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Users are to write and document player group articles with a neutral point of view (i.e. the article should explain and document the article clearly without a bias) and demonstrate that the player group has had a significant impact on the Elite Dangerous universe.



Elite Dangerous Wiki requires that player groups demonstrate they have had a significant impact in the game before they are permitted an article. Impact can be demonstrated by meeting at least two of the following thresholds:

  1. The player group has been acknowledged by name in the official Elite Dangerous bi-weekly newsletter email, or in one or more official social media accounts operated by Frontier Developments, including threads on the Frontier Forums posted by members of Frontier Developments specifically to highlight community activity.
  2. The player group has been mentioned by name in one or more in-universe GalNet reports. An archive of applicable GalNet reports can be found here.
  3. The player group has an associated player minor faction that has hosted one or more Community Goals.


The burden lies with the user creating a player group article to provide references that can clearly prove the player group meets the above impact requirement, as well as any factual details presented in the article.

Prohibited content[]

Certain content is prohibited and will be removed on sight:

  • Lists of all members of a player group
  • Biographical information, either in-game or real-world, about specific members that has no direct bearing on the player group itself
  • "Naming and shaming" of specific players that the player group is on bad terms with
  • Advertisement-like information or statements
  • Images, videos, and external links that have no relevance to the player group or Elite Dangerous


Player group articles that do not meet the impact requirement or do not contain any legitimate references will be removed. Articles that have been determined by an administrator to meet the impact requirement, but still lack references, may be tagged with the {{Policy}} template, after which a period of one month will be allotted for anyone to revise the article and add appropriate references. Again, the burden lies with the user who created the player group article to provide references, but any user may do so.

If the article continues to not meet this policy's requirements after one month, it will be removed. The user who created the article may ask an administrator to move its contents to a subpage of their user page for archival purposes if desired (see below).

The article must also be fully compliant with Frontier's Terms of Service. Articles that break the ToS will be removed.


The article is very strongly encouraged to include the following features for stylistic consistency:

  • A neutral point of view (NPOV). Player group articles should be written in the same general manner as in-universe lore articles, and should be as unbiased as possible.
  • A {{PlayerGroup}} template
  • A brief introductory paragraph mentioning the player group's name, its headquarters system and station, its player minor faction, and the in-game date when the player group was founded. References are not necessary for the introductory paragraph, but are recommended.
  • A History section (for general in-universe information about the player group's in-game activities and accomplishments, must be as concise as possible and referenced)
  • A Timeline section (for listing any relevant GalNet reports)
  • A References section (to list any references; as mentioned above, player group articles without references are subject to removal)

User subpages[]

It is suggested that users wishing to create a player group article first create a draft subpage in their User namespace, and ask an administrator to review it once it is complete to ensure that it meets wiki standards. User subpages will only be removed if the user asks for them to be removed or if they contain inappropriate content, so it is not necessary for content in user subpages to meet the requirements of this policy. If or when a user subpage concerning a player group is moved from the User namespace to the Main namespace, it then becomes subject to this policy.