Elite Dangerous Wiki

General user conduct rules

In addition to following Elite Dangerous Wiki's policies and editing guidelines, users should abide by the following rules at all times to the best of their ability. If in doubt about whether an action would violate one of these rules, consult an administrator, and allow at least 24 hours for a response.

  • 1. No vandalism: Removing content from articles or sections without justification, replacing content with nonsense/gibberish, intentionally adding false information to articles, intentionally altering sentences to display incorrect spelling or grammar, moving articles to incorrect titles, trolling, and any other deliberate attempt to deface articles is regarded as vandalism.
  • 2. No spam: Adding content anywhere on the wiki that is inappropriate or promotes or links to websites, products, or services that have no relation to Elite Dangerous is regarded as spam.
  • 3. Make positive contributions:
    • A. Make the best possible effort to ensure that your edits are legible and comply with all Elite Dangerous Wiki policies and article formatting guidelines.
    • B. Make the best possible effort to ensure that any images or videos you upload are appropriate, display their subject matter in a way that can be clearly distinguished, and have file names that clearly and concisely identify their subject matter.
    • C. Do not create pages with little or no content, or which lack any sources. Follow through and complete the page to the best of your ability using all information available to you.
    • D. Do not role-play or add fan-made content when editing, or alter content to conform with your personal role-playing perspective.
    • E. Do not abuse article talk pages. These are strictly reserved for discussing how to improve an article. All other types of discussions belong in article commenting sections, the forums, or the wiki's "Discuss" area.
    • F. Do not use Elite Dangerous Wiki to promote yourself via your edits or uploads.
  • 4. Behave respectfully when editing and commenting:
    • A. Do not make personal attacks on or threats against other users while editing or commenting (this includes edit summaries).
    • B. Do not use inflammatory language or refer to other users in a derogatory way while editing or commenting.
    • C. Do not steer a discussion off-topic or discuss real-world topics that have no direct relevance to Elite Dangerous.
    • D. Do not ignore consensus. Established consensus opinions should be taken into account when editing. Making a change to an existing consensus is also broadly discouraged if that consensus is less than six months old or received overwhelming support (a two-thirds majority or greater of respondents with accounts older than 1 week and with 50 or more mainspace edits) at the time it was discussed.
    • E. Do not engage in disruptive editing or edit warring, and make an effort to resolve a dispute by discussing it with the other user(s) involved. Allow a minimum of 24 hours for a user to respond in a discussion.
  • 5. Do not abuse user account privileges:
    • A. Do not use your personal user page(s) to display or promote inappropriate content.
    • B. Do not edit other users' profile pages or comments. Administrators will resolve situations where content on a user page violates Elite Dangerous Wiki or Fandom rules, or requires general maintenance.
    • C. Do not create a user account with an unacceptable user name.
    • D. Do not create alternate user accounts or use alternate IP addresses to circumvent a block on another user account or IP address.


Users may be blocked for violating any of the aforementioned rules, especially if users violate a rule repeatedly or disregard any warnings about their behavior. Blocks and their duration are ultimately up to Elite Dangerous Wiki administration. Continued violations after a block has expired will result in additional blocks of greater duration.

Certain other conditions may apply:

  • Violations of rules 1 and 2 will result in a block of at least 2 weeks in duration without any prior warning. Violations that affect 3 or more pages will result in a permanent block.
  • Violations of rule 5C will result in an indefinite block that may be lifted if the user has their account name changed to something appropriate.
  • Violations of rule 5D will result in all relevant user accounts/IP addresses receiving a permanent block, including the original user account/IP address.