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The Energylink is a pilot tool introduced in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. It has at least two modes: Siphon Mode, which is used to drain power from a device and store it in a suit's battery, and Overload Mode, which is used to short-circuit and deactivate a device. It can also discharge powerful electrical pulses over a short distance.[1] It is equipped with the Flight Suit, Maverick Suit, Dominator Suit, and Artemis Suit.[2][3]


The Energylink is an important tool in a commander's kit. In addition to being able to activate or deactivate devices at settlements as needed using the Overload and Siphon modes, the Energylink can also recharge a suit's battery via Suit Recharge Sockets.

The tool can also double as a backup or stealth weapon. It can discharge a short-range electrical pulse capable of killing an unshielded person in a single burst.