra Lux-Kumar was found dead in his home on Biggs Colony, Altair, while the Pilots Federation confirmed that two Commanders were killed in Rhea and Delta Pavonis.
  • The Federation, Empire, and Alliance announce a simultaneous, galaxy-wide suspension of revenue tax from May 24 to May 30. The tax freeze is expected to benefit traders, and is also being supported by Engineers who plan to offer their modifications for lower grades of materials.
  • Commodore Riri McAllister of the Alliance Defence Force is promoted to Rear Admiral and appointed to the Council of Admirals to fill the vacancy left by Fleet Admiral Buchanan.
  • The Autocracy of T'iensei places a kill order on all ships on its wanted list to counter rising numbers of criminals and agitators in the system.
  • Los Chupacabras announce plans for a musical event called the Jailhouse Rock and Blues Music Festival in the LFT 926 system, and place an open order for beer, tobacco, coffee, and narcotics to supply the event.
  • Entertainment journalist Solomon Helios discusses Princess Aisling Duval's potential romantic suitors. Among them are Imperial Senator Caspian Leopold, a wealthy and influential politician, Jarl Toredo, leader of the anti-slavery organisation Universal Liberty, and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, who has been stationed on Aisling's home planet Emerald.
  • Aegis pleads for assistance after the Socho Gold Raiders criminal faction overwhelms security forces in the Socho system and ousts Aegis Core from power. The Socho Gold Raiders were allegedly attracted to Socho by rumors that Aegis was building a superweapon.
  • Aegis and Admiral Aden Tanner hail the success of Eagle Eye at predicting Thargoid targets and helping prevent attacks across the Pleiades Nebula and Core Systems.
  • Aegis Research and Aegis Core launch simultaneous public initiatives to restore damaged stations in the Pleiades Nebula and the Core Systems, respectively. Open orders are placed for various construction materials that will then be distributed to the affected stations.

June 3304

  • The League of Reparation attacks five independent ships, resulting in the loss of all crewmembers. Three ships were attacked in Alliance-controlled systems, one in a Federation system, and one in an Imperial system. Meanwhile, Captain Niamh Seutonia reports that investigators have learned that the League's agents receive their orders over encrypted comms channels from a source codenamed "Nexus".
  • Aisling Duval hosts Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester and his staff at a diplomatic function. Senator Caspian Leopold arrives on Emerald the following day for an unofficial visit.
  • Luca Hem, a descendant of INRA Programme Coordinator Amaro Hem, is found dead in an antique Cobra MkIII that crashed into the Aeternitas A Belt. Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez notes that Hem's murder was staged by the League of Reparation to recreate the circumstances of CMDR John Jameson's death.
  • The Lave Radio Network announces plans to broadcast its annual conference in Diso on the 24th and 25th and requests various commodities from the galactic community. In response, the Lave Jet Family launches a competing campaign to undermine Lave Radio Network by constructing a signal jammer.
  • A skilled thief, known only by his or her signature of a graphic resembling a winking cat, steals a digital, reactive painting titled Youscape by the artist Barclay Uxor from the Garden City Gallery on Turner's World in Alioth.
  • Princess Aisling Duval's anti-slavery campaign, Stop Slavery Stupid, merges with Jarl Toredo's independent charity Universal Liberty to form a new organisation called Unchain.
  • Independent journalist Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse theorizes that the League of Reparation has been operating longer than previously suspected. While Senator Nestor Cartesius has been thought to be the League's first victim, Lafosse uncovered multiple unsolved homicides in Federation space, four of whom had ancestors in INRA. These other murders occurred between one and five years before Cartesius's assassination. In response, the united taskforce investigating the League issues a statement cautioning against making baseless conjectures.
  • Imperial Senator Caspian Leopold launches an initiative to construct a rehabilitation center in the Niflhel system for victims of the ongoing Thargoid conflict.
  • Engineer Lori Jameson, a descendant of CMDR John Jameson, publicly condemns the actions of the League of Reparation. Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez confirms that Lori Jameson is cooperating with the united taskforce's investigation.
  • Following Gethin Okonkwo's report on the emergence of doomsayer cults in the wake of the Thargoid conflict, Dr. Alfred Ulyanov publishes an article on an unnamed fringe religion that worships the Thargoids as "dark angels" sent to prepare humanity for the apocalyptic arrival of a divine being from another universe called the "Far God". The cult members believe that their faith will allow them and only them to survive the Far God's manifestation.
  • Billionaire Zachary Rackham, owner of Rackham Capital Investments, funds the development of new shipyard facilities for all of the Colonia Region's surface ports with the exception of Colonia Hub.
  • Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride announces the arrest of multiple League of Reparation agents. The agents were lured to home of Dinah Law, descendant of INRA member Trystan Law, and successfully captured before they could carry out the assassination. The suspects were transported to a secure Alliance Interpol facility for interrogation.
  • The stations Armstrong Enterprise in Bhal, Beaufoy Vision in Nauni, and Reed's Rest in Merope announce they have restored full functionality after suffering attacks from Thargoids in previous months.
  • Admiral Aden Tanner declares that the Thargoids have been routed in the Core Systems and driven back to their original beachhead of Bhal. The Thargoids remain entrenched in the Pleaides Nebula, however.
  • In the wake of the criminal incursion into the Socho system, Aegis announces plans to construct a new military installation in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55. The installation will allow Aegis to continue focusing on the Thargoid conflict without fear of further disruption.
  • Princess Aisling Duval announces that she and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester plan to marry.
  • Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride and four other Alliance Interpol agents are murdered in the city of New Rossyth on Turner's World, Alioth by the League of Reparation. Alliance Interpol assigns Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt as Kilbride's replacement on the tri-superpower taskforce.
  • The galaxy responds to the news of the impending marriage of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, with reactions ranging from joy to outrage. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Federal President Zachary Hudson have yet to issue personal statements on the matter, while the office of Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon offered its cordial congratulations.
  • The Alliance and Lakon Spaceways release the Alliance Challenger, an upgraded variant of the Alliance Chieftain.
  • Faulcon DeLacy releases the Krait MkII, a reimagined iteration of the discontinued Krait Lightspeeder.
  • Scientists in Colonia under Professor Alexei de la Vega partner with Tir Technology Services to build a scientific installation in the system to monitor the Colonia Region's population and resources.
  • Security forces in the Fousang system report that criminal organisations in the area are executing more frequent and audacious raids on civilian traffic. In response, the Blue Creative Company places a kill order on all ships on its wanted list.
  • Aegis issues an emergency report confirming the return of Thargoids in the Core Systems. Admiral Aden Tanner states that Eagle Eye has identified Garay Terminal in Deciat as the Thargoids' target, and calls on the galactic community to come to the system's aid. Appended to the Aegis report was a transmission from an unnamed Commander who apparently encountered a new type of Thargoid Scout.
  • Aegis supplies additional funding, resources, and manufacturing equipment to Technology Brokers, allowing them to lower their resource requests in order to make their modules more widely available to the galactic community.
  • News of the unnamed Thargoid-worshipping fringe cult provokes hostile reactions from the public in various systems. Local security forces have arrested multiple individuals for committing misdemeanor crimes against the sect, but there are no reports of the worshippers retaliating in any way, defending themselves, or seeking assistance. Councillor Quinn Damico of the Aranbarahun system insists that the cult of the Far God is harmless and reaffirms that freedom of religion is protected by law in all systems where the cult currently has a presence.

July 3304

  • Author Olav Redcourt begins a promotional tour visiting over fifty destinations within the Core Systems to advertise his latest interactive holo-novel, Corsair King and the Storm of Desire, the fourteenth book in a historical romance series set in the 27th century. The tour will begin in the Blatrimpe system and conclude two months later in Procyon.
  • Captain Niamh Seutonia and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez lead a series of successful raids against League of Reparation ships and outposts in Federal and Imperial space after decrypting their communications network. While the taskforce believes the League was dealt a fatal blow, the investigation continues to identify the League's patrons and Nexus. Meanwhile, questions are raised by the lack of raids in Alliance space and the ongoing absence of Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt.
  • Independent journalist Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse speculates that the silent Thargoid worshipers are brainwashed victims of Thargoid abductions who have been sent to infiltrate human society as spies and saboteurs. Exotheologian Dr. Alfred Ulyanov rebuts thus, saying that the Thargoid worshipers eschew communication because they believe humanity will soon be dead. Ulyanov assures the public that the cult is no threat despite their unsettling beliefs.
  • Didiomanja Emperor's Grace completes the Tiverion Academy, a flight school for Imperial naval cadets. In order to host an inaugural banquet in honour of the organisation's late founder, Admiral Mira Tiverion, Didiomanja Emperor's Grace issues a request for rare commodities for the banquet and gold to be used in a monument to Admiral Tiverion.
  • Responding to public interest in Princess Aisling Duval's fiancé, Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, political journalist Cassia Carvalho compiled a profile of Jordan and the Rochester family for The Imperial Herald.
  • The Church of the Eternal Void, a recently established fringe religion, declares a holy war against the unnamed cult that worships the Thargoids and the Far God. Exotheologian Dr. Alfred Ulyanov hypothesizes that the Church is taking advantage of animosity against the Thargoid cult to promote and validate itself.
  • Captain Niamh Seutonia and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez arrest Admiral George Varma, a member of the Alliance Council of Admirals, at Donaldson in Alioth. Seutonia confirms that Varma is suspected to be League of Reparation coordinator "Nexus". The arrest of an Alliance official by Imperial and Federal agents causes some diplomatic tension, but Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon concedes that the evidence against Varma is substantial.
  • Cobra Wing launches an initiative to construct a new research outpost in the Ebor system with the aim of researching inter-species communication between humans and Thargoids.
  • The wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester is officially scheduled for August 25, 3304 at the Imperial Palace on Emerald, Cemiess.
  • A search begins for the winner of the one billion-credit prize of the Galactic Jackpot, an annual lottery game run by the Federal Grand Lottery. While purchase of the winning ticket was confirmed, the winner has yet to make a claim.
  • Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt of Alliance Interpol announces the exoneration of Admiral George Varma and the arrest of his protege, Rear Admiral Riri McAllister, on terrorism charges. Decrypted data from the League of Reparation's comms network had confirmed that McAllister was the real "Nexus", and that she had framed Varma for her crimes. Klatt also announces that the tri-superpower taskforce is preparing to eradicate two major League enclaves and will be seeking the galactic community's support.
  • Princess Aisling Duval discusses her forthcoming marriage in an exclusive interview with entertainment journalist Solomon Helios.
  • A dormant thermonuclear ICBM launched during Earth's World War III in the 21st century is located in the Pacific Ocean during construction of a new undersea habitation off the coast of California. The missile is safely disarmed and slated for disposal, but authorities and historians are unable to identify its origin country.
  • Dozens are killed and hundreds injured after members of the Church of the Eternal Void attack Far God cult hive-chapels across multiple systems. Local security forces have been slow to respond to the incidents, and few arrests have been made.
  • The tri-superpower taskforce investigating the League of Reparation announces a campaign to eliminate League strongholds in the Zibal system in Federal space and the Ienpalang system in Imperial space. The campaign is a success and does much to destabilize the League.
  • The Church of the Eternal Void is declared illegal by local authorities in every system where it operates, and its leadership is arrested for inciting acts of violence against the Far God cult. By this time, hundreds of Far God cult members have been killed by the Church's "holy war".
  • The Alliance announces plans to construct a new Ocellus starport in the MEL 22 Sector GM-V c2-8 system to further bridge the gap between the Core Systems and the Alliance's outposts in the California Nebula.
  • Members of the Rochester family come under personal and political attack following the engagement of Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester to Princess Aisling Duval.
  • Blackshadow Productions announces the revival of the classic animated children's show Andromedaries, which featured spacefaring camel-like lifeforms from another galaxy. Creator Vienna Langhorne decries the remake's dramatically different tone and direction, but Ogden Smith of the Andromedaries Superlative Society insists, "The new version will return viewers to the gritty, realistic drama we enjoyed when we were kids."
  • Captain Niamh Seutonia confirms that the League of Reparation has been dismantled. Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt reveals that Riri McAllister has confessed to her crimes and explained that she created the League to avenge the death of Commander John Jameson, who she believes is her direct ancestor. As McAllister was registered as an orphan of unknown lineage, her claim could not be confirmed. Alliance Interpol announces that McAllister will soon go on trial for various terrorism-related crimes.

August 3304

  • Celebrated author Olav Redcourt abandons the promotional tour for his latest novel, halfway through a two-month circuit of fifty systems. Redcourt tells reporters that he now wants to write a science-fiction saga set in the future. Bonespire Publishing responds by stating that Redcourt was in breach of contract, as he had only completed 14 out of 25 Corsair King novels.
  • The Imperial Internal Security Service foils an attempt to assassinate Princess Aisling Duval. Explosive charges were found and disabled in the event centre in the Zhao system where Princess Aisling was holding a fundraiser for anti-slavery charity Unchain. The explosives were of amateur design and forensic analysis was conducted on them to determine their origin.
  • Aranbarahun Purple Creative launches an initiative to construct a new cargo vessel to transport goods out of the booming Aranbarahun system.
  • Riri McAllister is shot by Polly Cartesius, daughter of the murdered Senator Nestor Cartesius, during the former's trial at the Alliance Chamber of Justice on Turner's World, Alioth. Cartesius used a laser firearm specifically designed to avoid security scans, and did not resist arrest. McAllister is hospitalized, while Cartesius is taken into custody by Captain Niamh Seutonia and extradited to Capitol, where she will stand trial for attempted murder.
  • The Federal Intelligence Agency launches an investigation into the Far God cult to confirm they are not in contact with or being influenced by the Thargoids. Several members of the sect are arrested for interrogation.
  • Co-CEO Jarl Toredo unexpectedly resigns from Unchain, with Princess Aisling Duval remaining CEO. Observers speculate that the recent assassination attempt against the Princess may have caused Toredo to regret aligning himself with her, or that there may be substance to rumors that he was a rival for Aisling's affection and her engagement to Jordan Rochester caused him to quit out of bitterness.
  • The Federal Intelligence Agency continues arresting Far God cult members and expands its investigation to all members of the organisation and anyone connected with it. Senior Agent Micah Whitefield justifies the arrests by explaining that under Federal law, any action that undermines enemy activity during wartime is legal.
  • Aegis Research launches a search-and-rescue operation in the Pleiades Nebula with the cooperation of local system authorities in order to recover survivors of Thargoids attacks.
  • The medical ship transporting Riri McAllister to an advanced medical facility for further treatment disappears without explanation. Although Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt believes it is unlikely she survived the ship's destruction or hijacking, McAllister is officially listed as missing, not dead. Meanwhile, with the League of Reparations eradicated, the tri-superpower taskforce is disbanded and its members returned to their respective agencies.
  • A MacArthur Mining Ltd DG090 mining robot goes rogue on Homeland, Beta Hydri, and burrows under a settlement. Security Chief Sara Kulkarni declares a regional emergency since the robot could damage a vital water main or underground power line. MacArthur Mining Ltd Director Chen Emerson insists that the DG090 series has never malfunctioned before, and pledges to assist authorities in locating the rogue unit and shutting it down.
  • The rogue MacArthur Mining Ltd DG090 mining robot is located in the Blue Peaks mountain range, over a hundred kilometers away from its last known position, and disabled by Federal Navy gunships. Security Chief Sara Kulkarni suggests it had been following its original programming and seeking mineral ores. Director Chen Emerson noted that the unit had malfunctioned due to being placed in an incorrect standby mode, and local comms signals had inadvertently triggered a pre-set mining program.
  • Billionaire Zachary Rackham is confirmed as the winner of the Federal Grand Lottery's one billion credit Galactic Jackpot prize. While Rackham has pledged to donate the prize money to various charities, financial journalist Bryanna Blanco suggested "Calico Zack" would put the money toward his company's unpaid taxes.
  • Federal Times journalist Harlow Nassry highlights two new personal computer designs under development. Supratech's Torc is a flexible ring that coils around the user's wrist or neck and surrounds the user with holographic displays and interfaces, while Herculean Machines' Duradrive is a tablet built for durability that can be customized with peripherals. Both companies plan to showcase their devices at a technology expo in October.
  • Professor Diana VanCleef, a scientific advisor to the Colonia Council, announces an initiative to construct a new hydroponics facility in Randgnid due to research projecting a possible food shortage in the Colonia Region. The campaign is overseen by Colonia Research Division.
  • Kamici Incorporated places a kill order on all ships on its wanted list to reduce the criminal presence in the Kamici system.
  • Thargoid Sensor-related interference at Dantec Enterprise, Socho, the home of Aegis Core, disrupts Aegis's ability to transmit data to the six Eagle Eye installations. As a result, Eagle Eye is forced offline until Dantec Enterprise can be restored.
  • Exotheologian Dr. Alfred Ulyanov and his family are arrested at their home in the Rana system by the Federal Intelligence Agency on suspicion of being Thargoid sympathizers. Senior Agent Micah Whitefield states that the Galactic Interfaith Commune and Spiritual Freedom Movement are also under investigation for supporting the Far God cult.
  • Jarl Toredo discloses to entertainment journalist Solomon Helios that he and Princess Aisling Duval had been involved in a secret romantic relationship for months, and that Aisling had told him she was only marrying Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester to further her political ambitions. The Princess firmly denies the accusations and insists her relationship with Ambassador Rochester is genuine.
  • The wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester is cancelled only three days before it is set to occur. The announcement is made by Congressman Isolde Rochester and is confirmed by the Imperial Palace on Emerald, but neither Princess Aisling nor Ambassador Rochester are available for comment. Pundits note that Isolde Rochester personally taking charge of the cancellation gives weight to Jarl Toredo's claims.
  • A feud between Silver Creative Network and Betel Free escalates into violence in the Betel system and overwhelms local security forces. Both factions issue calls for assistance from pilots.
  • The Mars Tribune exposes Congressman Morgan Unwin as a drug addict who had been using his influence to smuggle large quantities of narcotics for the Red Family cartel and hide his addiction for over a decade. Unwin is arrested and faces expulsion from Congress, and an investigation begins into the Red Family. Billionaire Kingsley Cordova, owner of the Cordova Group that runs the Mars Tribune, is invited by Congress to a special event out of gratitude.
  • Far God cultists begin disappearing en masse. While the Federal Intelligence Agency believes that the cultists are leaving the cult and returning to normal life to avoid the FIA's investigation, there are no reports of former cultists returning to their friends and family, leaving the disappearances a mystery.
  • Lakon debuts the Alliance Crusader, a second Alliance Chieftain variant with a fighter bay, and announces it will go on sale on August 28.
  • Rival technology companies Supratech and Herculean Machines release press statements promoting their new personal computer designs, the Torc and Duradrive. Both companies confirm they will be present at the Rackham Ultratech Expo, a technology trade show sponsored by Rackham Capital Investments, on October 3.
  • Councillor Giselle Kingspear of the Colonia Council announces the arrival of four new Engineers in the Colonia Region: Etienne Dorn in Los, Marsha Hicks in Tir, Mel Brandon in Luchtaine, and Petra Olmanova in Asura.
  • Ram Tah reports that he has identified three unusual energy signatures located in the NGC 2451A sector, the IC 2391 sector, and the Synuefe EN-H region. Investigation by independent pilots traces the signatures' sources to orbital structures called Guardian Beacons, which point to specific Guardian Structures that contain blueprint data for Guardian ships. Using this data, Ram Tah is able to produce a series of hybrid technology fighters: the XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, and XG9 Lance.
  • Independent pilots battling the Thargoids report encountering a fourth, highly-dangerous variant of Thargoid Interceptor called the Hydra. The Pilots Federation and Aegis confirm the reports, with the Pilots Federation placing the Cone Sector FN-J b9-0 system under a permit-lock due to the suspected presence of high concentrations of Hydras. The Gnosis megaship, which had previously scheduled a jump to Cone Sector FN-J b9-0 for September 6, announced that it would attempt to jump into the now permit-locked system regardless.
  • The date of Princess Aisling Duval's wedding to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester passes without comment from either party. Solomon Helios discussed the situation, noting that Princess Aisling and the Rochester family have both shied away from the media, and Jarl Toredo has retreated from the public eye.
  • Anti-Far God cult campaigner Juanita Bishop announces she will run for Federal Congress as an independent candidate. Bishop's ongoing protests against the Far God cult have earned her a significant following in Federal systems.
  • Federal President Zachary Hudson announces that Aegis Core will be relocated from the Socho system to Sol for its protection. The move comes in the wake of months of disruptions by anti-Aegis factions in Socho, and the recent shutdown of the Eagle Eye array.
  • The LHS 2541 Alliance Combine in the Zavijah system issues a request for Thargoid materials on behalf of the secretive Far God cult, which intends to use the collected items as objects of worship.
  • Alliance President Gibson Kincaid, who previously served as the governor of Zaonce before assuming the Alliance presidency in 3303, announces he will campaign for re-election in October. Kincaid campaigns on the promise that he will alter the Alliance constitution to grant the Alliance presidency executive powers and expand its term to six years. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has spoken out against altering the constitution. Kincaid's opponents in the coming election have yet to be announced.
  • Maddox Hurd of Herculean Machines and Scorpio DeVorrow of Supratech escalate their rivalry by publicly disparaging each others' upcoming personal computer models ahead of the Rackham Ultratech Expo.

September 3304

  • The Rochester family is rocked by scandal after the Mars Tribune reveals that actor Tomas Turai, husband of Jupiter Rochester, has been in a secret extramarital affair with Olympic athlete Reagon Lord for the past three years. While the Rochesters remain silent, Tomas Turai and August Lord, the husband of Reagan, announce they will separately sue the Mars Tribune for defamation. Kingsley Cordova, owner of the Mars Tribune, confirms that he would personally cover the Tribune's legal costs.
  • The Gnosis, the flagship of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, is left damaged and stranded in the Outotz ST-I d9-6 system following hyperdiction by Hydra Variant Thargoid Interceptors after attempting a hyperspace jump into the Cone Sector FN-J b9-0 system.
  • The Alliance Assembly agrees to hold an internal vote in mid-October on Alliance President Gibson Kincaid's proposed changes to the constitution, which would give the office of Alliance President executive authority. The vote will coincide with the Alliance's next presidential election.
  • The Alioth Independents announce plans to hold a gala event in Alioth to begin the Alliance presidential election campaign season, and places an open order for various rare commodities. The gala will host the unannounced candidates for the upcoming election, Fazia Silva and Elijah Beck, and be attended by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, three members of the Council of Admirals, and key members of the Alliance Assembly.
  • A fire destroys a manufacturing complex owned by Supratech, setting back development of their Torc personal computer and possibly forcing Supratech to cancel its appearance at the Rackham Ultratech Expo.
  • The Federal Intelligence Agency increases its arrests of potential Thargoid sympathizers, including independent reporter Gethin Okonkwo, Dr. Jameelah Griffin, and the associates and family members of Far God cultists. Several religious freedom advocacy groups are also shut down. More hive-chapels are found empty by the FIA, and the disappearances of many Far God cultists remains a mystery.
  • Ram Tah discusses the XG Project, which produced the XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, and XG9 Lance hybrid Guardian fighters, with independent media outlet Vox Galactica. He notes that Guardian technology might one day be used to improve every aspect of human society.
  • The Libertas Cooperative announces plans to construct the Ariel, a Megaship which will serve as a manatee farm for food supplier Munshin Manatee Meat, in the Munshin system.
  • Juanita Bishop calls on Federal Congress to make Thargoid worship a capital crime, triggering considerable debate. With the FIA also continuing to arrest Far God cultists and those in contact with them, observers speculate that the Far God cult may not survive much longer.
  • Rival technology companies Herculean Machines and Supratech launch competing appeals for commodities to support the release of their personal computer designs.
  • The Federal Security Service arrests Lloyd Hardacre, the founder of interplanetary haulage firm Copernicus Shipping Ltd, after Hardacre's personal administrative robot reveals illegal off-the-books logs during a shareholder meeting.
  • The entire New Dawn Collection, a sequence of sculptures by legendary artist Lal Candromir made a thousand years ago to commemorate Eotienses joining the Empire, is stolen from the Imperial Museum of Culture on Eotienses A 3. The only clue is a painting on a wall of a winking cat, hearkening back to a similar theft in Alioth in June.
  • Alliance Tribune political journalist Vanya Driscoll analyzes the three candidates for the upcoming Alliance presidential election, and notes that the Empire and Federation are watching events more closely than usual to due incumbent President Gibson Kincaid's combative rhetoric.
  • Independent reporter Gethin Okonkwo, previously thought arrested by the FIA, reveals he had been living undercover with the Far God cult for the past three months. He submits recordings he made of life within the sect to the FIA to prove that the Thargoid worshipers were harmless.
  • Alliance presidential candidates Gibson Kincaid, Fazia Silva, and Elijah Beck deliver their campaign messages and reiterate their positions.
  • Mould Federal Mining Incorporated finances a last-minute initiative to supply food for suppliers in the Bhagui system in the midst of unprecedented demand caused by local citizens' attempts to resurrect the ancient Oktoberfest celebration.
  • Herculean Machines and Supratech resume development of their personal computer models and will present functioning prototypes at the Rackham Ultratech Expo on October 3rd. Technology journalist Harlow Nassry notes that the success of each company's recent resource drives may foretell the sales performance of their products.
  • Federal Security Service technicians find that the administrative robot of Lloyd Hardacre, which had publicly exposed Hardacre's illicit activities, had been extensively reprogrammed with surveillance software by an unknown party.
  • The FIA officially concludes its investigation into the Far God cult after confirming Gethin Okonkwo's recordings. Senior Agent Micah Whitefield noted that the FIA had sent an agent of their own to infiltrate the cult in the hopes of gathering similar insights, but he had yet to report. All individuals detained by the investigation are released.

October 3304

  • Media organisation Broadcast Cobra announces a campaign to collect materials for the construction of a new Megaship in the HIP 16038 system that will serve as a mobile studio.
  • Anti-Far God cult activist Juanita Bishop fails to be elected to Federal Congress. Her popularity collapsed in the wake of Gethin Okonkwo's investigation of the cult, and the majority of Congressmen turned against Bishop, blaming her for causing civil unrest and violating the Federation's principles of religious freedom. In a defiant statement to the media, Bishop doubles-down on her rhetoric against the Far God cult.
  • Herculean Machines' Duradrive dominated the Rackham Ultratech Expo. While the competing Torc personal computer created by rival company Supratech bewildered and even nauseated users with its holographic displays, which did not function as intended, billionaire Zachary Rackham was impressed by the Duradrive's resilience after jumping on it and authorised preliminary funding for the device.
  • Lieutenant Inspector Ramesh Thorne announced that the FSS had discovered five more adminstrative robots fitted with surveillance software. In each case, the robot was a PA912 model, manufactured by the Achilles Corporation. A spokesperson for Achilles Corporation stated that the company was cooperating with the FSS investigation.
  • Alliance presidential candidate Fazia Silva was found dead in her room at Hume Orbital, Mullag. Inspector Erin Sangster of Alliance Interpol stated that it was likely Silva had been murdered by poison. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Silva's election rivals Gibson Kincaid and Elijah Beck delivered their condolences, with Kincaid declaring that Silva's murder constituted a direct attack against Alliance democracy.
  • The Close Encounters Corps announces its intention to construct a scientific megaship in the BD-12 1172 system. The new vessel will allow research teams to map and explore the planets of the surrounding nebula.
  • The Federal Security Service discovers more personal administration robots containing concealed surveillance programs. Independent reporter Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse comments that hundreds of individuals and businesses have already destroyed their administration robots out of fear of being recorded, and notes that all models thus far found to have been affected by the surveillance programs are Achilles Corporation products.
  • Herculean Machines begins mass-production of the Duradrive after receiving funding from Rackham Capital Investments and other investors.
  • Alliance presidential candidates Elijah Beck and Gibson Kincaid delivered their final campaign statements before the Alliance Assembly and Prime Minister Mahon. The public was scheduled to vote on October 16, and the results were to be announced soon after.
  • Gibson Kincaid is re-elected President of the Alliance, defeating Elijah Beck by a narrow margin. The Alliance Assembly opts to debate Kincaid's proposal to imbue the presidency with executive powers for one additional week before taking a vote.
  • The Palin Institute announces an accelerated programme of study to analyse a range of xenobiological data and discern the motives behind the Thargoids' unrelenting aggression. Professor Cora Shaw requests that various Thargoid materials be delivered to Obsidian Orbital.
  • An organization calling itself the "Collective" steals 1 billion credits from the personal account of Zachary Rackham and redistributes the money to several hundred former employees of Rackham Capital Investments who had been denied pensions. The purpose of the hack was evidently to reclaim the billion-credit prize that Rackham "won" in the Federal Grand Lottery in August.
  • Armed intruders attempt to penetrate Phoenix Base in the Meene system, the home of Engineer Ram Tah, but are forced to retreat after a skirmish with the facility's security guards.
  • Lieutenant Inspector Ramesh Thorne reveals that the Mars Tribune has become of the target of the FSS's investigation into robots carrying concealed surveillance programs. Thorne notes that several of the owners of affected robots were the subject of incriminating articles recently published by the Tribune, and all of the owners live in the Sol system, which is the focus of the Tribune's journalism. Cordova Group, the owner of the Mars Tribune, rejects these charges as libel.
  • Federal Times technology journalist Harlow Nassry publishes an article on the anti-authority hacktivist group known as the Collective.
  • The Cordova Group, owners of the Mars Tribune, files a formal complaint over the Federal Security Service's investigation into the Tribune's illegal surveillance of Federal citizens. In an editorial, Kingsley Cordova decried the accusations as an assault on journalistic integrity, and issued a veiled threat to the FSS that the Tribune might release more sensitive data obtained from the surveillance robots.
  • Senator Caspian Leopold launches a campaign requesting aid commodities for the victims of Thargoid attacks.
  • The Alliance Assembly votes against President Gibson Kincaid's proposal to grant the Alliance Presidency executive powers. Instead, the role was updated: the Alliance President will now oversee a new, non-political department called the Office of the Alliance President, which consists of a team of ambassadorial emissaries who will focus on diplomatic functions. In addition, the Alliance President's term is extended to three years.
  • Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui makes a public offer to work with Ram Tah to mass-produce Guardian-human technology and provide him with better security. Ram Tah offers no response.
  • The investigation into the assassination of Alliance presidential candidate Fazia Silva exhausts its leads and concludes without an arrest. President Gibson Kincaid vowed to bring the Alliance's enemies to justice, while Tashmira Silva assumed control of her late sister's corporate empire.

November 3304

  • Independent journalist Donal Varden reports that war has broken out in the Geras system between Geras First and Ndozas State Inc. Both factions issue calls to independent pilots for support.
  • Imperial Herald journalist Cassia Carvalho reports on the rise of Nova Imperium, a radical group with a traditionalist and isolationist ideology led by the Imperator. Nova Imperium claims that the Empire can only survive the Thargoid conflict by severing ties with all other systems and protecting itself. The group has been embraced by traditionalist Imperial citizens who are unhappy with the recent cross-superpower cooperation.
  • Ram Tah rejects Sirius Corp's offer of manufacturing support, explaining that Guardian technologies are too important to humanity to trust to a single corporation. Li Yong-Rui responds that his offer will remain open in the event Ram Tah changes his mind.
  • The Federal Security Service abruptly terminates its investigation of the Mars Tribune's use of secretly-modified administration robots for illegal surveillance. The Federal Times alleges that FSS leadership may have been blackmailed into silence by Tribune owner Kingsley Cordova.
  • The Meene Defence Force intercepts and defeats a small mercenary fleet en route to Ram Tah's Phoenix Base. Li Yong-Rui addresses the incident, expressing relief that the attack was foiled but urging Ram Tah to join Sirius Corp for the sake of his safety and his research.
  • The Independent HIP 29241 Green Party oversees an initiative on behalf of the Meene Defence Force to retrieve the escape pods of the destroyed mercenary fleet that invaded Meene. Security Chief Harper Vargas explains that the surviving mercenaries will be interrogated so that the unknown party that hired them can be identified.
  • Lieutenant Ramesh Thorne of the FSS is suspended from active duty after defying his superiors and issuing an appeal for any witnesses with information related to the Mars Tribune's illegal surveillance to cooperate with his investigation. Media outlets react to news of Thorne's suspension with indignation.
  • Nova Imperium broadcasts a speech by the Imperator to the Imperial people. Senator Denton Patreus criticizes Nova Imperium views as sedition.
  • The family and colleagues of author Olav Redcourt report him as missing. Bonespire Publishing claims Redcourt is trying to avoid his contract violation fine, while literary critic Kayla Shaw speculates that the author may have been kidnapped or murdered by a disgruntled fan.
  • A leaked report compiled by the Imperial Internal Security Service reveals that Duke Kaeso Mordanticus, a former Imperial Navy admiral from a prestigious military family, is the true identity of the Imperator of Nova Imperium.
  • In preparation for an elaborate social function at Polyakov Orbital in the Olelbis system, Olelbis Holdings places an open order for various rare foods and requests support in eliminating ships on its wanted list.
  • An Achilles Corporation engineer turns whistle-blower and reveals that Kingsley Cordova had blackmailed her into installing illegal surveillance software on the robots of prominent figures in the Sol system. The data gleaned by the software was relayed to the Cordova Group, and then published by the Mars Tribune. In the wake of this development, Achilles Corporation remotely disables the software by distributing a "kill switch" provided by the engineer to all PA912 administrative robots.
  • Interrogation of captured mercenaries involved in the recent attack on the Meene system reveals that the operation had been funded and organized by junior officers in Sirius Corp's private fleet. Sirius Corp refutes Ram Tah's accusations of attempted coercion and insists a full inquiry will be conducted.
  • Margot Hist, agent for Olav Redcourt, reports that the missing author is in fact alive and checked in at a remote writers' retreat while he works on his new science fiction novel. Redcourt had also sold most of his possessions and planned to use the proceeds to pay Bonespire Publishing his contract violation fine.
  • The vacancy on the Alliance's Council of Admirals left by Riri McAllister is filled by Admiral Frederick Yamamoto, commander of the Alliance Defence Force in Zaonce. Yamamoto's appointment is somewhat controversial since the vacancy was expected to go to an officer from the ADF's Lave fleet, and Yamamoto is known as a close personal friend of Alliance President Gibson Kincaid.
  • The Mars Tribune is closed and dissolved, with editor Lana Sigrid, owner Kinglsey Cordova, and other employees arrested for blackmail and corruption over the illegal surveillance scandal. Ramesh Thorne is reinstated with the FSS and promoted, and the anonymous whistle-blower is granted full immunity for her help.
  • In the Loha system, Loha Holdings accuses its rivals of hijacking its transport ships and killing the crew. After the New Loha Party claims this is a false flag operation designed to discredit them, the strained relations between the two factions devolve into open warfare and they both issue appeals for support from independent pilots.
  • Li Yong-Rui announces that Sirius Corp has charged a cabal of its junior officers with orchestrating an illegal operation to gain access to Phoenix Base. The officers, whose intentions reportedly remain unclear, face life imprisonment for their crimes. Li Yong-Rui also extends a personal apology to Ram Tah.
  • Duke Kaeso Mordanticus, leader of Nova Imperium, calls for Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval to be replaced by a new Emperor who will restore the glory of the Empire.
  • Dr. Alfred Ulyanov comments on the discovery of the attacked Far God cult outposts in the Etain system in August. He also notes that he is co-writing a book on the cult with Gethin Okonkwo.
  • Adenets Pro-Alliance Bond is contracted by Achilles Corporation to oversee a campaign at Henslow Market, Adenets to collect various commodities for the construction of new PA912 robots. Achilles Corporation intends to replace all robots destroyed by their owners as a result of the recent spy robot scandal free-of-charge.
  • Henrik de Lacerda, a senior engineer at Aegis Research, announces a breakthrough in meta-alloy research that will allow extremely small quantities of meta-alloys to provide sufficient protection against against the "technological plague" caused by Thargoid Sensors and other Thargoid commodities. Aegis arranges for starports still affected by Thargoid Sensor-related interference to receive shipments of meta-alloys for immediate repairs.
  • With starports now effectively immune to technological disruption from Thargoid commodities, the sale of Thargoid commodities via public markets is legalized.
  • Aegis stations a security force in Meene to provide additional protection for Ram Tah and preserve his independence. Sirius Corporation did not respond to the development, but it is rumored that Li Yong-Rui withdrew his offer to work with Ram Tah on Guardian-human technology.

December 3304

  • A number of Imperial Senators voice their support for Nova Imperium's cause, including Senator Pal Vespasian, who announces that Imperator Kaeso Mordanticus will be invited to address the Senate and detail his policies. Vespasian also endorses Mordanticus's proposal to replace Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval.
  • Allied Medical Industries and Neosalve Inc. merge to form Neomedical Industries, which becomes one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the galaxy, on par with the Vandermeer Corporation in Federation space. Neomedical Industries will provide drugs, equipment, and services to both Alliance and independent systems.
  • Professor Katrien Rook of Vitadyne Labs announces the development of a new form of nanomedicine, which can potentially heal any injury, cure any disease, and extend the human lifespan by 30-50 years with regular use. Vitadyne Labs invites medical authorities, including the Interstellar Health Organisation, to review their data before bringing the nanomeds to market.
  • Barnabas Cole, leader of an obscure cult based in the Zlota system called the Children of Tothos, issues a request for rare commodities to conduct a ritual. Zlota Federal Holdings oversees the campaign at Nusslein-Volhard Settlement on the cult's behalf, and issues a kill order for ships on its wanted list.
  • Nova Imperium reveals the existence of Hadrian Augustus Duval, the son of a second illegitimate child of the late Emperor Hengist Duval. Imperator Mordanticus calls for Hadrian to be recognized as the true heir to the Imperial throne. Cassia Carvalho of the Imperial Herald observes that the announcement has rallied hardliners who prefer a traditional male Emperor to Nova Imperium's cause, and significantly increased the organization's credibility.
  • Gethin Okonkwo discusses the Far God cult compounds in the Etain system, expressing his surprise that those sites remained unknown to him even during his undercover investigation of the cult. Okonkwo teases that his upcoming book, co-authored with Dr. Alfred Ulyanov, will reveal some new details about the Far God cult.
  • A networked database system named the Codex, a joint initiative from the Pilots Federation and Universal Cartographics, is launched. It is automatically uploaded to the onboard systems of all vessels registered with the Pilots Federation.
  • Two new ships hit the market: the Mamba from Zorgon Peterson Mamba, and the Krait Phantom from Faulcon DeLacy.
  • War erupts in the Wally Bei system after Wally Bei Technical accuses the Traditional Wally Bei Constitution Party of stealing food shipments.
  • In a message broadcast across the Empire, Hadrian Augustus Duval describes how his upbringing as an independent trader with his father, who died two years ago and never mentioned his heritage, made him appreciate how diminished the Empire had become. He implores Imperial citizens to aid him and Nova Imperium in honouring the legacy of the Duval bloodline and saving the Empire.
  • The Interstellar Health Organisation begins testing verifies Vitadyne Labs' new nanomeds on patients after verifying Vitadyne's data on their extensive health benefits. Healthcare analyst Dr. Himari Grey opines that Professor Katrien Rook's creation is a work of genius and a revolutionary development in medicine.
  • Juanita Bishop resurfaces to call for Gethin Okonkwo and Dr. Alfred Ulyanov's upcoming book on the Far God cult to be banned. Okonkwo responds by pointing out that the book contains accounts of Bishop's followers attacking cultists, and he suggests Bishop's true aim is a cover-up.
  • The Industrial Mining Guild discusses the uses of a series of new mining tools, the Abrasion Blaster, Sub-Surface Displacement Missile, and Seismic Charge Launcher, at an industry symposium.
  • The Cemiess Imperial Society organizes a campaign at Mackenzie Relay, Cemiess to bring in deliveries of food and refined jewels for Imperial Senator Simone Leatrix's New Year's celebration at her mountaintop palace on Capitol.
  • Princess Aisling Duval publicly rebukes Nova Imperium, eliciting a rare statement of agreement from Senator Zemina Torval. However, Senator Pal Vespasian insists that Nova Imperium has become a legitimate political movement and Hadrian Duval should be accepted as Emperor-in-waiting.
  • Clinical trials of Vitadyne Labs' nanomeds conducted by the Interstellar Health Organisation deliver outstanding results. Professor Katrien Rook expresses her eagerness introduce the nanomeds to the galaxy.
  • Following the sudden retirement of Shadow Vice President Edgar Santiago, the deputy leader of the Federation's Liberal Party, Shadow President Felicia Winters appointed Congressman Isolde Rochester as the new Shadow Vice President.
  • The Federal Navy places a large order for Herculean Machines' Duradrives. To fulfill the order, CEO Maddox Hurd announces that Blatrimpe Allied Co Commodities will accept deliveries of key components at Boltzmann Hub in Blatrimp, and reward bounty hunters for their help keeping the shipping lanes clear.
  • Imperial senators supporting Nova Imperium demand that Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval formally recognize Hadrian Augustus Duval as a member of the Imperial Family. Chancellor Anders Blaine counters that Nova Imperium has no right to determine policy. Imperial Herald political journalist Cassia Carvalho comments that Emperor Arissa's lack of public response has led to a perception of weakness, and with civil war looming, accepting Hadrian as an heir is increasingly seen as a reasonable compromise.
  • Simguru Pranav Antal claims the Vitadyne Labs nanomeds are Utopia products that were stolen from a medical transport that went missing from Polevnic months ago. Professor Katrien Rook and Vitadyne Labs do not comment on the accusations, but the Interstellar Health Organisation pledges to investigate.
  • President Zachary Hudson of the Federation and Prime Minister Edmund Mahon of the Alliance comment on the rise of Nova Imperium, expressing concern about the possibility of the Empire ceasing to contribute to Aegis. Hudson warns that the Federation would intervene should Nova Imperium come to power, and independent sources note increased activity among the Federal Navy.


January 3305

  • January 1 - The Federal Security Service investigates the theft of code for a holo-sculpture inspired by the Federation insignia that would have been unveiled above Olympus Village on Mars before millions of viewers to mark the start of 3305. Instead of the planned holo-sculpture, an image of a winking cat's face was projected over the city. The culprit is believed to be the same art thief who stole works from Alioth and Eotienses A 3 in 3304.
  • January 3 - The League of Zearla places an open order for military supplies for the Federal Navy at Payson Hub, Zearla, while Sirsir Co. oversees a similar campaign for the Imperial Navy at Mitchell Hangar, Sirsir.
  • January 3 - Professor Katrien Rook admits that Vitadyne Labs did not invent its new nanomeds, but explains they were purchased as legitimate salvage from independent pilots who had found the crash site of the missing Utopian transport ship. Rook offers to return the original nanomeds to Utopia and apologize, but insists that Vitadyne keep the derived nanomeds that it had already created. Pranav Antal demands that Vitadyne hand over the derivatives as well. The IHO announces it will review the case.
  • January 4 - Vox Galactica reports on the final preparations for the upcoming Distant Worlds II expedition, which will launch on January 13. Project organizers Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii report that thousands of Commanders will embark on a journey to Beagle Point and back that will last approximately 300 days and span 200,000 light years. In addition to mapping unexplored regions of the galaxy along the way, the expedition will also construct a starport near Sagittarius A*.
  • January 5 - Nova Imperium begins mustering a militia in its home system of Paresa. Senator Denton Patreus, in his capacity as Admiral of the Fleet of the Imperial Navy, demands that Nova Imperium disperse its forces. Reporter Cassia Carvalho warns that a crackdown by the Imperial Navy could provoke rebellion.
  • January 10 - Independent newsfeed The Sovereign reports that a luxury star yacht owned by famous actor Consuela Knight arrived at its destination with no one onboard. Computer records confirm that Ms. Knight and four crew members were aboard the ship until shortly before arrival, when they inexplicably vanished. Engineering and hyperspace experts begin investigating.
  • January 10 - Retired military strategist Marquis Felix Novantico suggests that the recently concluded supply campaigns for the Federal and Imperial navies were related to Nova Imperium. The Empire was stocking up in response to tensions with Nova Imperium, while the Federation was likely concerned that the Empire could turn hostile if Hadrian Duval gained the throne.
  • January 10 - The Imperial Navy engages Nova Imperium in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus calls on Imperial auxiliaries to aid the loyalist Yupini Limited faction in destroying the Nova Imperium fleet, while Imperator Kaeso Mordanticus pleads for support from the galactic community and those who believe in Hadrian Duval, warning that Nova Imperium's survival depends on winning the battle.
  • January 11 - Cassia Carvalho reports on the Battle of Paresa, commenting that whether it is a one-off skirmish or the start of an Imperial civil war, the battle's outcome will decide the future of the Empire.
  • January 12 - Healthcare analyst Dr. Himari Grey discusses the ethical dilemma created by the legal dispute over Vitadyne Labs' nanomeds. While many medical experts assert that the nanomeds' potential health benefits for the public outweigh Utopia's ownership claims, it is possible that high demand for the nanomeds could cause their price to skyrocket beyond the reach of all but the wealthiest individuals.
  • January 17 - Senator Denton Patreus announces that Imperial auxiliaries have defeated Nova Imperium in Paresa.
  • January 17 - The Omega Mining Corporation of Omega Mining Operation in the Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 system requests deliveries of raw materials on behalf of the Distant Worlds II expedition for use in the construction of a new Orbis starport in the Galactic Centre region.
  • January 17 - The Interstellar Health Organisation sides with Vitadyne Labs and grants them approval to distribute their nanomedicines. The IHO agreed with Utopia's claims that the nanomeds had originated with them, but explained that since Vitadyne had obtained the Utopia nanomeds as legal salvage, the resulting derivatives were Vitadyne's intellectual property.
  • January 18 - The Empire captures Imperator Kaeso Mordanticus. Speaking on behalf of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Chancellor Anders Blaine proclaims that Nova Imperium's fleet has been destroyed and Mordanticus will be brought before the Senate on January 25th to face charges of treason. Cassia Carvalho speculates that the Emperor may intend to make an example of Mordanticus with a public trial. Remnants of Nova Imperium reportedly linger in Paresa, but it is believed the organisation is beyond the point of recovery.
  • January 19 - The disappearance of Consuela Knight continues to spark rumors. Independent reporter Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse discusses a number of theories about the incident, and wonders if similar disappearances have been happening all along but were covered up.
  • January 24 - The Distant Worlds II expedition initiative concludes successfully, and Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 is identified as the designated site for the new Galactic Centre Starport.
  • January 24 - Professor Katrien Rook of Vitadyne Labs launches an initiative to construct a new pharmaceutical facility for the production of nanomeds, with Neomedical Industries and Vandermeer Corporation holding competing campaigns to bid for the distribution license. Neomedical Industries' campaign is overseen by Alignak Jet Legal and Co at Piserchia Port in Alignak, and Vandermeer Corporation's campaign is overseen by the Liberals of Kuma at Elion Dock in Kuma.
  • January 24 - Confidence in commercial space travel is shaken by the disappearance of Consuela Knight. Sales of Saud Kruger customised yachts plummet, cruise bookings with Astrogator Tours are cancelled, and commercial passenger carriers report a drop in passenger numbers. Meanwhile, a memorial service is planned to honour Consuela Knight's career.
  • January 25 - Upon being brought before the Imperial Senate and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Duke Kaeso Mordanticus is executed personally by Senator Denton Patreus. The Imperial Guard then guns down Senators who supported Nova Imperium, including Pal Vespasian and Eloise Winterstone. There are reports of further public executions across Capitol, and mass arrests and raids across the Empire as an apparent purge of Nova Imperium members and supporters begins.
  • January 26 - Pranav Antal condemns the IHO's ruling on the Vitadyne Labs nanomeds. Some members of the medical community express reservations about the ruling as well, since Vitadyne's victory has likely ruined any chance of cooperating and exchanging other technologies with Utopia in the future.
  • January 26 - Imperial security forces complete their purge of Nova Imperium after a single day, ensuring the isolationists can no longer threaten the Imperial throne and silencing Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval's critics. Alliance and Federal leaders offer no comments on the brutality, but are presumably reassured that inter-superpower cooperation will continue. What is left of Nova Imperium retains control of the Paresa system.
  • January 31 - Billionaire investor Lexi October announces plans to save technology company Supratech from bankruptcy following the failure of their Torc personal computer. October sponsors a campaign managed by the People's Rakapila Progressive Party to collect commodities Stone Enterprise, Rakapila.
  • January 31 - Hadrian Augustus Duval denounces Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval as a brutal tyrant following the execution of Kaeso Mordanticus and the purge of Nova Imperium. He calls for Imperials who value honor and tradition to help keep Nova Imperium alive in Paresa, and takes the title of Imperator himself in remembrance of the "martyred" Mordanticus.

February 3305

  • February 2 - Missing actor Consuela Knight is reportedly located at the Skyglow Havens retreat on the Rhea Archipelago. An anonymous reporter stated that Knight confessed that she and her yacht's crew had faked their disappearances as a publicity stunt to boost Knight's fame. Knight has since left Rhea and is believed to be living in seclusion. While Knight's fans claim that such a hoax is out of character for her, authorities have accepted the explanation and closed their investigation.
  • February 7 - Dr. Roy Casimir of the Holloway Bioscience Institute announces plans to construct a research centre planetary outpost for the study of new alien lifeforms recently discovered in Notable Stellar Phenomena sites, and requests that metals and exploration data be delivered to Williams Vision in Nahuaru.
  • February 7 - In an interview with the Alliance Tribune, Alliance President Gibson Kincaid expounds on potential threats to the Alliance, including Nova Imperium. Kincaid asserts that the Alliance must be prepared to stand alone against both human and alien aggressors if necessary. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon later chides Kincaid, stating that the President should be focusing on his diplomatic duties and that the internal politics of the Empire are not the Alliance's concern.
  • February 8 - Responding to an automatic distress signal, a Federal Navy vessel discovers an unregistered outpost on a remote moon, and finds all the occupants were murdered. Federal Intelligence Agency investigators report that the outpost was dedicated to advanced nuclear research, and the unknown attackers bypassed security systems with access codes, possibly with the aim of stealing technology or data.
  • February 9 - The family-run Ambrose Foundation reports that all of its assets, totaling nearly 300 billion credits, have been liquidated and transferred to multiple anonymous accounts across the galaxy. While security forces investigate a possible data hack, there is speculation that the recently-vanished heiress Lady Talitha Ambrose was kidnapped and forced to divulge access codes to her inheritance.
  • February 14 - Atlas Research Group launches a campaign to stockpile military materials at Reed's Rest in Merope in order to bolster Merope's defenses against the Thargoids.
  • February 14 - Multiple invaluable art pieces are stolen from the Museum of Civilisation on Mars, with an image of a winking cat left their place. While museum historian Dr. Imogen Ryang laments the theft, culture journalist Kioko McGrath notes that the winking cat motif has become a widely popular anti-establishment symbol, ironically making the calling card of an art thief a culturally significant work of art itself.
  • February 15 - Baroness Oksana Ambrose, head of the Ambrose Foundation and mother of the missing Lady Talitha Ambrose, confirms that the Ambrose Foundation lost all its assets. After paying off the foundation's debts and employee salaries, Baroness Ambrose uses her remaining money to hire the Wallglass Investigations Agency to rescue her daughter.
  • February 16 - FIA Senior Agent Rochelle Karim reveals that the raided outpost recently discovered by the Federal Navy had been illegally developing a portable 300-megaton nuclear weapon codenamed the Lucifer Device. The outpost had produced a single working prototype which is now believed to be in the raiders' hands.
  • February 21 - The docking hub of Explorer's Anchorage, a station constructed with the support of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition, arrives in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561, just outside Sagittarius A*. While work continues on the superstructure of Explorer's Anchorage, the galaxy's newest and most remote station is able to immediately offer basic services.
  • February 21 - A longtime rivalry between General Kendrick of Namab Purple Brothers and Marshal Cooper of Drevlyada League escalates into war in the Drevlyada system. Both factions issue requests for assistance from the galactic community.
  • February 21 - After Federal Times reporter Adley King raises concerns about lax safety protocols at weapons manufacturer Prax Incorporated, CEO Lucina Prax disputes the claim, insisting her company takes the strictest precautions at all times. Prax touts her company's financial success in the previous year, and hints that a revolutionary new product is being developed.
  • February 22 - The Federal Intelligence Agency uncovers financial links between the illegal nuclear research outpost and Zlota Federal Holdings of the Zlota system, indicating that several high-ranking members of the faction conspired to embezzle public funds to create portable nuclear weapons. The FIA believes that one conspirator had the outpost raided so that he or she could sell the Lucifer Device on the black market.
  • February 23 - Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse alleges that Lady Talitha Ambrose was not kidnapped, but is instead in hiding after gambling away the Ambrose Foundation's assets in an exclusive gambling circle called Jokers' Deck, which counts some of the wealthiest individuals in the galaxy among its members.
  • February 28 - The conflict in Drevlyada ends after General Kendrick of Namab Purple Brothers and Marshal Cooper of Drevlyada League are executed by their own lieutenants, who were displeased by the massive loss of life caused by their leaders' personal dispute. Namab Purple Brothers and the Drevlyada League agree to honor their commitments to independent pilots who fought in the conflict.
  • February 28 - Macrosphere, a technology company, organizes a components drive at Grandin Terminal, DS Leonis to develop a new "Mech Scanner". CEO Taniyah Sharpe explains that the Mech Scanner will allow robot owners to scan their machines for tampering, a common concern in the wake of the Mars Tribune scandal.

March 3305

  • March 1 - Senior Agent Rochelle Karim confirms that the FIA has determined that the missing nuclear weapon known as the Lucifer Device is in the possession of a cult called the Children of Tothos, led by Barnabas Cole. Willard Morgenstern, an executive of Zlota Federal Holdings who funded the illegal outpost that created the weapon, had divulged the weapon's existence to the cult while intoxicated, and the cult subsequently raided the outpost and stole the weapon.
  • March 2 - The Wallglass Investigations Agency confirms that Lady Talitha Ambrose is a gambling addict who bet and lost the entire Ambrose Foundation in a high-stakes poker game held by Jokers' Deck, a game which may have been rigged against her. Baroness Oksana Ambrose revokes her wayward daughter's title and disowns her.
  • March 7 - The organizers of the Distant Worlds II expedition request mined materials for use in the construction of a Megaship and an Installation in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system. Dr. Kaii, Fleet Liaison for Deep Space Surveys, explained that the Installation would be used to study the Sagittarius A* supermassive black hole.
  • March 8 - The FIA continues its search for Barnabas Cole and the Lucifer Device. Other members of the Children of Tothos are detained in Zlota, but none know Cole's whereabouts or plans. Federal Times crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi also publishes a profile on the Children of Tothos.
  • March 9 - Talitha Ambrose confirms to Vox Galactica that the report on how she lost the Ambrose Foundation to Jokers' Deck is true, and explains that the incident helped her break free from her gambling addiction. She announces plans to use her connections to raise funds for addition support charities.
  • March 14 - The Children of Tothos seize control of Archambault Terminal in Chun Tstar, occupying the control deck and using the threat of the Lucifer Device to take station personnel hostage. As the station is inhabited by millions of people, the FIA opt to attempt to negotiate rather than conduct a frontal assault.
  • March 15 - Taja Gavaris is appointed the new CFO of Rackham Capital Investments following the sudden death of Aaron Salazar, the previous CFO and a friend of CEO Zachary Rackham. Insiders speculate that Gavaris' meteroic rise in the company may be part of a plot by the board of directors to oust Rackham from control of his company.
  • March 21 - Councillor Magnolia Gill, administrator of Explorer's Anchorage in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561, announces that the starport is complete and fully operational after four weeks of construction. Meanwhile, the Distant Worlds II fleet continues its expedition to Beagle Point.
  • March 22 - As the Children of Tothos continue to occupy Archambault Terminal in Chun Tstar, Barnabas Cole uses the station's comms array to transmit sermons, attracting a number of would-be civilian converts.
  • March 23 - Bryanna Blanco of the Federal Times accuses Rackham Capital Investments CFO Taja Gavaris of being a pirate who used her knowledge of CEO Zachary Rackham's past illicit activities to blackmail her way into Rackham's company and eliminate his allies.
  • March 23 - While scanning the abandoned Far God cult outpost on Etain 4 c for missing undercover agent Nathan Summers, the FIA recovers an intact cryogenic pod from the rubble. The pod's occupant is conveyed to a medical facility, but his or her identity is not disclosed.
  • March 28 - Barnabas Cole announces that the Children of Tothos have begun sacrificing the citizens of Archambault Terminal in Chun Tstar in a ritual that will culminate with the detonation of the Lucifer Device. Cole also proclaimed that applicants to the cult will be permitted to join if they sacrifice a human to Tothos, and it is reported that murders have occurred aboard ships docking at the station. Federal authorities remain stymied by the situation and have yet to develop a plan to safely retake Archambault Terminal.
  • March 29 - Rackham Capital Investments senior executive Derrin O'Shea is killed after his personal limousine malfunctions and crashes, and he is swiftly replaced by a supporter of Taja Gavaris. Authorities do not rule O'Shea's death as suspicious, and also decline to investigate both Gavaris and Rackham due to insufficient evidence.
  • March 30 - The survivor of the abandoned Far God cult outpost is revealed to be 17-year old Kiona O'Connor, a runaway who had been taken in by the cultists. Following a debriefing, the FIA contacted her father, John O'Connor, and arranged for her to be taken home.

April 3305

  • April 4 - The standoff at Archambault Terminal is safely resolved after FIA Senior Agent Rochelle Karim infiltrates the Children of Tothos in disguise and kills Barnabas Cole before he can detonate the Lucifer Device. The other cultists are arrested, the Lucifer Device is disarmed and secured, and Archambault Terminal returns to normal.
  • April 4 - The FIA opens an investigation into the recent deaths of Rackham Capital Investments executives and requests that the Federal Times share its accumulated files on Zachary Rackham and Taja Gavaris.
  • April 5 - Princess Aisling Duval reaches out to Nova Imperium leader Hadrian Augustus Duval and visits him in the Paresa system. Aisling explains that she was dismayed by Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval's brutal purge of Nova Imperium supporters, and wanted to heal the divisions within the Empire. During Aisling's visit, Hadrian was re-confirmed via genetic testing to be descended from the late Emperor Hengist Duval.
  • April 11 - The Children of Tothos cult is forcibly disbanded. In light of the Archambault Terminal incident, the FIA pledges to review other fringe religions to prevent further tragedies. Questions are also raised about nuclear research regulation, and whether weapons similar to the Lucifer Device have been secretly developed by other groups.
  • April 12 - Events surrounding Rackham Capital Investments take a strange turn when the FIA denies it is investigating the organization, as Zachary Rackham is a member of the FIA Civilian Oversight Board in good standing and there is no evidence of criminality within RCI. Bryanna Blanco disputes this, explaining that credentialed FIA agents had come to the Federal Times' offices and taken its files on RCI and its executives.
  • April 13 - Aisling Duval's meeting with Hadrian Duval causes controversy throughout the Empire. Senator Zemina Torval blasts Aisling as an ideological traitor, and observers note that Hadrian's traditionalism and isolationism does not align with Aisling's progressivism. Journalist Cassia Carvalho speculates that Aisling hopes to influence the inexperienced Hadrian into softening his stances.
  • April 17 - Aegis partners with Ram Tah to manufacture Guardian-related technology. Aegis Senior Engineer Lilith Galloway explains the deal will allow Aegis to divert some of its vast resources to producing Guardian modules; meanwhile, the Trident, Javelin, and Lance hybrid fighters will continue to be licensed to Technology Brokers. Ram Tah expresses his delight and confidence in the arrangement.
  • April 18 - Admiral Aden Tanner comments on the Thargoids' concentrated assault, which has caused damage to dozens of starports in only a few short months. Tanner points out that the Thargoids have inexplicably avoided attacking humanity's important social and military centers, such as the capitals of the superpowers, but their ongoing attacks on less vital systems indicate an overall strategy. As capital ships remain ineffective against Thargoid craft, humanity's defense relies on independent pilots.
  • April 19 - Core Dynamics purchases Vodel, manufacturer of the Scarab SRV, after the latter company experiences a downturn in profits. Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester emphasizes that Vodel's core team designers and engineers will remain together, and the classic Scarab will not be altered.
  • April 19 - Hadrian Augustus Duval announces he has agreed to a non-aggression pact with Aisling Duval, in which Nova Imperium and Aisling's supporters pledge to not interfere with or oppose each other. While Hadrian remains in exile for the time being, he promises to review Nova Imperium's policies at Aisling's request.
  • April 20 - The Pilots' Federation reveals plans to create a restricted area of space for newly licensed Commanders called the Pilots' Federation District, which is approved by all three superpowers.
  • April 20 - Taja Gavaris resigns as CFO of Rackham Capital Investments and leaves Federation space, along with several of her loyalists. Bryanna Blanco concludes that the FIA agents who took the Federal Times' files on RCI were disguised operatives in Zachary Rackham's employ, and the files were used to blackmail Gavaris into leaving. RCI also donates 36.5 million credits to the Federal Times.
  • April 25 - An investigation is launched into the improbable theft of a Diamondback Explorer belonging to Commander Bjorn Lennox from its hangar in Fort Dixon, Vega. Security Chief Misaki Sanders is unable to explain how the thief hijacked Fort Dixon's security network, breached a docked and sealed ship, overrode authorization checks, and departed the starport unchallenged.
  • April 26 - Alliance President Gibson Kincaid is again rebuked by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, this time after Kincaid demanded increased military funding for new fleets during a session of the Alliance Assembly. According to the Alliance Tribune, Kincaid's recurring antics have damaged his reputation in the Assembly.
  • April 29 - Zende Partners of the Zende system announces an initiative to establish a ferry service between the Core Systems and Guardian space to increase the latter's accessibility. Pilots are asked to vote in an open poll for their preferred candidate among five systems with Guardian ruins. The winning system will serve as the terminus of a planned ferry Megaship, and also host a permanent outpost.

May 3305

  • May 2 - Members of the Distant Worlds II expedition begin to reach Beagle Point after over three months and 73,000 light years of travel, plus the achievement of constructing the research station Explorer's Anchorage near Sagittarius A*.
  • May 3 - Fort Dixon Security Chief Misaki Sanders identifies the thief of the recently stolen Diamondback Explorer as hangar technician Gan Romero. The investigation continues into Romero's motive and destination, as well as the means he used to bypass ship security protocols and depart without authorization.
  • May 4 - Councillor Elijah Beck presents evidence before the Alliance Assembly that President Gibson Kincaid illegally accepted billions in undeclared funds for his election campaign from the Bank of Zaonce in September 3304. The Assembly approves Beck's request to open a formal inquiry into the matter.
  • May 9 - The Megaships Sadler's Song and The Conduit are deployed in Synuefe EN-H d11-96 and Zende, marking the launch of the weekly ferry service between the Core Systems and Guardian space planned by Zende Partners. In addition, orbital outposts are opened in Synuefe EN-H d11-96 and Wregoe XQ-L c21-29. Zende Partners CEO Freya Taine also announces an advanced military module based on Guardian tech is in the works. CEO Cedrik Stone of Imperial arms manufacturer Segnen Exchange accuses Zende Partners of seeking a monopoly on Guardian tech.
  • May 10 - Alliance President Gibson Kincaid defends himself against corruption allegations, countering that Councillor Elijah Beck fabricated the scandal out of spite after Gibson won the 3304 presidential election, and further insinuating that Beck was linked to the assassination of the third presidential candidate, Fazia Silva. The Bank of Zaonce also rebuffed the inquiry's official requests for access to its records.
  • May 11 - Lara Romero, the wife of starship thief Gan Romero, is interviewed by Vox Galactica. Lara claims the theft is out of character for her husband, but reveals that he had recently become distracted and disturbed by unusual dreams.
  • May 16 - Zende Partners requests deliveries of Guardian commodities to The Prospect in Synuefe EN-H d11-96 to promote research and procure a Technology Broker license for the outpost.
  • May 16 - Segnen Exchange announces it will construct an outpost of its own in the Synuefe EN-H d11-96 system. Business analysts debate the move, with some fearing it could spark a conflict with Zende Partners and others optimistic that it will further advance research into Guardian technology.
  • May 17 - Investigators retrieve and decrypt data fragments from the personal journal of starship thief Gan Romero. The fragments are believed to be Romero's dream journal, in which he describes "an area of space, not black but radiant…glowing like heaven", and "voices that didn't come from anything with a body" calling to him. Medical experts speculate that Romero suffers from an undiagnosed dissociative disorder.
  • May 18 - Admiral Frederick Yamamoto of the Alliance's Council of Admirals issues a decree appointing President Gibson Kincaid the commander-in-chief of the Zaonce Alliance Defence Force fleet, giving an Alliance President the unprecedented power to issue orders to an ADF fleet directly. The other members of the Council of Admirals condemn the move as political posturing and demand Yamamoto rescind the decree.
  • May 23 - A Technology Broker is established at The Prospect in Synuefe EN-H d11-96, and Segnen Exchange constructs a second outpost, Indigo Dock, in the system. Conflict breaks out as Segnen Exchange and Zende Partners accuse each other of attacking their convoys in Synuefe EN-H d11-96, with both corporations promising unique weapon modules to entice pilots to fight for them.
  • May 24 - Prime Minister Edmund Mahon calls on President Gibson Kincaid to resign and cooperate with the Alliance Assembly's investigation. Ensconced at his home in Zaonce and protected by Admiral Yamamoto's fleet as well as the emissaries of the Office of the Alliance President, Kincaid rejected Mahon's demands and countered that the Assembly cannot legally oust him without proof that he committed a crime.
  • May 25 - Journalist Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse speculates that Gan Romero's dream journal entries may be related to the visions of the "caretakers of our galaxy" experienced by former Federal President Jasmina Halsey following the Starship One incident, and wonders if any other people have received similar visions.
  • May 30 - The conflict in Synuefe EN-H d11-96 ends with Zende Partners victorious and Segnen Exchange forced into retreat. Zende Partners retains control of the ferry service, captures Indigo Dock, and begins manufacturing the Advanced Multi-cannon module. Segnen Exchange's plans to produce the Advanced Missile Rack are set back indefinitely.
  • May 31 - The official search for starship thief Gan Romero is suspended after all leads are exhausted. Commander Bjorn Lennox, the owner of the stolen ship, speculates that Romero stole his vessel specifically because it was outfitted with a high jump and Romero's dreams were driving him to a distant, unknown location.

June 3305

  • June 1 - Admiral Frederick Yamamoto is arrested by Alliance Interpol and charged with the assassination of Alliance presidential candidate Fazia Silva. The Wallglass Investigations Agency, hired by Silva's sister Tashmira, found that Yamamoto had personally hired a professional assassin with a background in the Alliance Defence Force to carry out the murder. The Council of Admirals takes joint command of the Zaonce ADF fleet while Yamamoto awaits trial. President Gibson Kincaid does not comment on the matter.
  • June 6 - Independent media organization Sagittarius Eye issues a request for cobalt, titanium, and tantalum to be used in the construction of a new Asteroid Base, The Print Works, in the Millese system.
  • June 7 - To avoid life imprisonment, Frederick Yamamoto confesses that in addition to the assassination of Fazia Silva, he committed other crimes on Alliance President Gibson Kincaid's direct orders. Yamamoto was part of a wider conspiracy that involved other influential corporate, military, and political figures seeking to curry favor with Kincaid, including a senior Bank of Zaonce director who diverted funds to Kincaid's re-election campaign. Kincaid's goal was to move the Alliance's capital from Alioth to Zaonce, with the long-term purpose of establishing himself as the Alliance's supreme ruler.
  • June 8 - Tilbery Construction CEO Garrett Kline announces the purchase of 4,000 Imperial slaves as a workforce for the construction of a new water treatment facility for the city of Port Isabelle on Eotienses A 3. Anti-slavery charity Unchain lodges a complaint with authorities in Eotienses, citing the potential for violation of the terms of the slaves' indentured servitude and Tilbery Construction's apparent inexperience.
  • June 13 - Evangeline's Elite Expeditionary Force requests superconductors, computer components, and insulating membranes for the construction of a new Megaship in the Shana Bei system.
  • June 13 - Alliance President Gibson Kincaid is removed from office by a vote of the Alliance Assembly and charged with treason, murder, and corruption. Kincaid was detained by Alliance Interpol while attempting to flee his estate, and several other conspirators were arrested separately. Key evidence at their trials will be the Wallglass Investigations Agency report and Frederick Yamamoto's testimony.
  • June 15 - Tilbery Construction reveals it is a front for the radical anti-slavery group Autonomy, which opposes Imperial slavery and forcibly emancipates slaves. The 4,000 Imperial slaves that Tilbery Construction purchased are transported outside Port Isabelle upon delivery and promptly liberated.
  • June 21 - The Alliance Assembly votes to amend the Alliance constitution and dissolve the office of President of the Alliance, citing Gibson Kincaid's crimes as proof that the position is vulnerable to abuse. Councilor Elijah Beck volunteers to resign from the Assembly to oversee the restructuring of the presidency's diplomatic department, which will be preserved. The Assembly also approves Admiral Tahir West of the Tionisla ADF fleet to replace Frederick Yamamoto on the Council of Admirals.
  • June 22 - The Imperial Slaves freed by Autonomy find themselves stranded on Eotienses A 3 without food, shelter, income, or the means to return home. Public buildings in Port Isabelle, such as the Imperial Museum of Culture, are temporarily converted into camps for these newly-homeless individuals. As police and support services struggle to cope, clashes between the former slaves and local citizens are reported.
  • June 27 - Princess Aisling Duval, speaking in her capacity as CEO of anti-slavery charity Unchain, condemns the emancipation of Imperial Slaves by Autonomy on Eotienses A 3. Aisling explains that under Imperial law, Imperial Slaves require more care during the manumission process to ensure their well-being, but Autonomy recklessly abandoned thousands in Port Isabelle with no employment or protection.
  • June 29 - Jan Sandoval, one of the founders of the Red Family drug cartel, turns herself in to the Federal Intelligence Agency and offers to testify against the cartel's leading members, which would dismantle the organization. She enters protective custody, and Executive Agent Viola Trask takes charge of her case.

July 3305

  • July 3 - Distant Worlds II project leader Erimus Kamzel announces that the DSSV Distant Worlds mobile megaship and the Event Horizon Science Relay installation have finally begun operations at Stuemeae FG-Y d7561. The DSSV Distant Worlds will embark on a scientific survey of six systems within the Galactic Centre, while Event Horizons Science Relay will analyze the Sagittarius A* supermassive black hole.
  • July 4 - As meta-alloy harvests in the Pleiades slow dramatically amidst claims that many Thargoid Barnacles have been exhausted, Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research announces an initiative to identify alternative Thargoid Barnacle sites by collecting and analyzing exploration data supplied by independent pilots.
  • July 5 - FIA headquarters in Olympus Village, Mars is infiltrated by a mercenary hit squad seeking to assassinate Red Family member-turned-informant Jan Sandoval. The assassins are exposed by security systems and neutralized before they can reach Sandoval, but the incident represents an unprecedented breach of the FIA's most secure facility and reinforces the value of Sandoval's testimony.
  • July 6 - Thousands of freed Imperial Slaves continue to cause turmoil in Port Isabelle. Journalist Gwendolyn Nash reports that the emancipated have formed armed bands. One group invades Port Isabelle's spaceport and attempts to seize the transports used to bring them to Eotienses A 3, while others besiege government buildings and demand official reinstatement as Imperial Slaves.
  • July 11 - Aegis Research announces that new Thargoid Barnacle sites had been found in the Witch Head Nebula. The Alliance, Empire, and Federation send advance teams to the region and launch concurrent campaigns for resources to be used in the construction of new Ocellus Starports and Megaships there.
  • July 11 - In a matter of hours, the Thargoids completely withdraw from the Core Systems and the Pleiades Nebula with the exception of the Maia and Merope systems. Aegis is uncertain why the Thargoids departed, but theorizes that their numbers may have been depleted or they are changing their strategy. Professor Ishmael Palin warns that though this is a significant development, it is in no way indicative that the war with the Thargoids has concluded.
  • July 11 - Jan Sandoval reveals to FIA Executive Agent Viola Trask that she turned herself in because the Red Family had recently engineered a dangerous new designer narcotic that was more addictive than any other substance on the black market, and which could potentially ruin or end billions of lives in Federal space. Sandoval opposed the drug, but when she failed to stop its production, she then turned to the authorities for help. Red Family operations have already begun to be disrupted by FIA field agents.
  • July 13 - An Imperial Internal Security Service taskforce detains all 4,000 liberated Imperial Slaves stranded at Port Isabelle pending discussions with local authorities to resolve their plight. The IISS also arrests Garrett Kline and other Autonomy members for their part in instigating the crisis, and Kline is additionally charged with manslaughter for crushing several ex-slaves with his ship while attempting to flee a riot.
  • July 18 - The Thargoids return to the Pleiades Nebula, with Aegis asserting that they are likely refocusing on reclaiming the region. In addition to attacking three stations without being detected by Eagle Eye, the Thargoids mass in Maia and assault Palin Research Centre. Professor Ishmael Palin and his staff evacuate to the megaship Carson's Spring, which is besieged before it can depart the system.
  • July 19 - The FIA conducts a series of raids on Red Family bases and manufacturing plants. Dozens of cartel members are killed and thousands arrested in what is hailed as a successful operation to dismantle the decades-old Red Family. It is widely expected that the arrest of Oberon Church will soon follow.
  • July 20 - Anti-slavery charity Unchain purchases the 4,000 Imperial Slaves that had been stranded on Eotienses A 3. Princess Aisling Duval acknowledges the irony, and explains that it was a practical solution to the suffering caused by Autonomy. The slaves will be given proper care and pay off their debts by helping to construct a new Unchain headquarters in Port Isabelle, after which they will regain citizenship.
  • July 22 - Carson's Spring escapes Maia and arrives in the Arque system thanks to the efforts of independent pilots fending off Thargoid attacks. Professor Ishmael Palin begins transferring his staff and equipment to Abel Laboratory on Arque 4 E.
  • july 25 - Six Ocellus Starports arrive in the Witch Head Nebula as part of Aegis' colonization initiative, but are immediately attacked by Thargoids acting in defense of their territory. Professor Alba Tesreau calls on independent pilots to defend the stations and prevent loss of access to the new Thargoid Barnacle sites. The response to the request is impressive enough that the Pilots Federation quickly opens a new surface port, Jackrock Outpost, in the region to assist pilots.
  • July 26 - Former Red Family co-founder Jan Sandoval is assassinated at her FIA safe house in Sol through use of a sophisticated neurotoxin that eluded detection. The FIA believes the assassination was arranged by the last remnants of the Red Family. Despite this significant setback, the FIA's raids on the cartel continue.
  • July 27 - Prime Minister Edmund Mahon announces the commencement of the Alliance Festival of Culture, a seven-week celebration of the Alliance's artistic achievements, entertainment, and history that will tour seven systems beginning with Lave. The centrepiece of the opening ceremony is a tribute to late-33rd century visual artist Megan Madigan and her lost work "Penance Street".
  • July 30 - Professor Ishmael Palin resumes his research and Engineering services at Abel Laboratory on Arque 4 E. The megaship Carson's Spring departs Arque to take on new duties.
  • July 31 - Thargoid forces in the Witch Head Nebula are defeated, and humanity's colonial assets are firmly established in the region. The Alliance, Empire, and Federation officially declare the nebula to be a human enclave which they will share equally. Professor Alba Tesreau asks the galactic community to support the repair effort for the nebula stations so that harvesting of the local barnacle sites can begin.

August 3305

  • August 2 - The Red Family is dealt a mortal blow as the FIA conducts a series of coordinated strikes and destroys the cartel's super-addictive narcotic before it could be mass-produced. Oberon Church continues to elude capture, however, and internal investigations into the death of Jan Sandoval while in FIA custody indicate that Church may have bribed FIA officials to enable her assassination.
  • August 2 - As the first week of the Alliance Festival of Culture concludes, Lave residents share mixed feelings about the event. Some point out that Lave is now controlled by Lave Radio, an independent faction, and assert that the festival is Alliance propaganda. Lave Radio representative Dr. Allen Stroud opines, "We're all just trying to get along and there's much to celebrate about the Alliance, regardless of whether your system is a current or former member."
  • August 3 - The Alliance Festival of Culture continues in Leesti for its second week. The highlight was a cinematic showcase at the station George Lucas, which included Hal Raskin's historical drama "Unity". The film controversially depicts Alliance founders Mic Turner and Meredith Argent as rivals who faked their romance to rally political support.
  • August 6 - The enclave at the Witch Head Nebula attracts thousands of migrants looking for a fresh start, including Chloe Sedesi, a former apprentice of Professor Ishmael Palin. Sedesi plans to open her own Engineering base at Cinder Dock in Witch Head Sector DL-Y d17. A Tech Broker and Material Trader will also set up shop in the region after the starports have been repaired.
  • August 8 - Seven planetary ports are established in the Witch Head Nebula, including Chloe Sedesi's workshop at Cinder Dock. After last minute discussions aboard the megaship Spirit of Minue, a Tech Broker and Material Trader also open their services in the region ahead of schedule. With the starport Ezra Point already restored and repairs on the other five progressing swiftly, it was confirmed that more facilities would be added in the coming weeks.
  • August 10 - The third week of the Alliance Festival of Culture moves to the Phekda system, where a massive music festival presents megastars like Spectacular Nemesis and Jade Graceland and up-and-comers like The Lasting Hold. Other performers include the Topaz Philharmonic, and legendary singer-songwriter Xiona.
  • August 15 - The Fortunes Corsairs organize a food drive for the Chamas system to fund the construction of a new asteroid base. The food will be prepared at Denton Dock by the most eminent chefs in Chamas for a grand feast attended by many local elected officials.
  • August 16 - Week four of the Alliance Festival of Culture features a literature celebration in Olgrea, attracting devotees of both modern and classic literature and giving them a chance to meet their favorite authors.
  • August 22 - Starship Enterprises issues a public request for mined resources to be delivered to Gell-Mann Ring in the LP 339-7 system. SE Mining, a subsidiary of Starship Enterprises, will use the materials to construct a new asteroid base in LP 339-7 to stimulate the local economy.
  • August 24 - The Alliance Festival of Culture's fifth week focuses on dance performances in Tionisla. Of note is the ballet "Bones of Dreams", performed by robots built from scrap salvaged from Tionisla's orbital graveyard.
  • August 29 - The Sap Core Legion launches a campaign to build a state-of-the-art medical facility in the Heike system in response to recent disease epidemics and the potential need for new off-world medical resources.
  • August 31 - The sixth week of the Alliance Festival of Culture sees the return of the mysterious Winking Cat thief despite a heavy security presence. Megan Madigan's long-lost work "Penance Street", one of the Alliance's greatest art treasures, is discovered hanging in an empty room in Garden City Gallery on Turner's World, Alioth, with a graphic of a winking cat left on the wall behind the painting.

September 3305

  • September 6 - The Alliance Festival of Culture's seventh and final week holds a culinary celebration in Diso. Dishes range from home-cooked recipes using the local specialty, Diso Ma Corn, to delicacies such as Baked Greebles. The distillers of Lavian Brandy even sponsor a multi-storey cocktail bar. The occasion is marked with a speech by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, who offers his gratitude to participants and attendees.
  • September 13 - Dr. Genevieve Kane of the Interstellar Association for Agriculture announces that below-average crop yields are expected across the Core Systems based on audits of key agricultural worlds such as Diso and Orerve. An investigation is launched into the cause, and the IAA begins reviewing options to prevent a shortage, such as the implementation of synthetic treatments to enhance the fertility of cropland.
  • September 18 - The Rockforth Corporation announces a new product, synthetically-enhanced EX7 fertiliser, in response to low harvests in several systems. While many farmers begin using EX7, Dr. Genevieve Kane of the IAA warns that Rockforth may have cut corners to get their product to market quickly. Distribution of EX7 is consequently restricted to Marshall Dock in Riedquat.
  • September 27 - Sales of Rockforth Corporation's EX7 fertiliser surpass expectations, and the company's share prices rise on the news. Dr. Genevieve Kane repeats calls for distribution restrictions, however, noting that Rockforth has yet to provide proper documentation for EX7 to the IAA.

October 3305

  • October 3 - The impact of low crop yields begins to be felt among the general population. As concerns mount about the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, some markets and citizens stockpile staple foods. Meanwhile, the Rockforth Corporation announces it will fulfill the Interstellar Association for Agriculture's request for documentation for the EX7 fertiliser at the earliest opportunity.
  • October 6 - The IAA confirms that the mass crop failures all have common biological markers with similarities to known pathogens, and that farmers have reported healthy crops withering in a matter of days. The cause of the failures remains under investigation. Local populations intensify panic buying and stockpiling of staple foods, and leaders such as Governor Nadeem Clayton of Orerve attempt to calm the public.
  • October 10 - To counter the crop failures, Crimson State Limited in Diso and Orerve Universal Limited in Orerve launch two parallel initiatives requesting delivers of pesticides, synthetic reagents, and grain. Dr. Genevieve Kane of the IAA suggests the initiatives may prevent the crop shortage from becoming a crisis. She also announces that the investigation into the crop failures turned up evidence of a new form of blight.
  • October 11 - The commodity appeals in Diso and Orerve set off a wave of civil unrest in several systems, as civilians fear their local governments cannot prevent a famine. Charitable aid foundations such as the Galactic Welfare Trust attempt to alleviate the shortages by distributing food cartridges, but find themselves overwhelmed by the scale of the problem and call on food manufacturers to reduce prices.
  • October 14 - The IAA concludes that the crop failures are caused by a new strain of blight, but remain unable to determine its origin and vectors. The IAA partners with the Vandermeer Corporation for its molecular diagnostics experience. Public speculation abounds as the blight's source and political enemies blame each other, increasing tensions in afflicted systems to dangerous levels and raising the spectre of war.
  • October 16 - The IAA identifies Rockforth Corporation's EX7 fertiliser as the cause of the blight. The original poor harvests were found to have been caused by natural factors and could have been contained had EX7 not exacerbated the problem. Although the trade appeals in Diso and Orerve blunted local food shortages, blight is reported in hundreds of other systems. The IAA asks pilots to collect EX7 and turn it in for disposal at Wiley Port, Tevari. Lakon Spaceways supports the initiative by lowering the cost of the Type-6 Transporter, Type-7 Transporter, and Type-9 Heavy, and stations also offer cargo racks at a discount.
  • October 18 - The Federation, Empire, and Alliance announce the creation of a collaborative body charged with investigating how and why Rockforth Fertiliser became corrupted. Rockforth Corporation marketing director Rex Whitlock states the company is at a loss to explain why EX7 causes the blight, insisting it was rigorously tested before distribution, and affirms Rockforth will cooperate fully with the investigation.
  • October 20 - The tri-superpower taskforce identifies the cause of the blight as a pathogen-promoting chemical compound used to sabotage Rockforth Fertiliser during the manufacturing process. The investigation turns to the contaminant's point of origin and the motives of the saboteur, though journalist Adalyn Cross notes that Rockforth Corporation remains under scrutiny for negligence in its regulatory checks. Starports increase cargo checks amid news that the blight may be spreading to non-agricultural systems through contaminated goods transported by unsuspecting traders.
  • October 22 - The contaminant is traced to the Scythe of Panem, an extremist group from Kappa Fornacis. Scythe of Panem members, seeking revenge for the Federation's 3301 campaign to eradicate Onion Head, had infiltrated Rockforth Corporation factories in Riedquat and sabotaged EX7 fertiliser with a compound derived from Federation biocides. When investigators locate Scythe of Panem cells in Quator, the group responds with unprovoked violence, endangering civilians. The Bruthanvan Co minor faction leads the effort to neutralise the activists and requests support from the galactic community.
  • October 23 - The Vandermeer Corporation reports that the blight-causing pathogen introduced to crops by EX7 has mutated, becoming a self-sufficient and aggressive disease that could spread disastrously without proper containment. Vandermeer teams up with Neomedical Industries to find a treatment. In related news, Zander Lachance of the Coalition for Onion Head Legalisation explains the origins of the Scythe of Panem, revealing that the group recently attracted radical anti-capitalists that influenced its violent new direction.
  • October 24 - Dr. Genevieve Kane of the IAA announces the development of an agronomic treatment that could counteract the blight. The new commodity was a collaborative effort between the IAA, Rockforth Corporation, Vandermeer Corporation, and Neomedical Industries. Kane requests that pilots transport the treatment from manufacturers in six systems to Diso and Orerve, which were among the first systems affected by the blight, as a trial run before beginning wider distribution.
  • October 26 - As the galaxy copes with the fruit and vegetable shortages brought on by the blight, Vox Galactica journalist Adalyn Cross highlights the many ways society has been affected: preserved-food brands return, chefs develop new recipes, alternative crops are imported and paid for through tax increases, and the fishing industry booms as people turn to seafood. Unfortunately, billions have become dependent on food cartridges and ration packs, and welfare charities find themselves stretched thin.
  • October 28 - Independent pilots neutralise the Scythe of Panem and its leaders in Quator. Other members of the extremist group were arrested after a raid was conducted on an unregistered facility discovered beneath the surface port of Weber Settlement.
  • October 31 - The initiatives to deliver the agronomic treatment to Diso and Orerve successfully prove its effectiveness against the blight pathogen, saving numerous crops. The IAA announces that the threat of further food shortages has been curtailed, and agronomic treatment will be mass produced for use against any lingering traces of the blight.

November 3305

  • November 2 - The Interstellar Association for Agriculture reports that the agronomic treatment has eliminated the blight from all affected systems. With crops rejuvenating, the availability of staple foods returns to normal levels. In the aftermath of the blight, the IAA pledges to intensify agricultural product screenings, intelligence agencies reevaluate their anti-terrorism strategies with an emphasis on potential biochemical attacks, and Rockforth Corporation conducts an internal review and begins rebuilding its damaged reputation.
  • November 5 - Rockforth Corporation CEO Sylvia Rockforth apologises for her company's role in the spread of the blight pathogen via its EX7 fertiliser. Several Rockforth employees are terminated for the roles in the incident, including Rex Whitlock due to his dismissal of regulatory practices. In related news, the IAA confirms that the agronomic treatment has become available in thousands of systems.
  • November 8 - An ancient generation ship with a living population, The Golconda, is discovered in Upaniklis after it issues a distress signal that is picked up by a local listening post. The vessel's inhabitants report a severe lack of maintenance materials and medical supplies aboard, as well as a lethal viral outbreak. Upaniklis Vision Incorporated sponsors an initiative to collect various commodities for The Golconda at Fozard Port.
  • November 11 - Professor Elizabeth Perez, head of anthropology at Orion Independent University, meets with representatives of Upaniklis Vision Incorporated who have had the opportunity to deliver supplies to the Golconda to ask them about the culture of the ship's inhabitants. She urges the galactic community to be cautious about its interactions with the Golconda for the sake of preserving its unique culture.
  • November 14 - The initiative to provide The Golconda with supplies concludes successfully. The Interstellar Health Organisation also announces that the modern antivirals given to the colonists have made inroads against the "wasting kiss" outbreak. Meanwhile, media coverage in Upaniklis has fueled public speculation that the colonists should abandon their ship and establish a new home in the system.
  • November 15 - The Federation and the Empire deploy two megaships, Keller's Resolve and The Lucent Embrace, to Upaniklis along with two proposals for integrating The Golconda into the galactic community. Imperial Senator Ava Cornelius announces plans to help the colonists complete their original mission by building a planetary base that will be given Imperial protection, while Federal Congressman Harlan Turk counters that the colonists are honorary Federal citizens due to their origin in Sol and declares their spacefaring way of life should be respected through the construction of an orbital outpost.
  • November 18 - After engineering experts confirm that The Golconda can no longer adequately support its growing population, the generation ship's leaders reluctantly agree to abandon the vessel, but Captain Jonathon Forester insists that the colonists remain together. The Empire and the Federation set their proposals in motion and launch competing resource drives at their respective megaships in Upaniklis.
  • November 22 - As a token of gratitude for the assistance provided by authorities in Upaniklis, the inhabitants of The Golconda present a gift of an alcoholic spirit called Apa Vietii, which has been distilled using techniques passed down among the colonists since the generation ship launched in the 22nd century.
  • November 24 - The Federation wins the bid to build a permanent home for The Golconda's population, which agrees to migrate to the planned orbital outpost and accept status as an autonomous Federal partner. The new outpost will be named Forester's Choice in honour of The Golconda's captain, Jonathon Forester.

December 3305

  • December 5 - The Golconda generation ship is moved adjacent to the new outpost Forester's Choice in Upaniklis, and the vessel's crew and colonists complete their migration to their new home with a resolve to maintain their unique culture. The Golconda's command crew also confirm that they will continue producing Apa Vietii, and will offer it for sale to traders who visit the outpost. To celebrate this historic event, the Federation announces that all Federal ships will be available for purchase at a special discount.
  • December 11 - Dr. Roy Casimir of the Holloway Bioscience Institute inaugurates the Holloway Biology Centre, a facility dedicated to xenobiology, on planet 7 G in the Colonia system. The facility's completion comes ten months after it was funded by a resource drive held in Nahuaru. Dr. Casimir explains that the long delay had been necessary to redesign the facility, since the original plans were inadequate in scope due to the sheer number of newly-catalogued alien species.
  • December 12 - Reorte is selected to host the Alliance's end-of-year festivities, prompting the Reorte Mining Coalition to organize an initiative requesting deliveries of food and drink commodities. At the commencement ceremony, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon encourages gratitude for the continuing state of peace between the three superpowers and the recent cessation of Thargoid incursions.


January 3306

  • January 13 - Colonists in the Witch Head Nebula are caught off-guard by a series of Thargoid incursions following nearly six months of reprieve. Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research comments that the Thargoids are likely still set on reclaiming the region for its plentiful barnacle sites. Local authorities are hopeful a local defence force can be organised, but Rewired pundit Kelvin Masters notes that relations between the governing minor factions have become fractious.
  • January 14 - Universal Cartographics officially renames fifteen systems in the Witch Head enclave for ease of navigation purposes.

June 3306

  • June 9 - Brewer Corporation releases the long-awaited Drake-Class Carrier to the public. With 16 landing pads, the ability to offer numerous services, and a 500 ly maximum jump range provided by its capital-class Frame Shift Drive, the new Fleet Carriers are poised to become a groundbreaking tool in the hands of the galaxy's independent pilots.
  • June 9 - Professor Katrien Rook of Vitadyne Labs announces that after over a year of delay, negotiations with Federal pharmaceutical manufacturer Vandermeer Corporation to distribute nanomedicines have been completed. The revolutionary nanomeds are made available for purchase at Elion Dock in the Kuma system.

September 3306

  • September 10 - The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, an extremist paramilitary group that seeks to replace the Empire's hereditary Emperors with representation by democratically-elected senators, claims credit for a series of explosions in multiple Imperial starports. The Empire issues a terrorism alert across its emergency broadcast channels requesting assistance in evacuating and repairing Mackenzie Relay in Cemiess, Tsiolkovsky Terminal in Gabjaujis, Garrido Market in LHS 4031, and Muller Terminal in Rabh.
  • September 11 - Brewer Corporation announces a partnership with Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd and Steel Castle Inc to upgrade a number of refinery outposts into Orbis and Coriolis starports in order to increase access to markets selling Tritium fuel.
  • September 12 - The Federal Attorney's Office concludes its inquiry into the destruction of Starship One in 3301. Though not yet made public, the final report is believed to assert that the vessel's Frame Shift Drive was deliberately sabotaged, and the Federal Intelligence Agency is expected to make an arrest soon.
  • September 12 - The Imperial Internal Security Service announces that the NMLA terrorist attacks on Imperial starports were carried out with explosives that had been modified with Thargoid technology. Damage from the bombings had initially caused confusion as it triggered automatic emergency broadcasts designed to summon aid during Thargoid incursions. Celebrations were reported in Imperial fringe systems, where Marlinism remains popular, and the IISS reaffirmed that it had no reason to doubt the NMLA's involvement.
  • September 14 - Prince Harold Duval is reportedly assassinated by a lone NMLA gunman who infiltrated the prince's personal ship. Prince Harold was reportedly traveling from Capitol to Cemiess to meet his daughter, Princess Aisling Duval, in response to the recent terrorist attacks. It is not known how the assassin, who was killed by shipboard guards, obtained the prince's itinerary or breached the ship's security.
  • September 17 - CEO Susannah Haynes of Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd and Director Dean Bradigan of Steel Castle Inc request commodity deliveries to Tenche and Nagasairu, respectively, for their starport conversion initiatives. Both companies plan to upgrade up to five stations apiece, depending on how much material is delivered. Systems that will benefit from the upgrades include, in order of priority, Fjorgyn, HR 4979, Wolf 294, Lambda-2 Tucanae, Potriti, LHS 4058, Chakpa, Gally Bese, Eta Cephei, and Ninabin.
  • September 17 - The Empire ends its media blackout and officially confirms that Prince Harold Duval was assassinated by the NMLA. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval announces a period of mourning is planned and a state funeral will be held at the Hall of Martyrs on Capitol. The Empire heightens its alert level, and the Imperial Senate approves multiple new counter-terrorism initiatives proposed by Senator Denton Patreus.
  • September 18 - Chief Technician Rory Webster, an officer of the Federal Navy Engineering Corps who headed the engineering team of Starship One, is arrested and charged with mass murder and treason for allegedly ordering unauthorised changes to Starship One's hyperdrive that resulted in its destruction in May 3301.
  • September 21 - The concurrent commodity campaigns run by Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd and Steel Castle Inc conclude successfully. Preparations begin for Orbis starports to be built in Fjorgyn, HR 4979, Wolf 294, Lambda-2 Tucanae, and Potriti, and for Coriolis starports to be built in LHS 4058, Chakpa, Gally Bese, Eta Cephei, and Ninabin; both projects are scheduled to be completed by October.
  • September 21 - The Imperial Herald publishes an obituary of the late Prince Harold Duval.
  • September 24 - The state funeral of Prince Harold Duval takes place on Capitol, marking the start of a week-long period of mourning. A memorial ceremony is planned in the Imperial Palace for October 1st, and deliveries of rare commodities are requested to be sent to Oterma Station and Baal to supply the event. In addition to credit rewards, participants are promised an Achenar system permit and discounts on Gutamaya ships.
  • September 28 - The trial of Chief Technician Rory Webster begins in the Federal High Court. Webster pleads not guilty. The prosecution reveals that Starship One's power regulators were replaced prior to its launch. Webster had convinced the first investigation this was routine, but one of his subordinates later tried to trace the components' source and found the records had been deleted, which sparked the second inquiry. Webster's lawyers counter that the charges cannot be proven and are motivated by personal grudges.
  • September 30 - Senator Denton Patreus deploys Imperial military forces to enforce martial law in Ackwada, Beatis, Chana, and Nahuatl, systems with known Marlinist sympathies where the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army is popular. Meanwhile, the Imperial Internal Security Service confirms that the bombs used by the NMLA contained Thargoid caustic enzymes, similar to that found in Enzyme Missile Rack warheads.

October 3306

  • October 1 - The Imperial Internal Security Service traces the explosives used in the recent NMLA terrorist bombings to the Engineer Liz Ryder and the anarchist Eurybia Blue Mafia. The Empire declares war on the Eurybia Blue Mafia after they refuse to turn over Ryder, and tasks the Keltim Empire League with coordinating the conflict and hiring independent pilots. The Eurybia Blue Mafia counters by claiming they have no involvement with the NMLA and also requesting assistance from pilots.
  • October 1 - With the success of the campaign to obtain rare goods for Prince Harold's funeral ceremony, the Empire begins processing Achenar system permits for participants. Gutamaya also begins offering its ships at a 20% discount for a period of one week. Princess Aisling Duval offers her gratitude to the public and pledges her support to all efforts to eliminate the NMLA.
  • October 1 - Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd and Steel Castle Inc complete their starport upgrades in all ten planned systems. This results in a fluctuation in demand for certain commodities, resulting in a temporary reduction in their availability and an increase in profits for traders who can supply them.
  • October 5 - The trial of Rory Webster comes to a temporary halt as the defendant offers to confess to his crimes and implicate other parties in exchange for the prosection setting aside the death penalty at sentencing. Webster claims he was ordered to sabotage Starship One by certain high-ranking individuals. The Federal Intelligence Agency begins taking his testimony, and the Federal Attorney's Office states a decision on when to the resume the trial will be made in the coming days.
  • October 8 - The Eurybia Blue Mafia beats back the Keltim Empire League's offensive in Eurybia, preventing Liz Ryder's arrest.
  • October 8 - The Empire mobilises the Regulatory State of Ackwada to subjugate the Duduseklis Empire League, an openly pro-Marlinist faction in control of the Ackwada system which the Imperial Internal Security Service accuses of knowlingly collaborating with the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army. The Duduseklis Empire League proclaims its innocence and asks for help holding back the Imperial invasion long enough to prepare and launch 10 megaships to evacuate Marlinist political refugees to safety.
  • October 9 - Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent of the Federal Navy chiefs of staff is arrested by the Federal Intelligence Agency on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and treason in relation to the destruction of Starship One. Rory Webster provided evidence that Vincent ordered him to sabotage Starship One and threatened to harm him if he did not comply. Webster is sentenced to 20 years in prison, while Vincent is placed in a high-security facility to await trial in the coming months.
  • October 12 - Liz Ryder publicly confirms that the explosive devices used in the September NMLA terrorist attacks were her designs, but she was not aware that the designs were intended for terrorism or that their payloads would be Thargoid caustic enzymes. Ryder explains that she created the designs under contract for a party that falsely identified itself as the Eurybia Blue Mafia. In return for Ryder providing all information in her possession concerning the contract, the Imperial Internal Security Service rescinds Ryder's arrest warrant.
  • October 14 - The Empire completes its blockade of Ackwada, intercepting several Duduseklis Empire League megaships attempting to evacuate Marlinist political refugees. Although Imperial forces arrest numerous Marlinists and begin tracking local NMLA cells for elimination, many smaller ships carrying Marlinists and possible NMLA members slip past the blockade.
  • October 15 - The Thargoids launch on assault on the Alliance-controlled systems of Onoros, Lembass, Haki, Wellington, and Shenve in the Witch Head Nebula. With neither Aegis nor the Alliance Defence Force prepared to repel the attack, the Alliance Expedtionary Pact faction calls for aid from independent pilots and anti-xeno groups. To entice pilots, the Technology Broker at Bray Landing in Yuanjia substantially reduces costs for Guardian weapons and modules.
  • October 16 - The Empire imposes lockdowns on more Marlinist systems, including 234 G. Carinae, Baltah'Sine, CD-39 3269, HIP 39470, and Mazahuanses. Citizens from these systems as well as the previously secured systems of Beatis, Chana, and Nahuatl evacuate aboard any ships they can find to avoid arrest. As Marlinist leaders protest the Empire's moves as persecution and members of the Imperial Senate voice concerns about mistreatment of Imperial citizens, Denton Patreus insists the Empire's security comes first. The Imperial Navy mounts a search for Marlinist refugee transports, but some reach the Federation.
  • October 19 - Lucas Vincent's arrest shocks the Federation. Support for Federal President Zachary Hudson and the Republican Party plummets due to Hudson's friendship with Vincent, which has stoked accusations of a conspiracy to assassinate former President Jasmina Halsey. While Hudson maintains his silence, at least a dozen Congressmen resign in protest, and the Liberal Party enjoys majority support in public opinion polls for the first time in years.
  • October 20 - Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana issues a formal demand to the Federation to extradite all Marlinist political refugees to the Empire, as hundreds of thousands of Marlinists arrive in the Federal systems of Charunder, Ennead, HIP 36081, LTT 1935, LTT 3607, and Thetis. Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester refuses, noting that there is no extradition treaty between the Federation and Empire for unconvicted individuals, and the Marlinist refugees have requested asylum. The Alliance and some independent systems also announce that they will welcome any Marlinists who enter their territory.
  • October 21 - Independent pilots successfully destroy the majority of Thargoid forces assaulting the Witch Head Nebula, and the remainder are driven into a full retreat. To celebrate this victory, the Technology Broker at Bray Landing in Yuanjia extends the discount on Guardian weapons and modules for an additional week.
  • October 22 - Humanitarian aid organisation Safeguard Interstellar sponsors a campaign to collect relief supplies for Marlinist refugees in six Federal systems, as local authorities in those systems warn that the influx of people could lead to public unrest and food shortages. Donations are requested to be delivered to Fox Enterprise in LFT 625, where the Fionn Liberals have also promised rewards for hunting wanted ships to ensure the safety of traders.
  • October 26 - Federal Congress approves a proposal from Shadow President Felicia Winters to grant safe haven and temporary citizenship to the Marlinist political refugees in Federal space. The proposal overrides President Zachary Hudson's stated intention to deport the Marlinists back the Empire, demonstrating how Hudson's reticence on the arrest of Lucas Vincent has undermined his own authority.
  • October 27 - Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval of Nova Imperium is severely wounded by an assassination attempt at his headquarters of Dyson City, Paresa and is hospitalized in critical condition. The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army claims responsibility for the attack and vows to "sever every head of the Duval hydra".
  • October 29 - The Safeguard Interstellar relief campaign collects sufficient supplies to sustain Marlinist populations in LTT 3607, Charunder, and Ennead until support from Federal Congress arrives.
  • October 29 - The Adamastor, an abandoned megaship, returns to the Chukchan system after almost two centuries on autopilot and is moved to an orbit over Chukchan 5 B. The Alliance Salvage Guild determines that the Adamastor was designed for clandestine operations and passed near the HIP 61595, HIP 64011, and HIP 65201 systems, but are unable to find any intact records of its original destination or identification. Retired private investigator Benjamin Chester extends his assistance and uncovers that the ship was operated by the now-defunct corporation Azimuth Biochemicals, and that it was also scheduled to pass by the HIP 39748 and HIP 33386 systems. Meanwhile, independent pilots searching the Coalsack Nebula for the source of a mysterious transmission discover a derelict scientific outpost established in 3111 by an Azimuth Biochemicals survey team in Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1, as well as extensive Thargoid activity in the area.
  • October 30 - Tensions between the Federation and Empire escalate, with reports emerging that both sides severed a number of official communication channels, as Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana repeats the Empire's demand for the Federation to deport all Marlinist immigrants. Some political commentators observe that the Federation granting asylum to the Marlinists could be construed as the mass kidnapping of Imperial citizens and thus an act of war.

November 3306

  • November 2 - Princess Aisling Duval travels to Paresa aboard the INV Achenar's Courage to offer protection to Hadrian Augustus Duval. The Imperator is transferred to the Majestic Class Interdictor and given advanced medical treatment surrounded by his Praetorian Guard and Imperial troops. Aisling's actions draw both praise and criticism given that Nova Imperium remains outlawed by the Empire for sedition, but Aisling insists she will not allow another Duval to die. Praetor Leo Magnus, who continues to investigate the breach of security at Dyson City, thanks the Princess for her assistance.
  • November 3 - After using information provided by Liz Ryder to locate and investigate the NMLA bomb-making facility where the weapons used in the September 10th starport attacks were produced, the Empire finds evidence that the NMLA may be operating a second bomb-making facility in the Federal border system LTT 1935. Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana alleges that the Federation may be supporting the NMLA in an effort to destabilize the Empire, and warns there will be consequences if this is confirmed. Meanwhile, LTT 1935 and two other Federal systems, HIP 36081 and Thetis, report civil unrest, food shortages, and epidemics due to having insufficient resources to cope with Marlinist refugees.
  • November 5 - The Imperial Internal Security Service enters LTT 1935 to investigate and confirms the presence of multiple hidden NMLA facilities, but is met with armed resistance from local Federal forces under the LTT 1935 Confederacy faction. The IISS calls on reinforcements from the Empire-aligned L.Y.S Corp to occupy LTT 1935, sparking a battle for control of the system. Both sides seek support from independent pilots, and offer Federal and Imperial Navy rank promotions as added rewards.
  • November 6 - The NMLA continues its campaign of terror in the Empire, carrying out over fifty bombs attacks on government buildings and security forces that kill hundreds over a three week period, and assassinating multiple high-profile individuals connected to the Duvals, including Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval's relative Baron Cesare Lavigny. Critics suggest that the IISS underestimated the NMLA and its anti-terrorism operation radicalised many people with Marlinist sympathies. In the Federation, commentators warn that the LTT 1935 conflict could provoke all-out war, and note that while President Zachary Hudson's support in Congress has declined and Shadow President Felicia Winters holds the initiative, her championing of Imperial refugees does not guarantee their acceptance in Federal society.
  • November 9 - The Alliance Assembly announces a joint expedition with several corporations, including Sirius Atmospherics, to secure fresh meta-alloy sources in the Coalsack Nebula that were discovered in connection to the Adamastor ghost ship. Political commentators speculate that the success of the expedition will be key to stabilising the Alliance's economy and shoring up Prime Minister Edmund Mahon's bid for reelection in 3307.
  • November 10 - Princess Aisling Duval formally requests that Hadrian Augustus Duval be readmitted into the Imperial Family as Prince Hadrian, signalling a new direction for Nova Imperium. The Imperator confirms that after a discussion with Aisling he has decided to assume his birthright. He urges Imperial authorities to learn from their purge of Nova Imperium and show mercy to the Marlinists, arguing that the Empire must unite in order to face the NMLA.
  • November 12 - The Federation-aligned LTT 1935 Confederacy successfully resists the Empire-aligned L.Y.S Corp's attempt to occupy LTT 1935.
  • November 12 - The Alliance's initiative to exploit the Coalsack Nebula begins. The Alliance Expeditionary Pact reveals plans to build Betancourt Base starport in Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 and three further outposts: Hannu Arena in Musca Dark Region IM-V c2-24, Cole Point in Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6, and Bering Port in Coalsack Sector KN-S b4-9. The Alliance Defence Force also asks for volunteers to help reduce the Coalsack Nebula's Thargoid presence.
  • November 16 - Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval rejects Princess Aisling Duval's request to grant Hadrian Augustus Duval a royal title or official position within the Imperial Family. Instead, in a proclamation presented to the Senate by Chancellor Anders Blaine, Hadrian is recognized as a Duval by blood and he and his followers are granted pardons for past crimes against the Empire. In addition, the Senate ratifies the Treaty of Paresa, which decriminalizes Nova Imperium in return for accepting Emperor Arissa's rule and contributing in operations against the NMLA.
  • November 17 - The initial stage of the Alliance's initiative to exploit the Coalsack Nebula concludes. An enthusiastic response from independent pilots to the supply and defence campaigns helps secure sufficient resources to build all four stations, upgrade the three outposts to starports, and hire Interstellar Factors, Material Traders, and a Technology Broker.
  • November 18 - A Federal Security Service operation initiated by Federal Vice President Brad Mitchell identifies nine active NMLA members hiding among Marlinist refugees. The terrorists are detained for interrogation before being turned over to Imperial authorities. Meanwhile, several Federal worlds are gripped by protests demanding all Marlinists be sent back to the Empire due to the risks they pose to safety and the economy, as well as counter-protests calling for the Marlinists to be welcomed by the Federation as fellow believers in democracy.
  • November 19 - The NMLA bombs the Federal starport Kepler Orbital in Atropos, and issues a warning to the Federation. The explosives involved are thought to be of the same design and have the same Thargoid enzyme payload as those used in the September attacks in the Empire. The FSS confirms that the nine NMLA members arrested the previous day were being held in secure facilities on Kepler Orbital that were destroyed by the blasts, and it is assumed that the bombing's purpose was to silence the prisoners before they were interrogated.
  • November 20 - In the wake of the Kepler Orbital bombing, relations between the Federation and the Empire deteriorate further. Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana claims that the Federation invited the bombing by not allowing the Empire to shut down the NMLA's bomb-making facilities in LTT 1935. Several Federal embassies in Imperial systems close after their staff are threatened by violent anti-Marlinist protests. Shadow President Felicia Winters is blamed for the attack by Vice President Brad Mitchell, as well as congressmen displeased by aid being prioritised for Marlinist refugees rather than Federal citizens, and her recent surge in support falters.
  • November 23 - A number of mined commodities, including painite, low temperature diamonds, and void opals, see sudden fluctations in price due to increasing market volatility. Financial experts offer various explanations for the price changes, such as a market correction, a result of increasing tensions between the Federation and the Empire, or a minor anomaly that will soon abate. Economics professor Ophelia Kaufmann notes that while demand for some high-value commodities has fallen, prices will likely increase for several low-value commodities, and the outcome of the crisis between the superpowers will affect the severity of future changes.
  • November 24 - Core Dynamics makes an official bid to acquire Lakon Spaceways. While Lakon does not immediately respond and questions are raised about whether a merger between corporations partnered with different superpowers would be legal, some industry experts speculate that Lakon could accept the offer since investment in the Alliance Chieftain and its sister ships may have strained the company's finances. Neither the Federal Commerce Authority nor the Independent Commission for Market Equality disapprove the proposal.
  • November 26 - The Alliance's four research stations in the Coalsack Nebula begin operations. Chief xenobiologist Dr. Rodion Stathos of Betancourt Base in Musca Dark Sector PJ-P b6-1 issues an open request for Thargoid commodities for research purposes.
  • November 26 - President Zachary Hudson convinces Federal Congress to approve a funding increase for the Federal Navy in order to expand production of Farragut Battle Cruisers. To fulfill the new production schedule, the Federal Navy asks for deliveries of several commodities to Schweickart City in Parutis. Only hours later, the Imperial Senate approves a similar funding request for the Imperial Navy made by Senator Denton Patreus, and Miyasaka Orbital in Mandh begins accepting commodities for the construction of new Majestic Class Interdictors.
  • November 27 - As the Federation and the Empire ramp up military spending and cease cooperating, commentators warn they are on the brink of war. President Zachary Hudson mostly recovers his standing following the Kepler Orbital bombing that killed thousands, while Shadow President Felicia Winters' acceptance of Marlinist refugees loses popularity. Senator Denton Patreus orders the withdrawal of funding from Aegis to change focus from the subsiding Thargoid threat to the Federation and the NMLA.
  • November 30 - The value of bounty vouchers is increased galaxy-wide after the rise in superpower military spending leaves local security forces without adequate ships and manpower for policing efforts against piracy and violent crime. Combat bonds remain unaffected.

December 3306

  • December 1 - Lakon Spaceways chairperson Naomi Landseer turns down Core Dynamics' buyout proposal. The move comes as a surprise due to the ongoing rumours of Lakon's dire financial difficulties, as well as strong pressure from Lakon shareholders who desire the merger and believe Landseer is focusing too much on Alliance contracts. Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester declines to withdraw his bid and mulls his options.
  • December 3 - The resource campaigns for the Federal and Imperial Navy construction programmes conclude. The Federal Navy is expected to launch five new Farragut Battle Cruisers to patrol the Atropos, Iman Caber, LHS 142, LFT 367, and Wolf 25 systems. The Imperial Navy is expected to launch four new Majestic Class Interdictors to patrol the Chimechilo, Orannika, Theta Indi, and Zelano systems. Federal Congress and the Imperial Senate also increase funding for support vessels and ground forces.
  • December 3 - Sirius Atmospherics project director Dr. Maximilian North announces the development of terraforming procredures for ammonia worlds, and launches a campaign to collect detailed scan data on ammonia worlds across the galaxy. The data will be used by Sirius to support plans to terraform ammonia worlds in the Coalsack Nebula for the ongoing Alliance colonisation expedition in the region.
  • December 7 - Lakon Spaceways applies a 30% discount on the Asp Scout, Diamondback Scout, Keelback, Type-7 Transporter, and Type-10 Defender through the end of the month. Industry analysts assume that the sale is an attempt to increase Lakon's profits in the short term to assuage shareholders, and Lakon chairperson Naomi Landseer remarks that while Lakon's profits have fallen recently, the company remains financially secure.
  • December 8 - Factions increase the rewards for Combat Bonds obtained from both human and Thargoid ships in an effort to boost defences. Professor Ophelia Kaufmann remarks that the ongoing volatility of financial markets brought on by superpower tensions, terrorist attacks, and a Thargoid resurgence have caused widespread revaluation, and factions have prioritised protecting their citizens.
  • December 8 - The Marlinist refugee crisis continues to divide the Federation in the wake of the Kepler Orbital bombing. Although Marlinists came forward to expose NMLA members in their midst and the Federal Security Service believes the risk of terrorism from them is now low, Federal Congress becomes deadlocked over whether or not to grant the Marlinists full Federal citizenship.
  • December 10 - Dr. Maximilian North offers his gratitude for the ammonia world data delivered to Sirius Atmospherics. The data will be used in terraforming simulations, and ammonia worlds in the Coalsack Nebula could one day be inhabitable. At the same time, Commodore Morag Halloran of the Alliance Defence Force observes that anti-xeno security in the Coalsack is insufficient due to the ADF's distance from the nebula, as well as Aegis losing funding from both the Empire and Federation.
  • December 10 - To resolve the standoff between the Empire and the Federation over the Marlinist refugees, Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui presented a solution: construct up to 10 new self-governing colonies in unclaimed systems for the Marlinists to reside in. Both Federal Congress and the Imperial Senate approved the proposal with the caveat that any identified NMLA members be turned over to Imperial authorities. Marlinist community leader Dr. Jenna Fairfax also voiced her approval, as the plan would end the uncertain predicament of her people.
  • December 11 - Billionaire Zachary Rackham announces the imminent construction of a permanent orbital outpost in HIP 58832, a remote system over 5,000 light-years above the Core Systems that is commonly considered the galactic zenith or "the Roof of Space". The project is funded by Rackham Capital Investments with assistance from Universal Cartographics and several scientific organisations.
  • December 14 - Core Dynamics applies a 30% discount on the Eagle MkII and Vulture, and a 20% discount on the Federal Assault Ship, Federal Dropship, and Federal Gunship through the end of the month to raise funds for a hostile takeover of Lakon Spaceways. A number of Lakon investors are reportedly bribed to give up their shares or coerced into pressuring the Lakon board of directors to accept Core Dynamics' ownership bid.
  • December 17 - Rackham's Peak, the outpost constructed by Rackham Capital Investments in the galactic zenith of HIP 58832, celebrates its grand opening. Zachary Rackham himself conducts the facility's inauguration ceremony, and its market begins offering high prices for deliveries of alcoholic beverage commodities.
  • December 17 - Sirius Corporation secures enough supplies to construct Marlinist colonies in eight systems: HIP 22550, Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6, LP 659-31, Hyades Sector LX-T c3-30, Hyades Sector SU-C a14-1, and Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2. The colonies are expected be completed and the Marlinist refugees settled there in early 3307. Marlinist leaders offer their gratitude, but also remark that their goal of one day converting the Empire into a democracy has not changed.
  • December 17 - In response to the NMLA's manipulation of the engineer Liz Ryder, all engineers across the galaxy open up channels of communication with each other to discuss ways to protect themselves and maintain the public's trust. This results in a collaboration in which the engineers decide to temporarily accept lower grade materials for higher grade modifications until January 7, 3307.
  • December 21 - NMLA attacks decrease in frequency as the Imperial Internal Security Service shuts down several cells using information obtained from NMLA members captured by the Federal Security Service. Meanwhile, the Marlinist refugees begin preparing for their transfer to their new colonies next year, which will be handled by Safeguard Interstellar. The Marlinists form a transitional parliament headed by community leaders Dr. Jenna Fairfax, Aaron Whyte, and Amrita Ross, and democratic elections are planned once the Marlinist Colonies are fully operational.
  • December 22 - In an emergency meeting, a majority of Lakon Spaceways shareholders vote to replace several members of the board of directors who opposed the company joining Core Dynamics, including Chairperson Naomi Landseer. The board's new members pledge that Core Dynamics' original buyout bid will be reconsidered.
  • December 24 - A second wave of Marlinist refugees from the Empire begins arriving in the Alliance. Safeguard Interstellar provides basic necessities to the tens of thousands of refugees, while Alliance Interpol runs strict background checks to catch NMLA members. With the Marlinist Colonies still under construction, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon welcomes the Marlinists, but meets growing resistance in the Alliance Assembly. His likely opponent in the 3307 election, Councillor Nakato Kaine, garners significant support for declaring that while the Marlinists will be given aid, the Alliance is not responsible for dealing with the domestic problems of the Empire and Federation.
  • December 28 - Sirius Atmospherics project director Dr. Maximilian North tempers expectations about the pace of terraforming ammonia worlds in the Coalsack Nebula, revealing that the new terraforming techniques are not as effective as simulations suggested. Independent journalist Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse claims that Sirius's terraforming project is likely a cover for an operation involving the Thargoids. The Alliance corroborates Dr. North's report, but separately confirms an influx of Sirius personnel and equipment in the Coalsack.
  • December 29 - Lakon Spaceways is threatened with insolvency and dissolution as economic instability plunges its share value to unprecdented lows. Trent Delaney, the new head of Lakon, blames the company's previous leadership for its current plight, and asserts Core Dynamics taking ownership of Lakon will resolve its financial crisis. However, the Independent Commission for Market Equality reports irregularities in recent transfers of Lakon stock to new owners, and some Core Dynamics senior directors allegedly have doubts about CEO Jupiter Rochester's push to acquire Lakon.
  • December 31 - The Thargoids launch a coordinated strike against three systems in the Coalsack Nebula and six systems in the Witch Head Nebula. Local security ships report being overwhelmed, and the Alliance Defence Force is too slow to prevent the infestations. Admiral Aden Tanner warns the public that Aegis is unable to adequately respond to the situation due to recent funding and resource cutbacks, and calls on independent pilots to provide assistance in fending off the incursions.


January 3307

  • January 1 - Simguru Pranav Antal of the Utopia commune invites the Alliance, Empire, and Federation to attend a diplomatic conference to resolve their differences in light of the threat posed by recent events such as the Thargoid resurgence, NMLA terrorism, political tensions between the Federation and the Empire, and ongoing galactic economic instability. The proposed Galactic Summit would be a first of its kind meeting between all three superpowers.
  • January 4 - Campaign season begins for the Alliance's election for prime minister, scheduled to take place in the Alliance Assembly on February 25, 3307. Incumbent Edmund Mahon faces multiple opponents, but Councillor Nakato Kaine of Tionisla emerges as his foremost rival, rallying the discontent of a faction of the Assembly and speaking out against the Alliance's increased dependence on corporations and the other two superpowers, and its aggressive exploitation of meta-alloys in Thargoid territories.
  • January 5 - Lakon Spaceways' board fo directors officially accepts the purchase bid from Core Dynamics, paving the way for the transfer of ownership to formally take place in two months' time. The takeover is approved by the Federal Commerce Authority, but the Independent Commission for Market Equality continues investigating reports of irregularities. Admiral Rachel Ziegler of the Council of Admirals warns the Alliance Assembly that the manufacture of Alliance ships by a foreign power will create security issues for the already overextended Alliance Defence Force.
  • January 7 - The Thargoid offensive in the Coalsack and Witch Head Nebulas enters its second week. Thousands of colonists are reported dead, and only two of the nine affected systems are cleared of incursions. Admiral Aden Tanner reiterates that the nebula colonies must rely on independent pilots for protection.
  • January 7 - Dr. Roy Casimir, chief researcher of the Holloway Bioscience Institute of Colonia, requests deliveries of tissue samples from spaceborne "pod" organisms for study. Sufficient quantities will allow the creation of experimental habitats for these organisms in adjacent systems for long-term research.
  • January 8 - Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis pleads for the superpowers to attend the Galactic Summit and restore resources to Aegis as the Thargoid resurgence continues. While there is not yet any official response to Utopia's proposal, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Princess Aisling Duval, and Shadow President Felicia Winters signal their approval, and there are reports that legislators in each superpower are urging their respective leaders to attend.
  • January 11 - The Federal Attorney's Office obtains a grand jury indictment against Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent for conspiracy to commit murder and treason in the Starship One disaster. The trial of Vincent, who is the highest ranking Federal military officer to ever stand trial, is scheduled to begin on January 25, 3307 at the Federal High Court in Olympus Village on Mars.
  • January 13 - An anonymous source within Core Dynamics claims to Vox Galactica that CEO Jupiter Rochester has spent years acquiring companies outside the Federation, such as Vodel and Lakon Spaceways, to diversify his family's personal holdings instead of expanding Core Dynamics itself. The source also reveals Rochester has amassed a kind of cult of personality, and several Core Dynamics departments operate almost independently from the rest of the company under the banner of "Jupiter Division". Former Lakon chairperson Naomi Landseer asks the Independent Commission for Market Equality to investigate further.
  • January 14 - The Holloway Bioscience Institute receives enough xenological samples to establish experimental habitats for spaceborne organisms in Eol Prou PC-K c9-221, Eol Prou LW-L c8-99, Eol Prou KW-L c8-301, and Eol Prou PC-K c9-154 in the Colonia Nebula. Dr. Roy Casimir also hints that research into these organisms may have commercial applications.
  • January 14 - Hundreds of millions of Marlinists are relocated to the Marlinist Colonies. The Marlinist factions begin holding democratic elections to determine their leaders, but the transitional parliament declares a state of emergency due to a shortage of food stocks. Dr. Jenna Fairfax issues a request for deliveries of food commodities to Stillman Hub in HIP 22550. Bounties are issued on criminal and anti-Marlinist ships to protect traders while local system defence forces are organised.
  • January 15 - The Independent Commission for Market Equality reports that Core Dynamics illegally used shell companies to purchase Lakon stock from shareholders, and two serious accusations of blackmail are referred to Alliance Interpol. In the Federation, an editorial published in Sol Today praises Jupiter Rochester for acquiring Lakon and encourages him to break his "Jupiter Division" off into its own company to get away from the apparent jealousy of his Core Dynamics colleagues.
  • January 18 - CEO Li Yong-Rui of Sirius Corporation offers to host the proposed Galactic Summit in the Sirius system, declaring that Sirius Corp can provide better security and resources, has warm relationships with all three superpowers, and has most recently demonstrated its impartiality by building the Marlinist Colonies. While the competing proposals from Utopia and Sirius are evaluated, a third offer from Zachary Rackham to host the conference at the actual galactic summit of Rackham's Peak is disregarded.
  • January 19 - Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon formally begins his re-election campaign on planet Birmingham in his home system of Diso. He plans to tour systems across the Alliance to tout his accomplishments and rouse support.
  • January 20 - Former Federal President Jasmina Halsey returns to Olympus Village at the request of the Federal High Court to provide witness testimony in the trial of Lucas Vincent for the destruction of Starship One.
  • January 21 - The Marlinist Colonies elect the inaugural members of the Marlinist Parliament, with Dr. Jenna Fairfax becoming First Minister of the new government. Following a robust response to the request for food, Fairfax announces discounts on local commodities to stimulate trade with neighboring systems.
  • January 21 - Utopia and Sirius Corporation open competing initiatives at Polevnic and Lembava to gather data materials to be used in the planning of security operations for the Galactic Summit, which is scheduled for late February after the three superpowers provisionally agree to send delegations. The organisation that receives the most data will be deemed the most suitable host for the conference.
  • January 22 - During a campaign rally on the planet Leesti, Councillor Nakato Kaine criticises Prime Minister Edmund Mahon for his expansionist policies, and advocates increasing mutual cooperation among Alliance members through investing in trade and security.
  • January 25 - The trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent begins. The prosecution presents evidence obtained from Rory Webster, including a recorded transmission from Vincent's office to Starship One on May 24, 3301 ordering the ship to divert to Azaleach for maintenance, where Webster sabotaged it. Vincent insists that the trial is a cover-up and the Liberal Party had Starship One destroyed to elevate then-Secretary of State Felicia Winters to the presidency. Vincent's own counsel downplays his claim and instead argues that Webster's recordings are fabrications.
  • January 27 - Jasmina Halsey testifies in the trial of Lucas Vincent. Halsey confirms that Vincent personally ordered Starship One to divert to Azaleach, and recounts her experience of the vessel's destruction. When the defence counsel attempts to call her state of mind into question by presenting her post-recovery descriptions of an encounter with the "caretakers of the galaxy", Halsey reveals she has no memory of making those statements, and provides medical reports from Alliance doctors affirming her sanity.
  • January 28 - Sirius Corporation wins the competition to host the Galactic Summit, and begins making preparations. Sirius further clarified that the conference was planned to take place over a three week period in late February and early March.
  • January 28 - Commander Elsa Solomon reports receiving a partial distress signal from a ship or place called "Serene Harbour" while travelling through the Swoilz XX-D c1-30 system. The Pilots Federations asks pilots to search within an 80 light-year radius of the system for the signal's source.
  • January 28 - The Pilots Federation announces it has received an encrypted transmission related to Serene Harbour that includes planetary surface coordinates and the phrase "Theta Seven".
  • January 28 - Independent pilots discover Serene Harbour, an abandoned Imperial Intelligence Service detention facility, on planet 3 B of the R CrA Sector AF-A d42 system. Recovered logs recorded by Commandant Gabriel De Luca indicate that on January 20, Serene Harbour received a group of Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army prisoners designated "Theta Group" who had been captured in LTT 1935. On January 26, Serene Harbour's security systems were disabled remotely, and Imperial troops aboard a supply shuttle killed all prisoners and staff except for Theta Group, whom they departed with. Commandant De Luca speculated that the NMLA had somehow infiltrated Imperial Intelligence.
  • January 29 - In the ongoing trial of Lucas Vincent, Jasmina Halsey reveals that in April 3301, she informed her Cabinet of plans to address her low approval rating by cutting the Federal Navy's budget, among other policy changes. It is suggested that this was what motivated Vincent to assassinate her, since the budget cut would have weakened his influence and impacted certain individuals to whom Vincent was illegally connected. Details about Vincent's associates would be provided later in the trial.

February 3307

  • February 1 - The Alliance Assembly narrowly approves a proposal from Prime Minister Edmund Mahon to delay the upcoming election until May 3307 to avoid conflicting with the Galactic Summit scheduled for late February. Councillor Nakato Kaine blasts Mahon's move as a transparent excuse to prolong his term in office and not befitting a leader of the Alliance.
  • February 2 - Evidence presented at the trial of Lucas Vincent reveals that in 3301, the Fleet Admiral and other Federal naval officers had been secretly receiving billions of credits from shell companies created by Core Dynamics. The corporation does not respond to press inquiries, but there are unverified reports of large-scale activity taking place at certain Core Dynamics facilities.
  • February 3 - Senator Karl Nerva denies that the Serene Harbour site has any association with Imperial Intelligence or the Empire, and accuses the Federation of fabricating the facility and its logs to stage a disinformation campaign. Nerva does confirm that Captain Gabriel De Luca, Serene Harbour's commandant, was a real person who worked in Imperial Intelligence, but clarifies that De Luca died years ago and seemingly had his identity stolen.
  • February 4 - Engineer Liz Ryder issues a request for mined commodities to reduce the expense of making an enhanced Seeker Missile Rack module widely available through Technology Brokers.
  • February 5 - On the final day of the trial of Lucas Vincent, the prosecution names Jupiter Rochester as a co-conspirator in the plot to destroy Starship One, claiming that Vincent and the CEO wanted to replace Jasmina Halsey to protect Core Dynamics' profits, since her planned policy change would reduce the company's contracts with the Federal Navy. The defence again questions Halsey's credibility as well as the admissibility of the prosecution's latest evidence. The jury then enters sequestered deliberations. Shortly afterward, reports surface that the Core Dynamics departments collectively known as "Jupiter Division" are transporting ships and personnel to HIP 54530, and the ruling minor faction HIP 54530 Gold Universal Group has renamed itself Jupiter Division.
  • February 8 - The Pilots Federation issues an emergency bulletin warning newly-licensed pilots to avoid Fleet Carriers in the HR 6828 system. Fleet Carrier owners there reportedly kidnap newly-licensed pilots by enticing them with a lucrative mining opportunity and then transporting them to a remote system to mine. The pilots' ships usually lack the jump range to depart the system on their own, making them reliant on the Fleet Carriers to return them to the Core Systems.
  • February 8 - Lucas Vincent is found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and treason and sentenced to life imprisonment. The Federal Intelligence Agency immediately arrests several co-conspirators in the Federal Navy and government. Jupiter Rochester evades arrest by fleeing to the new Jupiter Division faction in HIP 54530. His involvement in the Starship One disaster furthers conspiracy theories that he is a member of a covert group of figures who manipulate human civilisation to benefit the military/industrial complex. Accusations that President Zachary Hudson was responsible for the disaster are debunked, as Vincent's trial did not present any evidence that Hudson had any knowledge of the plot to eliminate Jasmina Halsey.
  • February 9 - In a statement broadcast across all Federal media channels, Jupiter Rochester declares himself the Supreme Executive of Jupiter Division, revealed to be an independent corporate republic. Rochester explains that he founded Jupiter Division to demonstrate that corporate rule would be a superior form of government for the Federation, and hints at future commercial plans.
  • February 10 - The Independent Commission for Market Equality finds that former Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester used bribery and blackmail to coerce Lakon shareholders into replacing the company's board of directors to approve the hostile takeover. Core Dynamics, in disarray due to the secession of Jupiter Division, terminates the merger, and Naomi Landseer is reinstalled as chairperson of Lakon. With investor confidence in Lakon plummeting, Sirius Corporation makes its own offer to acquire the shipbuilder.
  • February 11 - Jupiter Division goes to war with the Federation-aligned Silver Legal Group in HIP 54530 to secure its presence in the system. Both factions issue calls for assistance in the conflict, and the Pilots Federation grants temporary system permits to all licensed commanders so they can participate. Both factions offer discounts on outfitting at Northrop Enterprise and permanent system permits as rewards.
  • February 12 - Liz Ryder's campaign to make her modified Seeker Missile Rack available to pilots through Technology Brokers is a success, and enough resources are gathered to offer the module at a discount.
  • February 12 - The Empire and the Marlinist Colonies form delegations to participate in the Galactic Summit, scheduled to open on February 25. The Empire will be represented by Chancellor Anders Blaine, Princess Aisling Duval, and Senator Denton Patreus, in addition to members of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. Senator Zemina Torval will head the Imperial Senate as acting chancellor in Blaine's absence. The Marlinist delegation will include First Minister Jenna Fairfax and Minister Aaron Whyte, who hope to engage with the Empire diplomatically and establish relations with other governments.
  • February 15 - The revelation of Jupiter Rochester's involvement in the Starship One conspiracy stoke a public outcry against corruption and corporate influence in the Federal government. Trust in the Republican Party falls even as President Hudson denies knowledge of the conspiracy, and the Liberal Party is also politically embarrassed by Shadow Vice President Isolde Rochester's ties to the man who funded the assassination attempt against former President Halsey and has now taken up arms against the Federation in HIP 54530.
  • February 16 - The Alliance purchases a majority sharehold in Lakon Spaceways, saving the company from insolvency and ensuring a key defence contractor for the Alliance Defence Force will remain out of the hands of another corporation or superpower. Lakon confirms plans to relocate its headquarters to Alioth.
  • February 18 - Silver Legal Group defeats Jupiter Division and assumes control of and permit rights to HIP 54530. Jupiter Rochester and thousands of his followers are apprehended by the Federal Intelligence Agency, with Rochester facing trial for his role in the Starship One disaster, and arrangements are made for the return of stolen Core Dynamics assets. Remnants of Jupiter Division flee to HIP 55014 aboard the megaship Victory's Forge.
  • February 18 - Sirius Corporation requests deliveries of rare food commodities to Ashby City in Luyten's Star. The luxury goods will be ferried to the Sirius system, where they will be served during the Galactic Summit. Sirius Corp plans to reward participants with permits to Sirius and a specially modified Frame Shift Drive, which will also be made available through Technology Brokers.
  • February 19 - Lakon Spaceways finishes moving its administrative hub to Lakon Spaceways Central on Alioth 1 A, and enacts a permanent 5% discount off all of its ships sold at ports in the system. Elsewhere, Federal news feeds report that Core Dynamics is undergoing a rapid restructuring in the wake of the Jupiter Division affair.
  • February 22 - President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters confirm they will be part of the Federation's delegation to the Galactic Summit. Vice President Brad Mitchell will remain behind to oversee the Federal government, as will Shadow Vice President Isolde Rochester, who remains ensnared in the scandals of Jupiter Rochester. In related news, Jupiter's husband, actor Tomas Turai, files for divorce.
  • February 23 - Protests against the postponement of the Alliance prime minister election sweep many Allied worlds. Councillor Nakato Kaine gives the protests her full support and becomes a figurehead for public discontent, with some commentators claiming she would have won the election if it had been held as originally scheduled. Kaine decides to attend the Galactic Summit, ostensibly to keep Edmund Mahon in check.
  • February 25 - With the completion of the rare food commodities campaign for the Galactic Summit, the first delegations begin arriving in Sirius.
  • February 25 - As the Galactic Summit kicks off, Li Yong-Rui announces that the Federation will assist Sirius Corporation in providing security for the conference's first week, followed by the Empire and the Alliance in subsequent weeks. Rewards for participants include a Sirius permit and unique Viper MkIII paintjobs. Also, to celebrate the Galactic Summit, Core Dynamics, Gutamaya, and Lakon Spaceways offer a 10% discount on all of their ships for the event's duration.
  • February 26 - The Galactic Summit begins with speeches from Chancellor Anders Blaine, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, and President Zachary Hudson, and the schedule of events is formalised. Among the numerous first meetings between galactic leaders, the Marlinist Colonies delegation is snubbed by Senator Denton Patreus, but received cordially by Shadow President Felicia Winters and her guest, Jasmina Halsey. Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester is notably absent due to the legal scrutiny faced by his family over the Jupiter Division affair.

March 3307

  • March 1 - A variety of news feeds report that tensions are running high at the Galactic Summit as delegates clash over long-standing issues. Despite this, a spokesperson for Sirius Corporation states that the conference is "going well".
  • March 3 - The Alliance, Empire, and Federation ratify a number of small treaties at the Galactic Summit. The most significant is the Cornelius-Lasky Convention, named for sponsors Senator Ava Cornelius and Congressman Kristine Lasky, which requires the three superpowers to share information on large-scale threats to civilian populations. In addition, First Minister Jenna Fairfax formally apologises to Princess Aisling Duval for her father's death and condemns the NMLA, signalling a possible reconciliation between the Marlinists and the Empire.
  • March 4 - The Empire assumes partial security responsibilities for the Galactic Summit as it enters its second week. In addition to issuing bounties on criminals, Sirius Corporation requests deliveries of food commodities to keep the conference well-supplied.
  • March 4 - Pirate warlord Archon Delaine of the Kumo Crew unexpectedly arrives at Patterson Enterprise and demands to participate in the Galactic Summit as a delegate. Sirius Corporation grants him diplomatic immunity and assures the other delegates that the Kumo pirates will follow all rules and etiquettes. Delaine's presence causes major controversy and some ambassadors leave in protest.
  • March 5 - The Federal Justice Department takes the unusual step of summarily sentencing Jupiter Rochester to life imprisonment without a trial. The Federal Attorney's Office's request to investigate Rochester and Vincent for possible other crimes is denied. In related news, Core Dynamics continues its restructuring and purge of Rochester loyalists under new CEO Owen McKenna, and a corporatist movement inspired by Rochester's ideology forms in the Federation and gains support.
  • March 8 - Speaking before the Galactic Summit, Archon Delaine demands international recognition of Kumo Crew and its territory as a sovereign state, sparking an intense debate among the other delegates. This comes amid growing suspicions that the criminal ships flocking to Sirius belong to Kumo Crew.
  • March 9 - Delegates at the Galactic Summit tentatively agree to increase funding for Aegis on the condition that the organisation produces new anti-Thargoid breakthroughs from its Guardian research. Support builds for Edmund Mahon's Sirius Treaty to increase cooperation against the Thargoids, and Archon Delaine, the Marlinist Colonies, and other independent groups commit to signing it.
  • March 10 - Detectives Erik Gunnarson and Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency provide an update on the Adamastor ghost ship. The Adamastor was found to have had a sister ship, the Hesperus, which departed for an unknown destination in 3113 and never returned. An examination of Geological Survey 23B also revealed that the battle there may have involved another human faction in addition to the Thargoids, possibly Azimuth Biochemicals' rival Pharmasapien.
  • March 11 - The NMLA carries out a wave of bombings at starports in nine major systems, including Achenar, Alioth, Eotienses, Gateway, Kamadhenu, Lave, Nanomam, Rhea, and Sol. Hundreds of thousands are killed, and many more are injured. The Galactic Summit is temporarily suspended while leaders rush to address the attacks, and a lockdown is imposed on Sirius.
  • March 11 - The Galactic Summit is cancelled due to fears that Patterson Enterprise in Sirius may be the next target of the NMLA. The delegations return to their home systems, and the Sirius Treaty is left unsigned. The NMLA formally claims responsibility for the attacks, with a broadcast from "Theta Seven" condemning the Alliance and the Federation as imperialist supporters of the Duvals and urging the people of the galaxy to "retake control" using the "Nine Martyrs" stations as inspiration and an opportunity.
  • March 12 - The Federation confirms that Federal Vice President Brad Mitchell and several Cabinet members were among the tens of thousands killed by the NMLA's bombing of the starport Li Qing Jao in Sol. The Federation also accuses the Empire of being responsible for the March 11 attacks by allowing NMLA bomb-makers to escape from Serene Harbour, while the Imperial Senate insists Serene Harbour has no connection to the Empire. In addition, Marlinists come under criticism from the public, and the Marlinist Colonies repeat their denial of any association with the NMLA.
  • March 15 - Internal political tensions emerge within the superpowers as the "Nine Martyrs" stations continue to burn. In the Empire, Senator Denton Patreus is firmly rebuked by Chancellor Anders Blaine for his suggestion to arrest all Marlinists as NMLA collaborators. In the Federation, President Zachary Hudson blasts Shadow President Felicia Winters for providing aid to Marlinist refugees the previous year, accusing her of enabling terrorism. In the Alliance, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon calls for unity against the NMLA, while Councillor Nakato Kaine insinuates that when Mahon chose to attend the Galactic Summit, he prioritised the Alliance's and his own prestige over the lives of the Allied citizens who were lost in the attacks.
  • March 17 - The superpowers create the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit (ACT) to investigate and eliminate the NMLA. ACT is jointly led by veterans of the tri-superpower taskforce that dismantled the League of Reparation in 3304: Captain Niamh Seutonia of the Imperial Internal Security Service, Inspector Mara Klatt of Alliance Interpol, and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez of the Federal Intelligence Agency. The unit plans to coordinate with Federal, Imperial, and Allied security forces, along with the Pilots Federation.
  • March 18 - Safeguard Interstellar organises an initiative to distribute Basic and Advanced Medicines to victims of the Nine Martyrs attacks, and establishes three staging sites. Affiliate factions in Duamta, Cemiess, and He Bo offer unique rewards for participants, including a double-engineered 3A Power Plant, a double-engineered 3A Shield Generator, and a Type-6 Transporter, respectively. Damage at eight of the nine bombed stations is contained by local emergency services and repairs begin, but Li Qing Jao in Sol remains an active disaster zone.
  • March 19 - Detectives Erik Gunnarson and Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency review what is known about the NMLA. One of the lingering questions about the extremist group, which is now responsible for the largest terrorist attack in history, is how they grew from a minor nuisance to an interstellar menace so quickly. More pertinently, the NMLA's ability to bypass security in the superpowers' capital systems and its possible association with alleged double-agents in Imperial Intelligence as evidenced by the Serene Harbour incident means they could be anywhere and strike any time.
  • March 22 - ACT begins its investigation of the NMLA. Preliminary findings conclude that the explosives used in the Nine Martyrs attacks had a more compact design, and were likely constructed on-site, making them easier to transport and conceal. ACT also theorises that the NMLA uses an undetectable interstellar communications system similar to that used by the League of Reparation, but more sophisticated.
  • March 23 - As several political and military leaders suggest that the Marlinist Colonies should be occupied or destroyed in retaliation for the NMLA's bombings, the Marlinist Parliament again denies having any connection to the NMLA. First Minister Jenna Fairfax condemns the NMLA as an aberration of true Marlinism and announces that a team from the Marlinist Constabulary led by Captain Milo Castile has been sent to assist ACT. Minister Aaron Whyte issues a statement commenting that Neo-Marlinism arose in response to centuries of brutal oppression of republicanism under the Empire.
  • March 24 - President Zachary Hudson appoints Secretary of Security Jerome Archer as his new Vice President, and also selects new members for his Cabinet. In an address before Federal Congress, Vice President Archer vows to enhance the Federation's security and prevent a repeat of the Nine Martyrs attacks. President Hudson also receives congressional approval for funding increases for ACT and the Federal Navy.
  • March 25 - The Safeguard Interstellar drive for medical supplies is successful, ensuring hundreds of thousands of terrorist attack victims will receive vital treatment. In addition, repairs are completed for six of the nine stations attacked in the Nine Martyrs incident, and fires in the starport Li Qing Jao in Sol are finally extinguished. Dawes Hub in Achenar and Donaldson in Alioth continue the repair process.
  • March 25 - Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez, one of the joint leaders of ACT, calls for independent pilots to assist in the search for Captain Niamh Seutonia, who had gone to the Mudhrid system aboard her Anaconda, the Valkyrie, to investigate NMLA activity. The Valkyrie departed Mudhrid on a heading for the Marlinist Colonies on March 24, but failed to arrive at a scheduled rendezvous. Pilots later discover the wreck of the Valkyrie on Trianguli Sector GW-W b1-0 1 A, and learn from recovered logs that the NMLA had apparently lured Captain Seutonia into an ambush.
  • March 26 - Jasmina Halsey returns to Federal politics and joins the Federal Diplomatic Corps as an ambassador to the Alliance. The development is praised by Elijah Beck, head of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations. In related news, the FDC recalls Ambassador Jordan Rochester to be reassigned, as most Federal and Imperial embassies in each other's space have remained closed since November 3306.
  • March 29 - The Federation and Alliance pressure the Empire to do more to eradicate the NMLA. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval instructs Chancellor Anders Blaine present a range of options, and Senator Lorcan Scordato volunteers to visit the Marlinist Colonies on a fact-finding mission. Public opinion in the Empire, more polarised on the issue of Marlinism than ever following the Nine Martyrs, appears to strongly favour a military response over diplomacy.
  • March 30 - The Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, sponsored by Vice President Jerome Archer, is approved by Federal Congress. The sweeping public surveillance law is classified as emergency legislation and therefore replaces all preexisting laws concerning surveillance of civilians and their communications. Archer touts the law as a way to prevent future terrorist attacks in the Federation, but Shadow President Felicia Winters criticises it as an outrageous violation of civil liberties.
  • March 31 - ACT begins its investigation of the Order of Mudhrid, a faction in the Mudhrid system that assisted the NMLA in carrying out the Nine Martyrs bombings. The Order of Mudhrid's activities had been uncovered from the logs left behind by the late Captain Niamh Seutonia. The Imperial Internal Security Service confirms that Captain Seutonia will posthumously receive the Achenar Service Cross.

April 3307

  • April 1 - After ACT confirms that the Order of Mudhrid provided logistical support for the Nine Martyrs attack, the faction renames itself the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, and its leader, Landgrave Arastin Delacroix, declares a revolution against the Imperial Family. In response, Senator Denton Patreus orders the Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group to engage the Order in battle and take revenge for Nine Martyrs. The Marlinist Colonies withhold recognition of the Order, which is the first faction to openly adopt Neo-Marlinism, and Minister Aaron Whyte voices regret that the Landgrave chose violence over providing a political platform for Neo-Marlinists.
  • April 2 - In the third installment of their "Galactic Mysteries" series, Detectives Erik Gunnarson and Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency discuss generation ships, specifically the ones discovered by independent pilots in recent years, and speculate about the fate of other missing generation ships that have yet to be found.
  • April 5 - Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval marries Commander Astrid Minerva, who receives the title Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval, at a secure location. The Imperial Palace and Senate convey congratulatory messages. Among other obervations in Imperial news feeds, the Imperial Herald notes that Hadrian may produce heirs before both Princess Aisling Duval and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, neither of whom have consorts.
  • April 6 - The Federal Intelligence Agency establishes the Proactive Detection Bureau, led by FIA Deputy Director Bethany Blake, to monitor public and private communications networks for terrorist activity in accordance with the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act.
  • April 8 - The Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group defeats the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid in the Mudhrid system. Landgrave Arastin Delacroix eludes capture. Inspector Mara Klatt states that Delacroix was enticed to aid the NMLA after being promised higher status in the NMLA's "Republic" once the Duvals were deposed, a tactic the NMLA is likely using to gain the support of other marginalized leaders within the Empire.
  • April 8 - An undeployed listening post found inside the Adamastor ghost ship is automatically activated and begins receiving and rebroadcasting an encoded long-range signal. Independent pilots arriving at the ship to investigate are contacted by an individual calling himself "Salvation" who has an interest in Azimuth Biochemicals' work, and are asked to track down the signal's source. It is traced to the Hesperus, the Adamastor's sister ship, which is found derelict and picked clean by The Scriveners Clan Dredger in Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2.
  • April 9 - Senator Lorcan Scordato visits the Marlinist Colonies on a fact-finding mission. In his preliminary report, Scordato observes that the Marlinists are well-organised and retain their Imperial culture, but need more support from the galactic community to fend off power grabs from neighboring systems. Most Marlinists are also furious at the NMLA for causing them to be stereotyped as monsters. Scordato concluded the Marlinist Colonies were unlikely to be NMLA collaborators.
  • April 12 - In the fourth installment of "Galactic Mysteries", Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency provides information about the Dredger Clans, nomadic communities who wander the galaxy aboard their Dredger megaships. Francesca Wolfe leaves to confirm rumours of the appearance of a rarely seen Dredger Clan.
  • April 13 - The Federation's Proactive Detection Bureau stirs controversy and protest, and even meets opposition from the corporatist movement formed by supporters of Jupiter Division. Some corporations also file legal challenges, fearing the PDB will expose sensitive commercial information, and megacorps Caine Massey and Vandermeer threaten to withdraw political donations.
  • April 15 - The Kumo Crew launches an initiative with Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd to construct five new Orbis starports to stimulate galactic trade. Archon Delaine, calling himself the "sovereign ruler of the Kumo nation", explains that he seeks to increase the prosperity of his subjects and expand Kumo Crew's reach. The target systems for the new starports, in order of priority, are Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14, HIP 18390, HIP 10792, HIP 62154, and Eol Prou PC-K c9-91.
  • April 16 - Landgrave Arastin Delacroix and remnants of the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid flee to Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 in the Marlinist Colonies aboard the Steel Majesty. Delacroix requests asylum from Minister Aaron Whyte, leader of the Marlinism Reformation Party faction that controls the system. The Empire, Alliance, and Federation demand that the Neo-Marlinists be apprehended, but cannot legally compel the Marlinist Colonies to do so. The Marlinist Parliament declares an emergency and debates its next steps.
  • April 19 - The Pilots Federation opens an inquiry into Salvation after confirming reports from commanders that the secretive individual's decryption key has unraveled the mystery of the Adamastor's signal and helped locate the Hesperus, accomplishing what the authorities failed to do. Some commanders also voice their suspicions that Salvation is recruiting them for something.
  • April 20 - Imperial Senator Lorcan Scordato brokers an agreement between the Marlinist Colonies and the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid that also placates the superpowers. In exchange for identifying the NMLA's senior leadership to ACT, Landgrave Arastin Delacroix and his inner circle will receive life imprisonment at a Marlinist detention facility for their role in Nine Martyrs, while the rank-and-file members of the Order will be given the chance to apply for citizenship after submitting to security screening.
  • April 21 - Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the FIA reports that the Proactive Detection Bureau has identified over a dozen previously unknown extremist organisations within the Federation, and thousands of individuals were arrested for researching terror tactics, radical ideologies, and other suspicious subjects. Civil rights groups claimed that these groups could have been found via conventional policing methods, and criminologists noted that they were amateurs who were statistically unlikely to carry out attacks.
  • April 22 - Archon Delaine thanks the galactic community for ensuring the success of his starport construction initiative. All five planned starports, named Kumo City, California Freeport, Crimson Exchange, Fort Xeno, and Delaine Terminus, are expected to be completed by April 29.
  • April 22 - Aegis sets into motion plans to re-analyse Guardian technology to develop more defences against the Thargoids, a committment it had made during the Galactic Summit. Professor Alba Tesreau issues a request for Guardian artefacts to be delivered to the Aegis Research megaship Alexandria in the Delphi system, and offers access to Guardian Gauss Cannons as an extra incentive.
  • April 23 - Shadow President Felicia Winters criticises the Proactive Detection Bureau as an unconstitutional violation of data privacy rights outlined in the Federal Accord, and points out that it is incapable of monitoring the dark-comms network that ACT believes the NMLA is using. Civil rights group Advocacy asserts that the data collection infrastructure for the PDB was likely already in place for some time before the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act was implemented. Opinion polls indicate the PDB is supported by a slim majority of Federal citizens.
  • April 26 - Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse publishes classified information leaked from ACT by an anonymous source on the Rewired network. The unverified leak contains apparent testimony from Arastin Delacroix that names Hadrian Augustus Duval as the mastermind of the NMLA. Hadrian was allegedly converted to Neo-Marlinism and recruited to the NMLA by his consort, Astrid Minerva, in early 3306, and he used Delacroix's faction to distribute enzyme bombs and Nova Imperium assassins with the goal of eliminating the other Duvals so that he could become Emperor. The attempt on Hadrian's life in October 3306 was also staged to gain the Imperial Family's trust.
  • April 27 - Francesca Wolfe reports on the discovery of the Hesperus and The Scriveners Clan Dredger, and provides more details about the Scriveners' culture. The decrypted Hesperus logs downloaded from the Dredger are preserved for posterity in a Tourist Beacon in Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2.
  • April 28 - Hadrian Augustus Duval and Astrid Minerva-Duval deny the allegation made by Landgrave Arastin Delacroix that they are leading members of the NMLA after ACT confirms that the leaked files obtained by Flint Lafosse were genuine. The allegation is also criticised by Princess Aisling Duval, but in a statement before the Imperial Senate, Senator Zemina Torval calls for Imperator Hadrian to be punished for rebelling against the Empire. ACT asks for patience while it investigates the Landgrave's claims.
  • April 29 - Thanks to a robust response to its call for Guardian artefacts, Aegis is able to begin the early stages of research into new anti-Thargoid weapons and defences.
  • April 29 - President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters launch dueling initiatives related to surveillance in the Federation. Hudson asks for deliveries of data to expand the Proactive Detection Bureau's reach and effectiveness, while Winters requests data to be used to protect personal communications from government intrusion. The outcome of the projects is expected to affect the security and stability of systems where the two politicians have influence.
  • April 30 - Archon Delaine's five new starports become operational. Authorities in nearby systems express concern that the stations may be under-staffed or will promote criminal activity. Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne of the Kumo Council insists that the stations exist solely to encourage trade. Also of note is the presence of several Sirius Corporation divisions at the stations, implying Sirius may have provided Kumo Crew with financial support for the project.

May 3307

  • May 3 - The Federation-aligned League of Mandu arrives in Paresa aboard the megaship Harmony's Shield to eradicate Nova Imperium amid accusations that the latter group is linked to the NMLA. The Empire-aligned Peraesii Empire Consulate also pledges to purge any NMLA presence in Paresa, and warns the League of Mandu to withdraw. Imperator Hadrian Duval protests his innocence, claiming the NMLA faked his identity in its dealings with the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid. ACT continues investigating Landgrave Arastin Delacroix's claims, and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval withholds her judgment.
  • May 6 - President Zachary Hudson's call for data deliveries defeats Shadow President Felicia Winters's competing campaign, strengthening the Proactive Detection Bureau and boosting security for systems within Hudson's personal sphere of influence. Systems where Winters has authority are expected to see a rise in instability.
  • May 6 - With the Empire declining to take any action against Nova Imperium pending the conclusion of ACT's investigation, the League of Mandu launches military operations against Nova Imperium. Imperator Hadrian Duval calls on the Empire to honour its committments in the Treaty of Paresa and come to Nova Imperium's defence.
  • May 10 - Salvation delivers another message to independent pilots via his proxy, Patience Middleton of Taurus Mining Ventures, declaring that his scientific breakthroughs will save humanity and he will provide further instructions soon. Patience Middleton notes that Taurus Mining Ventures' contract with Salvation to reward deliveries of the Hesperus logs at Hind Mine will end on May 21. The Pilots Federation again cautions commanders against cooperating with Salvation.
  • May 10 - The election for Alliance prime minister is scheduled for May 27, and Edmund Mahon and Nakato Kaine resume campaigning. Alliance Tribune political correspondent Vanya Driscoll comments that Mahon's decision to postpone the election for three months to prioritise the Galactic Summit and the unsuccessful Sirius Treaty stoked significant discontent, and may have damaged Mahon's standing enough to hand victory to Kaine.
  • May 11 - Media outlets warn that the conflict between the League of Mandu and Nova Imperium in Paresa could pull the Federation and Empire into a full-scale war, as the potential death of Hadrian Duval at the hands of Federal forces would demand retribution even if he is proven to be a terrorist.
  • May 13 - Nova Imperium triumphs over the League of Mandu in Paresa, preventing a Federal takeover of the system. Imperator Hadrian Duval thanks supporters and declares that the incident has affirmed Nova Imperium's isolationist principles. Ambassador Catherine Carlisle of the Federal Diplomatic Corps admonishes the League of Mandu for their rash actions and announces the megaship Harmony's Shield will soon depart Imperial space.
  • May 13 - The Thargoids invade ten systems: Atlas, Celaeno, Coalsack Sector KN-S b4-9, Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6, Delphi, HIP 18390, HIP 62154, HR 1183, Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1, and Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-74. Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis surmises that Delphi was targeted in response to the recent delivery of thousands of Guardian artefacts there. Pirate King Archon Delaine of Kumo Crew also reacts with fury to news that two of his recently-built starports, California Freeport and Fort Xeno, were damaged by the Thargoids, and vows to take revenge.
  • May 14 - FIA Deputy Director Bethany Blake announces that President Zachary Hudson's campaign to boost the Proactive Detection Bureau was so successful that the PDB can now scan almost every public and private comms network in Federation space. The Federal government interprets the support for the campaign as a popular mandate to continue the program. Arrest rates soar and crime rings are dismantled, but civil rights group Advocacy warns that the Federation verges on becoming a police state.
  • May 17 - Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Councillor Nakato Kaine tour the Alliance to rally support for their election campaigns. On the planet Industry in Zaonce, Mahon blasts Kaine as a reactionary with no tangible accomplishments, while on New Caledonia in Alkaid, Kaine blames Mahon for the recent Thargoid attack and accuses him of prioritising funding for Aegis and Lakon Spaceways over supporting the economies of Alliance member systems. Polls indicate Mahon retains majority approval, but his support is lower than before he moved to delay the election.
  • May 20 - Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Councillor Nakato Kaine announce competing initiatives to rally public support for their platforms. While the latest opinion polls predict Mahon is almost certain to win a second term in the upcoming election, his policies would still be affected if his initiative should lose to Kaine's. Mahon requests deliveries of industrial materials to Gateway to further his expansion plans and support the construction of new Alliance starports. Kaine requests deliveries of manufacturing materials to Tionisla to support Allied manufacturers and boost local trade, which would increase the supplies of rare commodities produced in Allied systems.
  • May 21 - ACT announces that the evidence provided by Landgrave Arastin Delacroix that Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval and Nova Imperium are behind the NMLA's attacks cannot be authenticated, and it appears likely that Hadrian's identity was faked by the NMLA to relay orders to the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid. The vindicated Imperator thanks his supporters. In related news, Nova Imperium head of security Praetor Leo Magnus is seconded to ACT to replace the late Captain Niamh Seutonia.
  • May 21 - The Aegis megaship Alexandria, laden with Guardian artefacts, jumps from Delphi to HIP 16538 to restock tritium while en route to Sol. Thargoids pursue the Alexandria and overwhelm HIP 16528, and Captain Jacob Morales issues a distress call. Admiral Aden Tanner urges pilots to come to the Alexandria's aid before its valuable research materials are lost.
  • May 24 - Multiple starports recently targeted by the Thargoids report experiencing cascading systems failues that shut down their alignment thrusters, causing them to begin falling from orbit. The problem was most acute at The Oracle in Delphi, which nearly collided into Delphi 5 a. Disaster is averted by station engineers, and all affected starports are restored to stable orbits. Amid fears that the systems failures were the effect of a new Thargoid tactic rather than a coincidence, starport staff across the galaxy begin addressing this design vulnerability.
  • May 24 - The Federal Navy bars the Aegis megaship Alexandria from entering Federal systems to prevent Thargoids from following it and causing more incursions. Admiral Aden Tanner announces that after HIP 16538 has been cleared of Thargoids, the Alexandria will jump to a system with a minimal population to offload its cargo Guardian artefacts.
  • May 27 - As the Alliance Assembly begins voting to determine the Alliance's prime minister for the next six years, incumbent Edmund Mahon's public initiative triumphs over Councillor Nakato Kaine's, and he launches a second phase to mine tritium to fuel the construction of five new starports in the systems LHS 2522, Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19, Bei Dou Sector ZZ-Y b0, LFT 814, and Herculis Sector IW-W b1-3. Opinion polls indicate Mahon's victory in the election is assured, but challenger Kaine has created a broad base of support for herself.
  • May 28 - Edmund Mahon officially wins the 3307 Alliance election after securing a plurality of votes in the Assembly, and he becomes the first Alliance prime minister to be reelected to a second term. Results from the vote were announced later than usual as some councillors demanded additional checks. Political observers comment that from the Assembly's point of view, Mahon represented stability and measured leadership in a time of ongoing galactic turmoil.

June 3307

  • June 1 - Captain Jacob Morales outlines plans to jump the Alexandria to HIP 30944, where it will offload its cargo of Guardian artefacts and distribute it to multiple locations. As a precaution against the possibility of the Alexandria coming under Thargoid attack during or after the jump, all private ships that are docked with the megaship are asked to depart before the jump is undertaken on June 3; any ships still docked immediately prior to the jump will be jettisoned.
  • June 1 - The remnant of Jupiter Division, the defeated corporatist movement formerly helmed by the incarcerated Jupiter Rochester, unexpectedly expands as Rochester's vision of replacing democracy in the Federation with corporatocracy gains popularity. Jupiter Division's megaship, Victory's Forge, reportedly rebuffed attempts by the Federal Navy to seize it in February 3307, and the faction subsequently recaptured HIP 54530 and established a presence in other systems. Despite Core Dynamics CEO Owen McKenna's vow to purge his company of Rochester's lingering influence and subjugate the rogue department, Core Dynamics employees continue to defect to Jupiter Division.
  • June 3 - Prime Minister Edmund Mahon's expansion initiative receives enough support to build two new starports in LHS 2522 and Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19. Mahon comments that the new starports will benefit the Alliance's economy.
  • June 3 - Core Dynamics hires Silver Legal Group to confront Jupiter Division a second time in a battle for control of Ts'ao Tach. Core Dynamics seeks to eradicate Jupiter Rochester's corporatist movement and reclaim its remaining stolen assets, while Jupiter Division attempts to prove that it and its ideology can survive without its founder. Political commentators believe this latest conflict will decide whether Jupiter Division will continue to exist.
  • June 4 - The Alexandria fails to appear in HIP 30944 after jumping from HIP 16538. Admiral Aden Tanner of Aegis posits that the megaship was intercepted in hyperspace by the Thargoids. Captain Jacob Morales and his crew of four thousand are listed as missing presumed dead, and Aegis's Guardian technology research program is severely disrupted due to the loss of the Alexandria's cargo.
  • June 7 - Minister Aaron Whyte announces that his Marlinism Reformation Party will provide political representation for Neo-Marlinists within the Marlinist Colonies. Whyte claims that Neo-Marlinism can be tempered into a non-violent ideology, but international observers express concern that Whyte's faction could become the NMLA's political wing. Meanwhile, the Marlinism Reformation Party loses an election in Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 to the Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine, which is seen as a rebuke of Whyte's faction for granting asylum to the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid.
  • June 10 - Jupiter Division is defeated by the Silver Legal Group in Ts'ao Tach, bringing an end to the upstart faction and dealing a heavy blow to the wider corporatist movement in the Federation. CEO Owen McKenna states that Core Enterprises, a subsidiary of Core Dynamics, will absorb Jupiter Division's remaining assets.
  • June 11 - Salvation contacts pilots in the vicinity of the Adamastor and the Hesperus, asking for help tracing the group of scientists who escaped the Hesperus after it was hijacked by Pharmasapien in 3113. Pilots are directed to search for a series of 17 signal beacons deployed by the Hesperus after it left the Li Chul system, then scour the area around the final beacon for signs of the expedition. This results in the discovery of the Proteus, the Hesperus's secondary exploration craft, on Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 1 a, where a series of Thargoid shipwrecks and a Guardian ruins site were also located.
  • June 14 - In a report on ACT's investigation into the NMLA, Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez explains ACT is pursuing several classified lines of inquiry, but progress remains slow. The NMLA may no longer be able to carry out large-scale attacks after losing the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid's logistical support, but could be planning other forms of terrorism. ACT also confirms that it has recruited more personnel from Alliance Interpol, the Imperial Internal Security Service, the Federal Intelligence Agency, the Marlinist Constabulary, Nova Imperium's Praetorian Guard, and the Wallglass Investigations Agency.
  • June 15 - Vox Galactica business analyst Marlon Royce comments on Sirius Corporation's moves to gain political influence over the past year, speculating that CEO Li Yong-Rui aspires to expand the galaxy's largest megacorporation into humanity's fourth superpower.
  • June 16 - Councillor Nakato Kaine proposes overhauling the Alliance's electoral system to allow citizens to vote directly in elections for Alliance Prime Minister. The Alliance Assembly broadly dismisses the plan, interpreting it as Kaine refusing to accept the legitimacy of her recent election loss to Edmund Mahon. While some councillors do acknowledge the merits of a direct voting system, it is apparent that implementing it across all Alliance member worlds would be a formidable undertaking.
  • June 17 - Sirius Corporation marketing director Sinclair Faraldo announces an initiative to mass-produce the specially-engineered Detailed Surface Scanner that was rewarded to independent pilots for participating in the Coalsack Nebula terraforming campaign in late 3306, and make it available to the public.
  • June 18 - Professor Alba Tesreau comments on the discovery of the Proteus and the ancient Guardian-Thargoid War battlefield in Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2, confirming that Aegis Research advance teams have begun surveying the site, and that Aegis is preparing a megaship, the Archimedes, to support a thorough investigation. Guardian artefacts retrieved from the site may also serve to replace the stockpile lost with the disappearance of the Alexandria and allow Aegis to resume its research.
  • June 21 - In the wake of Jupiter Division's fall, the Federation's corporatist movement finds itself on the brink of dissolution. A number of corporations that had joined the corporatist movement and were counting on Jupiter Division to lead it reportedly rushed to withdraw their support when it became evident that Jupiter Division would lose the Ts'ao Tach conflict. It is considered unlikely that another figurehead will emerge quickly enough to rebuild the movement into a force that could provide a viable alternative to the Republican and Liberal parties.
  • June 22 - During a session of the Marlinist Parliament, Minister Aaron Whyte explains that the NMLA has reached out to the Marlinism Reformation Party and proposed a peace deal in which the terrorist group will cease its attacks and even offer reparations in exchange for permanent representation in the Imperial Senate. The proposal is condemned in strident terms by Minister Octavia Volkov, and First Minister Jenna Fairfax formally asks the Marlinism Reformation Party to halt all negotiations with the NMLA.
  • June 24 - The Sirius Corporation initiative to mass-produce the Engineered Detailed Surface Scanner V1 is an overwhelming success. It is expected that it will be distributed via Technology Brokers beginning on June 25.
  • June 24 - Aegis Research and Taurus Mining Ventures announce rival campaigns to collect Guardian artefacts aboard their respective megaships, the Archimedes and the Glorious Prospect, in PMD2009 48. Aegis desperately needs Guardian artefacts in order to continue its research, but Salvation, through his proxy Taurus Mining Ventures, insists that since the Proteus site was discovered using his information, he holds exclusive rights to exploit it. Aegis pledges to temporarily reduce Guardian Technology Broker module costs for all pilots should it accrue the most artefacts. If Taurus Mining Ventures succeeds instead, it will reward its supporters with an illegal double-modified Guardian Shard Cannon.
  • June 25 - Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon inaugurates two new starports, Enterprise Market in LHS 2522 and Prosperity Core in Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19, that were built by his recent tritium mining project. Councillor Nakato Kaine ignites controversy when she exposes irregularities in the project: an insufficient amount of tritium had been mined to construct both starports and Sirius Corporation had apparently made up the shortfall with a series of unregistered donations. Kaine accuses Mahon of making a backroom deal. In its response, the Office of the Prime Minister states only that Sirius Corporation is one of many partners in the Alliance's expansion programme.
  • June 28 - Senator Lorcan Scordato returns to the Imperial Senate from his fact-finding mission in the Marlinist Colonies and proposes that the Empire formally open diplomatic relations with the Marlinists, but encounters opposition from Senator Denton Patreus and others. The Alliance and Federation debate similar measures, and First Minister Jenna Fairfax announces that the Marlinist Colonies are planning to create a diplomatic corps.
  • June 29 - The minor faction Azaladshu Free, which controls the systems Azaladshu, LFT 824, LHS 277, and LTT 3919, secedes from the Federation and becomes independent in protest against the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act and the Proactive Detection Bureau. A number of other Federal factions, all of which are located within Shadow President Felicia Winters's sphere of influence, also plan to declare their independence. Federal Congress declares Azaladshu Free's secession a violation of the Federal Accord, and the Federal Navy is placed on alert.

July 3307

  • July 1 - Taurus Mining Ventures, working on behalf of Salvation, succeeds in its Guardian artefact collection initiative in PMD2009 48, potentially confirming its claim over Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 and disrupting Aegis's Guardian technology research programme.
  • July 1 - Azaladshu Free engages the Federation-loyalist faction Neche Inc in battle in Azaladshu to secure its independence. President Zachary Hudson orders Neche Inc to defeat the secessionists, and deploys the megaship Fortress Liberty to Azaladshu to provide support. Three other Federal factions within Shadow President Felicia Winters's sphere of influence that are also considering secession, Coalition of Uteran, LP 726-6 Free, and Gluscap Labour, closely monitor the conflict; depending on the outcome, one or more could also secede.
  • July 2 - A dredger belonging to the Blue Viper Club Clan arrives in Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14, and unmarked personnel shuttles are observed travelling between the dredger and the starport Kumo City. Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency notes that this is unusual behavior for the Blue Viper Club Clan, which is known for raiding and drug running, and speculates they have business of some kind with the Kumo Crew.
  • July 5 - The NMLA solidifies its ties to the Marlinism Reformation Party and endorses Minister Aaron Whyte as its political representative. Newsfeeds comment that absent any breakthroughs from ACT, the NMLA's violent methods may have succeeded in coercing the Empire to the negotiation table. Division and unrest are reported in the Marlinist Colonies as Marlinists become polarized over the NMLA using their parliament as its platform.
  • July 8 - Azaladshu Free defeats Neche Inc, retaining the independence of its four systems from the Federation. The Coalition of Uteran, LP 726-6 Free, and Gluscap Labour factions also secede, taking with them another six systems under their control. Both President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters are criticised by Federal Congress, the former for not containing the rebellion and the latter for possibly encouraging it.
  • July 8 - Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne of the Kumo Council opens an initiative to gather the materials to mass-produce a new recreational drug called "helix", which is believed to have originated with the Blue Viper Club and may be a new strain of onionhead. The amount of deliveries determines how widely helix will distributed to industrial markets controlled by anarchy factions.
  • July 9 - The Scriveners Clan Dredger departs the Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2 system for an unknown destination. The gutted, unprocessed hull of the Hesperus is left in place. It is thought that the Scriveners left hurriedly either to escape the attention of tourists visiting the Hesperus or because they detected something new to salvage for their "Knowledge Core".
  • July 12 - Healthcare analyst Dr. Himari Grey discusses Kumo Crew's planned new drug, "helix", and the history of onionhead on Vox Galactica. The Interstellar Health Organisation acquires samples of helix to determine its composition and relationship with onionhead.
  • July 13 - The Marlinist Colonies announce the formation of its foreign relations department, the Marlinist Consulate. The final step involves holding an election for the post of prime consul, which widens a rift between pro-NMLA and anti-NMLA factions. One leading candidate is Verity Dexter, a member of the Marlinism Reformation Party who vows to speak for Neo-Marlinists; she has also been promised the Imperial rank of patron by Senator Lorcan Scordato, which would finally grant Marlinists a voice in the Imperial Senate after centuries of oppression. Dexter's main opponent, Kayode Tau, opposes Neo-Marlinism and any effort to legitimize it or the NMLA, but has no Imperial backers.
  • July 15 - Kumo Crew begins production of the drug helix. The Interstellar Health Organisation confirms that helix is another variant of onionhead, and mandates that it be packaged and sold as "Onionhead Gamma Strain". Archon Delaine responds to criticism over the drug's distribution by pointing out that every system's government profits from the pharmaceutical industry, and helix will spread happiness and generate income for his people.
  • July 15 - The election period for the prime consul of the Marlinist Consulate begins. Candidates Verity Dexter of the Marlinism Reformation Party and Kayode Tau of the Free Marlinist Movement request donations of data from the galactic community to support their campaigns.
  • July 19 - The Far God cult returns to headlines as Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency provides an overview of the Thargoid-worshipping sect, which has grown from a fringe group to a widespread religion. Several chapters of the Far God cult begin arriving in the Panjabell system, which is ruled by a sympathetic faction called the Pleiades Concordat, but the purpose behind this gathering is unknown.
  • July 20 - The IHO publishes a preliminary analysis of Onionhead Gamma Strain. While the drug is derived from alkaloid compounds found in the Onionhead flower, these compounds were modified with synthetic molecules of unknown origin that have the effect of diluting the drug's potency, enabling the plant to be cultivated in large volumes in artificial environments, and allowing the plant to survive longer in storage and below-freezing temperatures. The complexity of these modifications strongly imply that the Blue Viper Club did not make Onionhead Gamma Strain themselves.
  • July 21 - The secession of ten systems and one billion people from the Federation after the victory of Azaladshu Free emboldens other Federal factions opposed to the Proactive Detection Bureau to consider breaking away. The Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act retains broad public support and the independence movement affects only a small fraction of Federal territory, but the situation is embarrassing for both President Hudson and Shadow President Winters. Civil rights group Advocacy reports that the Federal Intelligence Agency is arresting secessionist ringleaders under spurious charges.
  • July 22 - Kayode Tau of the Free Marlinist Movement is elected Prime Consul of the Marlinist Consulate. Speaking in the Marlinist Parliament, Minister Aaron Whyte protests the defeat of candidate Verity Dexter and argues that electing an official who will ignore Neo-Marlinists' views will provoke more violence from the NMLA.
  • July 22 - The Pleiades Concordat requests deliveries of goods to Panjabell to support the construction of up to five new megaships for the Far God cult. The cult intends to use the first megaship, the Testament, to spread its message within the Core Systems, while the other four will be sent into deep space to commune with the Far God.
  • July 23 - Onionhead Gamma Strain is released on the market in systems that include Alici, Baraswar, Kishpakho, Nastrond, and Nocori. Claims that the drug is no more harmful or addictive than alcohol or coffee are largely dismissed, and it is declared illegal in all systems but those controlled by anarchy governments. Rumours swirl that Sirius Corporation is party to the deal between Kumo Crew and the Blue Viper Club, and is secretly ferrying the drug to distribution points with its own ships, but this is rejected by Sirius VP of Corporate Marketing Sinclair Faraldo.
  • July 26 - FIA Deputy Director Bethany Blake confirms that the Proactive Detection Bureau is being used to gather intelligence on secessionist leaders in the Federation, who are then being arrested and charged with planning to violate the Federal Accord. President Hudson and Shadow President Winters personally attempt to calm certain system leaders within their spheres of influence and convince them to not secede.
  • July 27 - Aegis is partially suspended as the superpowers launch an investigation into the disappearance of the megaship Alexandria. This comes amid a crisis in public confidence in the anti-Thargoid research organisation. Many Aegis operations are shut down, and senior members including Professor Alba Tesreau are forced to resign. Meanwhile, it is asserted by some security agencies that Salvation, whom many view as a more competent alternative to Aegis, is in fact the leader of an Aegis splinter group built by rogue agents with stolen resources.
  • July 29 - The Pleiades Concordat begins outfitting three megaships, the Testament, the Perdition, and the Sacrosanct, for the Far God cult after its campaign concludes. The vessels are expected to be ready for launch on August 5.
  • July 29 - The NMLA bombs Stillman Hub and Tilman Point in the Marlinist Colonies systems of HIP 22550 and Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6, likely in response to Verity Dexter's loss in the prime consul election. A broadcast from the NMLA calls the citizens of the Marlinist Colonies traitors to the cause of restoring the Republic of Achenar. Tens of thousands are killed in the bombings, and there are unconfirmed reports that First Minister Jenna Fairfax is among the fatalities. Prime Consul Kayode Tau issues an urgent request for humanitarian assistance.
  • July 30 - Governor Sonal Mishra of New Kuwembaa Labour declares his faction's withdrawal from the Federal Accord, removing Kuwembaa, HIP 46179, Velniat, Navas, and Antliae Sector EG-Y d80 from Federal territory. In response, President Zachary Hudson redeploys Fortress Liberty to Kuwembaa. Three other Federal factions controlling a combined 28 systems also appear on the verge of seceding. In a sign that the Federal rebellion may be peaking, leaders of the Coalition of Uteran and Gluscap Labour factions express regret about leaving the Federation, and may consider rejoining.

August 3307

  • August 2 - The death toll of the NMLA bombings of the Marlinist starports of Stillman Hub and Tilman Point exceeds 35,000. First Minister Jenna Fairfax is confirmed dead. Minister Amrita Ross assumes temporary leadership of the Marlinist Parliament, while the Marlinist Constabulary tightens security and moves to arrest NMLA supporters who provided logistical support for the bombings. The Alliance and Federation offer condolences and medical aid. News of the attack causes mixed reactions in the Empire.
  • August 3 - The Alliance, Empire, and Federation issue formal guidelines covering the Onionhead trade in their territories following the emergence of Onionhead Gamma Strain. All variants of Onionhead remain illegal in the Federation and Empire. The Alliance allows its member systems to decide on the drug's legality individually, resulting it being outlawed in all Allied systems except those with anarchy governments.
  • August 5 - President Zachary Hudson charges Li Choptep for Equality with degrading New Kuwembaa Labour's military strength and halting the spread of the Federal rebellion. The factions Selkana Labour, United HIP 108095 Values Party, Mutumu Future, Coalition of Uteran, and Gluscap Labour monitor the battle in the Kuwembaa system to decide whether to break with or rejoin the Federation.
  • August 6 - The Far God cultists begin boarding their three new megaships in Panjabell: the Testament, the Perdition, and the Sacrosanct. The Testament will travel the Core Systems, while the Perdition and Sacrosanct will venture to the Witch Head Nebula and California Nebula in an effort to find the Far God.
  • August 9 - The Marlinist Colonies are wracked by instability following the NMLA bombings. Fears of further bombings stoke mass panic, and known Neo-Marlinists become targets of violence from their fellow citizens. After Minister Aaron Whyte claims that the Marlinist Colonies invited the NMLA's attack by failing to elect Verity Dexter as prime consul, an infuriated Minister Octavia Volkov calls for his arrest. Some fear that the rift between Marlinists and Neo-Marlinists may continue to widen.
  • August 10 - Senator Zemina Torval announces the creation of Torval-Mastopolos Mining, a new autonomous branch of the megacorporation Mastopolos Mining. This lends credibility to reports of a falling out between Torval and her cousin, Mastopolos Mining CEO Gabriella Mastopolos. Insiders claim Senator Torval was motivated by a desire to take on a more active role in Mastopolos Mining and burnish her personal legacy. It is also believed that Torval intends to establish her new business's headquarters in a permit-locked system.
  • August 11 - Dr. Paul Baumann, chair of the independent board of inquiry assembled to investigate Aegis, provides an outline of the investigation's scope, which involves a complete analysis of Aegis and its work, with a focus on the circumstances leading up to the Alexandria's disappearance. The inquiry divides politicians in all three superpowers; some worry that it will weaken humanity's defences, while others push for more localised anti-xeno operations.
  • August 12 - New Kuwembaa Labour successfully secedes from the Federation, and is followed by Selkana Labour, United HIP 108095 Values Party, and Mutumu Future. The rebel systems sever links with the Proactive Detection Bureau. Other factions begin debating secession as the only viable path to protecting their citizens' rights from Federal government overreach.
  • August 12 - The Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine declares war on the Marlinism Reformation Party, instigating a civil conflict in Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2. Minister Octavia Volkov blames Minister Aaron Whyte and his faction for the recent NMLA bombings, and calls for their arrest. Whyte flees to his private vessel and issues a call for all "true Marlinists" to defend his faction against Volkov's apparent violation of the Marlinist Colonies' charter. The superpowers announce they will not interfere in the conflict.
  • August 13 - Growing demand for Onionhead Gamma Strain generates profits for Kumo Crew and fresh controversy. Newsfeeds in the Federation and Empire note with alarm that high-profile individuals such as CEO Zachary Rackham and Senator Simone Leatrix appear to be indulging in the drug, and warn that encouraging its use could undermine their societies. It is also reported that tourists from the Alliance and independent space have been flocking to systems where Onionhead Gamma Strain is legal.
  • August 16 - Torval-Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction both establish new headquarters in the permit-locked LTT 198 system after allegedly paying LTT 198 State Ltd. an exorbitant fee for permit access and construction rights on the planet Dini. It is speculated that Wreaken Construction seeks to crush its rival before it can gain a foothold. Constantia Torval, one of Senator Zemina Torval's daughters, travels to LTT 198 to take charge of Torval-Mastopolos Mining's operations.
  • August 17 - The initial findings of the Aegis board of inquiry leak to newsfeeds. According to the files, Aegis was poorly managed and overly complacent. It had no strategy to reduce its reliance on independent pilots to confront the Thargoids in combat, and research into new generations of AX weapons had been sidelined to focus on attempting to communicate with the Thargoids. For their part, Aegis personnel blamed the group's inefficiency on the superpowers' funding cuts, and claimed the investigation was designed to scapegoat them. In response to the leak, Dr. Paul Baumann insists that only his team's pending final report should be considered official.
  • August 19 - The Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine defeats the Marlinism Reformation Party in Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2. The Marlinism Reformation Party's head, Minister Aaron Whyte, was killed in the fighting. The faction's other surviving leaders are arrested and replaced with moderates, and ACT begins investigating its ties to the NMLA's Theta Group. With the Marlinist civil war over, Acting First Minister Amrita calls a snap election to decide the Marlinist Colonies' new leader.
  • August 19 - Torval-Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction request deliveries of mined resources to LTT 198 to determine which faction will be permitted to remain in the system permanently. Torval-Mastopolos Mining offers to reward supporters with a modified Mining Laser should it succeed, while Wreaken Construction counters by offering a modified Abrasion Blaster.
  • August 20 - Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse announces that the Engineer and conspiracy theorist Kit Fowler struck a deal to broadcast his show, "End Times", on the Rewired network. Lafosse highlights a recent episode of "End Times" in which Fowler discusses the sinister Black Flight group, which is said to have previously been active in the Neche, Wasat, and Colonia systems.
  • August 23 - In an address to Federal Congress, Shadow President Felicia Winters warns that dozens of other Federal factions will secede if the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act is not repealed. This is corroborated by The Sovereign newsfeed, which claims as many as 50 Federal factions have become interested in independence after the Kuwembaa conflict. However, The Federal Times reports that some newly-independent factions are realising that by giving up Federal protection, they made themselves vulnerable to pro-Federation groups seeking retaliation and opportunistic hostile forces.
  • August 24 - Dr. Nisha Devi of the Interstellar Health Organisation boosts Kumo Crew's claim that Onionhead Gamma Strain has medicinal value based on initial observations of the drug's users, some of whom have exhibited relief from psychological disorders and musculoskeletal conditions. The IHO promises to publish the results of clinical trials being conducted by research facilities. Vandermeer Corporation's head of marketing, Ronan Roscoe, argues that the IHO's conclusions are flawed and all forms of Onionhead are dangerous compared to Vandermeer's own antipsychotic treatments.
  • August 26 - Torval-Mastopolos Mining triumphs over Wreaken Construction in its bid to secure LTT 198 as its headquarters. Constantia Torval begins her role as Torval-Mastopolos Mining's director of operations, and the corporation announces plans to construct a new starport in LTT 198. Wreaken Construction CEO Emmerich Koenig confirms that his corporation will soon withdraw from the system.
  • August 26 - Hyford's Cache in Colonia becomes active, and a decoded message identifies HIP 26176 as the location of a facility associated with Black Flight. Independent pilots investigate and find Oaken Point, as well as a trail of beacons leading to HIP 22460 and two more facilities: Fort Asch and Overlook. Logs recovered from the sites reveal the existence of Project Seraph, a 3303 initiative to develop the technology necessary for humans to pilot Thargoid ships, and indicate that Azimuth Biochemicals is behind it.
  • August 27 - Octavia Volkov is elected First Minister of the Marlinist Colonies. She vows to guide the Colonies as an independent democracy with the goal of one day building a full-fledged Marlinist Republic. It is noted that Marlinist factions have regained control of all eight of their original systems and even expanded to others. In related news, the funeral of Dr. Jenna Fairfax takes place, and is attended virtually by Princess Aisling Duval, which is taken as a sign that relations between Marlinists and the Empire may one day normalise.
  • August 30 - Neomedical Industries announces plans to mass-produce Onionhead Gamma Strain in response to the IHO's recent report on its benefits, which supports findings from the megacorporation's own clinical trials. CEO Olwyn Kendrick explains the decision by arguing that it is inappropriate for the Kumo Crew criminal syndicate to hold a monopoly over a drug which could aid millions. The news is met with controversy in the Federation, but some independent factions express interest.
  • August 31 - Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency comments on the reactivation of Hyford's Cache, spreading the word to more pilots that the HIP 26176 system contains important secrets related to Black Flight and Project Seraph.

September 3307

  • September 1 - In response to the recent rebellions in the Federation, Imperial Senator Denton Patreus and Alliance Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran criticise President Zachary Hudson for continuing to operate the Proactive Detection Bureau. Vice President Jerome Archer again defends the PDB's record, asserting the public will grow to accept the surveillance program when they realize how effective it is in preventing terrorism.
  • September 2 - Neomedical Industries requests deliveries of goods to Crippen Port, Haithis to help it mass-produce Onionhead Gamma Strain. Depending on the success of the campaign, Neomedical Industries plans to expand distribution of the drug to Alliance systems as well as more independent systems. Viewing this project as a brazen theft of commercial property, the Kumo Council deploys a megaship, The Mictlan, to Haithis, and Archon Delaine threatens to massacre the system's populace.
  • September 3 - Torval-Mastopolos Mining completes the construction of its new administrative hub, the starport Torval Orbital in LTT 198, but signs of the rift between the Torval and Mastopolos families only become more evident. Mastopolos Mining CEO Gabriella Mastopolos accuses Torval-Mastopolos Mining of stealing her company's name, while Adrian and Elena Mastopolos cast doubt on Constantia Torval's ability to run a business. Nonetheless, Senator Zemina Torval's dynasty appears secure, with her other daughter Petra recently joining the Imperial Senate and her grandson Titus rising through the ranks of Imperial Intelligence.
  • September 6 - Captain Milo Castile reports that ACT has arrested thousands of NMLA members and sympathisers, and learned the location of several hidden NMLA assets in multiple systems, thanks to the full cooperation of the Marlinism Reformation Party under its new moderate leader, Minister Jean-Christophe Lyon. ACT is also able to confirm that Theta Seven, who remains at large, personally directed the Marlinist starport bombings. Castile claims that with the NMLA's failure to win the prime consul election and the loss of its political wing, the terror group is more isolated than ever.
  • September 7 - In an interview with the Alliance Tribune, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon reiterates that the abandoned Sirius Treaty is still viable and could swiftly restore and strengthen Aegis once it is ratified by all signatories. As Dr. Paul Baumann's inquiry into Aegis continues, there are more resignations of key staff, and the organisation's financial records are audited. Dr. Baumann also confirms that should sufficient evidence be obtained, certain top figures in Aegis could face charges of criminal negligence.
  • September 9 - Neomedical Industries' campaign to mass-produce Onionhead Gamma Strain is a success. Enough resources are gathered to ensure the drug will be made available in 15% of all Alliance and independent systems with Industrial economies on September 17. Federal and Imperial officials criticise the move, but the Alliance notes that its trading laws are enforced on a system by system basis and Neomedical Industries has accepted liability for the deal.
  • September 9 - The Kumo Council declares war on the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group over the logistics support it provided Neomedical Indsutries in the Onionhead Gamma Strain campaign. CEO Olwyn Kendrick issues a call for aid against the pirates to prevent them from intimidating investors into withdrawing, which would scuttle the drug project. Archon Delaine likewise pledges to reward pilots who assist his forces in the Haithis conflict.
  • September 10 - The Empire marks the first anniversary of the NMLA bombings in Cemiess, Gabjaujis, LHS 4031, and Rabh, which killed over 60,000 people, with a day of mourning. Princess Aisling Duval speaks at a memorial ceremony at her palace on Emerald. President Zachary Hudson, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, and First Minister Octavia Volkov convey their condolences, and reaffirm their pledges to support ACT.
  • September 13 - Seven more minor factions secede from the Federation. Although this is the largest wave of secessions yet in the ongoing Federal rebellion, none of the factions, which include Unktock Free, United Posenoi League, and the Progressive Party of Inggale, control any systems, and some see this as a sign that resistance to the PDB is eroding.
  • September 14 - Salvation warns that the Thargoids will soon assault the Cornsar system based on readings from a new xeno-detection network that he is developing to supplant Eagle Eye, and urges that the local population evacuate immediately. Salvation's claim is dismissed by Carter Armstrong, a chief administrator with Aegis, and Marshal Noah Sharrow of the Allied Cornsar Constitution Party.
  • September 16 - The Haithis Purple Dynamic Group fends off Kumo Council's attack, allowing Neomedical Industries to proceed with manufacturing Onionhead Gamma Strain. Neomedical Industries also reports that thanks to the defeat of Kumo Crew forces, the project has attracted more investors.
  • September 16 - Thargoids strike Chadwick Port and Ito Market in the Cornsar system, vindicating Salvation. Over ten thousand people are reported dead or injured, and millions more are threatened by the presence of Thargoid ships in Cornsar. Marshal Noah Sharrow of the Allied Cornsar Constitution Party calls for aid from the galactic community, while Aegis explains that its suspension prevents it from providing any support of its own.
  • September 17 - Salvation contacts pilots who previously assisted him and asks them to transport shipments of Basic Medicines from the Heart of Taurus megaship in Pegasi Sector ON-S b4-8 to either of the two Rescue Vessels in Cornsar before September 20. The shipments are deceptively registered, and contain advanced technical components that will be assembled into a prototype anti-xeno weapon capable of eliminating the Thargoid fleet in Cornsar. Salvation plans to reward participants with the permit to the Mbooni system on September 23, where they can pick up a unique modified Guardian Gauss Cannon from the Bright Sentinel megaship.
  • September 17 - EG Pilots Dictator Yuri Grom and Federal Ambassador Delphine Dumont arrive in Kessler City on the planet Reagan's Legacy in Delta Pavonis to present competing proposals to gain the allegiance of the system's controlling faction, the independent Autocracy of Delta Pavonis ruled by Grand Duke Simion Petrescu. This meeting also marks the first time the Federation has diplomatically engaged with Yuri Grom, a former Federal Navy admiral who defected.
  • September 20 - The Thargoids attacking Cornsar abruptly withdraw to hyperspace, and multiple crashed Thargoid vessels are reported on several local worlds. System officials and Aegis are unable to explain the development. Marshal Noah Sharrow expresses his gratitude for those pilots who helped defend the system. Meanwhile, evacuation efforts for Chadwick Port and Ito Market continue.
  • September 21 - The Paresa News Network breaks the news that Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval, wife of Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, is expecting a child in December. The media speculates that the birth of Hadrian's heir, especially a son in keeping with Imperial tradition, could upset the balance of power within the Imperial Family and grant Hadrian an opportunity to press his claim to the throne.
  • September 22 - In a public broadcast, Salvation takes credit for the Thargoids' departure from Cornsar, attributing the event to his prototype anti-xeno weapon and asserting he has succeeded where Aegis has failed.
  • September 23 - Saud Kruger CEO Stanislav Kruger announces a public campaign in partnership with Vistaenis Incorporated of the Vistaenis system to gather data on Earth-like Worlds in unpopulated systems to assess their suitability as future tourist destinations for Saud Kruger's subsidiary, Astrogator Tours. Saud Kruger plans to offer discounts on their ships and luxury-class Passenger Cabins should the campaign succeed, and pilots who also provide images of the most visually-impressive sites will be credited in new Tourist Beacons that will be posted at those locations.
  • September 24 - The initially tense negotiations between the Federation and the EG Pilots over the future of Delta Pavonis make unexpected progress toward a mutually-beneficial deal in which the Autocracy of Delta Pavonis would remain independent, but maintain trade and political ties with both sides. Observers note that Ambassador Delphine Dumont and Yuri Grom developed a rapport during the conference, and speculate that the compromise deal could signal a broader intent by the two governments to finally thaw relations.
  • September 27 - Vox Galactica reports on the emergence of a resistance movement against Salvation. Although Salvation succeeded in eliminating the Thargoids in Cornsar using his anti-xeno weapon, it was observed that some pilots who did not trust Salvation's motives joined with others who opposed conflict with the Thargoids and tried to sabotage the weapon by buying up and destroying shipments of its components.
  • September 29 - Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency announces that he and Francesca Wolfe have made a potential breakthrough in their efforts to learn more about Jokers' Deck, a secretive gambling circle for billionaires and trillionaires that Wallglass last encountered in 3305 during their search for the missing heiress Talitha Ambrose. Gunnarson promises to reveal more in the coming days.
  • September 30 - Saud Kruger CEO Stanislav Kruger declares his Earth-like Worlds data initiative a success, and confirms a 15% discount on the Dolphin, Orca, Beluga Liner, and luxury-class Passenger Cabins will go into effect from October 1 to October 8. The new Tourist Beacons to mark unique sightseeing opportunities found during the initiative will be deployed by October 28.
  • September 30 - Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar ambushes the EG Union, triggering a war in Delta Pavonis. Yuri Grom claims in a broadcast that undercover Federal agents attempted to detain him and his delegation in Kessler City, but his personal guards sacrificed their lives to help him escape to the Indomitable. President Zachary Hudson issues an official statement explaining that Grom is considered a traitor and threat to Federal security, and the decision was made to eliminate him. Grand Duke Simion Petrescu of the Autocracy of Delta Pavonis denies that his faction had any involvement in the Federation's scheme.

October 3307

  • October 1 - Senator Zemina Torval voluntarily sells half of her Mastopolos Mining shares, unexpectedly acquiescing to CEO Gabriella Mastopolos's push to remove her from her long-held position as the megacorporation's majority shareholder. The money from the sale is immediately reinvested into Torval-Mastopolos Mining. In related news, Constantia Torval announces that Torval-Mastopolos Mining has been elected the new controlling faction of LTT 198 and has acquired the system's permit rights.
  • October 4 - Ambassador Delphine Dumont and the Federal Diplomatic Corps denounce President Zachary Hudson's attempt to capture Yuri Grom during the conference in Delta Pavonis. Dumont apologises to Grom and insists she had no foreknowledge that the Federal government would violate the conventions of diplomatic immunity. Public reactions to Hudson's gambit are mixed, and administration insiders suggest Hudson is under pressure to regain popularity after the recent rebellions.
  • October 5 - Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency publishes an audio report about Jokers' Deck transmitted by Francesca Wolfe, who disappeared during an undercover investigation of the gambling ring. Per the recording, which Wolfe had to cut short due to a security alert, the latest Jokers' Deck event was being hosted in a disued warehouse complex owned by billionaire Lexi October, and many prominent politicians, executives, celebrities, and criminals from across the galaxy were in attendance.
  • October 7 - The EG Union prevails over Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar in Delta Pavonis. Yuri Grom's forces board and capture the Federal megaship Freedom's Foundation, claiming it as "spoils of war". Grom grants the surviving Federal troops and crewmembers safe passage out of the system.
  • October 7 - Brewer Corporation announces the Colonia Bridge project, a three-phase initiative to enhance transportation infrastructure between the Core Systems and the Colonia Region. In the first phase, Brewer Corporation and the Colonia Council request resource deliveries to Jaques Station, Colonia and Macdonald Settlement, Alcor to support the construction of up to 30 stationary Flight Operations Carrier megaships that will be deployed at roughly 500 light-year intervals along the main travel route by October 28. Brewer Corporation also pledges to offer temporary discounts on Fleet Carriers and Fleet Carrier outfitting options to further incentivise participation.
  • October 8 - Torval-Mastopolos Mining officially splits from Mastopolos Mining and is renamed Torval Mining Ltd. The newly independent corporation retains its headquarters, Torval Orbital in LTT 198, and also absorbs a sizeable portion of Mastopolos Mining's assets thanks to legally transferable shares. Senator Zemina Torval is named CEO, and Constantia Torval remains the operations director.
  • October 12 - Erik Gunnarson receives a new transmission from Francesca Wolfe, who confirms that she escaped the clutches of Jokers' Deck momentarily, but has not yet found a way off-world. Wolfe explains that the security alert that upended the event was caused by the theft of Jokers' Deck's prized artefact, a centuries-old Joker playing card, by the Winking Cat thief.
  • October 13 - Orion University claims legal ownership of The Scriveners Clan Dredger based on newly unearthed historical records that state the vessel was commissioned and launched on an expedition by Scrivener College in 3088, and that Orion University acquired Scrivener College and its assets in 3125.
  • October 13 - FIA Deputy Director Bethany Blake announces that the Proactive Detection Bureau successfully identified a group of corporatist terrorists called Jupiter's Wrath, who sought to take revenge for the fall of Jupiter Division. FIA agents arrest over a thousand Jupiter's Wrath members in a coordinated operation across multiple systems before they can carry out any attacks. Shadow President Winters notes that the news is conveniently timed for President Hudson given his recent failure to capture Yuri Grom.
  • October 14 - Brewer Corporation receives enough resources to construct all 30 megaships for the Colonia Bridge, and applies a 30% discount on Fleet Carriers and Fleet Carrier outfitting options in the Alcor and Colonia systems until October 22. Planning begins for the second phase of the project.
  • October 14 - Orion University partners with the Deep Space Mining faction to offer rewards to pilots who help locate The Scriveners Clan Dredger, which jumped to an unknown location in July. Search volunteers eventually locate the vessel in Oochost PC-C c29-0. Deep Space Mining rewards the first 10 pilots to turn in scan data a sum of 250 million credits, and 20 million credits to subsequent participants.
  • October 14 - The NMLA bombs Dyson City in Paresa in an attempt to assassinate Imperator Hadrian Duval and his pregnant wife, Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval. ACT and Nova Imperium intercept an NMLA transmission discussing the attack in advance, and the Duvals are evacuated to safety minutes before the bombing, but there is no time to alert other station residents. Over 15,000 people are estimated to have been killed, and a similar number injured. The Empire confirms it will provide assistance in accordance with the Treaty of Paresa.
  • October 15 - The NMLA claims responsibility for the Dyson City bombing and proclaims it will "extinguish the Duval line". ACT notes that Theta Seven did not appear in the NMLA's broadcast, and explains it has reason to believe that Theta Group split in two, with Theta Seven and half of his followers going into hiding after the Marlinist Colonies bombings in July, and the other half continuing the NMLA's terror campaign with this latest attack.
  • October 18 - Vice Chancellor Leland Pettigrew of Orion University congratulates volunteers on finding The Scriveners Clan Dredger. He reveals that Orion University is preparing to send a megaship to Oochost PC-C c29-0 to take possession of the dredger and relocate the members of the Scriveners Clan.
  • October 19 - Francesca Wolfe is captured by Jokers' Deck security during an attempt to stowaway on a ship. Instead of being killed or turned over to local authorities, Wolfe is taken to meet Lexi October, who offers to hire her and Erik Gunnarson to track down the Winking Cat and recover the stolen Joker playing card.
  • October 20 - The Federal Intelligence Agency arrests the organisers behind Jupiter's Wrath, dismantling the corporatist extremist group. Deputy Director Bethany Blake announces that as a result of this successful operation, the Proactive Detection Bureau's algorithms will be updated to also flag citizens who are at risk of radicalisation. Congressman Bai Zheng criticises this development, contending that the PDB has evolved from targeting criminals to targeting individuals who hold opinions that the Federal government finds disagreeable.
  • October 21 - Torval Mining Ltd places an open order for industrial commodities to be delivered to the Pride of Bitterwood in EGM 559 so that the corporation can resume its mining and transportation operations after breaking with Mastopolos Mining. In addition, Torval Mining Ltd begins outfitting three newly-purchased megaships, the Champion of Commerce, The House Ascendant, and Zetian's Recall, to serve as its corporate fleet.
  • October 22 - The Orion University megaship Scientia Aeterna arrives in Oochost PC-C c29-o and disables the hyperdrive of The Scriveners Clan Dredger using old override codes. Although they are trapped, the Scriveners refuse to surrender their dredger, ignoring all hails from the Scientia Aeterna and blocking boarding attempts by sealing the dredger's airlocks and electrifying its hull.
  • October 25 - Senator Caspian Leopold announces the Imperial Senate's intent to take Hadrian Duval and Astrid Minerva-Duval under its protection to ensure the survival of the Duval bloodline until the NMLA is defeated. Hadrian meets with a Senate delegation to discuss terms, and it is speculated that the Senate will require that Hadrian cut ties with Nova Imperium before they accept his family. It is also speculated that Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval may have already been placed under senatorial protection, and has been performing her duties from a secure location for some time.
  • October 26 - Prime Consul Kayode Tau and Ambassador Elijah Beck meet to discuss the fate of over a million Marlinists living in the Alliance who face difficulties due to their refugee status. Tau hopes to arrange for the refugees to be safely relocated to the Marlinist Colonies.
  • October 28 - Thargoid fleets invade eight systems in the Pleiades Nebula and Witch Head Nebula. Admiral Aden Tanner of Aegis expresses frustration that his organisation is unable to provide more assistance, and also warns that the anti-xeno weapon Salvation used in Cornsar may have provoked the Thargoids into launching this latest attack. Taurus Mining Ventures moves the Bright Sentinel from Mbooni to Merope at Salvation's request.
  • October 28 - Torval Mining Ltd's resupply campaign ends after receiving enthusiastic support. The corporate megaships Champion of Commerce and The House Ascendant jump from LTT 198 to Laguz and 21 Eridani, respectively, to begin mining operations.
  • October 29 - Vox Galactica examines the growth of the Colonia Region in a special reprot, noting the arrival of personal equipment engineers Baltanos, Eleanor Bresa, Rosa Dayette, and Yi Shen, and speculating that the Colonia Bridge project will attract more development.
  • October 29 - Brewer Corporation deploys the 30 megaships of the Colonia Bridge; 25 sent from Alcor in the direction of Colonia, and 5 were sent from Colonia in the direction of Alcor. The second phase of the project is scheduled to begin the following week. In related news, the crew of the CB-2 Memories of Oresrati megaship in Snake Sector OD-S b4-2 reported receiving a distorted distress call on its long-range sensors, leading pilots to discover the abandoned Holloway Bioscience Research Facility 15 on planet AB 5 B in the Snake Sector GW-W c1-1.

November 3307

  • November 1 - Civil rights organisation Advocacy comes to the defence of the Scriveners Clan in the ongoing dispute over ownership of The Scriveners Clan Dredger, invoking established interstellar laws that protect micro-societies from cultural contamination. Professor Elizabeth Perez of Orion University argues that the aging, deteriorating dredger has become too hazardous to support a population, and the university will take all necessary measures to protect the clan's members and culture during their relocation. The Scientia Aeterna halts further attempts to board the dredger, but does not withdraw its override of the dredger's hyperdrive.
  • November 2 - Hadrian Duval and Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval accept the Imperial Senate's protection. Hadrian relinquishes his role as the leader of Nova Imperium and discontinues the title of Imperator. Praetor Leo Magnus receives Hadrian's endorsement to become the next leader of the organisation, which is renamed Nova Paresa. In related news, ACT signals that a breakthrough in the Dyson City bombing investigation will soon be made public.
  • November 3 - Polls indicate that rebellious sentiment in the Federation provoked by the Proactive Detection Bureau is declining. Some Federal citizens rethink their opposition to the PDB after the capture of Jupiter's Wrath demonstrates communications surveillance can save lives. Whether or not the Federal rebellion continues is thought to hinge on the factions that already broke away being able to show they can prosper independently.
  • November 4 - The second phase of Brewer Corporation's Colonia Bridge project begins. Assuming all quotas are met, this phase will add 26 more megaships to the route between Colonia and Alcor, linking the two Colonia Bridge segments put into place by the first phase. To attract long-range traders and explorers to the campaign, Brewer Corporation offers Class 3, 4, and 6 modified Frame Shift Drives as a bonus for the top 75% participants.
  • November 5 - Admiral Aden Tanner takes command of the Aegis Defense megaship Musashi and jumps it to T Tauri, declaring that he has strong reason to believe that Hind Mine, the headquarters of Taurus Mining Ventures, contains evidence that Salvation's anti-xeno weapon is being used to deliberately provoke the Thargoids and endanger millions of people. Taurus Mining Ventures denies Tanner entry, and other Aegis leaders condemn Tanner's actions and order him to leave T Tauri.
  • November 8 - FIA Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez announces that ACT has apprehended almost all members of the NMLA's Theta Group. Theta Seven, the NMLA's chief bombmaker and de facto leader, remains at large after having disappeared in July. The successful operation is attributed to ACT's interception of communications between Theta Group and Neo-Marlinist sympathisers, which was mainly possible due to Theta Group's unexplained abandonment of its dark-comms network.
  • November 9 - The standoff between the Scriveners Clan and Orion University continues with no end in sight. The Canonn Interstellar Research Group offers to buy Dredger J-403 from Orion University and then gift it to the Scriveners in exchange for them making their Knowledge Core available to the public, but this proposal is considered unlikely to sway the Scriveners into giving up the fruits of two centuries of research.
  • November 10 - Aanya Gupta, CEO of the Holloway Bioscience Institute, confirms that Holloway Bioscience Research Facility 15 is one of several planetary survey labs established by the institute's founder, Lord Roland Holloway. However, the institute claims it has no record of hiring the mercenary unit Excalibur Troop to recon the facility in 3255 after it went dark, and refuses to comment on rumours that the facility encountered a previously unidentified life form.
  • November 11 - Brewer Corporation provides an update on the Colonia Bridge project. Phase two receives enough deliveries to construct all 26 planned megaships for the route, and these new ports will be deployed and operational by November 25.
  • November 11 - With Taurus Mining Ventures refusing to cooperate, Admiral Aden Tanner directs a military assault on the corporation's forces in T Tauri to gain access to Hind Mine and uncover Salvation's plans. Tanner continues to defy orders from Aegis leadership to leave T Tauri, and it is rumoured that many Aegis members support his actions and believe the ongoing Baumann investigation should be ended. Taurus Mining Ventures decries Tanner's actions as illegal and calls for aid from the galactic community.
  • November 12 - ACT issues a request across all newsfeeds for assistance from the galactic community in cracking an encrypted message that may contain clues to the whereabouts of Theta Seven. The message was received by Theta Group on July 31, after Theta Seven had gone into hiding, and it was recovered by ACT when the cell was captured. ACT offers a reward of 750 million credits to the first person who submits a correctly deciphered version of the message.
  • November 14 - CMDR Therion Cygni solves the encrypted NMLA message with the help of a series of eight false traffic data logs found in the Marlinist Colonies, and claims ACT's reward. The deciphered message indicates that its sender, most likely Theta Seven, had traveled to the Panjabell system with multiple weapons and was going into hiding. The message also confirms that the NMLA has secret benefactors, but warns Theta Group that they are no longer trustworthy.
  • November 15 - The Scriveners Clan faces possible extinction as their dredger exhibits worrying signs of malfunctions in essential systems. It is thought that the dredger's inability to move and collect new resources has caused the Scriveners to run out of materials for maintenance, creating a risk of increasingly severe mechanical failures that could kill the ship's inhabitants. Alarmed, Orion Univeristy staff urgently consider ways to convince the Scriveners to back down.
  • November 16 - The Pleiades Concordat and other factions in Panjabell agree to assist ACT in the ongoing search for Theta Seven. Investigators believe the NMLA leader arrived in Panjabell on July 31 and infiltrated one of the three megaships that the Far God cult launched on August 6. ACT agents attempt to warn the Perdition, Sacrosanct, and Testament, but the cultists refuse to cooperate.
  • November 17 - Members of the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, and the Marlinism Reformation Party join together to board and capture the Steel Majesty megaship in Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2. Only half of the Steel Majesty's crew is evacuated by the Marlinist Constabulary before the Neo-Marlinist fighters take operational control, trapping the remaining civilians. The coalition of Neo-Marlinists is thought to have been spurred into action by ACT closing in on Theta Seven.
  • November 18 - Taurus Mining Ventures defeats the rogue Aegis Defense force in T Tauri. The Musashi is boarded and captured, and Admiral Aden Tanner is detained pending his transfer to Aegis's internal security teams. Taurus Mining Ventures allows the megaship's other crew to leave unharmed.
  • November 18 - Orion University arranges a campaign in HIP 43670 to collect various types data. The data will be gifted to the Scriveners Clan in the hopes of earning their trust and gaining permission for Orion personnel to travel on Dredger J-403. Supporters of the Scriveners Clan set up a competing campaign to gather materials to repair the dredger and upgrade its systems to bypass Orion University's override codes.
  • November 19 - The Steel Majesty jumps to Mudhrid and is officially reclaimed by the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, now led by Margrave Corentin Delacroix, son of the former Landgrave Arastin Delacroix. The Order warns that it will respond to any attempt to board or attack the Steel Majesty by executing the hundreds of former crewmembers. ACT states it has no solution to the hostage crisis, but the Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group declares it already considers the hostages to be casualties of war and is prepared to destroy the Neo-Marlinists.
  • November 19 - Rumours circulate that the planned third phase of Brewer Corporation's Colonia Bridge project, which is tentatively slated to begin in early 3308, will be revised in response to overwhelming turnout for the first two phases. More engineered Frame Shift Drives are reportedly being manufactured to be offered as rewards for phase three.
  • November 22 - A spree of thefts across the galaxy are attributed to the Winking Cat. Among other artefacts and valuables reported stolen or missing from secure locations in recent weeks are a seven metre high portrait of Emperor Olban Hensard Duval painted in 2989, and the only working prototype of Achilles Corporation's XS1001 security robot. Given the rapid pace of the thefts, the Wallglass Investigations Agency theorises the Winking Cat could be a crew of criminal specialists rather than an individual.
  • November 24 - Theta Seven takes control of the Far God cult megaship Sacrosanct and jumps it to Mudhrid, threatening to kill all of the vessel's passengers if any attempt is made to stop him. The Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group orders Mudhrid's security service to shoot down any ships attempting to pass between the Sacrosanct and the Steel Majesty.
  • November 24 - An agreement is reached between 14 factions that control system permits to deploy so-called Gatekeeper megaships to neighbouring systems to allow permit distribution to continue regardless of local shifts in politics. A key factor in the talks is the prevention of disruption to interstellar trade. The new Gatekeeper megaships include the Shadows Endurant, Daunting Hammer, Shephard of the Mighty, The People's Vigil, Warden's Oath, The Indefatigable, Chariot of the Faithful, Varuna's Pledge, The Silver Cove, Grasp of Unity, Orchestral Falcon, and Meredith's Dream, which the join the previously deployed Peregrina Gateway and Tiliala's Lament.
  • November 25 - The Scriveners Clan Dredger receives sufficient supplies to effect repairs and bypass Orion University's override codes, while Orion University's competing campaign fails to collect enough data to impress the Scriveners Clan. Vice Chancellor Leland Pettigrew confirms the university will honour the outcome and withdraw its claim over the dredger.
  • November 25 - The Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid and Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group declare war in the Mudhrid system. The Neo-Marlinists offer an augmented Enzyme Missile Rack in an attempt to garner more support. ACT notes that the battle in Mudhrid will have a major impact on the NMLA's future, with a Neo-Marlinist victory potentially giving Theta Seven the opportunity to transfer from the Sacrosanct to the Steel Majesty and escape.
  • November 26 - The 26 megaships constructed by the second phase of the Colonia Bridge project are deployed. Brewer Corporation explains the project's third and final phase will begin on January 6, 3308, and will seek to install multiple starports along the Colonia Bridge route as well as bolster the route's tritium stockpiles to address the overwhelming demand from Fleet Carriers.
  • November 29 - Admiral Aden Tanner is charged with mutiny and unlawful military action by the Federal Navy over his actions in T Tauri, and will face a court-martial; if found guilty, Tanner faces a dishonourable discharge and life imprisonment. The other crewmembers of the Musashi are repatriated to their home systems to face civil or military charges. Dr. Paul Baumann, chair of the independent board of inquiry into Aegis, comments that Tanner's unauthorised assault on Hind Mine, which cost many lives, will be factored into his final report.
  • November 30 - Independent pilots report that the ongoing Thargoid assault in the Pleiades, Witch Head, and Coalsack Nebulas is proving unusually difficult to repel, as the Thargoids are constantly reinforcing their fleets. In light of the Cornsar incident, the Imperial Navy and Alliance Council of Admirals discuss committing their naval forces to support Salvation, and Federal Congress debates redirecting Aegis funds to the development of Salvation's anti-xeno weapon.

December 3307

  • December 2 - The Battle of Mudhrid ends in defeat for the NMLA. An ACT commando unit is able to surreptitiously board the Steel Majesty, arm the hostage crewmembers, and retake the megaship from the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid. However, the Sacrosanct remains under the control of Theta Seven and his followers.
  • December 2 - Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval gives birth to a son, Hector Mordanticus Duval. The news is celebrated throughout the Empire. Nova Paresa, now led by Praetor Leo Magnus after he resigned from ACT, organises an initiative at Dyson City, Paresa to collect delicacies to gift to Hadrian Augustus Duval, who is still sequestered with his family by the Imperial Senate.
  • December 3 - The Scriveners Clan Dredger leaves Oochost PC-C c29-0 system for an unknown destination, resuming their nomadic way of life and denying the contents of their Knowledge Core to the wider galaxy. However, it is noted that without the Scientia Aeterna accompanying the dredger on its travels as Orion University had wanted, the Scriveners lack any protection or way to call for help should they encounter hostile forces.
  • December 7 - Theta Seven continues to hold the Far God cultists aboard the Sacrosanct hostage in Mudhrid. ACT is unable to open negotiations, and it is too difficult for their commando unit to board the vessel as it was designed by the cultists to prevent external access. One silver lining in the standoff is that the Sacrosanct is unable to leave Mudhrid due to internal power failures. It is speculated that the cultists are sabotaging their ship to avenge the many victims of Theta Seven's Thargoid enzyme bombs, devices that the cult likely considers sacrilegious.
  • December 9 - The celebration of Hector Mordanticus Duval's birth in Paresa receives an abundance of luxury gifts from the galactic community. Political commentators in the Empire take note that unless Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval or Princess Aisling Duval produce their own children, Hector is poised to one day inherit the Imperial Throne.
  • December 9 - Salvation asks pilots to transport shipments of Classified Experimental Equipment from the Heart of Taurus megaship in Qarato to the Bright Sentinel in Maia, the Musashi in Delphi, and the Glorious Prospect in Merope in order to halt the Thargoid advance in the Pleiades Nebula. Salvation warns that failing to deliver sufficient quantities by December 14 will render his anti-xeno superweapons ineffective. Meanwhile, Professor Alba Tesreau quietly contacts Aegis supporters and requests that they deliver Classified Experimental Equipment to Felice Dock in Meene for Ram Tah to analyse.
  • December 9 - Vodel unveils the Scorpion, a new SRV model designed for combat operations and troop support. The company holds a launch event at Levinson Orbital in its home system of Bhattra, with both chief of design Frank Endis and Core Dynamics CEO Owen McKenna in attendance.
  • December 10 - The painting Terra Absentia by Zoe Okeke, stolen by the Winking Cat in 3305, is recovered when the Federal Intelligence Agency raids the residence of media magnate Elias Metaxas. This incident and rumours of other stolen pieces coming into the possession of the galaxy's rich and powerful suggest that the Winking Cat is selling their loot to private collectors for large sums of credits.
  • December 13 - Theta Seven and his inner circle detonate the enzyme bombs aboard the Sacrosanct, killing themselves and thousands of captive Far God cultists. Theta Seven's last words, spoken in a public broadcast immediately before the explosion split the megaship in half, were "The future will remember us." ACT co-leader Captain Saskia Landau confirms the terrorist leader's demise, and states that ACT will turn its attention to pursuing any surviving NMLA cells and delving into the extremist group's background.
  • December 14 - Salvation's anti-xeno superweapons clear almost all Thargoids from the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems, and numerous wrecks are observed on planetary surfaces, mirroring the Cornsar incident. An internal message intercepted from Salvation's allies discussing "Operation Tri-hammer" indicates that in Delphi alone, 27% of all Thargoid vessels were destroyed, and 98% of the survivors fled.
  • December 15 - Salvation issues a statement to all newsfeeds confirming that his anti-xeno superweapons fired successfully in Delphi, Maia, and Merope. He declares that in 3308, he will be ready to "deliver a decisive blow in the war against the Thargoids", and calls on the galactic community to support his "crusade".
  • December 16 - Following negotiations between the Empire and the Marlinist Consulate, the Steel Majesty jumps from Mudhrid to HIP 22550 in the Marlinist Colonies, where it is turned over to the Free Marlinists of Carinae and renamed the Fairfax Vision. First Minister Octavia Volkov announces the vessel will be repurposed for diplomatic activites.
  • December 16 - Detective Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency reveals he and Francesca Wolfe received a message from the Winking Cat inviting them to participate in a "hunt". Based on the message, the first half of the hunt is scheduled to take place from the 16th to the 30th of December, and the second half will run from the 23rd of December to the 6th of January.
  • December 17 - Commodore Morag Halloran submits an account of her reasons for joining Salvation and Taurus Mining Ventures to the media, noting that she had been recruited alongside hundreds of other military personnel from the Alliance, Federal, Imperial, and Sirius Corporation navies. Rumours abound that to stop further defections, the superpowers are prepared officially provide support for Salvation's anti-xeno activities.
  • December 17 - The Winking Cat posts the first clue in their hunt to GalNet. The clue comes in the form of a poem criticising Achilles Corporation for its greed and intrusive surveillance operations in service of "figures too mighty to speak of aloud". Spelling errors in the poem point to body 5 B in the Diso system, where intrepid pilots discover that scanning a comms uplink hidden in a debris site disguised as a "Crashed Ship" rewards a bundle of credits and prizes.
  • December 18 - The second Winking Cat poem is posted, this time describing the boundless wealth of the Imperial Family. This clue leads to another comms uplink on the planet Irvin's Wreck in Zeaex. The second gift set contains credits and an Imperial Courier stored at nearby Tryggvason Orbital.
  • December 19 - The third Winking Cat poem highlights tourism company WorldCraft and derides its carefully-designed entertainment experiences as hollow compared to the real thrill of exploring the galaxy first-hand. This clue leads to a comms uplink on Major's Mine in Epsilon Eridani, and rewards a luxury Passenger Cabin module and unique Remote Release Flak Launcher with fireworks-style munitions, both of which are stored at Darkes High.
  • December 20 - ACT unmasks the identity of NMLA leader Theta Seven, revealing he was a former Imperial citizen named John Tyburn from the city of Fontaine on planet Baltah'Sine in the Baltah'Sine system. Tyburn originally worked as a maker of demolitions charges for commerical mining. After becoming a pro-democracy activist, Tyburn was stripped of his job, his citizenship, and his family, and was convicted of sedition. The NMLA recruited him as a bombmaker when he was released from prison, and his skills allowed him to rise rapidly through the ranks. Eventually, Tyburn proposed weaponizing Thargoid enzymes in bombs to damage starports, leading to the NMLA commissioning a bomb design from Liz Ryder and then embarking on its campaign of starport bombings in September 3306.
  • December 21 - Freelance war correspondent Ernesto Rios provides an update to Vox Galactica on the Thargoid war situation. Thargoid reinforcements continue to pour into the Coalsack, Pleiades, and Witch Head nebulae, and an anxious public demands to know why Salvation has not deployed more of his anti-xeno superweapons. Some of Salvation's supporters insist that the scientist is focusing on preparations for the the total elimination of the Thargoid threat.
  • December 21 - GalNet's editorial team issues an apology for three articles that were published without official authorisation on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of December. GalNet is unable to explain how its network was breached or where the articles originated from, but assures its readers that it has taken steps to prevent further disruptions.
  • December 22 - In response to fears that Alliance systems are vulnerable to Thargoid invasions, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon suggests making a strategic defence contract with Sirius Corporation. CEO Li Yong-Rui travels to Alioth at the invitation of the Alliance Assembly to discuss ways to strengthen the Alliance Defence Force. Councillor Nakato Kaine reiterates her claim that Sirius wields inappropriate levels of influence over some of her colleagues, and calls for more transparency for any deals between the Alliance and the megacorp.
  • December 23 - Erik Gunnarson recaps the recent developments in the Winking Cat's treasure hunt, and notes that December 23rd marks the start of the second part and likely means three more caches will be revealed in the coming days.
  • December 24 - A fourth poem from the Winking Cat appears on GalNet, this time lambasting entertainment mogul Oscar Goldsun. The corresponding uplink, located on Mitterand Hollow in Epsilon Indi, unlocks a cache of gifts funded by the theft of Goldsun's private rarities collection earlier that month.
  • December 25 - The Winking Cat's fifth poem features Zachary Rackham, the billionaire owner of Rackham Capital Investments who has long been rumoured to have built his fortune through piracy. The cache that the Winking Cat prepared, likely using the credits Rackham paid to buy Picasso's Guernica, is found on planet 1 A in the Contien system; notably, this cache contains 100 million credits rather than the usual 10 million.
  • December 26 - The sixth and final Winking Cat poem rebukes Frontline Solutions and Imogen le Ray for profiting from the galaxy's conflicts. The key to the thief's last gift, which includes a Vulture, is discovered on planet A 12 C in the Dvorsi system.
  • December 27 - GalNet's editorial team issues a second apology for the disruption caused by the Winking Cat's infiltration of its network, which reoccurred on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of December. GalNet claims its technical teams have identified and blocked the method used by the thief to post messages on its channels.
  • December 28 - Historian Sima Kalhana publishes the first article in a four-part series looking back on the tumultuous events of 3307. Spanning January to March, this article highlights the founding of the Marlinist Colonies, the Jupiter Division conflict, the Galactic Summit, Nine Martyrs, and the creation of ACT.
  • December 29 - In the second part of Sima Kalhana's retrospective of 3307, the historian examines the events of April through June. Key moments include the establishment of the Federation's Proactive Detection Bureau, the return of the ghost ship Adamastor and hunt for its sister vessel Hesperus, the vanishing of the Aegis megaship Alexandria, Edmund Mahon's reelection as Alliance prime minister, the introduction of Salvation, and the start of a rebellion in the Federation.
  • December 31 - In the fourth part of Sima Kalhana's retrospective of 3307, the historian examines the events of October through December. Key moments include the Federation's ambush of Yuri Grom, the rise of Torval Mining Ltd, the launch of the Colonia Bridge project, Hadrian Duval parting ways with Nova Paresa, Orion University's bid to claim The Scriveners Clan Dredger, the birth of Hector Mordanticus Duval, and the death of Theta Seven.


January 3308

  • January 1 - With the NMLA quelled, Hadrian Duval and Lady Astrid emerge from their senatorial protection to attend Princess Aisling's annual New Year gathering at her palace on Emerald, Cemiess. Their infant son Hector also makes his first public appearance, to the delight of many dignitaries present. Meanwhile, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval continues to rule from seclusion, and her absence from the public eye raises questions.
  • January 2 - In the belated third segment of her retrospective of 3307, historian Sima Kalhana explores the events of July through September. Highlights include the Blue Viper Club making a deal with Kumo Crew to mass-produce the drug "Helix" or Onionhead Gamma Strain, the civil war in the Marlinist Colonies, the suspension and investigation of Aegis, the unlocking of Hyford's Cache, and Salvation's deployment of his anti-xeno superweapon in Cornsar.
  • January 3 - The Alliance signs a defence pact with Sirius Corporation. The measure is approved by a slim majority in a rare, closed-door, joint session of the Alliance Assembly and Council of Admirals. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon explains that Sirius Corp will work to reinforce Alliance Defence Force vessels exclusively in anti-xeno operations, and in return the megacorp will be given priority access to certain undisclosed financial opportunities. Councillor Nakato Kaine decries the Alliance deepening ties with Sirius Corp and hiding the terms of the pact from the public by classifying them as military secrets.
  • January 4 - Disregarding the risks to her career and life, ACT co-leader Captain Saskia Landau exposes a possible connection between the NMLA and Imperial Intelligence, and calls on the Senate to investigate. She explains that during her work in the Imperial Internal Security Service, she took part in a classified Imperial Intelligence project that used a communications system called Omega Grid that bears striking similarities to the NMLA's dark-comms network. The Imperial Herald receives confirmation of Omega Grid's existence from multiple IISS agents.
  • January 5 - The Federal Navy Criminal Court suspends the trial of Admiral Aden Tanner to review new evidence after Tanner's defence attorney presents Ram Tah as a witness. Ram Tah testifies that the Classified Experimental Equipment used by Salvation in his anti-xeno superweapons is nearly identical to Guardian devices found at the Proteus site in Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2, and hypothesizes that Salvation scaled up a Guardian weapon design. This weapon apparently not only disrupts Thargoid bio-mechanics with electromagnetic pulses, but also provokes the Thargoids into a frenzy and causes them to mass in star systems where the weapons are present.
  • January 6 - Phase three of the Colonia Bridge project begins. In this phase, Brewer Corporation asks for deliveries of supplies to be used in the construction of up to six starports that will be placed along the Alcor-Colonia route by January 27. In response to popular demand, Brewer Corporation also promises to reward the top 75% of participants with pre-Engineered Frame Shift Drives.
  • January 7 - Speaking on behalf of a group of Imperial senators, Senator Karl Nerva denies that Omega Grid exists and demands that ACT be disbanded now that the NMLA is no longer a threat. Other senators call on Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval to overrule the faction standing in the way of ACT's investigation. The debate underscores the Emperor's continued absence; to allay concerns, Chancellor Anders Blaine announces that Arissa will soon return to Capitol.
  • January 10 - Admiral Nikolas Glass of the Sirius Navy joins the Alliance's Council of Admirals to coordinate anti-Thargoid operations. This is the first time the Council has had seven members, and the first time the Council has seated a non-Alliance military leader. The move is endorsed by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Fleet Admiral Hayley Sorokin, and criticised by Councillor Nakato Kaine and Admiral George Varma. Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran also admits that she abstained from the January 3rd joint vote, implying the Assembly's support for the Sirius Corporation defence pact is weaker than assumed.
  • January 11 - A mining contract long held by Caine-Massey to supply mined ore to various companies in the vicinity of the Dulos system expires. Torval Mining Ltd makes an official bid to claim the contract. Although an Imperial corporation making inroads on the fringes of Federal territory stirs controversy, a review from the Federal Commerce Authority finds there is no exclusivity clause in the contract to prevent the client companies involved from negotiating with a supplier other than Caine-Massey.
  • January 12 - Dr. Paul Baumann delivers his final report on the inquiry into Aegis. The report concludes that Aegis was hamstrung by poor mid-level management, over-reliance on independent pilots, and funding reductions. In view of the Alexandria incident and the rogue attack on Hind Mine, the report concludes that Aegis should be dismantled to prevent further deadly mishaps. In related news, Admiral Aden Tanner is found guilty in his court martial and is dishonourably discharged. At the request of Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori, the new head of the Federal Navy, Tanner's sentencing hearing is postponed while Ram Tah's findings are reviewed.
  • January 13 - Brewer Corporation confirms the success of the third phase of the Colonia Bridge project. Enough resources were collected to build all six starports, which will be competed by January 27 and then gradually have services brought online.
  • January 13 - Caine-Massey and Torval Mining Ltd agree to hold competing mining campaigns in the Dulos system, with the corporation that gathers the most resources to be awarded a 10-year contract with local companies in the Dulos region to exclusively supply them with raw materials.
  • January 14 - Prime Minister Edmund Mahon grants Sirius Corporation permission to establish a presence in the Alliance systems of Alioth, Di Jian, Reorte, and Arimpox via the deployment of four megaships to represent Sirius Gov, the megacorporation's government division. In addition, Sirius Corp advisors officially join the Alliance Defence Force and several government departments to streamline joint operations with the Sirius Navy. Councillor Nakato Kaine argues the presence of Sirius Gov in Alliance space lacks Assembly approval and is therefore illegal. She also complains that Mahon's executive decision is protected by the terms of the defence pact and cannot be reversed by civil action.
  • January 17 - The Imperial Senate continues stonewalling ACT's efforts to investigate Imperial Intelligence's possible ties to the NMLA, even as Captain Saskia Landau asserts that rogue elements with the organisation likely provided training and equipment to NMLA members. Senator Karl Nerva repeats his demand for ACT to be dissolved, but Senator Caspian Leopold sides with Landau and urges cooperation with ACT to reassure the public that Imperial Intelligence's activities are wholly above-board.
  • January 18 - The Alliance, Empire, and Federation announce that per the recommendation of the Baumann Report, Aegis will be shut down. Responsibility for anti-Thargoid military operations will devolve to the Federal Navy, Imperial Navy, Alliance Defence Force, and Sirius Navy, and Aegis's xenological research will be continued by specialist departments of the Holloway Bioscience Institute, Imperial Science Academy, and Olympus Village University. While the shutdown of Aegis takes effect immediately, complete demobilisation of Aegis's personnel and assets is expected to take several more months.
  • January 20 - Professor Alba Tesreau contacts Aegis supporters and asks them to investigate a sighting of a "drifting cluster of unidentified objects" somewhere near the Wregoe SC-X b29-2 system. Independent pilots discover the wreckage of the Alexandria strewn in the rings of planet AB 2 in Wregoe TC-X b29-0, and recover logs recorded by Captain Jacob Morales that reveal the megaship was sabotaged and its cargo of Guardian artefacts seized by operatives working for "the Witch", a figure previously linked to Project Seraph and Azimuth Biochemicals. The Alexandria met its end after Morales and the surviving crew jerry-rigged the stranded vessel's hyperdrive to make an emergency jump, which carried the vessel hundreds of light years away from civilisation and tore it to pieces.
  • January 20 - Caine-Massey outbids Torval Mining Ltd for the Dulos mining contract and renews it until 3318.
  • January 20 - In an interview with The Imperial Herald, Princess Aisling Duval discusses the ongoing absence of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval. The Princess makes waves by suggesting that the Emperor's life may be in jeopardy in light of Captain Saskia Landau's allegations about Imperial Intelligence and the unexplained security breach that led to the assassination of Prince Harold. Chancellor Anders Blaine responds by reiterating that the Emperor is safe and will return to public life imminently.
  • January 21 - President Zachary Hudson delivers a speech to Federal Congress discussing recent and future plans to maintain security for the Federation. The Thargoids remain a top threat in 3308, but Hudson also observes that internal disputes within the Alliance and Empire may have far-reaching consequences, and he confirms his administration will soon present new policy proposals to keep the Federation safe. Shadow President Felicia Winters responds by pointing out several high-profile embarrassments for the Federation that occurred on Hudson's watch in just the last year.
  • January 22 - After the media begins reporting the discovery of the Alexandria's wreckage in Wregoe TC-X b29-0, Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong publicly requests that Aegis be allowed to remain operational until the debris can be fully analysed to determine how the megaship was destroyed.
  • January 24 - The Reorte Mining Coalition, the ruling faction of Reorte, blockades the Sirius Corporation megaship Chariot of Rhea and orders it to depart the system. CEO Fergus Cassidy criticises Prime Minister Edmund Mahon for not consulting local factions about inviting Sirius Corp into their systems. The Alliance Tribune comments that while many Alliance systems have embraced the Sirius Corp defence pact, those in the Old Worlds region have expressed scepticism of the megacorp's motives, and the standoff in Reorte could hinder broad acceptance of the pact.
  • January 26 - The Imperial Senate shares a short personal message from Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval in which the monarch assures the public of her well-being and indirectly absolves Imperial Intelligence of the allegations that it supported the NMLA. Princess Aisling Duval comments that a mere message is insufficient to allay her concerns about Arissa's safety, and she offers to arrange and host an event for the Emperor to attend in-person.
  • January 27 - The Reorte Mining Coalition attacks Sirius Corporation forces in Reorte after Sirius refuses to relocate the Chariot of Rhea. CEO Fergus Cassidy claims his faction is defending Reorte from an illegal intrusion by a foreign entity. Skirmishes break out across the system. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon orders the Reorte Mining Coalition to stand down, but Councillor Ainsley Niven, Reorte's represenative in the Assembly, claims the faction is justified in defending itself since it was not invited to ratify the Alliance-Sirius defence pact.
  • January 28 - The six Ocellus starport husks built by the third phase of the Colonia Bridge project are deployed along the Alcor-Colonia route. Brewer Corporation announces that the project will be extended with a fourth phase, scheduled to start on February 10, that will complete construction of the starports and furnish them with services.
  • January 31 - Based on the recovered logs of the late Captain Jacob Morales, Aegis declares that it is not at fault for the loss of the Alexandria. Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong also asserts that the common link between the Alexandria's attackers and Project Seraph, an individual known as "the Witch", strengthens the theory that Azimuth Biochemicals is still active after two centuries and continues to conduct dangerous xenological research. Armstrong requests that Aegis be reinstated immediately to counter Azimuth.

February 3308

  • February 1 - ACT ignores the Imperial Senate's order to cease operations. Inspector Mara Klatt explains that ACT is convinced that Imperial Intelligence shared a modified version of Omega Grid software with the NMLA, allowing the terrorists to build their own dark-comms network, and Captain Saskia Landau's inside knowledge is helping ACT detect a unique identifier associated with that network. This prompts outrage from Imperial military and civil leaders, including Senator Zemina Torval, who fear ACT is compromising Imperial security, but Princess Aisling Duval proclaims her support for ACT's investigation.
  • February 3 - Sirius Corporation is defeated by the Reorte Mining Coalition and begins evacuating from Reorte to Leesti. The Alliance Assembly holds emergency meetings to debate this turn of events. Councillor Ainsley Niven chastises Prime Minister Edmund Mahon for inviting Sirius Corp into the Alliance without seeking approval from its members.
  • February 3 - ACT requests help from independent pilots in locating a possible Omega Grid beacon in HIP 290, and provides a partial cipher key to help decrypt any files retrieved from the beacon. ACT claims that confirming the beacon will quickly lead to more discoveries. Pilots find the beacon, leading to the discovery of three other beacons over the following days. Correspondence retrieved from the beacons reveal the existence of a group of Imperial senators called the Lords of Restoration who conspired to bankroll the NMLA and abduct Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval.
  • February 4 - Secretary of State Lana Berkovich presents a proposal to Federal Congress to temporarily suspend presidential term limits so that President Zachary Hudson may remain in office beyond June 3309. Berkovich claims this is a pragmatic measure to ensure stability in the Federation as several potential internal and external crises loom on the horizon. Shadow President Felicia Winters slams the proposal as the act of a dictator, but political analysts point out that Hudson is supported by his entire Cabinet and a majority of the Republican Party.
  • February 7 - The decommissioning of Aegis continues despite the organisation's exoneration over the loss of of the Alexandria. Revelations of the attack on the megaship by forces possibly related to Azimuth Biochemicals fail to convince politicians that there is a fresh need for Aegis, especially given its unsatisfactory efforts to repel the Thargoids. Many senior military figures among the superpowers change their focus to coordinating with Salvation, and channels of secondment are opened to allow naval crews to serve on Salvation's vessels without resigning. In related news, a public ceremony is planned to posthumously award medals of honour to the late Captain Jacob Morales and the Alexandria's crew.
  • February 8 - Prime Minister Edmund Mahon gives Li Yong-Rui his personal guarantee that the Reorte incident will not be repeated elsewhere in the Alliance and notes that Sirius Corporation was welcomed in Alioth, Arimpox, and Di Jian. However, the conflict in Reorte causes more Councillors to side with Nakato Kaine and question the wisdom of a strategic defence pact.
  • February 9 - Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval is rescued by the Imperial Guard after it engages Darkwater Inc troops in Summerland and intercepts a fleeing ship. The monarch is freed from a cryogenic pod, returned to Capitol, and given medical attention at the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Internal Security Service opens an investigation into the Lords of Restoration conspiracy based on ACT's recent findings, and senators Alberto Gereon, Karl Nerva, and Ursula Torquatus are arrested alongside several other conspirators within Darkwater Inc and Imperial Intelligence.
  • February 10 - Brewer Corporation launches the fourth phase of the Colonia Bridge project, but with some changes to the previous format: instead of a single week-long initiative, this phase is broken into four initiatives that will take place over the next four weeks and offer different rewards. For the first week, pilots are asked to deliver commodities to install Universal Cartographics and Vista Genomics services aboard the six Colonia Bridge starports in exchange for generous sums of credits.
  • February 11 - Thargoid attacks are reported in Dan, HIP 12314, and Nauni on the fringe of the Core Systems. Some believe this latest wave of incursions to be retaliation for Salvation's activation of anti-xeno superweapons in Delphi, Maia, and Merope in December 3307. With the superpowers still in the process of organising their new anti-xeno taskforces, a number of Aegis support megaships that have not yet been decommissioned are hastily rushed back into service.
  • February 14 - ACT releases a report on the Lords of Restoration. Led by Senators Gereon, Jourdain, Nerva, Scordato, and Torquatus, the conspiracy's goal was to abolish the position of Emperor and transfer executive power to the Senate. The Lords intended to use the NMLA to assassinate the Duvals and manipulate the Imperial populace into accepting senatorial rule as an alternative to the "threat" of Marlinist democracy. As part of this plan, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval was kidnapped in January 3307 while she was being transported to a secure location, and Nerva and the Lords' agents in Imperial Intelligence fooled the Senate into thinking Arissa was safe by using a virtual representation of the Emperor to fabricate messages. ACT states that it is working closely with Imperial security agencies to identify the Lords' remaining collaborators.
  • February 15 - The Hudson Contravention, President Zachary Hudson's proposal to remove the limit on his term in office by repealing the 77th amendment of the Federal Accord, generates significant controversy in the Federation. While it is backed by Hudson's Cabinet and other leading Republicans, former presidents Jasmina Halsey and Antonia Madison condemn the proposal as unconstitutional and authoritarian. Shadow President Felicia Winters is expected to call for a vote of no confidence, and analysts believe Hudson is unlikely to survive such a vote.
  • February 16 - Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval marks her return to Capitol with a public ceremony in Trasken Square attended by millions of citizens. The Emperor thanks her loyal supporters and declares she will punish everyone involved in the Lords of Restoration plot. Official statements from the Imperial Palace also recognise the efforts of Princess Aisling Duval, ACT, and independent pilots in helping to free Arissa and destroy the NMLA.
  • February 17 - Colonia Bridge phase four enters its second week. This initiative requests commodities in order to install Pioneer Supplies, Crew Lounge, and Search and Rescue services in the six Colonia Bridge starports.
  • February 17 - The Empire declares Darkwater Inc a hostile military target for its role in Emperor Arissa's abduction. Reports indicate the PMC's leader, Colonel Ronan Brock, attempted an unsuccessful takeover of the Summerland system as a defensive measure after ACT exposed the Lords of Restoration, and as a result, all Darkwater contractors have been branded criminals by system authorities. The Empire arranges for Summerland's permit restrictions to be lifted for three weeks so independent pilots can assist in Darkwater Inc's total eradication.
  • February 18 - Independent pilots spearhead anti-Thargoid efforts in Dan, HIP 12314, and Nauni. The superpowers' anti-xeno taskforces remain works in progress, and journalist Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse opines that the superpowers are so mired in internal crises at the moment that their real plan is to leave the Thargoid problem entirely to Salvation and his anti-xeno superweapon.
  • February 21 - ACT releases additional information gleaned from Omega Grid about a plot by the Lords of Restoration to frame Hadrian Augustus Duval as the leader of the NMLA in April 3307, which involved using a virtual doppelganger of Hadrian to send orders to NMLA allies such as Landgrave Arastin Delacroix. Devised by Senator Ursula Torquatus, the plan's purpose was to weaken public trust in the Imperial Family, but it largely failed. Months later, the Lords had the NMLA attack Paresa in an attempt to kill Hadrian and Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval before their son Hector could be born, but other senators then moved Hadrian's family out of reach. ACT's findings clear the names of Hadrian and Lady Astrid.
  • February 22 - Shadow President Felicia Winters leads protests across the Federation against the Hudson Contravention as Federal Congress debates the proposal. The Federal Times points out that moderate Republican voters are wary of President Zachary Hudson's attempt to repeal the 77th amendment to the Federal Accord because it would deny them the chance to support other rising Republican leaders for the presidency, including Vice President Jerome Archer, Secretary of State Lana Berkovich, and Grand Attorney Edwin Espinosa.
  • February 24 - The Empire's reprisal operation against Darkwater Inc concludes. Colonel Ronan Brock is killed by Imperial auxiliaries when he attempts to flee the megaship Onyx Storm. Darkwater's elimination also means the end of any further large-scale NMLA threat. The Empire establishes a new faction, The Praetorian Vigil, in Summerland that will report directly to the Emperor.
  • February 24 - Colonia Bridge phase four enters its third week. The previous week's initiative was mostly successful, but commodity shortages in the Colonia Region mean one of the six Colonia Bridge starports, Promium Relay in Eoch Flyuae QK-E d12-2118, will not receive Pioneer Supplies, Crew Lounge, or Search and Rescue services. The week three initiative requests commodities in order to install Material Trader, Bartender, and Mission services in the starports.
  • February 25 - Councillor Nakato Kaine motions to censure Prime Minister Edmund Mahon over the Reorte debacle, which the Alliance Assembly approves by a plurality. Following the vote, Kaine delivers a speech calling for the Alliance's strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation to be reclassified as civil legislation rather than a military contract, and she also demands that Li Yong-Rui accept these terms or withdraw Sirius forces from Alioth, Arimpox, Di Jian, and Leesti.

March 3308

  • March 2 - The remainder of Aegis's leadership council formally submits an appeal to reinstate the organisation so that it can counter both the Thargoids and Azimuth Biochemicals. Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong makes the case that the superpowers are too distracted by internal politics to effectively defend against the Thargoids with their separate anti-xeno taskforces or bring Azimuth to justice for the Alexandria tragedy, while a reconstituted Aegis could give both threats its full attention.
  • March 3 - The third week of Colonia Bridge phase four successfully implements Bartender and Material Trader services for the six starports, but the quota for Mission Boards is not met. The final Colonia Bridge initiative requests one last wave of deliveries to install Outfitting, Shipyard, and Technology Broker services. The initiative also presents a second opportunity to install Pioneer Supplies on Promium Relay. Participants are offered pre-Engineered Power Plants and unique ship decals as a reward.
  • March 4 - To assuage concerns about the Hudson Contravention, President Zachary Hudson delivers a speech from the White House on Mars. The president explains that the temporary suspension of the 77th amendment to the Federal Accord will simply allow him to run for another term in the 3309 presidential election, not hold office indefinitely. Federal citizens would still be free to vote for other Republican, Liberal, and third party candidates, and Hudson would not be guaranteed to win. Hudson also calls for his and Felicia Winters's supporters to refrain from further violence after clashes are reported at public demonstrations on many Federal worlds.
  • March 7 - Its mission complete, ACT is officially disbanded, though the Cornelius-Lasky Convention keeps the door open for the organisation to be reactivated should another threat on par with the NMLA appear in the future. Captain Milo Castile, Inspector Mara Klatt, Praetor Leo Magnus, and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez are commended for their work. For her key role in exposing the Lords of Restoration, Captain Saskia Landau is awarded the Achenar Service Cross by Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval and given command of Imperial Intelligence.
  • March 9 - The Alliance and Sirius Corporation negotiate a three-month probationary period for their strategic defence pact. Proposed by Li Yong-Rui to smooth over tensions caused by the Reorte incident, this trial is intended to allow Sirius to demonstrate how it can help the Alliance protect itself from Thargoid attacks, and when it concludes, the Alliance Assembly can decide whether or not to continue the partnership. Councillor Ainsley Niven warns that even this concession may not be enough to persuade some Alliance systems to cooperate with Sirius.
  • March 10 - The Colonia Bridge project comes to a triumphant conclusion as services are added to its six starports. Brewer Corporation CEO Madelyn Teague releases a personal message of thanks to the pilots who made the project possible, and reiterates that the names of the most dedicated contributors will be recorded in beacons placed in the Colonia and Alcor systems.
  • March 11 - On Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval's orders, cohorts of the Imperial Guard are assigned to Princess Aisling Duval, Archduke Otto Lombardo-Duval, Lucretia Roche-Duval, Admiral Lucius Lavigny, and Countess Guinevere Lavigny. The measure is taken to ensure the survival of the Duval dynasty in the wake of the NMLA's assassination of multiple Duvals and Lavignys. Hadrian Duval declines the Emperor's offer, explaining that he trusts his personal Praetorian Guard to provide security for himself and his son.
  • March 14 - The Reorte Mining Coalition threatens to withdraw Reorte from the Alliance in protest of the Alliance-Sirius strategic defence pact. CEO Fergus Cassidy accuses Sirius Corporation of arranging the pact's probationary period solely to give itself time to pressure Alliance officials into assenting to the pact. Councillor Ainsley Niven reports that the Reorte Mining Coalition considers leaving the Alliance less of a risk than allowing Sirius Corp a foothold in Reorte. This development undermines the pact and prompts speculation that other Alliance members may seek independence.


  • June - The term of President Zachary Hudson will conclude, and a public election will be held to determine the next President of the Federation.


  • May - The second term of Prime Minister Edmund Mahon will conclude, and the Alliance Assembly will hold a vote to select the next Prime Minister of the Alliance.


  • January - The 10-year mining contract between Caine-Massey and multiple distributor companies based in the vicinity of the Dulos system will expire and be up for renewal.


  • The Alliance will observe the 100th anniversary of its founding.


  • This is a fictional timeline and as such some listed events do not correspond to actual historical events such as if, when, and where they occurred in actual history.
  • In Frontier: First Encounters, there were multiple endings depending on player action. One involved the player stealing a vaccine for the mycoid virus from INRA and delivering it to the Thargoids, resulting in them rewarding you with a Thargoid ship, and meetings taking place between them and humanity's scientists. There was another ending where the player is instead given a more potent version of the mycoid virus by INRA and delivers this to the Thargoids instead of a vaccine, meaning no Thargoid ship was gifted to humanity and no exchanges of scientific data occurred. The announcement was that this is the actual history of events for Elite Dangerous. Executive Producer Michael Brooks clarified, "This is correct, there was no official agreement, or cooperation between humanity and the Thargoids in the Elite: Dangerous history. There has been some unofficial contact though."[89] The event in the novel Out of the Darkness by T. James is one of the unofficial points of contact that have occurred. [90]


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