Fleet Carrier
Fleet Carrier reveal
ManufacturerBrewer Corporation
TypeCapital Ship
Default Specifications
Landing Pad SizeCapital Ship Dock
Unladen Jump Range500 ly

These high-value vessels are an all-new class of ship, soon to be available on the open market. Offering a range of customisation options, carriers represent a new era of spacefaring.

— Reveal description[1]

The Fleet Carrier is a Capital Ship manufactured by Brewer Corporation. It is the largest vessel that independent pilots can purchase, and features a total of 16 Landing Pads to accommodate Squadrons, making it a mobile base with much of the functionality and resources of a typical Station.


Fleet Carriers are a unique type of mobile Megaship. Their purchase price has not been finalized, but it will be less than 20 billion credits.[2] Pilots are restricted to owning only one Fleet Carrier each, and instead of piloting it directly as with conventional ships, they can command it to jump between different locations. The main feature of the vessels is their Landing Pads, which provide many of the same services as conventional Stations, including Refuel, Repair, Rearm, and Outfitting. Each Fleet Carrier possesses 8 large, 4 medium, and 4 small Landing Pads. There are multiple loadouts for Fleet Carriers suited for specific roles with different available services, modules, and even shipyards. The vessel's owner controls its docking permissions, and can restrict who may dock.[3]

Fleet Carrier rear view

Fleet Carrier rear view

Fleet Carriers are equipped with a Capital Ship-class Frame Shift Drive, similar to the Farragut Battle Cruiser and Majestic Class Interdictor, allowing it to jump between star systems. All Fleet Carriers have a maximum jump range of 500 ly and can travel anywhere in the galaxy with the exception of permit-locked systems. Jumps can be scheduled via the Galaxy Map for any time that the owner wishes. In order to undertake a jump, the ship must be supplied with a certain amount of a unique fuel commodity that can either be purchased from Commodity Markets at Starports or mined from asteroids.[3][4]

Support Vessels

Fleet Carriers are tailored to specific roles through the acquisition of Support Vessels, which change the Fleet Carrier's loadout of available services and modules. Support Vessels do not include Landing Pads, and accompany the main Fleet Carrier in formation. Only one Support Vessel can be active at a time.[3][4]

Support Vessel Type Image
Exploration FC Support Vessel Exploration
Mining FC Support Vessel Mining
Mercenary FC Support Vessel Mercenary

Purchase Locations

Fleet Carriers will be available for purchase from certain systems.[4]


  • The Fleet Carrier will be released with the Fleet Carrier Update in Q2 2020.[5] Purchasing it will not require owning Elite Dangerous: Horizons.[3][6]
  • Fleet Carriers are persistent objects in the game, and will remain present regardless of whether the owner is online or offline, or playing in Open, Solo, or Private Groups.[4]
  • Like Stations, Fleet Carriers are indestructible and possess defensive capabilities in order to defend themselves and nearby non-hostile ships from attackers.[4]
  • Fleet Carriers were conceived as early as 2017. During that year's Frontier Expo, the Frontier Developments art director stated that carriers had not been designed yet, but their functions had been decided.[7][8] Fleet Carriers were originally planned to be included in Chapter Four (3.3) of Elite Dangerous: Beyond alongside the Squadrons feature, but were delayed.[9]
  • The official Elite Dangerous - Digital Art Book has concept art of a possible carrier ship.[10]




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