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A Federal Citizen is the status of a person recognized under Federal Law as being a legal member of the Federation.[1] The Federation has over 2.5 trillion citizens as of 3304 CE.[2][3]

Every citizen has rights and freedoms that are enshrined in the Constitution.[4] They can legally vote in Federal elections such as the election for Congressmen and the President of the Federation.[5] Any citizen can run for election to Federal Congress and in Presidential elections.[6][3]

Names for Federal citizens

The terms "Federals" or "Feds" are also used for Federal Citizens.[7] Examples:

'Federals, Imperials and Alliance,' Turner said, walking around to the head of the table. 'Good. I require your full attention. is will not take long, but I think you'll find it most interesting.'[8]

One Commander said: "I'm here to protect the barnacles – I don't care about Feds or Imps. This is a prime example of politics getting in the way of what's truly important. They need to get off their high horses and discuss how we can protect the barnacles."[7]