Ethan Naylor served as the Vice President of the Federation. Prior to that he served as the Congressman for Siren.

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17 February 3301

  • Ethan Naylor was formerly signed in as Vice President in a formal ceremony in the Congress building on Mars. There's controversy due to Naylor being the first member of the Federal Leadership who originates from a frontier world. This could be due criticism on former President Halsey that the Federal government is too Sol-centric.
  • In his appointment speech Naylor said: “I am honoured to have this phenomenal role. I will see it as my job to see that Federal States on the frontier will get the attention they deserve.”[1]

31 March 3301

  • After severe criticism by Shadow President Hudson on President Halsey, Ethan Naylor pledged his continued support for Halsey.
  • “The President has had to make some hard decisions. Is she always right? That’s not for me to say. What I can say is that if I were in her shoes, having to make decisions based on the same information, I would have almost certainly made the same decisions.”[2]

    “Loss of life is always regrettable, as is the loss of any member states from our great galactic Federation. However, none of that justifies the vitriol displayed by Shadow President Hudson earlier today.”

    “We all know Hudson is desperate to get into office, but in the Federation it is the people who choose their leader, and they didn’t choose him. They chose Jasmina Halsey to serve as President, and until the people say otherwise, it is President Halsey I follow.”

2 June 3301

  • VP Ethan Naylor died during the disappearance of Starship One. There were only a handful of survivors including former president Halsey.[3] Starship One went missing on 2 June 3301, the loss was blamed on mechanical failure.[4]The vessel was recovered on 16 Mar 3302.[5]

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