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For details about Ship-Launched Fighter models, see Ship-Launched Fighters.

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A module designed to house ship-launched vehicles.

— In-Game Description

The Fighter Hangar is an internal module that can accommodate Ship-Launched Fighters. It is only compatible with a subset of ships that have been specifically designed to hold it. Fighter Hangars allow a ship to deploy Ship-Launched Fighters, and also automatically manufacture replacements for destroyed craft in the thick of combat.


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Inside a Fighter Hangar


Imperial Fighter docks with an Anaconda

Each Fighter Hangar module has one or more fighter bays, and each bay can carry a different SLF model, including variants with different loadouts. In other words, the more fighter bays that a Fighter Hangar has, the greater the variety of SLFs it can carry. Each bay of a Fighter Hangar also has a maximum SLF capacity that determines how many replacement SLFs that bay can produce; once all replacements are exhausted, the module must be restocked at a port. Fighter Hangar modules do not include any SLFs at the time of purchase, and all SLFs must be purchased separately, just as SRVs must be purchased separately from Planetary Vehicle Hangars.

The Role Panel is used to launch SLFs, determine whether the player or a NPC pilot is controlling the SLF, and to issue orders between the two. Deploying multiple SLFs simultaneously requires a Class 6 or 7 Fighter Hangar and coordination with other players via Multicrew.

The Fighter Hangar module only needs power to launch the SLFs, but not to dock them. If a ship's power output is maxed out while hardpoints are deployed, SLFs will need to be launched before deploying hardpoints, and hardpoints will also need to be retracted in order to deploy any subsequent replacement SLFs.

When a SLF is destroyed there is an 80-second delay while the fighter bay it was deployed from builds a replacement unit. If the Fighter Hangar has two bays and both are stocked with SLFs, however, then the unused SLF in the second bay can be launched immediately since it is already built.[1]

Compatible Ships[]

Ships that can equip a Fighter Hangar include:


Class Rating Mass (T) Power Draw (MW) Hangar Bays Fighters per Bay Cost (CR)
5 D 20.00 0.25 1 6 575,660
6 D 40.00 0.35 2 8 1,869,350
7 D 60.00 0.35 2 15 2,369,330

Purchase Locations[]

Class Rating System Station
All D Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial
All D Brestla i Sola Prospect
All D Duamta Hurston Arsenal
All D Kokary Faraday Enterprise
All D EQ Pegasi Merbold Ring
All D Chi Orionis Carey Terminal
All D Agartha The Lucent Embrace
All D Eotienses Parkinson Dock
All D Cernobog Kirkwood Vision
All D Mizar Judson Station
All D Holiacan Hopi
All D 37 Ursae Majoris Oppenheimer Dock
All D LHS 2522 Enterprise Market
All D Edin Viehbock Dock