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A mainstay superiority fighter. The F63 Condor has an excellent track record of prosecuting Federal interests. The short range craft deployed by capital class vessels, provides effective point-defence and strike capability. Typically deployed in numbers to offset their lack of defensive capability.

— Blueprint Description[1]

The F63 Condor is a Ship-Launched Fighter manufactured by Core Dynamics for the Federation. The mainstay superiority fighter of the Federal Navy, the F63 Condor balances speed, durability, and firepower. It is deployed both by Federation Capital Ships and smaller vessels capable of supporting a Fighter Hangar, and is intended to swarm enemy targets in large numbers. For pilots looking for a fighter that is balanced between the Taipan and the Gu-97, the F63 Condor is a solid choice. It is also one of the four vessels permitted in the CQC Championship.


The F63 Condor only has moderate agility and defenses, but is noted for its high straight-line speed, contrasting with the Gu-97, which prioritizes agility, and the Taipan, which is designed for durability. The Condor thus fills a third niche among Ship-Launched Fighters as a strike craft that can move in, hit hard, and then outrun any pursuers. The F63 Condor supports two small hardpoints and at least one utility mount, but is unique in that it is the only SLF model that can mount Multi-cannons, allowing it to inflict more hull damage than other options.

As an SLF, the F63 Condor does not possess a Frame Shift Drive, and thus cannot jump to Supercruise or Hyperspace. Its operational area is limited to the vicinity of its deployment point, such as a station, outpost, carrier, or ship-mounted Fighter Hangar.

The F63 Condor is flyable in the CQC Championship, and is a part of the starter (Rank 1) loadout. It comes with two pulse lasers and a Chaff Launcher as default.


The F63 Condor is available in 5 variants, which differ only in weapons and utility module, and slightly in the top and boost speed. It is the only fighter available with kinetic weapons. F-variants have fixed weapons and G-variants have gimballed weapons.

Variant Weapons Utility Damage Per Second Speed [Boost] (m/s) Pitch / Roll / Yaw Rate (deg/s) Cost (CR) *
Aegis F 2x fixed plasma repeater Point Defence Turret 38 327 [554] 54 / 119 / 24 15,270
Rogue F 2x fixed multi-cannons Chaff Launcher 42 316 [536] 53 / 115 / 23 15,270
Gelid G 2x gimballed beam lasers Heatsink Launcher 25 316 [536] 53 / 115 / 23 15,270
Rogue G 2x gimballed pulse lasers Chaff Launcher 12 316 [536] 53 / 115 / 23 15,270
Gelid F 2x fixed pulse lasers Heatsink Launcher 42 316 [536] 53 / 115 / 23 15,270

* This is the cost to initially outfit a Fighter Hangar bay for that fighter type/variant, or to change it to a different fighter type/variant. The cost to restock destroyed fighters is 1,030 CR each.[2]

Purchase Locations[]

The F63 Condor can be purchased in Federation systems only, but can be restocked in any system.

System Station Date Seen
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial Always available
Brestla i Sola Prospect Always Available
KP Tauri Spedding Orbital Dec. 2, 2019
Hedetet Hermite Dock Dec. 2, 2019
Lembava Goldstein Port Dec. 2, 2019
Ix Scully-Power Station Dec. 2, 2019
EZ Aquarii Magnus Gateway Dec. 2, 2019