This system includes the outdoor world Azeban, with an extensive agricultural economy specializing mainly in grain and livestock, with tea and coffee plantations in the equatorial regions.

— In-Game Description

Eranin is an Allied system in the Core Systems in the Inner Orion Spur. It was ruled by the Federation until it achieved independence on September 20, 3270, and later became a member of the Alliance. In 3300, celebrations of the 30-year anniversary of Eranin's independence escalated into a brief civil war. The system is the exclusive purveyor of the Rare Commodity Eranin Pearl Whisky, which is available at Azeban City.


On revolutionary Eranin the population are expected to perform in weekly parades celebrating their independence from the Federation, even while their leaders ‘redistribute’ the people’s wages into their own back pockets.[1]

System Layout

  • Eranin (K Star)


Eranin was the starting system for all players during the Elite Dangerous beta. As an agricultural system it sold agricultural products cheap, and particularly valued farming equipment. Eranin was regarded as mostly secure, although interdictions were still fairly common.

In September 3300, the Eranin government held a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Eranin's independence from the Federation (and the real-world 30th anniversary of the release of Elite). Eranin and Wyrd celebration liquor was banned in the Federation, and high profits could be made smuggling it into Federation stations. Tensions were high, and Alliance Ambassador Eliza Fernandez attempted to mediate between the Eranin and the Federation.

Federation-aligned rebels in Eranin started a civil war against the ruling independent government, in protest to the celebrations and in the hope of re-conquering the system for the Federation. It was suspected that the rebels were being supplied with weapons by Federation special operations teams, however no concrete proof was exposed. Commanders took part in the conflict through both trading and ship to ship combat. Demand was high for medical supplies in Azeban City for the treatment of individuals wounded in the fighting, and for weapons on the black market for use by the rebel forces.

Faulcon DeLacy held a 50% off sale at that time, resulting in many pilots who had been traders instead buying Cobra MkIIIs to become combat pilots involved in the civil war.[2]

The Eranin Peoples Party won the conflict, defeating the rebels, and remained in control of the system.



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