The Federal Grand Lottery is the largest lottery in the galaxy. It regularly hands out millions of credits to winners. The Grand Lottery also funds a wide range of social and infrastructure projects in Federation systems. The annual Galactic Jackpot is by far the most popular lottery game.[1]

Timeline Edit

18 OCT 3304

  • Billionaire businessman Zachary Rackham has been targeted by a highly sophisticated hack that successfully withdrew 1 billion credits from his personal account. A spokesperson for Rackham Capital Investments informed shareholders: "We have reported the theft to the authorities, and are reviewing our computer security systems. The only clue as to the criminals' identity is a message they left encoded in Mr. Rackham's account: 'The Collective plays to win.'" Financial journalist Bryanna Blanco commented in The Federal Times: "The purpose of the hack was evidently to reclaim the billion-credit prize that Rackham 'won' in the Federal Grand Lottery. What Rackham Capital Investments didn’t reveal was that the money was redistributed equally among several hundred of the company’s former employees, who were denied their company pensions years ago. There is a sweet irony to the old pirate Calico Zack having his money stolen by cyber pirates. Whoever the Collective might be, they seem to have both a sense of justice and a sense of humour."[2]

16 AUG 3304

  • Billionaire Zachary Rackham was confirmed to be the winner of the one billion credit Galactic Jackpot. Tori Theopolis announced: "Our annual galactic jackpot has been claimed and the winning ticket verified. Our congratulations to Mr. Rackham – we hope he enjoys his billion-credit prize." Rackham, also known as "Calico Zack", told the media: "To be honest, this caught me by surprise. I only buy lottery tickets out of habit, a holdover from the days when I used to rattle around space in a rusty old Sidewinder. Naturally I'll be donating this windfall to various charitable programmes." Financial journalist Bryanna Blanco scoffed at Rackham's claim, insinuating that he was more likely to use the prize money to pay off Rackham Capital Investments' massive unpaid tax bill.[3]

13 JUL 3304

  • On this occasion the winner has yet to make a claim. Purchase of the winning ticket has been confirmed, but no data is available as to who bought the ticket or when. Tori Theopolis, a spokesperson for the Federal Grand Lottery, told the media: "Someone out there is rich beyond his or her wildest dreams – they just don’t know it yet. We’re keen to find this lucky individual so we can hand over their winnings. We ask all citizens to check with any lottery players they know. Your soon-to-be-billionaire friend or relative might be very grateful for your help!"[1]

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