Formidine Rift

The Formidine Rift is an inter-arm void stretching across multiple sectors between the far fringe of the Perseus arm and near fringe of the New Outer Arm.

In the eastern parts of the Rift, approximately 10,000 LY from Sol, there is situated an area named the Poseidal Wall. This is a sub region within the Rift so devoid of stars that continuing to cross at that point becomes increasingly difficult in starships whose range does not exceed at least 30 LYs.[1]

In early 3301 the Formidine Rift became a hotbed of explorer activity when speculation arose that it could be the origin of the Unidentified Artifacts (UA's). Today the region is more noted for the mystery that awaits to be discovered out there, a mystery linked to the elusive CMDR Salomé. It is rumored that something lurks within the Rift... "and they thought the Thargoids were trouble" - Elite: Reclamation.

Drew Wagar named this area of space and entered it into Elite lore with his book, Elite: Reclamation. It's connected to the Formidine Rift Mystery.

This area has a reputation as a kind of Bermuda Triangle, before the advent of the Frame Shift Drive. Few who venture into the Rift return to tell the tale.[2]


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