The Fleet Carrier Update, formerly known as the December Update, is a planned standalone content update for Elite Dangerous that was originally scheduled for release in December 2019, but was delayed to Q2 2020.[1] After the September Update, it was to have been the third of a series of updates throughout 2019 designed to provide quality of life improvements and a more welcoming beginning experience for new players.[2][3]


  • Fleet Carriers
    • Pilots gain the ability to purchase and control a mobile Fleet Carrier ship with multiple Landing Pads that can be used by Squadrons.[2] The owner can set docking permissions to determine who may dock.[3]
    • Fleet Carriers cost an enormous sum of credits, and a pilot is restricted to owning one.[3]
    • Fleet Carriers have multiple loadouts of available services, modules, and shipyard stock suited for specific roles. They can be further specialized with an Exploration, Mining, or Mercenary Support Vessel.[3]
    • The owner of a Fleet Carrier can schedule jumps to different systems, provided the Fleet Carrier has a sufficient amount of a unique fuel resource. Fleet Carriers have a maximum jump range of 500 ly.[3]
  • Other features TBA[2]



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