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FrameShiftWakeScanner Ingame

Frame Shift Wake Scanner

Scanner that can calculate the destination of a hyperspace jump by analysis of frame shift energy wake.

— In-Game Description

The Frame Shift Wake Scanner is a utility module that can scan Frame Shift Drive Wakes and reveal the destination system of a ship that recently departed via Hyperspace.


The Frame Shift Wake Scanner can be deployed in both normal space and while traveling in Supercruise. To use, make sure that the Frame Shift Wake Scanner is equipped and bound to a fire group (can be done in the ship's right control menu). Maneuver within range of a Frame Shift Drive Wake and press the fire button until the scan has completed. A successful scan will reveal both the name of the commander who created the wake and the destination of their jump.

The following Materials can be randomly obtained by scanning High Energy Wakes:


Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power
Draw (MW)
Range (KM)
Time (S)
Value (CR)
0 E 1.30 A 0.200 2 10 13,544
0 D 1.30 B 0.400 2.5 10 40,633
0 C 1.30 A 0.800 3 10 121,899
0 B 1.30 A 1.600 3.5 10 365,698
0 A 1.30 A 3.200 4 10 1,097,095

Engineer Modifications[]

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:

Purchase Locations[]

Class Rating System Station
0 All Luyten's Star McNair Gateway
0 All LHS 71 Jun Hub
0 All Zavijah Wheelock Ring
0 All FT Piscium Feynman City
0 All Edin Viehbock Dock
0 All Nanabozho Lamarck Orbital
0 All Bunuras Noguchi Enterprise