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Ethan Naylor was the Vice President of the Federation under President Jasmina Halsey from February 17, 3301 until May 26, 3301, when he perished aboard Starship One in a catastrophic Frame Shift Drive misjump caused by sabotage. Prior to being appointed to the vice presidency by Halsey to replace the late Nigel Smeaton, Naylor served as the Congressman for the Siren system.


25 JAN 3307

  • The Federal High Court on Mars has opened the trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent, who is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and treason. Vincent stands accused of organising the sabotage of Starship One in 3301, resulting in hundreds of deaths. The Federal Times's crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported: "The trial began with the prosecution counsel outlining the case. Material evidence obtained from Chief Technician Rory Webster, whose testimony led to Vincent's arrest, was presented before the jury. Vincent was questioned about a secure transmission from his office to the presidential vessel on the 24th of May 3301, ordering an unscheduled diversion to the Azaleach system for routine maintenance. This is where Webster's engineering team followed Vincent's orders to install the sabotaged hyperdrive component that caused the misjump. Evading the questions, Vincent claimed that the entire trial was a 'Liberal Party cover-up' and that Starship One was destroyed 'to put Winters in charge'. With the loss of President Halsey and Vice President Naylor, Felicia Winters did indeed assume the role of acting president and became leader of the Liberal Party. However, the defence counsel played down these accusations, instead declaring that Webster's recordings of Vincent's orders could have been falsified."[1]

14 MAY 3302

  • One year ago today, Federal President Jasmina Halsey and Vice-President Ethan Naylor embarked on a tour of Federation frontier systems. Two weeks later, Starship One was declared missing with all hands. Despite initial assessments that the ship would never be found, the remains of the vessel were located and a handful of survivors recovered, including former president Halsey. Although Halsey had many political opponents, she also had many supporters. Some of these supporters have assembled outside the psychiatric facility on Mars where Halsey is currently located, waving signs and chanting various slogans, seeking her release. Rachel Young, one of the most vociferous of the former president's supporters, made this statement to on-site reporters: "President Halsey worked hard for the Federation. She deserves to be with her family. She deserves the respect and protection any former president is entitled to, not to be locked up in the funny farm." Federal law enforcement is monitoring the protest to ensure it remains peaceful.
    Commander Corrigendum[2]

26 MAY 3301

  • At 15:00 hours universal galactic time on 26th May 3301, Secretary of State Felicia Winters assumed the role of Acting President of the Federation in the wake of the disappearance of Spaceflight One. Speaking in an emergency broadcast to the nation, Acting President Winters had this to say: "It is with deep regret and some trepidation that I must come before you today to announce that contact with the President's ship, Spaceflight One, has been lost. Two days ago, Navy Command received word that the President would be taking an unscheduled detour to Azaleach. Her reasons as to why remain classified. 12 hours ago, following entry into hyperspace, Spaceflight One went dark. All attempts by the President's security team to trace the vessel have met with failure. Squadrons have been scrambled in an attempt to find President Halsey and Vice President Naylor, and I have faith that the Navy will do everything they can to bring them home. That said, in order to maintain a clear chain of command during this time of crisis, I will be assuming the role of Acting President of the Federation effective immediately. I hope I have your support, and I hope it will only have to be a temporary measure."[3]

13 MAY 3301

  • The crowds were out in force on Mars today, as residents gathered to watch the presidential battlecruiser, Space Flight One, depart on the start of President Halsey's tour of Federal frontier systems. For security reasons, the exact details of the President's itinerary are being kept secret. However, GalNet has been given permission to exclusively reveal the names of a dozen systems that President Halsey intends to visit during her trip. Those being: HIP 53688, Tinia, Aleumoxii, 78 Ursae Majoris, Dietri, Su, Furuhjelm I-645, Saga, Delphin, Nanomam, Coriccha and Ross 860. As Vice President Naylor will be accompanying President Halsey on her trip, the Secretary of State, Madam Winters, will be overseeing day-to-day operations on Mars during the President's absence.[4]

10 APR 3301

  • This evening marks the 153rd annual Exphiay Bankers' Ball. Shadow President Hudson will be in attendance, as will Frank Hall – CEO of Gallant Investment, Paul Wiggins – CEO of Wiggins Development Trust, and Patricia Spellman – Vice President of Sirius Finance. The 1 million-credits-a-head dinner will see the Federation's rich and famous rub shoulders with some of the galaxy's most influential powerbrokers. One of the main topics of conversation is expected to revolve around fiscal responsibility in the face of the continued failing of the current Federal leadership. Notable absences include President Halsey and Vice President Naylor, both of whom were reportedly not invited to the star-studded event. Further reports indicate that well-known liberal leaning corporations such as Better Green Developments, Roach Investment Banking, Worster Insurance, Lycan Moon Mining and Benton's Natural Remedies were also all deliberately blocked from attending.[5]

31 MAR 3301

  • After Shadow President Hudson's scathing attack on President Halsey earlier this morning, Vice President Naylor has sworn to continue his support of President Halsey. "The President has had to make some hard decisions. Is she always right? That's not for me to say. What I can say is that if I were in her shoes, having to make decisions based on the same information, I would have almost certainly made the same decisions. Loss of life is always regrettable, as is the loss of any member states from our great galactic Federation. However, none of that justifies the vitriol displayed by Shadow President Hudson earlier today. We all know Hudson is desperate to get into office, but in the Federation it is the people who choose their leader, and they didn't choose him. They chose Jasmina Halsey to serve as President, and until the people say otherwise, it is President Halsey I follow."[6]

17 FEB 3301

  • In a formal ceremony in the Congress building on Mars, Congressman Ethan Naylor, the Congressman for Siren was formally signed in as the Federal Vice President. This is a controversial choice as this is the first time a member of the Federal Leadership has been a Congressman from a frontier world. Some have said that President Halsey is reacting to critics that here government is too Sol-centric, and others that she may regret the choice. In his appointment speech Naylor said: "I am honoured to have this phenomenal role. I will see it as my job to see that Federal States on the frontier will get the attention they deserve."[7]


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