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Stabilises the stress typically applied to a ship's structural integrity by experimental weapons. This increases the number of such weapons a ship can safely deploy. Increases Experiment Weapon Limit by 1.

— In-Game Description

The Experimental Weapon Stabiliser is an optional module for ships that increases the amount of Experimental Weapons you may equip. This module comes in a standard size of 3F and a future release of the module will come in the size 5F.


Class Rating Mass (T) Power Draw Value (CR)
3 F 8 1.50 MW 1,930,500
5* F 20 3.00 MW 4,000,000

* On 26, Jan 3309: "The class 5 variant of the stabiliser, which permits two additional AX weapons, is scheduled to reach the market next week."(Source - Galnet)

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  • You may only have one Experimental Weapon Stabiliser module type equipped per ship.