This faction is currently unable to source a sufficient supply of food for its members. If the situation goes on for much longer they run the risk of incurring mass illness or civil unrest.

— In-game description

Course of action Edit

  • "Seeking Foods" beacons will spawn near stations of minor factions with an on-going Famine.
  • Bringing "Food Cartridges" to "Seeking Foods" beacons will reduce the Famine effect. Upon entering such a beacon, fly close to a ship of the faction you want to trade your food cargo with and your cargo will be automatically transferred to the minor faction in exchange for credits.

NPC dialogues in Famine beacons Edit

  • "Do your bit to stop hunger. Sell us your foods for redistribution today!"
  • "We make sure starvation is something that happens to other people"
  • "With our help, you too can feed to local economy and the local population all at the same time"
  • "Get paid for delivering food aid!"
  • "All manner of food donations are accepted"

Distribution Centers Edit

You can sometimes find Distribution Centers in famine systems, where some Type-9 ships and Navigation Beacons will be stationed.

Small sized ships will constantly warp in and out of the area. Because of this, Distribution Centers are one the most efficient ways of gathering Wake Scans.

To find a Distribution Center, visit different Famine systems until you spot a "Distribution Center" in your Navigation tab.