The Engineers

The Engineers are secretive, eccentric individuals who can modify the weapons and modules of ships to exceed baseline performance standards. The Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion is required to access them as they reside in planetary bases. The modifications that Engineers offer vary depending upon their skill sets and personal preferences. Some Engineers will be more beneficial for explorers, while others will be more beneficial for combat specialists.

Engineers and Workshops

Ram Tah's Phoenix Base

Pilots will initially learn about some Engineers through rumors, but as they gain access to Engineers and build reputations, those Engineers will inform them of other Engineers with a wider variety of or more potent modifications. In order to obtain an invitation to an Engineer's workshop, their invite requirements (listed as "How to Get Invite" in table below) must first be met. These requirements vary and some Engineers are easier to obtain an invite from than others. Be aware that attempting to land at a workshop without an invitation is treated as trespassing, and offenders will be immediately attacked by the workshop's defences. Once invited and having traveled to their workshop, an Engineer's services can be unlocked by completing an additional task, ranging from providing a specific item to turning in bounties.

All 25 Engineers and their workshops are listed below.

Engineer Base Name System Planet
Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn Trophy Camp Wolf 397 Trus Madi
Selene Jean Prospector's Rest Kuk B 3
Didi Vatermann Vatermann LLC Leesti 1 A
Bill Turner Turner Metallics Inc Alioth 4 A
Broo Tarquin Broo's Legacy Muang 5 A
Liz Ryder Demolition Unlimited Eurybia Makalu
Hera Tani The Jet's Hole Kuwemaki A 3 A
Tiana Fortune Fortune's Loss Achenar 4 A
Felicity Farseer Farseer Inc Deciat 6 A
Colonel Bris Dekker Dekker's Yard Sol Iapetus
Juri Ishmaak Pater's Memorial Giryak 2 A
The Sarge The Beach Beta-3 Tucani 2 B A
Elvira Martuuk Long Sight Base Khun 5
The Dweller Black Hide Wyrd A 2
Lei Cheung Trader's Rest Laksak A 1
Marco Qwent Qwent Research Base Sirius Lucifer
Professor Palin Abel Laboratory Arque 4 E
Zacariah Nemo Nemo Cyber Party Base Yoru 4
Lori Jameson Jameson Base Shinrarta Dezhra A 1
Ram Tah Phoenix Base Meene AB 5 D
Etienne Dorn Kraken's Retreat Los A 2 B
Marsha Hicks The Watchtower Tir A 2
Mel Brandon The Brig Luchtaine A 1 C
Petra Olmanova Sanctuary Asura 1 A
Chloe Sedesi Cinder Dock Shenve A 6

Engineer Ranks

Upon unlocking their services you are given a reputation rank by the engineer, going from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest reputation achievable. These reputation ranks determine what level of modification you can do. With every modification crafted your progress to the next reputation level increases. As you increase your reputation with the Engineer you will be able to craft higher level modifications which provide increased effects.

While you can craft modifications in order to increase your reputation level, you can also increase the level by making a profit with the engineer. Depending on the Engineer, you might be able to sell commodities, exploration data or bounty vouchers:

Engineer Reputation Level Required Profit
Grade 1 Unlocked as soon as Engineer task has been completed
Grade 2 Selling Exploration data/Commodities with a net profit of 500,000 Credits
Grade 3 Selling Exploration data/Commodities with a net profit of 2,000,000 Credits
Grade 4 Selling Exploration data/Commodities with a net profit of 8,000,000 Credits
Grade 5 Selling Exploration data/Commodities with a net profit of 16,000,000 Credits

It should be noted that Engineers may not be able to craft all 5 modification levels for a module type.


Materials are required by the Engineers to upgrade modules on the player ship. Each blueprint specifies which materials are needed, and how to get them; material sources include (but are not limited to) destroyed ships, mission rewards, ship/wake scans, signal sources, mining, planetary surface resources, and more. Different Engineers require different materials, meaning not all materials gathered can be used by the same Engineer. Up to one blueprint can be pinned per Engineer; pinned modifications can be crafted at any station equipped with a Remote Workshop, but a modification crafted remotely will not contribute to reputation with its Engineer.

Before upgrading a module, an information screen lists the materials needed for the modification, and the range for applied effects. Negative effects are static for a given grade and will only increase with higher grades, while positive effects increase per grade as more materials are spent on them. Eventually, a grade will be increased to a maximum value, at which point the only way to upgrade that modification further is to advance to the next grade. As modifications are purchased, reputation with the Engineer increases, unlocking access higher grades of modifications.

Grades must be progressed through consecutively from 1 to 5; it is not possible to immediately apply a Grade 5 modification to a module unless the module already has a Grade 5 legacy modification from before 3.0. Legacy modifications can converted into 3.0 modifications, but will be reduced in quality by one grade in the process.

While a modification is applied to a module, an additional quantity of materials can be spent to apply a single Experimental Effect to further enhance the module. Experimental Effects are only available at Engineer Workshops, and cannot be applied remotely.

Please note that you can only have one upgrade modification installed per module. Installing a new modification will remove the old modification and the currently applied experimental effect permanently. Thus it is not possible to have a module with multiple modifications. This limitation should not be confused with the number of stat changes and effects a modification has, as these are determined by the particular modification and can be numerous.

Engineer Summary

The following table summarizes the modifications, locations, and access requirements of all Engineers.

Engineer Modifies up to: Location How to find How to get Invite How to unlock How to gain reputation Allegiance
Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn G5 Railgun & Multicannons, G3 Frag Cannons, G2 Cannons. Wolf 397 Common knowledge Earn 15 bounty vouchers Provide 100,001 CR worth of bounty vouchers Craft modules,
Hand in Alliance vouchers to Trophy Camp.
Felicity Farseer G5 FSD

G3 DS Scanner, Sensors & Thrusters, G1 Interdictor, Power Plant & Shield Boosters.

Deciat Common knowledge Exploration rank Scout or higher Provide 1 unit of Meta-Alloys Craft modules, Sell exploration data at Farseer Inc. Federation
Elvira Martuuk G5 FSD, G3 Shields, G2 Thrusters, G1 Shield Cell Bank. Khun Common knowledge >300 ly travel distance from starting system Provide 3 units of Soontill Relics Craft modules, Sell exploration data at Long Sight Base. Independent
Liz Ryder G5 Missile Rack & Torpedo Pylons, G3 Mines, G1 Hull Reinforcement & Armour. Eurybia Common knowledge Friendly reputation with Eurybia Blue Mafia; complete mission from Chris & Silva's Paradise Hideout Provide 200 units of Landmines Craft modules, Sell commodities to Demolition Unlimited. Empire
The Dweller G5 Power Distributor, G4 Pulse Laser, G3 Burst & Beam Lasers. Wyrd Common knowledge Deal in stolen or illicit goods at 5 Black Markets Pay 500,000 CR Craft modules, Sell commodities to Black Hide. Independent
Lei Cheung G5 DS Scanner, Sensors & Shields, G3 Shield Boosters. Laksak Learned from "The Dweller"[nb 1] Trade with at least 50 markets Provide 200 units of Gold Craft modules. Independent
Selene Jean G5 Hull Reinforcement & Armour. Kuk Learned from Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn[nb 1] Mine at least 500 tons of ore Provide 10 Painite Craft modules, Sell commodities, exploration data to Prospector's Rest. Alliance
Hera Tani G5 DS Scanner & Power Plant, G3 Power Distributor & Sensors. Kuwemaki Learned from Liz Ryder[nb 1] Minimum Outsider rank with Imperial Navy Provide 50 Kamitra Cigars Craft modules, Sell commodities to The Jet's Hole. Empire
Broo Tarquin G5 Burst, Beam & Pulse Lasers. Muang Learned from Hera Tani[nb 1] Combat rank Competent or higher Provide 50 Fujin Tea Craft modules. Empire
Marco Qwent G4 Power Plant, G3 Power Distributor Sirius (Permit Required) Learned from Elvira Martuuk[nb 1] Invitation from Sirius Corporation Provide 25 Modular Terminals Craft modules, Sell commodities to Qwent Research Base. Independent
Zacariah Nemo G5 Frag Cannon, G3 Multicannons, G2 Plasma Accelerator. Yoru Learned from Elvira Martuuk[nb 1] Invitation from Party of Yoru Provide 25 units of Xihe Biomorphic Companions Craft modules, Sell commodities to Nemo Cyber Party Base. Independent
Didi Vatermann G5 Shield Boosters, G3 Shields. Leesti Learned from Selene Jean[nb 1] Gain trade rank of Merchant or higher Provide 50 units of Lavian Brandy Craft modules. Alliance
Colonel Bris Dekker G4 Interdictor, G3 FSD. Sol (Permit Required) Learned from Juri Ishmaak[nb 1] Friendly rank with Federation Provide 1,000,000 CR worth of combat bonds Craft modules. Federation
Juri Ishmaak G5 DS Scanner, Mines & Sensors, G3 Kill Warrant Scanner, Missiles & Torp Pylons. Giryak Learned from Felicity Farseer[nb 1] Earn more than 50 combat bonds Provide 100,000 CR worth of combat bonds Craft modules, Hand in combat bonds to Pater's Memorial. Federation
Professor Palin G5 Thrusters, G3 FSD. Arque Learned from Marco Qwent[nb 1] Attain a maximum distance from your career start location of at least 5,000 ly Provide 25 units of Sensor Fragments Craft modules, Sell exploration data to Abel Laboratory. Independent
Bill Turner G5 DS Scanner, Plasma Accelerator & Sensors, G3 AFMU, Fuel Scoop, Life Support, Refinery & Cargo, Wake and Kill Warrant Scanner. Alioth (Permit Required) Learned from Selene Jean[nb 1] Friendly with the Aliance of Independent Systems Provide 50 units of Bromellite Craft modules Alliance
Lori Jameson G5 DS Scanner & Sensors, G4 AFMU, Fuel Scoop, Life Support & Refinery, G3 Shield Cell Banks, Cargo, Kill Warrant & Wake Scanners. Shinrarta Dezhra (Permit Required) Learned from Marco Qwent[nb 1] Gain combat rank of dangerous or higher Provide 25 units of Konnga Ale Craft modules, Sell exploration data to Jameson Base. Independent
Ram Tah G5 Chaff, Electronic Countermeasures, Heat Sinks & Point Defence,

G4 Collector, Fuel Transfer & Prospector Limpet Controllers, G3 Hatch Breaker Limpet Controller.

Meene Learned from Lei Cheung[nb 1] Gain exploration rank of Surveyor or higher Provide 50 Classified Scan Databanks Craft modules, Sell exploration data to Phoenix Base. Independent
Tiana Fortune G5 Sensors, Cargo, Wake and Kill Warrant Scanners, all Limpet Controllers, G3 Detailed Surface Scanner & FSD Interdictor. Achenar (Permit Required) Learned from Hera Tani[nb 1] Friendly with the Empire Provide 50 units of Decoded Emission Data Craft modules, Sell commodities to Fortune's Loss Empire
The Sarge G5 Cannon & All Limpet Types, G3 Railgun. Beta-3 Tucani Learned from Juri Ishmaak[nb 1] Midshipman or higher with the Federal Navy Provide 50 units of Aberrant Shield Pattern Analysis Craft modules, Sell exploration data to The Beach Federation
Etienne Dorn G5 Life Support, G3 Power Distributor. G2 Sensors, Power Plant. G1 Scanners, Plasma Accelerator, Rail Guns. Los Learned from Liz Ryder[nb 1] Trade rank of Dealer or higher Provide 25 units of Occupied Escape Pods Craft modules Independent
Marsha Hicks G5 Collection Limptets, G4 Multicannons, Prospecting Limpets, Fuel Scoops, G3 Refineries, G2, Cannons, Fragment Cannons, G1 Fuel & Hatch Tir Learned from The Dweller[nb 1] Exploration rank of Surveyor or higher Mine 10 units of Osmium Craft modules Independent
Mel Brandon G5 Thrusters, Shield Cell Bank. G4 Beam Lasers, Shield Booster. G3 Pulse Laser, Shield Generators. G2 FSD, Burst Laser. G1 FSD Interdictor. Luchtaine Learned from Elvira Martuuk Gain an invitation from the Colonia Council minor faction Provide 100,000 credits of bounty vouchers Craft modules Independent
Petra Olmanova G5 Armour, Hull Reinforcement, Utilities, Mines, Missiles, Torpedoes, & AFMU Asura Learned from Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn[nb 1] Combat rank of Expert or higher Provide 200 units of Progenitor Cells Craft modules Independent
Chloe Sedesi G5 Thrusters, G3 FSD Shenve Learned from Marco Qwent[nb 1] Attain a maximum distance from your career start location of at least 5,000 ly Provide 25 units of Sensor Fragments Craft modules, sell exploration data to Cinder Dock Independent
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 These Engineers will provide information about the locations of other Engineers in their network only after Grade 3 access, plus approximately half of the progress bar to Grade 4 access, has been achieved with them. The game may need to be restarted in order to trigger the notification.

Double-modified Modules

Double-modified modules were introduced as Community Goal rewards. These special modules feature two Engineering modifications, beyond what Engineer services allow, and some may even be modules that cannot normally be Engineered. They can only be obtained by achieving a certain participation tier in a related Community Goal or purchasing them through a Technology Broker. Double-modified modules will lose their second modification if another modification is applied, but Experimental Effects can be safely added or changed without affecting the modifications.

Module Class Rating Modifications Experimental Effect First Available Tech Broker?
Seeker Missile Rack 2 B Lightweight,
High Capacity
Thermal Cascade Fight for Liz Ryder and the Eurybia Blue Mafia Yes
Frame Shift Drive 5 A Increased Range,
Faster Boot Sequence
None Protect the Alliance's Expansion into the Coalsack Nebula from Thargoid Attack Yes
Detailed Surface Scanner 1 I Expanded Probe Scanning Radius x2 None Support Sirius Atmospherics Initiative by Providing Ammonia World Exploration Data No
Point Defence Turret 0 I Focused,
None Protect the Marlinist Food Deliveries,
Deliver Food to Support the Marlinists
Power Plant 3 A Armoured,
None Medical Supplies for Federal Starport Bombing Survivors No
Shield Generator 3 A Kinetic Resistant,
Thermal Resistant
None Medical Supplies for Imperial Starport Bombing Survivors No
Railgun 2 B Long Range,
High Capacity
Feedback Cascade Fight for the Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group against the Neo-Marlinists No
Enzyme Missile Rack 2 B High Capacity Weapon,
Increased Caustic Damage
None Fight for the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid against the Empire No





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