A modest star system, yet one still capable of supporting a mixed agriculture and industrial economy. It's an unusual system formation as it lacks gas giants. The locals don't seem to mind though.

— In-Game Description

Eravate is a system in the Inner Orion Spur. It is located near LHS 3447, and is consequently one of the first systems that many newly-licensed will encounter. The Pilots Federation maintains a presence in Eravate at Russell Ring.

System LayoutEdit

  • Eravate
    • Eravate A Belt
    • Eravate 1
    • Eravate 2
    • Eravate 3
      • Russell Ring
    • Eravate 4
      • McMahon Dock
    • Eravate 5
    • Eravate 6
      • Sylvester City
    • Eravate 7
      • Maine Hub
    • Eravate 8
    • Eravate 9
    • Eravate 10
      • Eravate 10 A

Minor Factions Edit

  • Adle's Armada (Corporate, Federation)
  • Eravate Life Services (Corporate, Independent)
  • Eravate Network (Corporate, Federation)
  • Eravate School of Commerce (Cooperative, Independent)
  • Independent Eravate Free (Democracy, Independent)
  • Official Eravate Flag (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Pilots Federation Local Branch (Democracy, Pilots Federation)
  • Traditional Eravate Autocracy (Dictatorship, Independent)

Gallery Edit

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