Spelling in articles should follow British English variants of the word to maintain consistency with the British based Frontier Developments own words, in-game text and the wiki at large. Whilst it is not necessary to spell with British words, users are encouraged to fix typos and change synonyms to their British counterpart. If the word is loaned from another English language but not officially recognised, it should be left alone unless a better word exists.

Reduce chances of misspelling

To reduce the chances of misspelling a word, whether it be a typo or a non-British variant of the word, having a browser with British English checked on their spell-checker will help out spot words that are mistakes with the red underline on words in the text editor of your choice. Your browser may give false positives for words, and if unsure should be left alone or googled, but generally speaking if it recommends to split a word into two with a hyphen between, it is usually a false report (e.g. multipurpose and multipurpose).

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