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The Federal Accord,[1][2] also known as the Federation Accord,[3] is the constitution of the Federation. It was originally ratified in 2242 by the Federation's first five member systems: Sol, Tau Ceti, Delta Pavonis, Altair, and Beta Hydri.[2][4] It is based heavily on the constitution of the former United States of America, with some characteristics borrowed from other historical Earth nations.[5][1]


Statutes and amendments

The Federal Accord codifies a right to individual liberty and imposes an absolute ban on slavery.[6] It also guarantees citizens the right to data security and privacy,[7] and mandates strict protections for alien environments.[1]

Federal Congress has the power to approve and repeal amendments to the Federal Accord. The 77th amendment was approved in 2594 and restructured presidential term limits. In 3308, President Zachary Hudson proposed the Hudson Contravention, which will temporarily suspend the 77th amendment if it is passed.[8][9]

Statutes of the Federal Accord may be temporarily suspended by emergency legislation approved by Federal Congress, such as the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act of 3307.[7]


All systems inducted into the Federation are obligated sign the Federal Accord to become members, and are granted various rights and responsibilities on the condition that they meet specific development criteria outlined within their respective Colonial Charter.[1] Only colonies that fulfill the terms of their charter and demonstrate self-reliance are granted full Federal membership and representation in Federal Congress.[10] Federal member systems must obey laws approved by Federal Congress, but also have a considerable degree of independence and can implement their own, localized laws.[2][1]


Systems that wish to abandon their charters and secede from the Federation to become independent or join another superpower must first hold a public referendum that demonstrates majority approval of the change.[11] Unilaterally declaring independence and withdrawing from the Federal Accord without a referendum is illegal and may be met with a military response.[12][13][14] The Federation can also declare a secession referendum invalid if a majority of the local population abstains from voting or if the local government is believed to be hostile and seeking assistance from a foreign power.[15][16]