Well known Imperial Navy Base. Most Imperial naval administration is done on Topaz, and there are several outdoor training camps across the surface.

Senator Anders Blaine is the senator for this system and enjoys relative autonomy. The permit for this system can be obtained from the Imperial Military.

— In-Game Description

Facece is an Imperial system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It is the Empire's most important military bastion, with various Imperial Navy bases located on worlds throughout the system, including Topaz and Peters's Wreck.[1] Senator Anders Blaine oversees the Imperial population of the system and represents them in the Imperial Senate. The famed Jaques Station also originated in this system, having been built and launched from the orbit of Topaz.[2] Access to Facece is restricted, and requires a permit that can only be obtained by achieving the Imperial Navy rank of Earl.

Marquis Endincite coordinated the effort to reclaim Facece from the Allied Facece Order in July 3302.[3]

System Layout

  • Facece (Class F Star)
    • Mathews's Hole (Landfall world, Rocky Body)
    • Coates's Mine (Landfall world, Metal-rich Body)
      • Vandermeer Installation (Surface Port)
      • Kelly Works (Surface Port)
      • Banno's Inheritance (Settlement)
      • Rondon Installation (Settlement)
      • Robinson Vision (Settlement)
      • Simpson Depot (Coriolis Starport)
    • Peters's Wreck (High Metal Content World)
      • Fortress York (Orbis Starport)
    • New America (Earth-like World, terraformed)
      • Patrick Depot (Orbis Starport)
    • Topaz (Earth-like world, terraformed)
      • Peters Base (Coriolis Starport)
    • Facece 6 (Class Y Dwarf, rocky rings)
      • Facece 6 A (Rocky Body)
      • Facece 6 B (Landfall world, Rocky Body)
        • Waldrop Beacon (Surface Port)
      • Facece 6 C (Landfall world, Rocky Body)
        • Cremona Penitentiary (Settlement)
      • Facece 6 D (Landfall world, Rocky Body)
        • Finney's Inheritance (Settlement)
      • Facece 6 E (Landfall world, Rocky Body)
        • Leconte Settlement (Settlement)
        • Facece 6 E A (Rocky Body)
      • Facece 6 F (Landfall world, Rocky Body)
        • Arrhenius Hub (Surface Port)
      • Facece 6 G (Landfall world, Rocky Body)
        • Florine Holdings (Surface Port)
    • Facece 7 (Gas Giant with Water-Based Life, metal rich and rocky rings)
      • Facece 7 A (Landfall world, Rocky Body)
        • Secchi Landing (Surface Port)
    • Facece 8 (High Metal Content World)

Minor Factions

  • Allied Facece Order (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Facece Gold Creative Ltd (Corporate, Empire)
  • Liberals of Herengul (Democracy, Independent)
  • Facece Empire Party (Patronage, Empire)
  • Facece Electronics Holdings (Corporate, Independent)
  • Values Party of Facece (Democracy, Independent)


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