Users are to write and document player group articles with a neutral point of view (i.e. the article should explain and document the article clearly without a bias) and should have had some impact on the galaxy.

Impact Edit

The player group should have had some official acknowledgement in the newsletter or official accounts on social media, or been showcased in GalNet and should have caused significant impact on the universe or been in conflict with other player groups that have noted the conflict and has an article on the wiki. Significant impact can be, but is not limited to: Community Goals, player group minor factions, or Powerplay actions.

References Edit

References must be given on any stated facts, this also includes information given inside the {{PlayerGroup}} template. Player group articles should not contain information of individual members, what the groups plans are or similar information unless it or they have had or is having an impact in the Elite Dangerous universe or been recognised on GalNet.

Removal Edit

Player group articles that does not contain any legitimate references will be met with a {{Policy}} template and be removed or moved to user namespace after seven days of the addition of the template unless references have been added.

Any lore related information or facts that does not contain a references, such as members, will get a {{Policy}} template until references has been added or a month has passed since the template has been added.

Styling Edit

The article must include the headings: Timeline, and References. Furthermore, the article is not allowed to break Frontier's ToS, be written as an advertisement or without a NPOV and the article must contain a {{PlayerGroup}} template.

User article Edit

Player group articles must first be created, stylised and be written with a NPOV inside subpage of a User namespace before being put in the main namespace. This is to ensure that no player groups that has not caused a significant impact and does not contain references will not be visible to the public. This is also a namespace where player group articles are allowed even if they do not meet the requirements of the policy.

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