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This system includes the outdoor world Azeban, with an extensive agricultural economy specializing mainly in grain and livestock, with tea and coffee plantations in the equatorial regions.

— In-Game Description

Eranin is an Allied system in the Core Systems in the Inner Orion Spur. The system's capital city is Fort Bradley on the Earth-like World Azeban, which is also home to the city of New Fresno. Eranin is the exclusive purveyor of the Rare Commodity Eranin Pearl Whisky, which is available at Azeban City.

Eranin was originally ruled by the Federation until the Eranin Peoples Party led it to independence on September 20, 3270.[1] In September 3300, celebrations of the 30-year anniversary of Eranin's independence escalated into a brief civil war between the Eranin Peoples Party and the Federation-backed i Bootis Democrats. In the years afterward, Eranin was overtaken by another faction, the Terran Colonial Forces, and joined the Alliance.


In September 3300, the Eranin Peoples Party, the minor faction that controlled Eranin at the time, held a celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of Eranin's independence from the Federation. Although Eranin and Wyrd celebratory liquor was officially banned in Federation territory on September 22 in retaliation, smuggling the goods to Federal stations became a lucrative trade. As tensions soared, Federal Congressman Silvia Calhoon and Alliance Ambassador Eliza Fernandez attempted to mediate between the Eranin Peoples Party and the Federation.

Rebels aligned with the Federal minor faction i Bootis Democrats then instigated a civil war against the Eranin Peoples Party, in protest of the celebrations and in the hope of retaking the system for the Federation. It was suspected that the rebels were being supplied with weapons by Federal special operations teams, but no proof of this relationship could be found. Meanwhile, it was rumored that the Eranin Peoples Party was secretly receiving financial support from the Imperial Senator Denton Patreus. After peace talks failed, war was declared on September 26 and fighting rapidly spread to neighboring Federal and independent systems such as i Bootis, Wyrd, LHS 3262, Opala, Bolg, Asellus Primus, and LP 98-132.

Independent pilots flocked to the area upon hearing of the conflict, which became known as the Anniversary War, and took part in both trade and combat initiatives. Demand was high for medical supplies in Azeban City for the treatment of individuals wounded in the fighting, and for weapons on the black market for use by the rebel forces. Faulcon DeLacy also held a rare 50% off sale on their ships, resulting in many pilots who had been traders switching to Cobra MkIIIs to serve as combatants. In the end, the Eranin Peoples Party triumphed and Eranin's independence was preserved.[2]

System Layout

Minor Factions

  • Eranin Expeditionary Institute (Cooperative, Independent)
  • Eranin Federal Bridge (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Eranin Industry (Corporate, Independent)
  • Eranin Peoples Party (Communism, Independent)
  • i Bootis Democrats (Democracy, Federation)
  • Mob of Eranin (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Terran Colonial Forces (Confederacy, Alliance)


  • Eranin was one of the first systems mentioned in the Elite Dangerous Kickstarter: "On revolutionary Eranin the population are expected to perform in weekly parades celebrating their independence from the Federation, even while their leaders 'redistribute' the people's wages into their own back pockets."[3]
  • Eranin was the starting system for all players during the Elite Dangerous beta. The 30th anniversary celebration of Eranin's independence coincided with the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Elite.