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Core Dynamics Farragut-Class Battle Cruisers represent the cutting edge in military technology. A single FCB can carry several squadrons of Federal Fighters and multiple Federal Corvettes across hundreds of light years without any difficulty. These deep deployment capabilities, coupled with extraordinarily heavy firepower, practically guarantee that a single FCB will completely overpower all but the most well-equipped opponents.

— Excerpt from a GalNet report on the completion of the FNS Nevermore[1]

The Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser is a battlecruiser manufactured by Core Dynamics exclusively for the Federation. As a capital ship, it serves as the backbone of the Federal Navy and the core of each of its fleets. In contrast with its Imperial Navy counterpart, the Majestic-Class Interdictor, the Farragut emphasises utility over style and comfort, and in a direct, one-on-one confrontation with the Imperial capital ship, the Farragut holds the advantage in terms of raw firepower and combat endurance.


The Federation's capital ships are brutal, practical war machines inside and out. Airtight doors split the interior into many separate compartments. Grab-handles abound, as do access panels and all the paraphernalia of a military vessel. There would be no mistaking a Federal ship's interior with an Imperial one.

The Art of Elite Dangerous[2]

The Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser is over two kilometers long, and heavily-armed with the following weaponry: 20 Federal Laser Turrets, 8 Federal Broadside Cannons, and 8 Capital Torpedo Launchers, and is equipped with hangars capable of transporting multiple smaller Federal military ships, such as Federal Dropships to be launched as low orbit bombers[3] or even large Federal Corvettes[1], and F63 Condor squadrons. It is equipped with a capital-class Frame Shift Drive[4] with an undisclosed jump range. The Federal Navy uses the Farragut as an integral part of its Intervention Fleets, which are used to investigate and intervene in larger-scale conflicts.[5]

From 3278 to 3302, the construction of Farragut-Class Battle Cruisers as well as other capital ships was restricted by the terms of the London Treaty, which was created to prevent an arms race between the superpowers that was projected to occur with the introduction of the Frame Shift Drive. Imperial Senator and Fleet Admiral Denton Patreus publicly spurned the London Treaty on October 21, 3302 in a speech in which he declared he would build as many capital ships as the Empire needed for its defence, marking the Empire's withdrawal from the treaty and heralding its dissolution.[6][7]

Since the outbreak of the Second Thargoid War in 3303, multiple Farragut-Class Battle Cruisers have been destroyed by Thargoid Interceptors due to the former's vulnerability to Thargoid shutdown fields. Since the anti-xeno countermeasures developed for smaller ships have proven prohibitively difficult to scale-up for capital ships, the international research and defence organisation Aegis has declared that capital ships are ineffective at protecting outposts, planets, and shipping lanes from Thargoid attacks at present. Instead, anti-Thargoid efforts have been spearheaded by militias of personal-scale craft.[8][9]

During a period of increased tensions between the Federation and the Empire in late 3306 caused by the activities of the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, President Zachary Hudson convinced Federal Congress to approve a funding increase for the Federal Navy in order to expand production of Farragut-Class Battle Cruisers.[10] With assistance from independent pilots, this resulted in five new Farraguts being fast-tracked for completion, with planned deployments in Atropos, Iman Caber, LHS 142, LFT 367, and Wolf 25.[11]

Known ships

Name Last known location Date of sighting Notes
FNS Achilles Dhathaatrib Jul. 10, 3304
FNS Agamemnon LFT 367 Dec. 7, 3306 One of five vessels constructed by a Federal Navy production initiative[11]
FNS Ajax Pleiades Sector RO-Q b5-0 Sept. 28, 3302
FNS Alacrity Pleiades Sector JC-U b3-2 Dec. 17, 3302
FNS Amphion Sosong
FNS Andromeda CC Eri Mar. 14, 3303
FNS Angelos Belobog Dec. 30, 3303
FNS Archer Canezti Jul. 31, 3304
FNS Arethusa Nemehi Feb. 3, 3304
FNS Argonaut Merope
FNS Argus Merope
FNS Athenos
FNS Aurora Bundena May 30, 3304
FDN Autolycus Commanding officer formerly Captain Jaiden Horne, the place of Autolycus Mutiny in 3271[12]
FNS Bellerophon Merope Nov. 28, 3302
FNS Boxer Merope Apr. 14, 3303
FNS Centaur Thunderbird July 26, 3307
FNS Centurion Regulus Dec. 10, 3303
FNS Constance Blatrimpe Feb. 18, 3304
FNS Conquerer LHS 215 Nov 25, 3304
FNS Courageous Decima Mar. 13, 3304
FNS Damocles Luluwala Aug, 4 3303
FNS Dauntless CC Eri Mar. 14, 3303
FNS Dominion Fidenef Sept. 15, 3304
FNS Erebus Thunderbird
FNS Europa Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 Dec. 29, 3302
FNS Euryalus HIP 46903 Oct. 31, 3303
FNS Farragut Segovan Jul. 15, 3309 Class leader
FNS Fearless Segovan Jul. 15, 3309
FNS Formidable Ross 719 Dec. 10, 3304
FNS Fortitude HIP 22460 Destroyed in the Battle of HIP 22460 on August 9th 3308[13]
FNS Furious Fomovithi Jun. 18, 3304
FNS Gellan Merki Oct. 7,


Named for Federal President Isaac Gellan
FNS Glory Belobog Nov. 4, 3303
FNS Goliath LHS 3437 Mar. 20, 3304
FNS Hawke Merope Jan. 6, 3303
FNS Hercules LHS 142 Dec. 7, 3306 One of five vessels constructed by a Federal Navy production initiative[11]
FNS Hood Ross 1008 Jan. 10, 3304
FNS Hunter Huokang May 27, 3303
FNS Implacable Iman Caber Dec. 7, 3306 One of five vessels constructed by a Federal Navy production initiative[11]
FNS Indefatigable Apala July 11, 3304
FNS Indomitable Potriti Sept. 28, 3303
FNS Inflexible Jardovici Oct. 28, 3302
FNS Invincible Inti Feb. 13, 3307
FNS Iris Merope Mar. 24, 3303
FNS Jupiter Jul. 9, 3304
FNS Khemsa Beta Hydri Named after CMDR Khemsa for contributing the most resources to the CG to construct the ship[14]
FNS Kracer Mu Koji Sept. 10, 3302 Named for Admiral Kracer, who led a Federation force that liberated New California from the Empire in 2854[15]
FNS Leander
FNS Leviathan Huokang May 26, 3303
FNS Liberator Merope Dec. 29, 3302
FNS Mars
FNS Medusa ETA-1 Pictoris 6 Oct. 15, 3302
FNS Mercury Huokang May 26, 3303
FNS Narcissus Rana
FNS Neptune Wolf 25 Dec. 7, 3306 One of five vessels constructed by a Federal Navy production initiative[11]
FNS Nevermore BD+03 2338 Mar. 26, 3301 Completed at Hudson Dock, BD+03 2338 on March 11, 3301.[16] Involved in an infamous friendly-fire incident with Hudson Dock on March 19, 3301.[17][18]
FNS O'Brien HIP 46903 3 Oct. 31, 3303 Named for Admiral O'Brien, who led the Federation's forces in the war against the Empire over control of Emerald in Tau Ceti in 3101[19]
FNS Orion Cama Feb. 8, 3304
FNS Perseus Maia Mar. 11, 3303
FNS Pioneer Cemiess Jun. 7, 3304 The personal ship of Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, commanded by Vice Admiral Juno Rochester[20]
FNS Pursuer
FNS Renoun Dhathaatrib Jul. 10, 3304
FNS Resolution Pleiades Sector RO-Q b5-0 Dec. 29, 3302
FNS Royal Oak
FNS Scimitar Mbukuravi April 4, 3304
FNS Shannon Procyon Apr. 10, 3304
FNS Spartan Ross 1008 Jan. 9, 3304
FNS Stalker Sol Dec. 7, 3302
FNS Striker Sol Oct. 29, 3302
FNS Superb Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16
FNS Surprise Antliae Sector DL-Y c4 May 17, 3303
FNS Thanatos Solati Jul. 11, 3304
FNS Trander Sol Mar. 14, 3307 Named for Federal President Loric Trander
FNS Unicorn Dhathaatrib Jul. 10, 3304
FNS Vanguard Pi-Fang Jun. 22, 3304
FNS Vengeance Atropos Dec. 7, 3306 One of five vessels constructed by a Federal Navy production initiative[11]
FNS Victorious Blatrimpe 9 Jul. 3, 3304
FNS Warspite Luluwala May 20, 3304
Bart LHS 20 Nov. 22, 3305 Believed captured by pirates
Darion ep Tellek LHS 20 Dec. 16, 3304
INV Law of Achenar Kamitra Jan. 11, 3304 Believed captured by the Imperial Navy
Lars Porsenna Aug. 8, 3305
Netsuakram Solati Apr. 14, 3305
Nick Coates Pangluya Apr. 7, 3306
Solus Tjupa Jan. 6, 3307
Starship One Sol Sep. 20, 3306 The official transport of the Federal President
Vanguard Ross 719 Dec. 10, 3304 Believed captured by pirates
Wedge Androlos Oct. 6, 3305


  • David Braben describes the Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser: "...there will be no gravity, you'll just float around. Things like magnetic boots will make getting around very easy, and they wouldn't be great big clunky things like you might see on a diver. These would look like normal shoes but they'll have fancy technology that make them stick to the surfaces...the Federal ship is a lot more sort of Spartan, a lot more just practical warship essentially...the Federal ship's central section, and with design, one of the design briefs we've had, this is trying to design ships with their function in mind...For the Federal ship, it's utility that's important. The reason it's got this central corridor, this is where ships come out of their hangars and it's to try and protect the hangars from outside. So the reason they face inward and the ships fly out, you know they're already up to speed...that would be very very heavily protected and potentially with things like shields around it."[21]
  • All Farragut-Class Battle Cruisers appear to share the registration tag of FDN-RD5.
  • The Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser cannot be destroyed by reducing its hull to 0%.[22]
  • After destroying all of the Faragut's Heat Relays the ship will escape from battle by activating its Frame Shift Drive.[23]
  • Routing the Farragut awards the player 500,000 CR.
  • Most Capital Ships have an exclusion zone, and flying too close to one can provoke it into attacking even if the player is on friendly terms with its controlling faction. In these cases, the Capital Ship will issue warning messages to ships that invade its exclusion zone.


  • The length of the Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser (2,040 meters) is roughly the same as six Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers (337 meters) lined up end to end.[24]
  • The majority of Farragut-Class Battle Cruisers are named after past and present warships of the British Royal Navy.
  • The Farragut most likely gets its name from David G. Farragut, the first American Admiral, for whom two U.S Navy destroyer classes have also been named.