Elite Dangerous Wiki

All users are expected to adhere to the policies of the Elite Dangerous Wiki while editing on the wiki. If you disagree with any policy, feel free to discuss the policy or recent changes with the Council of Admirals.

Policies have wide acceptance among editors and describe standards that all users should normally follow. All policy pages can be found at Category:Policies.

Guidelines are sets of best practices that are supported by consensus. Editors should attempt to follow guidelines, though they are best treated with common sense, and occasional exceptions may apply. Guideline pages can be found in Category:Guidelines.

Essays are the opinion or advice of an editor or group of editors, for which widespread consensus has not been established. They do not speak for the entire community and may be created and written without approval. Essays that the author does not want others to edit, or that are found to contradict widespread consensus, belong in the user namespace. Essays are listed in Category:Essays.

Community policies

  • Bots – Bots (automated scripts for editing the wiki) must be approved by the community and follow certain guidelines.
  • Frontier's ToS – Frontier's Terms of Service for Elite: Dangerous apply on this wiki.
  • Cheating – Users may not post content related to cheats or hacks.
  • Naming and Shaming – Users are not allowed to name and shame other people.

Content policies

  • Dispute – Articles in dispute are not allowed to be edited until the dispute has been resolved by the involved and surrounding parties.
  • Future content – Articles and statements about unreleased content can be added if cited and labelled as upcoming. If it is pure speculation, it should display as such.
  • Player groups – Articles about player groups should have had an impact on the galaxy, whether it be officially acknowledged by GalNet or not.

User policies

  • Assume good faith – Unless there is conclusive evidence to the contrary, always assume that an editor's actions were an attempt to improve the wiki.
  • User treatment policy – Be nice and don't try to cause unnecessary strife.


  • Spelling – Spelling should be British English wherever possible, reverting edits having British spelling is frowned upon. However, American English spelling is permissible.


  • Profanity – Profanity can be used in special cases where the context is more important than the words used and in special namespaces.