Arissa Lavigny-Duval

Reigning Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval

The Emperor is the head of state and head of government of the Empire. The reigning Emperor is Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

All emperors are members of the Imperial Family. They must be of royal blood or of royal marriage with the House of Duval.[1] After an individual becomes the emperor, he or she reigns until death. The line of succession to the imperial throne is generally hereditary except if there's no suitable candidate acceptable to the Imperial Senate.[2][3]

The legitimacy of an emperor's rule depends on the recognition by the Imperial Senate. The senators are responsible for enforcing Imperial Law and they are only accountable to the Emperor. Senators and the chancellor are appointed by the Emperor.[2] If the Emperor is unable to rule then the Chancellor can rule in the Emperor's stead.[4]


The Imperial Palace on Capitol is the official residence of the Emperor. It is one of the great manufactured interstellar marvels of our age.[5] The emperor can make important statements and speeches in the palace or occasionally on the steps. Imperial marriage, mourning, procession and crowning are held there.[6][7]


The Imperial Guard are assigned to protect the Emperor, certain senators and the Imperial Palace.[6]

Powers and duties

The Emperor is the sovereign ruler, head of the Empire and above the law. The emperor can sit in the Imperial Senate, declare the opening and closure of each Senate session, declare the Senate's agenda, impose rules and regulation for the Senate to follow, and meet with foreign ambassadors in the name of the Senate. The Emperor can appoint Senators, the Chancellor and hold them accountable.[2] It is the Emperor's duty to ensure the success of the Empire and its continuation long into the future.[8] Thus the Emperor holds the true power of the state.


Imperial succession is generally hereditary if there is a suitable candidate acceptable to the Imperial Senate. There are usually no elections. The rare exception is if there's not a clear line of succession then the Imperial Senate has the duty to decide who will rule the Empire. They must follow the rules set out by centuries of law and tradition. The Senate has one month to determine who will be the next ruler to sit on the Imperial Throne. The candidate must be of royal blood or of royal marriage, and must have a clear majority backing of the Senate in the final count.[3]


After the death of the Achenar colony's founder, Marlin Duval, in 2296, her brother Henson Duval took over its administration and immediately began transforming the Republic of Achenar into the Empire.[9] Henson's first act was to disband the council and assume sole responsibility for the leadership of the Achenar colony. He rejected the Federation's requests that the colony join them, and declared that the leadership of the colony, and any affiliated systems, would be hereditary passed down from father to son. In 2320, Henson Duval was formally crowned as the first Emperor of the Empire.[10]

Early in his reign, the 15th Emperor Hengist Duval changed the laws of succession so that daughters of the Imperial line would also be able to become Emperor.[11] The Senate determined that the title 'Emperor' should be used for both male and female rulers.[6]

After the assassination of Hengist Duval, there was no clear successor to the Imperial Throne, because Hengist had decreed on December 19, 3300 that his son Prince Harold Duval was not of sound mind and thus ineligible. This left the choice of who would be crowned the next Emperor entirely to the Imperial Senate. Chancellor Anders Blaine was widely considered the strongest candidate for the throne, but the revelation of his indirect connection to Emperor's Dawn left Princess Aisling Duval and Senator Arissa Lavigny as the most convincing contenders.[12] Arissa Lavigny had previously declared that Prince Aristide Lavigny was not her biological father, and that she was the illegitimate daughter of Hengist Duval. This made her claim to the throne stronger than Aisling Duval's, since Aisling was Harold's illegitimate daughter.[13] Senator Denton Patreus was also briefly thought to be vying for the throne after he opined that the Emperor should be chosen based on merit rather than bloodline, and Senator Zemina Torval signaled her support for Patreus when she asserted that Patreus was the most popular Senator among the citizenry.[14][15] In the end, the Imperial Senate voted to elect Arissa Lavigny-Duval as the next Emperor. She was crowned in the Imperial Palace as the 16th Emperor of the Empire on October 18, 3301.[6]

Titles and Styles

  • Greeting: Hail the Emperor[16]
  • Reverence: Bask in his Greatness. Bask in his Glory. Bask in her Greatness. Bask in her Glory.[16]
  • Title: His Majesty. Her Majesty.[17]
  • Cheering: Long Live the Emperor! [18]

These styles are visible below and above the Access Corridor of Imperial stations. Imperial sympathizers occasionally do the act of basking.[16]

List of Emperors

Name Reign Notes
Henson Duval 2320 - 2402 Founder of the Empire and 1st Emperor; brother of Marlin Duval, who founded the Republic of Achenar that preceded the Empire[10]
Saik Duval 2402 - 2483 2nd Emperor[10]
Trasken Duval 2483 - 2541 3rd Emperor[10]
Hennick Duval 2541 - 2604 4th Emperor[10]
Lucius Duval 2604 - 2684 5th Emperor[10]
Anders Duval 2684 - 2739 6th Emperor[10]
Hender Duval 2739 - 2799 7th Emperor[10]
Trasken Duval II 2799 - 2858 8th Emperor[10]
Trasken Duval III 2858 - 2943 9th Emperor[10]
Olban Hensard Duval 2943 - 2991 10th Emperor[10]
Gaylen Trasken Duval 2991 - 3061 11th Emperor[10]
Atticus Obellan Duval 3061 - 3132 12th Emperor[10]
Hender Saik Duval 3132 - 3182 13th Emperor[10]
Hesketh Duval 3182 - 3233 14th Emperor[10]
Hengist Duval 3233 - 3301 15th Emperor;[10] assassinated by Brendan Paul Darius
Arissa Lavigny-Duval 18 October 3301 - Present[6] 16th Emperor;[10] the first female Emperor, as well the first illegitimate member of the Imperial Family to be elected Emperor


  • Emperor is an imperial title that is of a higher honour and rank than king (royal title). An emperor is a monarch and usually the sovereign ruler of an empire or another type of imperial realm.[19]
  • Emperor is derived from the Latin Imperator, meaning "commander" or "one who commands". In English, the feminine form is Empress (the Latin is imperatrix). The realm of an emperor or empress is termed an Empire.[20]



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