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The Federal Intelligence Agency (FIA) is a Federal government department that monitors Federal interests across the galaxy and investigates high-profile criminal activity. It oversees espionage and counter-espionage operations, provides covert support and intelligence for Federal diplomats abroad, and follows up on interstellar criminal activity that encroaches on Federal space. The FIA has also been implicated in destabilising foreign governments, and helping those with which the Federal government is sympathetic or when their causes are aligned. Its operations have gone as far as providing arms and training directly to rebels, conducting assassinations, and rigging elections, all accomplished in a clandestine and deniable way.[1] The FIA Civilian Oversight Board is responsible for reviewing FIA activities,[2] but it is still generally believed that the FIA is not held accountable for its actions as often as it should be.[1]

In April 3307, the FIA was given operational control of the Proactive Detection Bureau, a new agency created by the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act that focused on monitoring public and private communications networks in Federal systems for criminal and extremist activity. The PDB was mostly automated, and the FIA's Deputy Director had the authority to directly manage it.[3]

The FIA's counterparts in the Empire and Alliance are the Imperial Internal Security Service and Alliance Interpol.[1]

List of known members


10 DEC 3307

  • Recent evidence suggests that some of the precious items stolen by the Winking Cat have been sold to private collectors. Crime correspondent Mira Bukowski has been following the story for Vox Galactica: "When the FIA raided the home of media magnate Elias Metaxas, they found the painting Terra Absentia by Zoe Okeke hanging in his chambers – a painting stolen by the Winking Cat in 3305. Metaxas confessed to purchasing the famous artwork for 22 billion credits via a series of anonymous dealers, none of whom could be traced. Coincidentally, there are rumours that an Imperial senator keeps some statues resembling the missing New Dawn collection hidden within her mountainside chalet. And only recently, multi-billionaire Zachary Rackham was overheard inviting an investor to 'come up and see my Guernica'. It seems that the thief has secretly sold these highly valuable treasures to private collectors. However, this is not typical behaviour for someone believed to be a genuine connoisseur of fine art as well as a skilled larcenist. Perhaps there is an urgent need for huge sums of money, and since the Winking Cat has never stolen anything as vulgar as mere credits, this is the most ideal method. But what might the notorious criminal be planning?"[9]

07 DEC 3307

  • Terrorist ringleader Theta Seven is defying capture by holding thousands of Far God cultists hostage in the Mudhrid system. Vox Galactica published an on-the-scene report from freelance journalist Redmond O'Hara: "Although the NMLA has been defeated in Mudhrid, the Theta Group bomb-makers remain in control of the Sacrosanct megaship. With so many lives at stake, ACT has focused all its efforts to resolve this tense situation. We've heard that Senior Agent Ramirez and Inspector Klatt have both tried to open negotiations directly with Theta Seven. It is hard to imagine what they might offer him in terms of clemency, but they're obviously determined to prevent further deaths at the NMLA's hands. After speaking to one of ACT's tactical advisors, I can reveal that Captain Castile's commando unit tried and failed to board the Sacrosanct as it did the Steel Majesty. This is apparently because the vessel is specially modified to prevent external access, in order to provide the Far God cultists with a sanctified environment during their pilgrimage. Speaking of the cultists, they may not have accepted their predicament quite as passively as expected. Internal power failures detected within the Sacrosanct's hyperdrive systems may well be a result of sabotage, and would explain why it hasn't left the Mudhrid system. Perhaps in their own way, the Thargoid-worshippers are seeking justice for those murdered by Theta Seven's appropriation of their deity's 'holy' caustic enzymes."[10]

19 NOV 3307

  • The megaship Steel Majesty has arrived in the Mudhrid system after being taken over by NMLA terrorists. Its original owning faction, the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, has officially reclaimed the vessel. Margrave Corentin Delacroix, the faction's new military ruler and the son of former Landgrave Arastin Delacroix, announced: "The Steel Majesty has returned home to fulfil its destiny. Be warned: should any ships attempt to board or attack, all the former crewmembers still onboard will be executed." Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez gave a statement on behalf of ACT: "Unfortunately, we cannot take action while hundreds of innocent people remain captive. But the NMLA's effort to assemble troops, supporters and resources must not succeed. Having the Steel Majesty as a mobile base will allow them to regroup for a new campaign of terror – especially if they manage to reach Theta Seven before we do." A spokesperson for the Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group, which controls the Mudhrid system, claimed: "The hostages should be considered lost as casualties of war. We are prepared to perform our duty for the Empire once again by destroying the Neo-Marlinist threat."[11]

08 NOV 3307

  • The creators of the NMLA's caustic enzyme bombs have been arrested, although the terrorist figurehead Theta Seven remains at large. Theta Group is directly responsible for 17 starport bombings conducted by the NMLA across the core systems. These attacks resulted in a combined death toll of almost 800,000 people, with twice as many suffering serious injury. Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez, one of the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit's co-leaders, told the media: "We have finally tracked down the NMLA's bomb-making engineers, and a joint task force made the arrest with minimal casualties. Large quantities of Thargoid corrosives and explosive components were also seized. This achievement was only possible due to intercepting Theta Group's communications with Neo-Marlinist sympathisers. We are unsure why the NMLA's dark-comms network was not used in that instance. As our intel predicted, the group's leader Theta Seven was not among those we captured. We have confirmed that he and a handful of followers disappeared after the bombings in July, anticipating their imminent capture. ACT will not rest until the galaxy's most wanted terrorist has been brought to justice." The name 'Theta Group' was assigned to the bomb-makers during their incarceration at Serene Harbour, an Imperial Intelligence penal facility in the R CrA Sector AF-A d42 system. After escaping, their leader adopted his prisoner designation – Theta Seven – as a reaction to what he viewed as dehumanising treatment of Neo-Marlinists by the Empire.[12]

20 OCT 3307

  • A pro-corporatist group planning a series of terror attacks has been shut down by the Federal Intelligence Agency. An update on the operation was delivered by Deputy Director Bethany Blake, who runs the Proactive Detection Bureau: "Special forces have now arrested the organisers of the underground organisation called Jupiter's Wrath. This was a collection of citizens radicalised by Jupiter Rochester into believing that they could replace democratically elected leaders with corporate overlords. This successful operation was only possible thanks to information provided by the PDB. Without this surveillance network, we would be entirely unaware of Jupiter's Wrath and many leading politicians may have lost their lives. Our analysts are now updating the PDB's algorithms to highlight citizens who are at risk of radicalisation. We will prevent domestic terrorism by identifying those being corrupted by hostile ideologies." In response, Congressman Bai Zheng was quoted in The Federal Times: "This is an unnerving development in the PDB's evolution. It's also what many of us in Congress feared. We are not targeting people who have committed a crime, but people whose personal opinions are unpalatable to the government."[13]

13 OCT 3307

  • The Proactive Detection Bureau has been instrumental in identifying violent corporatist extremists within the Federation. Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Intelligence Agency gave a statement to the media: "In recent weeks, our surveillance algorithms flagged a series of coded communications for investigation. We found that a network of radicalised citizens were discussing plans to assassinate members of Congress and leading political figures. This movement, which calls itself Jupiter's Wrath, is inspired by Jupiter Rochester's failed attempt to enable corporations to directly rule the Federation. Their goal was to enact revenge on those who they consider to be the 'enemies of Jupiter Division'. Using data intercepted by the Proactive Detection Bureau, FIA agents performed a series of coordinated strikes in several Federal systems. Over a thousand armed extremists were arrested before they could act. We are currently working to identify the remaining Jupiter's Wrath members." Vice President Jerome Archer claimed that this was further validation of the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, which permitted the PDB to be established. However, Shadow President Felicia Winters commented: "I commend the FIA for performing their duties. But I also question the timing of this operation, coming so soon after President Hudson's appallingly reckless attempt to capture Yuri Grom. To me it seems calculated to show his administration in a positive light, while ignoring the violation of citizens' privacy."[14]

30 SEP 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Delta Pavonis political conference has erupted into conflict between EG Union and Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar. Yuri Grom, the ruler of EG Union, broadcast this message: "This conference was nothing more than a trap! My delegation was apprehended at gunpoint by a squad of undercover Federal agents. Sacrifices made by my loyal guards enabled us to escape from Kessler City, only to find our ships under attack. The Federation has declared war – I will respond in kind!" President Zachary Hudson gave an official statement: "Yuri Grom is a traitor and a dangerous threat to Federal security. We cannot ignore any opportunity to eliminate this ruthless tyrant." Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar has asked for Federal auxiliaries to provide combat support to its forces. In return, the EG Union called for help from "allies of Yuri Grom and enemies of the Federation". Grand Duke Simion Petrescu, the host of the political conference, has rejected claims that his faction was secretly working with the Federation to entrap Yuri Grom. The Federal Diplomatic Corps has not yet commented on its role in these events.[15]

26 JUL 3307

  • Communications intercepted by the Proactive Detection Bureau are being used to prevent further factions from leaving the Federation. A report by the civil rights organisation Advocacy proves that the Federal Intelligence Agency is targeting pro-independence individuals via their private messages. In many cases, they are being arrested for planning to commit crimes against the constitution. Deputy Director Bethany Blake, who runs the PDB, gave a statement to the media: "I can confirm that gathering such intelligence is within our legal remit. Unilateral declarations of independence are criminal acts that violate the Federal Accord. Therefore we are identifying perpetrators before they cause harm, which is precisely what our surveillance network was established to do." In Congress, Vice President Jerome Archer defended the PDB for boosting arrest rates and saving lives. However, Congressman Bai Zheng remarked that the PDB was "incapable of locating the NMLA, but fantastic at finding enemies among our own people that didn't previously exist". Both President Hudson and Shadow President Winters have personally contacted the leaders of many systems within their spheres of influence, aiming to address their concerns and convince them not to secede from the Federation.[16]

21 JUL 3307

  • More Federal factions are considering declaring independence following the recent conflict in the Azaladshu system. Sofia Trevino, political journalist with The Federal Times, published an overview of the situation: "When Azaladshu Free seceded in reaction to the government's surveillance laws, it inspired three other factions to do the same, making ten systems and a billion people independent. Superpowers routinely gain and lose systems via local politics, but this was a rare instance of member factions abandoning their fealty. The newly sovereign nations have severed all links with the Proactive Detection Bureau, so their communications are no longer being monitored. Despite broad public support for the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, many citizens still consider personal privacy to be a constitutional right. Dozens of other factions are now considering independence. This affects only a small percentage of the systems under Federal control, but is highly embarrassing for President Hudson as well as Shadow President Winters – her organised resistance to the surveillance laws is what inspired factions to secede. Advocacy, the civil rights organisation, claims that the Federal Intelligence Agency has begun arresting secessionist ringleaders under spurious charges. If true, it suggests that the government will go to any lengths to prevent a full-scale rebellion spreading throughout the Federation."[17]

19 JUL 3307

  • The enigmatic Thargoid-worshipping religious order is examined by Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency. "Of all the myriad faiths practised across the galaxy, the Far God cult is one of the strangest and least understood. But in recent years it has grown from a fringe sect to a widespread religion. Its central tenet is that an unknowable being exists beyond our dimension – the Far God. What we call the Thargoids are its heralds, preparing for when it descends from hyperspace to instantly wipe out all life. This apocalyptic creed therefore attracts people who have nothing to live for, and who find purpose in awaiting armageddon. The cult has no official name or spokespeople, and its followers willingly replace their names with titles such as adherent, disciple and witness. This dehumanising approach includes its members wearing simple black robes and making their hive-chapels resemble Thargoid bio-technology, complete with ammonia fumes. Despite praying to an alien species, this is not the Thargoid fifth column many feared it to be. In fact they are pacifistic fatalists, expecting death and never offering resistance. This has caused them to be victimised by other doomsayer cults, anti-xeno activists and even the Federal Intelligence Agency… yet their serene patience has allowed them to survive. The discovery of two abandoned void-temples in the Etain system provided an insight into the cultists' mindset. Here can be heard the final testaments of people willingly entombed in suspended animation to await the Far God's arrival. More recently there are reports of several chapters of the sect migrating to the Panjabell system. This is controlled by the Pleiades Concordat, a theocracy devoted to the Far God, so perhaps it is preparing something bigger – or stranger – than we've seen before."[18]

14 JUN 3307

  • The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit has published an update on its investigation into the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army. Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez, one of ACT's joint leaders, gave a statement to the media: "ACT is currently pursuing multiple lines of enquiry, which must remain classified for reasons of security. Our agents are gathering evidence from sites across the Alliance, Empire and Federation. As yet we cannot report any significant breakthroughs. NMLA activists appear to use a dark-comms network that defies detection. They also compartmentalise their operations, so individual cells have little knowledge of each other. In recent months, NMLA incidents have been restricted to minor strikes against Imperial authorities, which were dealt with by local police forces. There has been no activity by Theta Group, the hardcore extremists responsible for the 'Nine Martyrs' starport bombings. The collapse of the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid may have deprived the NMLA of their logistical capability to deliver large-scale attacks. But it remains possible that a new wave of terrorist atrocities is being planned." ACT later confirmed that it has recruited additional personnel from Alliance Interpol, the Federal Intelligence Agency, the Imperial Internal Security Service, the Marlinist Constabulary, Nova Imperium's Praetorian Guard and the Wallglass Investigations Agency.[19]

14 MAY 3307

  • The Proactive Detection Bureau, which monitors all civil communications in the Federation, has received a boost from the galactic community. President Hudson's campaign for additional data proved so successful that the PDB has dramatically increased the range of its surveillance. Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Intelligence Agency announced: "We are now able to discreetly scan almost every private and public communications network used within Federal systems. As a result, arrest rates have soared and several organised crime rings have been dismantled." Shadow President Winters's efforts to distribute methods of blocking the PDB received considerable support, but failed to eclipse Hudson's initiative. This was interpreted by the Federal government as a mandate from the citizens to continue its surveillance programme. Rhiannon Grady, director of the civil rights organisation Advocacy, told the media: "Since the vast majority of citizens will never receive a visit from the FIA for their activities, the public has no sense of what they have lost. But history teaches us how hard it is to regain freedoms once you've given them away. The Federation has taken a large step toward becoming an interstellar police state with little regard for the individual."[20]

21 APR 3307

  • The Proactive Detection Bureau, which monitors all civilian communications in the Federation, has detected several home-grown terrorist groups. Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Investigations Agency[sic] told the media: "Our combination of sophisticated algorithms and skilled operatives has unearthed over a dozen extremist organisations, all previously unknown. The FIA launched pre-emptive raids on these groups before they were able to strike against civilian targets. In addition, we have arrested several thousand individuals who were conducting research into terror tactics, radical ideologies and other suspicious subjects. The PDB will continue monitoring all comms networks, and liaising with local security agencies via the Federal Justice Department." Vice President Jerome Archer hailed these results as validation of the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, and stated that the PDB will help prevent the mass murder of Federal citizens. Civil rights groups have claimed that these extremists could have been detected via conventional policing methods, rather than intercepting personal messages. Independent criminologists added that the statistical likelihood of such amateur groups committing actual attacks is low.[21]

13 APR 3307

  • There have been mixed responses to the Proactive Detection Bureau, which monitors private communications in the Federation for terrorist activity. Mainstream newsfeeds reported on the situation:
    The Federal Times: "Civil rights groups are united in protest against the PDB. The controversy was also seized upon by the corporatist movement that was formed by Jupiter Division supporters. Their spokesperson stated: 'The government has overstepped its authority and must be replaced by direct corporate rule.'"
    Sol Today: "Has everyone already forgotten Li Qing Jao station burning in the night skies above Earth? Whatever it takes to keep us safe must be done. Only people with something to hide demand secrecy."
    Vox Galactica: "Professor Irene Ralston of Olympus Village University told us that her political history students received visits by FIA agents for researching Marlinism, despite it being on the curriculum."
    The Tau Ceti Journal: "Corporations that incurred financial losses in the bombings have welcomed the PDB. But other businesses have submitted legal challenges, claiming a right to protect sensitive commercial information. Megacorps such as Caine Massey and Vandermeer are even threatening to withdraw political donations."[22]

06 APR 3307

  • The Proactive Detection Bureau has been set up by the Federal Intelligence Agency to scan civilian communications for signs of terrorist activity. The new department was formed following congressional approval of the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act. This was drafted by Vice President Jerome Archer, who told the media: "The PDB is a vital tool to prevent further massacres on the scale we have recently witnessed. It will unearth NMLA terrorists and other dangerous activists concealed among innocent citizens, and help keep our families safe." Deputy Director Bethany Blake, who has been appointed to run the Proactive Detection Bureau, explained its operations: "Highly advanced algorithms will scan all data transmitted across public and private networks on a system-wide level. Any suspicious communications are redirected to a regional hub, for review by trained investigators. It is important to understand that only specific activity within narrow parameters will be flagged, and must pass dozens of automated checkpoints before our operatives can access it." Shadow President Winters and civil rights groups have protested that this violates long-standing privacy laws. However, President Hudson has championed the PDB as a cornerstone of the new counter-terrorism statutes.[3]

30 MAR 3307

  • Vice President Jerome Archer has successfully proposed a new public surveillance law designed to prevent future terrorist attacks in the Federation. The Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act was debated in Congress before being approved by a majority vote. It is considered to be emergency legislation that replaces all previous laws regarding monitoring civilian activity and intercepting personal communications. Vice President Archer, who personally drafted much of the new statute, announced: "This will allow the government to actively seek out any terrorist agents and sympathisers lurking within our communities. We will never again allow so many families and friends to be taken from us." Shadow President Felicia Winters responded: "Nobody wants another 'Nine Martyrs', and it's vital that security is increased across the Federation. But this is an outrageous violation of civil liberties. For this administration to grant itself access to every citizen's private life makes it resemble a dictatorial regime." VP Archer later confirmed that he is already working with the heads of security services on practical applications of the new law. As a former director of the Federal Intelligence Agency, he is expected to make rapid progress.[23]

24 MAR 3307

  • President Zachary Hudson has announced that the new vice president of the Federation is Jerome Archer, replacing the deceased Brad Mitchell. Archer was previously serving as the Secretary of Security. Prior to becoming a congressman, he was a director of the Federal Intelligence Agency and had a long career in law enforcement. His predecessor, VP Brad Mitchell, died in the NMLA bombing of Li Qing Jao station in the Sol system. The attack also killed several members of the Federal Cabinet along with many government officials, who were attending a meeting at the starport. Addressing a gathering of Congress, Vice President Archer said: "My primary focus in this office will be to increase security throughout the Federation. I vow to build vigilance into the fabric of our society, and prevent such atrocities from ever happening again." During the congressional session, President Hudson announced new appointments for other deceased members of the Cabinet. He also successfully obtained approval to increase funding for counter-terrorism operations run by ACT and the Federal Navy.[24]

22 MAR 3307

  • The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit (ACT), formed by all three superpowers to combat the NMLA, has launched its investigation. The organisation has been working closely with Alliance Interpol, the Imperial Internal Security Service and the Federal Intelligence Agency to collate data on the terrorist strikes against nine starports. Captain Niamh Seutonia, one of ACT's joint leaders, told the media: "Initial forensic results from the targeted stations suggest the use of a more compact bomb design than in previous attacks, possibly constructed on-site. Worryingly, the NMLA's new generation of weapons seem to be easier to transport and conceal. The good news is that a comparison of reports has revealed one very promising lead. I will personally take a team to follow this up, and we're hoping for an early breakthrough." Inspector Mara Klatt also provided a brief progress report: "Our working theory is that the NMLA employs an undetectable interstellar communications system to coordinate its attacks. A similar dark-comms network was used by the League of Reparation before we decrypted it, but this version is evidently more sophisticated. We are liaising with local security services to gather evidence."[25]

17 MAR 3307

19 FEB 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The capital system of the Alliance now hosts Lakon's administrative hub and offers a 5% discount on its ships. The company's main offices have been relocated to the Lakon Spaceways Central planetary port on Alioth 1 a. All shipyards within the Alioth system are offering a permanent 5% discount on sales of vessels manufactured by Lakon. Pilots will need to obtain a permit for Alioth to take advantage of this reduction. Both the move and the discount reflect the Alliance's recent purchase of a majority sharehold in the company. This was primarily to retain it as a key defence contractor for the Alliance Defence Force. Naomi Landseer, chairperson of the board of directors, announced: "We are extremely pleased to be partnered with the Alliance, especially after recent tumultuous events. Lakon's highly regarded ships will remain available across the galaxy." The attempted takeover of Lakon Spaceways by Core Dynamics was revoked due to revelations of illegal practices by its former CEO, Jupiter Rochester. Federal news sources have reported that a rapid restructure is taking place within Core Dynamics, alongside investigations by the Federal Intelligence Agency.[27]

18 FEB 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Jupiter Division, the breakaway faction from Core Dynamics, has been defeated in the HIP 54530 system. The independent corporate nation met armed resistance from a local faction, the Silver Legal Group, which defeated them in battle with the aid of independent ships. Director Theodore Sullivan announced: "Thanks to the courage of many pilots, we have crippled the military forces behind this illegal coup and taken control of the system." Rewards for all who fought for the Silver Legal Group are available from the Iron Wings of Justice megaship in the Ts'ao Tach system. The Silver Legal Group has been awarded permit control to prevent any further compromise of Federal assets. Pilots without this permit can perform missions for the faction at the Iron Wings of Justice megaship in Ts'ao Tach to access the HIP 54530 system. Remnants of Jupiter Division confirmed that despite their defeat, all those who sided with them during the conflict will be reimbursed at the Victory's Forge megaship in the HIP 55014 system. The Federal Intelligence Agency has taken Jupiter Rochester into custody, where he will be charged for his involvement in the destruction of Starship One in 3301. Thousands of his loyalist followers have also been apprehended, and the return of stolen Core Dynamics ships and resources is being arranged.[28]

15 FEB 3307

  • Federal citizens are in uproar after the former CEO of Core Dynamics was revealed to have destroyed Starship One to increase company profits. The trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent showed that Jupiter Rochester attempted to replace Jasmina Halsey with Zachary Hudson to secure military contracts with the Federal Navy. The Federal Intelligence Agency has arrested several co-conspirators, but its investigation is hampered by Jupiter Rochester loyalists splitting away from Core Dynamics. His new independent faction, Jupiter Division, has engaged in conflict against Federal forces in the HIP 54530 system. President Hudson has claimed ignorance of the assassination plot, but public opinion polls show a decrease of trust in the Republican Party. Many have voiced anger at such corruption at the heart of the Federation, calling for further investigations into the corporate sector's influence on government. Political embarrassment has also affected the Liberal Party, with Shadow Vice President Isolde Rochester attempting to distance herself from her eldest son: "Jupiter's horrendous actions were his alone, made completely without our knowledge. My whole family is appalled at his illegal activity. We have offered to aid the authorities in bringing him to justice."[29]

11 FEB 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Jupiter Division ships have engaged in battle with rival Federal vessels in the HIP 54530 system. Loyalists to former Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester have built their own breakaway faction in HIP 54530. The FIA suspects that Jupiter Division agents first infiltrated the HIP 54530 Gold Universal Group years ago, and permit locked the system to conceal their efforts to overtake it from within. The self-appointed Supreme Executive Rochester declared: "The Federation is choking to death on its outdated bureaucracy – only corporate rule can save it! But first the galactic community must protect my followers, so I can establish a permanent base of operations." Director Theodore Sullivan of the Silver Legal Group announced: "We will not tolerate these criminals illegally controlling this system. Once victory is won, the Federation will be able to bring Rochester to justice." Jupiter Division has offered generous rewards to any pilots willing to help secure its presence in the HIP 54530 system. The Silver Legal Group has asked Federal auxiliaries to support its efforts to degrade Jupiter Division's military force. The Pilots Federation has agreed to supply all ships participating in this conflict with temporary permits to access HIP 54530. These will expire early on Thursday the 18th of February 3307. However, neither permanent nor temporary system permits apply to fleet carriers, since they are capable of ferrying vessels which could evade detection and authorisation.[30]

08 FEB 3307

  • A Federal High Court jury has found Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and treason. The court heard how Vincent worked with Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester to sabotage Starship One and assassinate then-President Jasmina Halsey, in order to increase military contracts. The Federal Times's crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi observed: "Within minutes of Vincent receiving a life sentence, Federal Intelligence Agency teams arrested several co-conspirators in the Federal Navy along with some government officials. Jupiter Rochester himself has evaded arrest by fleeing to the HIP 54530 system, where loyalists within Core Dynamics are establishing a breakaway faction named Jupiter Division. Industry analysts believe that this corporate split has long been planned, but is being accelerated because of the trial. Rochester's responsibility for the Starship One tragedy raises many questions, especially for his powerful family. It will certainly fuel the conspiracy theory that he is a member of a covert group of powerful figures, who manipulate events to benefit the military/industrial complex. However, a more plausible theory – that Zachary Hudson was responsible – now seems to have been debunked. Nothing presented in court suggested that the president had any involvement in, or knowledge of, the plan to eliminate his predecessor."[31]

09 OCT 3306

  • Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent, one of the Federal Navy chiefs of staff, has been arrested on charges related to the destruction of Starship One. The trial of Chief Technician Rory Webster was halted by a plea bargain to reveal who ordered him to sabotage Starship One's hyperdrive in 3301. An update on proceedings was delivered by Milandu Okoro of the Federal Attorney's Office: "Mr Webster provided evidence that Fleet Admiral Vincent directly commanded him to arrange for Starship One to suffer the same fate as the Highliner Antares. The orders were allegedly provided on a private channel, accompanied by threats discouraging Mr Webster's refusal. The trial concluded with the judge summarily convicting the defendant of aiding and abetting mass murder. Chief Technician Webster received a lenient sentence of 20 years in prison, in acknowledgement that he performed criminal acts under duress. The FIA has detained Vincent in a high-security facility, and he has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and treason. However, the case is likely to take several months to come to trial." There was no comment from President Zachary Hudson, who is believed to be a personal friend of Vincent. A spokesperson for his administration said: "As always, the President has full confidence in our court system to deliver justice."[32]

05 OCT 3306

  • The Federal High Court trial over the destruction of Starship One has been temporarily halted following a proffered confession from the defendant. Chief Technician Rory Webster is charged with mass murder and treason, with testimonials claiming that he ordered his engineering team to sabotage Starship One's hyperdrive systems. Crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported for The Federal Times: "Despite a spirited performance from the defence, highlighting the absence of a sufficient motive, Mr Webster visibly struggled in the dock last week as the technical evidence mounted. Several jury members nodded when the prosecutor called for the death sentence, should the accused be found guilty of slaughtering hundreds. The judge was about to begin her summation, when Mr Webster's defence counsel announced that the defendant now wished to change his plea to guilty and make a full confession in return for clemency, claiming that he had acted on 'orders from the top'. There was much discussion between the judge and legal representatives. Eventually it was agreed that the trial would be suspended while Mr Webster's testimony was taken by the Federal Intelligence Agency, and then a suitable course of action would follow." The Federal Attorney's Office stated that a decision on resuming the trial is expected within a few days.[33]

12 SEP 3306

  • An independent inquiry by the Federal Attorney's Office into the destruction of presidential vessel Starship One has produced a final report. Senior Attorney Milandu Okoro made this statement: "The loss of presidential vessel Starship One in May 3301, along with hundreds of lives, was a great tragedy. Despite suspicion that this was an attempt to eliminate then-President Jasmina Halsey, initial investigations concluded that a catastrophic malfunction of its drive systems was the likely cause. A new inquiry was opened when fresh evidence came to light, including testimonies from several members of the Federal Navy. Our final report states that there is sufficient reason to believe Starship One was destroyed by deliberate sabotage. A grand jury has determined that criminal charges should be made. We have shared our findings with the Federal Intelligence Agency, and understand that an arrest will take place shortly." The inquiry report is not yet in the public domain, but is thought to allege that illegal modifications were made to the Frame Shift Drive system of Starship One in advance of its destruction during flight through hyperspace.[34]

28 OCT 3305

  • Scythe of Panem, the activist group responsible for the crop-destroying blight, has been defeated in the Quator system. Supported by Bruthanvan Co security teams, independent pilots were able to neutralise the group's militant ringleaders. Scythe of Panem members have also been arrested following the raid of an unregistered facility discovered beneath the planetary port Weber Settlement. FIA Agent Gino Borstein spoke on behalf of the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the blight: "Initial questioning has confirmed that Scythe of Panem originally sought revenge for the Federation's orbital bombing of Onion Head crops on Panem nearly five years ago. But a recent change in leadership led them towards more extreme methods, fuelled by anti-capitalist sentiment, with the objective of disrupting the galactic economy. The term 'Crops for Crops' recurs in many of the data entries and communications recovered from the underground facility. We believe this phrase was used as a rallying cry by members." Traders are currently transporting the agronomic treatment for the blight pathogen, with a focus on the Diso and Orerve systems. As yet there is no official word regarding its effectiveness, but the Interstellar Association for Agriculture remains optimistic. Vox Galactica published an opinion piece from journalist Adalyn Cross: "A vital question remains: has the damage already been done? While the originators of the blight have been brought to justice, can a galaxy-wide eradication of food supplies be prevented?" Pilots who assisted with the campaign in the Quator system can now pick up their rewards from the Bruthanvan Co at Quator Station.[35]

22 OCT 3305

  • An extremist group from the Kappa Fornacis system is responsible for the contaminated fertiliser that has caused widespread crop failures. Gino Borstein made this statement on behalf of the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the blight's origin: "Our investigation has confirmed that an activist group known as Scythe of Panem managed to infiltrate Rockforth Corporation manufacturing plants in the Riedquat system. Members of the group contaminated the EX7 fertiliser with a synthetic agent designed to putrefy plant matter." Recent efforts by the galactic community have almost eradicated the EX7 fertiliser. But Borstein warned that the activists have turned hostile upon discovery. "The group's manifesto discusses revenge for the Federation's 3301 campaign to wipe out the recreational drug known as Onion Head. This involved an orbital bombardment of Onion Head crops on Panem using biocides with a similar genomic structure to the blight. It's likely that the activists used these biocides as the foundation of their synthetic agent. Shortly after we located Scythe of Panem cells in the Quator system, their more militant members responded with unprovoked violence. Local citizens are now at risk of being caught in the crossfire." An effort to neutralise the activists is being led by the Bruthanvan Co faction, which has requested tactical support from the galactic community. Independent pilots who destroy Scythe of Panem ships in the Quator system will be generously rewarded by Bruthanvan Co. This campaign will run from the 22nd to the 28th of October 3305.[36]

20 OCT 3305

  • A tri-superpower group has identified the cause of the blight that has ruined crops on multiple worlds. Gino Borstein of the Federal Intelligence Agency delivered a report on behalf of the cross-superpower taskforce: "Working with the Rockforth Corporation, we have confirmed that the EX7 fertiliser was deliberately contaminated with a chemical compound shortly after mass production began. The contaminant has a unique synthetic composition specifically designed to introduce a highly aggressive pathogen that quickly destroys plant matter. Our investigations have uncovered several potential leads, and we expect to identify the contaminant's point of origin soon." Vox Galactica journalist Adalyn Cross commented: "Taken at face value, this seems to absolve Rockforth of causing the blight. But there may yet be culpability issues, considering the company's cavalier attitude towards regulatory checks. Commentators have pointed to the requests made by the Interstellar Association for Agriculture as evidence that the company placed profit above safety. The question is: who is behind this attempt to eradicate the food supplies of billions of people? Are we dealing with a terrorist attack on an interstellar scale? Or was this an attempt to ruin Rockforth, perhaps committed by a dangerous corporate rival?" In related news, additional cargo checks have been implemented at starports following the blight's rapid spread. Researchers have theorised that contaminated goods ferried by unsuspecting traders are to blame for introducing the blight to non-agricultural systems.[8]

02 AUG 3305

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has declared that its campaign against the Red Family cartel is drawing to a close. As observed by Ethan Takahashi, crime correspondent for The Federal Times: "In terms of effective action, this has to be considered a great victory for the FIA. A series of coordinated strikes against the Red Family delivered a mortal blow, and the cartel's super-addictive narcotic was destroyed before it could be mass-produced. While kingpin Oberon Church remains at liberty, it is unlikely that he could ever rebuild his empire. Still, losing one of the most wanted criminals in the Federation must be frustrating for the agency." Internal investigations continue regarding Jan Sandoval's death in custody. No conclusive evidence has been uncovered, but many believe that Sandoval could not be reached without the assistance of FIA personnel. "It is not unreasonable to assume that individuals within the FIA have been bought by Church," said Takahashi.[37]

26 JUL 3305

  • Jan Sandoval, co-founder of the Red Family cartel, has died while in the custody of the Federal Intelligence Agency. Executive Agent Viola Trask made the following statement: "I regret to announce that Jan Sandoval has been found dead in the safe house where she was being held. An autopsy revealed traces of a highly sophisticated neurotoxin that our security measures were unable to detect. We have yet to determine how the neurotoxin was administered, or how the individual responsible accessed the safe house. Internal investigations are underway, but we suspect that the assassin has already fled the Sol system." It is believed that surviving elements of the Red Family arranged this second, successful attempt on Sandoval's life in response to her cooperation with the Federal Intelligence Agency. The FIA's operation against the cartel will continue, but the loss of its primary intelligence source has to be considered a significant setback.[38]

19 JUL 3305

  • The Red Family cartel has suffered enormous losses following a series of strikes carried out by the Federal Intelligence Agency. Crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi summarised his report in The Federal Times: "In a coordinated operation spanning multiple systems, FIA troops raided hidden Red Family bases and manufacturing plants. Dozens of cartel members were killed in combat and thousands more arrested, while vast amounts of illegal substances were seized." The narcotics kingpin Oberon Church spent decades establishing his empire, but with such catastrophic losses it has been virtually dismantled. Members of Federal Congress have congratulated the FIA for 'removing this blight on Federal society'. Executive Agent Viola Trask suggested that "this success was only possible due to the detailed information volunteered by Jan Sandoval, one of the Red Family's founders." It is widely assumed that Church's arrest will follow soon, effectively eliminating the cartel.[39]

11 JUL 3305

  • Jan Sandoval, a founder of the Red Family cartel, has revealed why she surrendered to the Federal Intelligence Agency. According to Executive Agent Viola Trask, Sandoval has provided proof that the Red Family has developed a new designer narcotic, genetically engineered to be far more addictive than all other substances traded on the black market. "It's clear that such a narcotic would ruin billions of lives throughout Federal space," said Trask. "Sandoval sees herself as a businesswoman, not a mass murderer. Such an operation is incompatible with her principles. Sandoval also explained that she failed to prevent cartel kingpin Oberon Church from manufacturing the new product, leaving her with no choice but to request help from the proper authorities. For this, I commend her. Using additional details contained within this testimony, FIA field agents are already engaged in disrupting Red Family operations. We are confident that we can finally bring down this notorious criminal empire."[40]

05 JUL 3305

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency headquarters in Olympus Village has been infiltrated by a mercenary unit attempting to murder Jan Sandoval, one of the Red Family cartel's founders. Executive Agent Viola Trask gave an account to the press: "This was an extraordinary breach of the FIA's most secure location. The mercenaries were highly trained professionals carrying false identification to bypass initial checks. It's clear that they were targeting Sandoval, who is currently in protective custody at FIA headquarters. Fortunately, our security systems exposed the intruders before they could reach her, and the threat was swiftly neutralised. This assassination attempt reinforces our belief that the information Sandoval offers is not only genuine but also a legitimate threat to the Red Family's existence. Interviews with Sandoval are ongoing, and we are reviewing her testimony in detail."[41]

29 JUN 3305

  • Jan Sandoval, a known founder of the infamous Red Family drug cartel, has unexpectedly handed herself in to the Federal Intelligence Agency. Executive Agent Viola Trask gave a summary of this development: "It's not unheard of for criminals to present themselves at FIA headquarters in Olympus Village, but Sandoval is by far the most notorious individual to do so. Sandoval has stated that she is willing to testify against all prominent members of the cartel, an action that would effectively dismantle it. She has been placed in protective custody, and I will be personally handling her case." The Red Family is a well-established syndicate that supplies illegal narcotics across multiple systems. Within its hierarchy, Sandoval is believed to be second only to kingpin Oberon Church, who is among the most wanted criminals in the Federation.[4]

20 APR 3305

  • Taja Gavaris, the CFO of Rackham Capital Investments, has unexpectedly resigned from her position and subsequently emigrated from Federal space. Several other employees who were loyal to Gavaris resigned alongside her. All chose to waive their final salaries and bonuses, which totalled approximately 365 million credits according to sources within the company. Journalist Bryanna Blanco commented in The Federal Times: "It has become apparent that the Federal Intelligence Agents who acquired our data on Zachary Rackham were in fact imposters working for him, employing fake credentials. With our research, Rackham would be capable of blackmailing fellow ex-pirate Taja Gavaris into resigning – the corporate equivalent of assassinating a rival. Naturally, we cannot prove this is what has occurred. But rest assured that we'll continue keeping a close eye on Calico Zack." The Federal Times also confirmed that a donation of 36.5 million credits has been received from Rackham Capital Investments, "in recognition of the organisation's dedication to ethical journalism".[42]

12 APR 3305

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has denied that it is conducting a criminal investigation of Rackham Capital Investments. A spokesperson for the FIA gave the following statement: "Contrary to recent statements by the journalist Bryanna Blanco, we did not contact her seeking to obtain documentation, and are not running any investigation. There is no evidence of criminality within Rackham Capital Investments. Our agency has received charitable donations from that organisation in the past, and Mr Rackham himself is a long-standing member of the FIA Civilian Oversight Board. Such a relationship would not be possible if we had any doubts about the integrity of Mr Rackham's business dealings." Bryanna Blanco published a response in The Federal Times: "If this is true, then who were the FIA agents that visited our offices? I spoke to them personally and asked to see their credentials. Who has obtained our data regarding the criminal histories of Zachary Rackham and many others?"[2]

11 APR 3305

  • The Children of Tothos cult has been forcibly disbanded following its recent attempt to destroy Archambault Terminal with a nuclear weapon. The aftermath of the crisis was described by Ethan Takahashi of the Federal Times: "There has been widespread gratitude to the Federal Intelligence Agency for saving millions of lives. Senior Agent Rochelle Karim was praised for exploiting Barnabas Cole's acceptance of new followers, giving her tactical team an opportunity to infiltrate the cult’s ranks. Celebrations have been coloured by the news that hundreds of starport citizens were ritually murdered before the cultists could be apprehended. The FIA has vowed to carry out a review of other fringe religions with a view to preventing similar tragedies. Questions are also being asked about the regulation of nuclear research. It is unknown if the Lucifer Device was unique or if other portable mass-casualty weapons have been secretly developed."[43]

04 APR 3305

  • The Children of Tothos cult has been prevented from detonating a nuclear weapon intended to destroy Archambault Terminal. Crime correspondent for the Federal Times, Ethan Takahashi, delivered this special report: "Terror struck the starport when cult leader Barnabas Cole announced the final ceremony to summon their deity, Tothos, by sacrificing millions of people. As Cole prepared to activate the Lucifer Device he was shot dead by one of his followers, who subsequently revealed herself as Senior Agent Rochelle Karim. Other Federal Intelligence Agency operatives moved to arrest Cole's acolytes and secure the control deck. We've since learned that Karim's unit was posing as Tothos worshippers eager to join the cult. They had staged the death of a team member to receive access to the starport. The Lucifer Device has now been disarmed and secured, while station services are returning to normal."[44]

04 APR 3305

  • The Federal Times has been asked to assist with a criminal investigation into Rackham Capital Investments. Journalist Bryanna Blanco reported on the details: "Operatives from the Federal Intelligence Agency have contacted our offices regarding the recent deaths at Zachary Rackham's company. We are cooperating with their inquiry and have agreed to share all relevant documentation. The Federal Times has been monitoring the suspicious activities of 'Calico Zack' for years, so we're relieved that the authorities are at last taking these allegations seriously. Our discoveries about Taja Gavaris – who seems to be clearing the path up the corporate ladder by any means necessary – are of particular concern. We expect Rackham, Gavaris and many other ex-pirates masquerading as businessmen to answer all charges brought against them."[45]

30 MAR 3305

  • The occupant of a cryogenic pod recovered from an abandoned outpost used by the Far God sect has been revived successfully. 17 year old Kiona O'Connor has been confirmed as the occupant. Following medical checks and an extended debriefing by the Federal Intelligence Agency, she made this statement to Vox Galactica: "I'd been homeless for a long time when the monks took me in. I never understood much about the Far God, really…I just needed to get off the streets. A lot of people there were like me. Somehow I ended up at the outpost, where they put us all into suspended animation. I've no idea what happened after that. I'm just grateful to be alive. I hope the others are too…I hope they got whatever they were praying for." The FIA has contacted Kiona's father, John O'Connor, and arranged for her to be escorted to her family home.[46]

23 MAR 3305

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has discovered an intact cryogenic pod underneath an outpost once used by Far God worshippers. Freelance reporter Alexei Keel broke the news on Vox Galactica: "The FIA survey team had been scanning the abandoned base on Etain 4 c with customised military sensors. It's thought this operation is part of a search for a missing undercover agent who infiltrated the Far God cult. A faint power source was detected in a collapsed underground chamber, which led agents to a solitary cryogenic pod hidden beneath tons of debris. Once excavated, it was conveyed to a medical facility where efforts to safely revive its occupant are now underway. There was no way of identifying who is inside the pod. But it seems likely that they are one of the adherents who recorded audio logs at the site, prior to entering suspended animation to await the Far God."[47]

22 MAR 3305

  • Archambault Terminal in the Chun Tstar system remains under threat of nuclear destruction by the Children of Tothos. Senior Agent Rochelle Karim updated the media: "Despite the best efforts of our negotiators, the cultists remain in control of the starport and still intend to detonate the Lucifer Device. This 300 megaton weapon is capable of wiping out Archambault Terminal, along with the starport's entire population. Their leader, Barnabas Cole, has transmitted messages via the starport's comms array, repeating claims of 'preparing to bring Tothos's light to us all'. There is no mention of a deity named Tothos in historical or mythical records, which suggests the faith was recently founded by Cole. Despite this, several civilian ships arrived in the Chun Tstar system over the past few days, attracted by Cole's sermons and seeking to join the cult. The FIA is monitoring the situation closely."[48]

14 MAR 3305

  • Archambault terminal in the Chun Tstar system has been overtaken by the Children of Tothos cult, who are threatening to detonate a stolen nuclear weapon. Senior Agent Rochelle Karim gave this statement: "Most services at Archambault terminal have shut down as a result of the control deck's occupation by Children of Tothos adherents. It's evident that personnel are obeying the cultists' orders for fear that they will use the Lucifer Device. Millions of people remain at the starport, making a frontal assault too risky. FIA negotiators are taking steps to open a dialogue and resolve the situation peacefully." The cult's leader, Barnabas Cole, transmitted a brief message using Archambault terminal's communications array: "At last, we have found the place where our testament's light will shine. Join us. When the ceremony is complete, you will all see Tothos as we do."[49]

08 MAR 3305

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency continues to search for the Children of Tothos, a fringe cult that has stolen a nuclear weapon. Ethan Takahashi, crime correspondent for The Federal Times, reported: "The FIA has rooted out additional cultists within the Zlota system. All fervently worship their charismatic leader, Barnabas Cole, but none seem to know his current location or plans. The Children of Tothos believe they were chosen by a demonic being that exists 'in the spaces between the stars'. Cole claims that only he, aided by select adherents, can summon Tothos with an enormous ceremonial sacrifice. Criminal psychologists fear that Cole's egotism permits any act that justifies his delusions, including detonation of a nuclear warhead. Since the recently stolen Lucifer Device is both portable and undetectable by security scans, practically any location might be chosen for the cult's apocalyptic ceremony."[50]

01 MAR 3305

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has announced that a stolen nuclear weapon known as the Lucifer Device is in the possession of a fringe cult known as the Children of Tothos. Senior Agent Rochelle Karim gave the following statement: "Several executives at Zlota Federal Holdings have confessed to being secret members of the Children of Tothos. They were present for a ceremony held by the cult's leader, Barnabas Cole, last December. One executive, Councillor Willard Morgenstern, was also covertly funding an unrelated criminal enterprise to develop portable nuclear weapons. While under the influence of various substances, Councillor Morgenstern disclosed details of the research outpost to the cult. We believe that Barnabas Cole and his followers used this information to raid the outpost and obtain the Lucifer Device. The FIA is conducting an interstellar manhunt to locate these individuals, and are treating them as highly dangerous suspects."[51]

22 FEB 3305

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has traced the funding of an illegal nuclear research outpost to the Zlota system. Senior Agent Rochelle Karim provided the following details: "Having successfully decrypted the outpost’s communications, we have determined that Zlota Federal Holdings was financing these unregistered research projects. Several of the organisation's principal figures were covertly redirecting public funds to construct portable nuclear weapons. We suspect that one of these individuals became greedy and arranged for the outpost to be raided, acquiring the prototype Lucifer Device to subsequently sell on the black market. The FIA is currently questioning the Zlota Executive Council to learn more. It is crucial that we locate the Lucifer Device, which poses a serious threat to public safety."[52]

16 FEB 3305

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has discovered that a nuclear weapon has been taken from an unregistered outpost. Senior Agent Rochelle Karim made the following statement: "Further examination of the outpost discovered last week confirms that it was home to unlicensed nuclear research. Personnel at the site were constructing a portable fusion warhead codenamed the Lucifer Device. One operational prototype was produced, but we have failed to locate it. Our assumption is that whoever invaded the base now possesses a movable bomb with a 300 megaton yield – enough to destroy an entire city. This investigation is a top priority and we are exploring all available leads."[53]

08 FEB 3305

  • A Federal Navy vessel has reported the discovery of an unregistered outpost with all occupants murdered, following a response to an automatic distress signal. The incident is being investigated by the Federal Intelligence Agency. Senior Agent Rochelle Karim made the following statement: "This remote lunar base was designed to prevent detection, and yet it has been located and invaded by unknown forces who chose to gun down its inhabitants. It appears access codes were used to bypass security systems, as there are no signs of forced entry. Initial findings suggest the outpost was dedicated to advanced nuclear research. This may have been a targeted attack in order to steal a power source, a weapon, or valuable data. We are conducting a thorough examination of the site, and expect to learn more soon."[6]

08 DEC 3304

  • Journalist Gethin Okonkwo has discussed the abandoned Far God cult outposts in the Etain system: "During my months undercover as a Far God worshipper, I heard only whispered rumours about secret outposts. So the existence of two such settlements, on Etain 4a and 4c, proves that much remained hidden from me. The personal logs recovered from the outposts illustrate how the faith attracted people from varied backgrounds. I was astonished to hear the voice of a man with whom I once eagerly discussed the Far God's arrival, never realising that he was a Federal agent whose devotion was as fake as my own. The book I am co-writing with Dr Alfred Ulyanov will reveal much about the Far God religion, but it's clear that many of its mysteries are yet to be uncovered."[54]

29 SEP 3304

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has terminated its investigation into the Far God cult. Senior Agent Micah Whitefield informed the media: "The information provided by Gethin Okonkwo on the inner workings of the Far God sect has been verified as genuine. In the absence of any evidence regarding communication with the Thargoids, our investigation is concluded. All worshippers who were detained have now been released. We are indebted to Mr Okonkwo for his highly detailed report. We had hoped to gain similar insights via our own undercover agent, who infiltrated the sect, but we are still awaiting his report." The exotheologian Dr Alfred Ulyanov, who was arrested due to his research into the religion, commented: "I offer the highest praise to Gethin Okonkwo, whose dedication has confirmed the innocuous nature of the Far God faith. Sadly, this experience illustrates that intolerance and fear of the 'other' remain deeply embedded in human nature, no matter how advanced our species becomes."[55]

21 SEP 3304

  • Independent reporter Gethin Okonkwo, who was previously thought missing, has revealed that he has been living undercover within the Far God cult for the past three months. In an op-ed piece, Mr Okonkwo shared his experiences: "I was fascinated by Dr Ulyanov's research and I desperately wanted to understand this doomsayer cult further, so I decided to covertly study the Far God sect by posing as an adherent. During this time, I visited hive-chapels in several different systems, narrowly escaping death when one was attacked by the Church of Eternal Void. On many occasions, I was physically and verbally abused by members of the public, including Juanita Bishop's campaign followers. At no point did I see evidence of actual contact with the Thargoids, bar the occasional use of alien material as holy artefacts. Most worshippers are essentially fatalists, attracted to the idea of an apocalypse. Some are convinced that they alone will survive the Far God's manifestation. It is a strange and often contradictory faith, but no less so than other religions. I recorded my experiences within the sect using concealed micro-cameras. I am voluntarily sharing this data with the Federal Intelligence Agency to prove that the Far God sect is not dangerous, and with the hope of ending its persecution."[56]

13 SEP 3304

  • Juanita Bishop has called on Federal Congress to make Thargoid worship a capital crime, and for all members of the Far God cult to be executed. Addressing a rally during her congressional campaign, Mrs Bishop stated: "I speak for all those who live in fear of Thargoid infiltration. If elected, I will make sure this foul cult is outlawed and all its followers put to death. Congress has a duty to protect families from these alien-loving collaborators." Vihaan Niven, an independent political analyst, commented: "Juanita Bishop's statement has triggered considerable debate in Congress. Some congressmen have aligned with her, eager to be seen as 'tough on Thargoids'. But others have criticised Mrs Bishop for her 'inhumane rhetoric' and for proposing the execution of Federal citizens without trial. Meanwhile, the Federal Intelligence Agency continues to arrest adherents of the Far God sect and detain those who have had contact with them. As casualties from the Thargoid conflict mount, it's hard to see this most unlikely of faiths surviving much longer."[57]

07 SEP 3304

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has increased arrests of potential Thargoid sympathisers, as it continues to investigate the Far God cult. Independent reporter Gethin Okonkwo, who first raised awareness of doomsayer cults in the core systems, has been reported missing and is assumed to have been arrested. Many others who were researching the Far God sect remain in custody, including leading exotheologian Dr Alfred Ulyanov. The FIA has also shut down the Galactic Interfaith Commune and apprehended its spokesperson, Dr Jameelah Griffin. Several similar organisations, including the Spiritual Freedom Movement, have been closed down. Independent observers have confirmed that the FIA has discovered further empty Far God hive-chapels. The whereabouts of hundreds of adherents remains unknown. In an effort to uncover clues, arrests of associates and family members of Far God worshippers has intensified. Senior Agent Micah Whitefield gave a brief statement: "We will leave no stone unturned in our mission to identify Thargoid influences. The disappearance of Far God chapters is clearly a coordinated operation of either human or alien design. We warn anyone who may be harbouring cult members that they are impeding a Federal investigation, and will face criminal charges."[58]

23 AUG 3304

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has revealed that members of the Far God cult are disappearing in large numbers. Senior Agent Micah Whitefield told the media: "On several occasions, our agents have entered hive-chapels only to discover them completely empty. Intelligence from independent systems describes how entire chapters of the sect have disappeared overnight. We suspect that adherents are starting to abandon the cult and attempting to return to normal life. We urge everyone to report such individuals to the FIA so we can investigate potential connection to the Thargoids." Dr Jameelah Griffin of the Galactic Interfaith Commune commented: "Although it would be an understandable reaction to the FIA's relentless persecution, there are no reports of former Far God worshippers returning to their friends and families. These abrupt disappearances remain a mystery." Anti-cult campaigner Juanita Bishop also made a statement: "It's obvious to me that these spies are returning to their Thargoid masters, to inform them of what they've learned. Arresting them isn't enough – we need a more permanent solution for these traitors."[59]

17 AUG 3304

  • Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading exotheologian and an authority on the Far God cult, has been apprehended as a suspected Thargoid sympathiser. The arrest took place at Dr Ulyanov's home in the Rana system, where he and his family were taken into custody by the Federal Intelligence Agency. Research materials and computer systems were also removed from the property, according to witnesses. Professor Siobhan Vogel of the Interstellar Association of Universities registered a formal complaint: "For Dr Ulyanov's academic studies to be viewed as evidence that he is some kind of Thargoid agent is utterly ridiculous. This violation of his rights sets a dangerous precedent." Federal Intelligence Agency Senior Agent Micah Whitefield gave the following statement: "When it comes to possible Thargoid allies, we cannot afford to overlook anything. Dr Ulyanov's involvement with the Far God cult makes him a valid person of interest. We are also investigating the Galactic Interfaith Commune, the Spiritual Freedom Movement and other organisations that have supported Thargoid worshippers." Juanita Bishop, whose campaign against the Far God sect has continued to attract popular support, commented: "This proves that there are Thargoid collaborators among us, in all walks of life. We must root them out before they start murdering innocent people."[60]

09 AUG 3304

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has apprehended further members of the Far God cult, to determine if they are communicating with the Thargoids. Media channels report a division in public opinion regarding the FIA's actions. Some see the arrests as illegal and tantamount to religious persecution. Others claim that the Far God worshippers have invited suspicion upon themselves, and that the detainments are justified. Dr Jameelah Griffin of the Galactic Interfaith Commune commented: "We strongly oppose this hostility against the Far God sect. These arrests are motivated by fear rather than evidence. We must fight for the civil rights of our fellow citizens, even if we do not share their beliefs." A prominent campaigner against the Far God cult, Juanita Bishop, told the media: "This is a victory for right-thinking people everywhere. Those warped alien-lovers are a blight on our system – one that should have been eradicated long ago." Senior Agent Micah Whitefield of the FIA stated: "This operation is purely a security matter. Under Federal law, any action that undermines enemy activity during wartime is legal, including the suspension of civil liberties. We are expanding our investigation to include all members of this organisation and anyone with a connection to it."[61]

03 AUG 3304

  • The Federal Intelligence Agency has launched an investigation into the Far God cult. Several members of the sect have been arrested for interrogation. Senior Agent Micah Whitefield of the FIA released this statement: "Given the organisation's proclaimed interest in the Thargoids, it is vital that we confirm they are not in contact with Thargoid forces, or being influenced by them. The FIA is working with local security agencies across many systems to ascertain the truth." The Rewired news service has broadcast footage of armed Federal troops forcing their way into the cult's hive-chapels and dragging cult members into armoured vehicles. There was no sign of resistance from the Far God adherents. Other video feeds show groups of citizens trying to shield the Far God worshippers, while rival groups can be seen cheering on the soldiers. Juanita Bishop, who runs a campaign against the Far God sect, told the media: "We knew these foul cultists were Thargoid spies. Now we're going to be proved correct. They should have been rounded up and executed weeks ago."[5]

12 JUL 3304

  • A member of the Alliance Council of Admirals has been arrested by the taskforce investigating terrorist organisation the League of Reparation. Admiral George Varma was confronted by Captain Niamh Seutonia and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez during a meeting of admiralty staff at the Donaldson starport in Alioth. Despite protests, he was placed under arrest and escorted to a secure facility. Captain Seutonia gave a brief statement to the media: "We have been trying to determine how the League of Reparation gained access to military-issue weapons, equipment and encryption. We now have evidence that Admiral Varma was secretly redirecting cargo shipments from the Alliance Defence Force to terrorist cells. It's highly likely that Varma is Nexus, the organisation's coordinator, and we are proceeding on that assumption." The arrest has created diplomatic ripples, with Federal and Imperial ambassadors being summoned before the Alliance Assembly. Council member Jed Trager told The Alliance Tribune: "For agents of the Federal Intelligence Agency and Imperial Internal Security Service to abduct an Alliance admiral is an egregious transgression. They will not get away with this." The Council of Admirals has called for an independent inquiry to verify the accusations levied at Admiral Varma. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon made a public statement: "This has come as a great shock, but the body of evidence against Admiral Varma is considerable. I am confident that the trial will be fair, and that our own representative within the tri-superpower taskforce will ensure that justice is done." Deputy Inspector Klatt was unavailable for comment.[62]

28 JUN 3304

  • Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride has been murdered by terrorist organisation the League of Reparation, along with four other agents of Alliance Interpol. The incident took place in the city of New Rossyth on Turner's World. A spokesperson for Interpol released a brief report: "Chief Inspector Kilbride was acting on information that a League cell was operating from an abandoned foundry complex in New Rossyth. She led an assault team with the intention of capturing the terrorists. Preliminary forensics suggest that the entire complex was rigged with concealed explosives. Kilbride and four of her colleagues were killed instantly, with seven others injured." Kilbride was one of three founding members of the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the League of Reparation. The other two, Captain Niamh Seutonia and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez, made a rare joint statement on behalf of the Imperial Internal Security Service and the Federal Intelligence Agency: "This is a sad day. We have lost one of our greatest champions in the fight against terrorism. It's clear that the Chief Inspector was personally targeted with misinformation designed to lure her into a trap – an act of retaliation for her recent successes against the League. Although we mourn the loss of Inspector Kilbride, our work continues. Alliance Interpol has assigned Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt to assume the role of taskforce liaison. We look forward to working with her to eliminate this fanatical organisation." Deputy Inspector Klatt was unavailable for comment.[63]

24 MAY 3304

  • Terrorist group the League of Reparation has committed three further murders in Federation space. The body of Ezra Lux-Kumar, a wealthy entrepreneur, was found in his home on Biggs Colony yesterday. Local security forces confirmed that the cause was a lethal nerve toxin of the same type used in the murder of Imperial Senator Cartesius. The Pilots Federation has also confirmed that two of its members have been killed, in the Rhea and Delta Pavonis systems. The Commanders' names have not been released, but the circumstances of their deaths are identical, involving a targeted strike on their ships with military-grade weapons. In both cases, the hulls of their vessels were laser-branded with the words 'FOR JAMESON'. Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez of the Federal Intelligence Agency made this statement: "This alarming development confirms that these terrorists are as well organised and widespread as we feared. We offer our sincere sympathies to the victims' families, all of whom have been transported to a secure location for their own protection. We are collating data from all three sites and working closely with the tri-power taskforce investigating the League of Reparation. Genealogy databases are being consulted to identify potential targets with ancestry connected to the INRA, so that we might be more proactive in ensuring their safety."[64]

19 JUL 3301

  • Joel Xander, the Federal governor of BD-22 3573 of the Federally aligned Forrester Station, has been removed from office and arrested by Federal agents in a surprise raid early this morning. Xander and members of his family have been taken off the planet in an escorted Dropship marked with the insignia of the Federal Intelligence Agency. While there is no official statement about the allegations against Xander at this time, recent events in BD-22 3573 give reason for speculations about the background of this dramatic arrest. It has been suspected for a long time that Xander's friendly relations with local rulers like King Justice II of the Justice Party and Supreme Leader Anxo Lino of BD-22 3573 Flag might some day cause trouble.[65]


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  22. GalNet: Federal Reactions to Communications Surveillance Programme
  23. GalNet: Federal Congress Grants Emergency Surveillance Powers
  24. GalNet: New Federal Vice President Selected
  25. GalNet: ACT Gathers Intelligence on the NMLA
  26. GalNet: Anti-NMLA Intelligence Unit Formed
  27. GalNet: Lakon Spaceways HQ Moves to Alioth System
  28. GalNet: Victory for Federal Forces Against Jupiter Division
  29. GalNet: Federation Damaged by Corruption and Conspiracy
  30. GalNet: Conflict Between Federal Forces and Jupiter Division
  31. GalNet: Fleet Admiral Vincent Pronounced Guilty
  32. GalNet: Fleet Admiral Vincent Named as Starship One Saboteur
  33. GalNet: Revelation Halts Starship One Trial
  34. GalNet: Inquiry into Starship One's Destruction Concludes
  35. GalNet: Scythe of Panem Militants Defeated
  36. GalNet: Militant Group Responsible for Blight
  37. GalNet: Red Family Operation Concludes
  38. GalNet: Cartel Leader Killed
  39. GalNet: Red Family Cartel Raids Successful
  40. GalNet: Cartel Leader Exposes New Narcotic Menace
  41. GalNet: Hit Squad Targets Cartel Leader
  42. GalNet: Taja Gavaris Resigns as Rackham CFO
  43. GalNet: Children of Tothos Disbands
  44. GalNet: Starport Saved from Destruction
  45. GalNet: Rackham Under Investigation
  46. GalNet: Far God Survivor Revived
  47. GalNet: Survivor Found at Far God Outpost
  48. GalNet: Cultist Occupation of Starport Continues
  49. GalNet: Nuclear Threat Shuts Down Starport
  50. GalNet: Hunt for Children of Tothos Continues
  51. GalNet: Cult Obtains Nuclear Weapon
  52. GalNet: Funding for Stolen Nuclear Weapon Traced
  53. GalNet: Nuclear Weapon Stolen
  54. GalNet: Mysteries of the Far God
  55. GalNet: Far God Cult Investigation Ends
  56. GalNet: Inside the Far God Cult
  57. GalNet: Calls to Execute Far God Worshippers
  58. GalNet: Thargoid-Sympathiser Arrests Increase
  59. GalNet: Far God Cultists Vanishing
  60. GalNet: Ulyanov Arrested
  61. GalNet: Further Arrests of Far God Cultists
  62. GalNet: Alliance Admiral Detained
  63. GalNet: Alliance Inspector Killed by the League of Reparation
  64. GalNet: Federal Citizens Assassinated by the League of Reparation
  65. GalNet: Governor Joel Xander Removed from Office and Arrested