Out of the Darkness

There's numerous fiction such as novels and RPGs set in Elite Dangerous and the classic Elite games. It's part of the Elite universe.[1]

Timeline Edit

There are two published timelines in the Elite universe. The Elite Timeline pertains the classic Elite games (EliteFrontier: Elite II and Frontier: First Encounters). The Elite Dangerous timeline has some disparities as well as many similarities.

Novels published by Frontier Developments Edit

Elite Dangerous : Premonition - 2017 Edit

Premonition is a novel written by Drew Wagar. It was announced by Frontier on the 12th of August 2016 and published on June 27th 2017. It has been described as a sequel to Elite: Reclamation, but also as a player-driven story influenced by in-game events and player actions.

Novels by Fantastic Books Publishing Edit

Elite: Reclamation - 2014 Edit

Reclamation is a novel written by Drew Wagar. It is a space opera/thriller set on the borders of the Frontier where the Empire and Federation are fighting over a star system. It features the in-game character Senator Kahina Tijani Loren and concentrates on the Imperials.[2]

Elite: Mostly Harmless - 2014 Edit

Mostly Harmless is a novel written by Kate Russell. A comedic tale of Commander Angel Rose, the Mostly Harmless pilot who becomes an unwitting and incompetent assassin.[3]

Elite: And Here The Wheel - 2014 Edit

And Here The Wheel is a novel written by John Harper. It ties together the storylines of The Dark Wheel and the Thargoid missions of First Encounters to create an interstellar adventure that no Elite fan will ever forget.[4]    

Elite: Tales from the Frontier - 2014 Edit

Tales from the Frontier is an anthology of 15 novellas and short stories by writers from around the world. Each story takes place in different parts of the Elite universe.

Novels published by Gollancz Edit

Elite Dangerous: Docking is Difficult - 2014 Edit

Written by Gideon Defoe, Elite : Docking is difficult is a comedy.

Elite Dangerous: Nemorensis - 2014 Edit

Written by Simon Spurrier, Elite: Nemorensis is a story of a pair of lovers making their way in the Elite Dangerous universe.

Elite Dangerous: Wanted - 2014 Edit

Written by Stephen Deas and Gavin Smith under the pseudonym 'Gavin Deas', Elite : Wanted is a story of pirates and bounty hunters.

Other Novels Edit

Out of the Darkness - 2014 Edit

A novel written by T James. It's one of the few novels to specifically feature the Thargoids.

Elite: Lave Revolution - 2014 Edit

Lave Revolution is a novel written by Allen Stroud, with stretch goals that include a short film.[5] It follows the transition of Lave from a Dictatorship to a Democracy before the start of Elite: Dangerous.

Elite: Legacy - 2014 Edit

A novel written by Michael Brookes. "Facing a deadly conspiracy, the mining colony of Freeholm must battle against overwhelming odds to retain their independence..."

Roleplaying Game Books Edit

Elite Encounters RPG Edit

The first official roleplaying game book set in Elite Dangerous and the Elite universe by Dave Hughes.

Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game Edit

Official Elite Dangerous RPG is an interactive adventure to share with a group of friends. It seeks to immerse the role player in the same cut throat galaxy experienced by online players.

Comics Edit

Fangs Edit

Fangs is an unofficial Elite Dangerous noir-inspired web comic by Lee Hutchinson. Fangs, Book One: What the Watching Gods Thought, consists of 10 chapters. Fangs, Book Two: Every Man's Wish On Board, has six chapters to date.[6]

Mercenary Commander Edit

Elite Dangerous: Mercenary Commander is an unofficial fan comic made by David Hall in 2015. It has four full-color pages and a cover page.[7] The story is about the faceless hero Khel Varek and a bounty hunter.

Projects Edit

The following projects are under development.

Supermassive Edit

Supermassive is a novel to be written and illustrated by André Czausov. The book is planned to be around 90k words in length, and a suite of original illustrations will be incorporated into the PDF edition, together with some crowdfund-only extras such as Void magazine. This book is not yet released, the last update was on 28 December 2016.[8]

Elite Dangerous: Survivor Edit

Survivor is a gamebook to be written by Nathan Page. Armed with nothing more than a pencil, two dice and an eraser, do you have the skill and wits to thrive in a hostile galaxy?[9]

Elite: Dangerous - Space Storm Edit

Space Store is a fan fiction novel being written by AndyB, on the Frontier forum.[10] Not an official work, but developed with some consultation. The story is being written with drafts appearing on the forum, so you can see how the story develops.

Classic Elite Fiction Edit

Elite: The Dark Wheel Edit

The Elite: Dark Wheel novella by Robert Holdstock came packaged with the original Elite game in 1984. It was the first novella to be included for distribution with a video game in history.[11]

Imprint Edit

A novella included in the manual of Elite Plus in 1991, written by Andy Redman. It details the adventure of a new spacer, Rif Hood, who, after getting a new ship and pilot's license, encounters more than he imagined: pirates, friends, rivals, terrorists, and the terrifying realities of space combat.[12]

Stories Of Life On The Frontier Edit

This book is a collection eight short stories which came free with the Frontier: Elite II game in 1993. Written by David Massey, Moira Sheehan and Kathy Dickinson, these stories are set in the Frontier and Elite universe.[13]

Further Stories Of Life On The Frontier Edit

A collection of short stories of Frontier: First Encounters. There's the continuing hostilities between the Federation and Empire, muddied by the recently formed Alliance, and an intriguing story involving the Sirius Corporation and another which touches on the growing discomfort regarding the INRA actions towards the Thargoids.[14]

Guide for beginners Edit

For beginners the following Elite fiction is good:

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