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Enhanced performance normal-space propulsion system.

— In-Game Description

Enhanced Performance Thrusters are an upgraded variant of Thrusters that are capable of significantly increasing the speed of smaller ships. They are offered exclusively at Engineer Workshops.


Enhanced Performance Thrusters are powerful for their size, and in some cases can result in a 45% increase to a ship's top speed, but they have limited applications because there are only two available classes of the module and both only benefit small ships with lower total mass. Larger ships that attempt to equip the module will only see a decrease in overall speed as the Class 2 and 3-sized modules will be overwhelmed by the greater mass. While some pilots may install Enhanced Performance Thursters in small ships to boost their combat capability, they are also useful in some dedicated racing builds.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Draw (MW)
Hull Mass
Hull Mass
Value (CR)
2 A 2.50 40 4.00 60.00 120.00 1,610,079
3 A 5.00 55 5.00 90.00 200.00 5,103,952

Purchase Locations[]

Enhanced Performance Thrusters can be purchased at five locations, all of which are Engineer Workshops with access requirements:

Engineer Modifications[]


The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:

Experimental Effects[]

The following experimental effects can be applied to this module: