The Formidine Rift is galactic region #31 in the Milky Way. It is bordered by Errant Marches, Elysian Shore, and Kepler's Crest. By the early 34th century, the Formidine Rift had gained a reputation as an anomalous area where ships often disappeared, due in part to its extremely low stellar density which made it difficult to traverse.[1] It was eventually discovered that the region contained a derelict Megaship named The Zurara, which was one of four secret expeditions launched in 3270 by Project Dynasty. The Zurara had been tasked with charting Earth-like worlds for future colonisation, but the crew was massacred by brainwashed sleeper agents to ensure that the vessel would never return after it completed its task.

Points of Interest

System Civilization/Allegiance Notes
Syreadiae JX-F c0 None Location of The Zurara, a Project Dynasty Megaship


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