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Remlok's iconic flight suit has become the staple uniform for countless pilots of all professions. Such is its success that even the Pilots' Federation supply new Commanders with the suit as standard.

— In-Game Description

The Flight Suit, also known as the Remlok Suit, is a suit manufactured by Remlok. It is a basic model with less functionality and protection than others, but it is a common sight among commanders of the 34th century and is distributed for free.


The Flight Suit provides environmental protection from extreme temperatures and hazards such as rapid depressurization and loss of cockpit pressure due to canopy breaches, and in the event of major trauma such as limb loss, the suit can seal itself around the wound and maintain a breathable environment for the wearer. It can also be augmented with attachments to hold tools and other items.[1] Pilots can customise the appearance of their Remlok Suits via Holo-Me.

Remlok Survival Mask

All Flight Suits include a Remlok Survival Mask, with an opaque or transparent face shield, as standard. During emergencies, the mask automatically materialises over the wearer's head if it is not already in place and supplies breathable air from a limited reservoir.

Shipboard Life Support systems provide the emergency reservoir for a pilot's Flight Suit, in addition to regulating a ship's atmosphere.[2] The reservoir will last between 5 and 25 minutes depending on the rating of the installed Life Support module. Life Support is automatically replenished upon docking at a station and fully entering a hangar, but the pilot can also Synthesize reservoir refills as long as they have 2 units of Iron and 1 unit of Nickel on hand.


The Flight Suit cannot be upgraded.


The Flight Suit cannot be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities.


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