Golden Elite logo

The Elite logo is a combination of pilot's wings, the word "Elite", and a stylized phoenix which was added by artist Philip Castle. He also worked on the Cobra and Coriolis cover for the original Elite.

David Braben said "The Elite logo took a while to get right. The inspiration was a mix of pilot's wings and logo. The Griffin thing was Philip Castle's idea."[1]

In the Elite universe it is the emblem of the Elite Federation of Pilots. The body awards and administers the Elite ratings. The gold badge is for Elite pilots and silver for all other ranks.

The Elite game title is derived from a player's goal to raise their combat rating to the exalted heights of "Elite".

Elite Logo on Galaxy Map


Elite logo drawn on the galaxy map by CMDR Malibu. It is 36,400 light years across.

CMDR Malibu spent a month (23 March 3304 till 25 April 3304) to draw the Elite logo on the galaxy of Elite Dangerous.[2]

The logo is roughly 36,400 light years across and required a journey of 375,000 light years, through 6500 jumps, to complete.[3]

Malibu explained "Basically, what I did was to transform some points of the real elite logo into coordinates (X and Z), then I manually looked at my galaxy map, for each of those points, and bookmark a system at the designated coordinates. But I didn't use any existing, or known POI system in my route," "I didn't even allow myself to go to any outpost to repair my ship, I had to call the magnificent Fuel Rats for some emergency hull repair." [3][4]

Malibu used a simplified version of the excel file for his trip. The spreadsheet he used a gimp-like software to convert the logo into coordinates, then went on the Galaxy Map to place bookmarks where he needed to go.[2]




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