Federal Navy First Fleet

A fleet is a group of ships that operate together under the command of one leader such as an Admiral or Admiral of the Fleet.[1]

Purpose Edit

The purpose can be to work, fight, blockade, escort and travel together. It can be on planetary bodies and in space.

Major factions such as the Federation and the Empire deploy fleets to defend their interests and territories.

A fleet consists of at least one capital ship such as a Battlecruiser or Carrier with various smaller vessels like combat, multipurpose ships and fighters. A warship such as the Farragut Battle Cruiser could be utilized by the commanding officer as a flagship.

Formations Edit

A fleet is the largest formation in a navy. Formations can be used for better coordination during battles and training exercises. Capital ships are usually in the middle of the fleet surrounded by corvettes, combat ships and freighters. Fighters are throughout the fleet.

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