F63 Condor
F63 Condor close-up
ManufacturerCore Dynamics
Years Produced3302-Present
TypeShip-Launched Fighter
Faction RankNone
Default Specifications
Landing Pad SizeFighter Hangar
Dimensions13.5m x 10.5m x 2.5m
Shields25 MJ
ManoeuvrabilityPitch Rate: 53-54°
Yaw Rate: 23-24°
Roll Rate: 115-119°
Top Speed316-327 m/s
Boost Speed536-554 m/s
Hardpoints1x Utility Mount
2x Small Hardpoints

Fast and agile with decent protection making it a good all-rounder.

— In-Game Description

The F63 Condor is a Ship-Launched Fighter manufactured by Core Dynamics for the Federation. The mainstay superiority fighter of the Federal Navy, the F63 Condor balances speed, durability, and firepower. It is deployed both by Federation capital ships and smaller vessels capable of supporting a Fighter Hangar, and is intended to swarm enemy targets in large numbers.


Its small size and manoeuvrability is what makes it hard to hit, and it can be assumed to be very cheap to mass produce due to its size. The F63 Condor supports two small hardpoints and at least one utility mount.

Also, due to its size, the F63 Condor does not possess a Frameshift drive, and thus cannot go into Supercruise, nor jump. It is inherently reliant on either a station, outpost or carrier to be deployed from.

Compared to its two alternative options, the Imperial Fighter and Taipan the Condor sits as the middleman; boasting good mobility and decent defenses. This makes the Condor a good option for most scenarios and the AI has no trouble using the ship to its fullest. A player may find the weak defenses and overall lower mobility less appealing however. Interestingly, it is the only Tiny Fighter capable of using Multicannons, meaning it is much more effective at hull damage than the other options.

The F63 Condor is flyable in Close Quarters Combat, and is a part of the starter (Rank 1) loadout. It comes with two pulse lasers and a Chaff Launcher as default.

With the release of Elite Dangerous: Horizons v2.2 "The Guardians" update, the Condor is a Ship-Launched Fighter that can be deployed from a Fighter Hangar module.

The F63 Condor can be purchased in Federation systems only, but can be restocked in any system.

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The blueprint describes the F63 Condor: "A mainstay superiority fighter. The F63 Condor has an excellent track record of prosecuting Federal interests. The short range craft deployed by capital class vessels, provides effective point-defence and strike capability. Typically deployed in numbers to offset their lack of defensive capability."[1]


The F63 Condor is available in 5 variants, which differ only in weapons and utility module, and slightly in the top and boost speed. It is the only fighter available with kinetic weapons. F-variants have fixed weapons and G-variants have gimballed weapons.

Variant Weapons Utility Damage Per Second Speed [Boost] (m/s) Pitch / Roll / Yaw Rate (deg/s) Cost (CR) *
Aegis F 2x fixed plasma repeater Point Defence Turret 38 327 [554] 54 / 119 / 24 15,270
Rogue F 2x fixed multi-cannons Chaff Launcher 42 316 [536] 53 / 115 / 23 15,270
Gelid G 2x gimballed beam lasers Heatsink Launcher 25 316 [536] 53 / 115 / 23 15,270
Rogue G 2x gimballed pulse lasers Chaff Launcher 12 316 [536] 53 / 115 / 23 15,270
Gelid F 2x fixed pulse lasers Heatsink Launcher 42 316 [536] 53 / 115 / 23 15,270

* This is the cost to initially outfit a Fighter Hangar bay for that fighter type/variant, or to change it to a different fighter type/variant. The cost to restock destroyed fighters is 1,030 CR each.[2]

Purchase Locations Edit

Variant System Station Date Seen Notes
Aegis F Carnoeck Bacon City 01/03/2018
Rogue F Carnoeck Bacon City 01/03/2018
Gelid G Carnoeck Bacon City 01/03/2018
Rogue G Carnoeck Bacon City 01/03/2018
Gelid F Carnoeck Bacon City 01/03/2018

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