An Ethos dictates each Powers methods for preparing, expanding and controlling systems.

Possible Ethos include: Combat, Covert, Finance, and Social.

List of Powers Edit

Name Headquarters Allegiance Preparation Ethos Expansion Ethos Control Ethos
Arissa Lavigny-Duval Kamadhenu Empire Social Combat Combat
Aisling Duval Cubeo Empire Social Finance Social
Archon Delaine Harma Independent Combat Combat Social
Denton Patreus Eotienses Empire Finance Combat Combat
Edmund Mahon Gateway Alliance Finance Finance Finance
Felicia Winters Rhea Federation Social Finance Finance
Li Yong-Rui Lembava Independent Social Finance Finance
Pranav Antal Polevnic Independent Social Social Covert
Zachary Hudson Nanomam Federation Combat Combat Combat
Zemina Torval Synteini Empire Finance Finance Covert
Yuri Grom Clayakarma Independent Covert Combat Covert