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The Federation Presidential Inauguration is a ceremony to mark the commencement of a new eight-year term of the President of the Federation. This ceremony takes place after a Federal election for each new presidential term when a president-elect takes the oath and is sworn into office as the President.[1] The ceremony is held in Olympus Village on Mars. Inauguration Day is a public holiday in the Federation.

After four years a Vote of Confidence by the people is automatically held. If the incumbent President wins the vote, then he or she is allowed to complete the term. If the president loses the vote then new elections take place. The President cannot serve multiple consecutive terms.[2][3]

The most recent presidential inauguration ceremony was the swearing in of Zachary Hudson to an eight-year term of office on 2 June 3301.[1]

Inauguration of Zachary Hudson

02 June 3301

  • The results are in and Zachary Hudson is the overwhelming choice for the new President of the Federation. A record number of attendees appeared in Congress on Mars to take part in yesterday's Vote of No Confidence against the Liberal Administration, with almost every member of Congress appearing in person to cast their vote.[1]

  • In the end, a shocking 66% of Congress voted to remove the Liberal Administration from office, a clear indicator that the collected Federal worlds feel a change in leadership style is necessary. Surprisingly, a large number of known Liberal supporters voted to remove their own leadership from power. Most commentators agree that this is a reflection on Halsey’s actions and the current unpopularity of Federal government among frontier systems. Winters needs to build her own supporter base before she can bring power back to the Liberals.[1]
  • President Hudson will be officially sworn into office later today, after which he is expected to spend the remainder of the week finalising his administration. Most of the previous Shadow Cabinet are expected to be included, although as always some change is inevitable.[1]
  • The Federal Republican Association has gained a massive swell of support over the last year. Now that President Hudson is officially in office, we can expect a much more aggressive stance on decision-making coming from Mars once the new administration is fully established.[1]


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