Two planets here have now been terraformed, and both are largely given over to agricultural production and to ethically questionable cattle ranching. There is little manufacturing industry other than the production of the famous bourbon.

— In-Game Description

Epsilon Indi has two terraformed planets and a population of 4 billion people with an agriculture economy. It's 11.80 ly from Sol.[1]

The moon Mitterand Hollow orbits around the planet New Africa in just 1 minute and 26 seconds with an approximate speed of 876 kilometers per second.

System LayoutEdit

  • Epsilon Indi (K Star)
    • Edmond's Rock (Rocky body)
      • Flade Enterprise (Planetary Outpost)
      • King Silo (Planetary Outpost)
      • Nikitin Penal colony (Planetary Outpost)
      • Mansfield Orbiter (Orbis starport)
    • Lee (Earth-like world)
      • Perry Depot (Orbis starport)
    • New Africa (Earth-like world)
    • Alisonworld (Rocky Body)
      • Krylov Installation (Planetary Outpost)
      • Ross Colony (Planetary Outpost)
      • Rowley Settlement (Planetary Outpost)
      • London Relay (Coriolis Starport)

References Edit

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