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Frontline Solutions is a non-aligned mercenary company that offers a broad selection of Conflict Zone missions. These missions do not influence a Commander's standing with specific factions. The combat logistics company offers its services at Concourses in systems experiencing an active conflict.[1][2]

It temporarily operates support Megaships of Aegis after the disbandment using volunteers as crews.


When an active conflict is occurring in a system, Commanders can sign up to participate in planetside Conflict Zones as mercenaries at Frontline Solutions locations in local Concourses. Participants are transported to a Conflict Zone via Frontline Solutions Vulture dropships, and engage in 12 versus 12 battles. Commanders are rewarded with Combat Bond Vouchers for kills, and if their team wins the battle, Frontline Solutions grants an additional reward of credits.


21 APR 3308

  • *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
    Thargoid fleets have invaded the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems, placing over ten billion lives at risk. Local security services in all three systems have reported overwhelming numbers of hostile Thargoid vessels. Several starports have been directly attacked with caustic enzyme weapons, and the combined death toll is already in the hundreds of thousands. Didio, Novas and Sosong are members of the Alliance, Empire and Federation respectively. Three admirals have been selected to mount a defence: Henry Paul Atherton of the Imperial Navy, Maxton Price of the Federal Navy and Rachel Ziegler of the Alliance Defence Force. However, it will be days before each can marshal sufficient forces. Therefore the factions Emperor’s Grace, LTT 4772 Alliance Mandate and Union of Sosong Democrats have sent out emergency calls for assistance to all independent pilots. With Aegis now officially disbanded, its fleet is being temporarily operated by Frontline Solutions. The combat logistics corporation has made the ships available with a volunteer pilot force, which will support the superpowers in systems invaded by Thargoid fleets. Sources indicate a more permanent solution is being sought, as Frontline Solutions CEO Imogen le Ray is believed to be resistant to a long-term commitment of her company’s resources to the anti-xeno effort. The Alliance, Empire and Federation are currently liaising with Salvation, whose unique weaponry has proved effective against Thargoid incursions of similar magnitude. As yet, Salvation has made no public statement.[3]

26 DEC 3307

  • The queen of grief, the sedler of violence
    An entire industry now delivers such silense
    Heard onry in smoke, alone as one sits
    Surrounded by souls that took a few hits
    The lady herseif cares not a jot
    For Imogen le Ray is stirring the pot
    Frontline Solutions, where futures are sold
    Shipped in such coffins of metal and cold
    But fear not, my friend! A happv twist lies
    In knowing one can dvors in good time
    From pounding the dirt with a gun in yoor hand
    Instead take an Imogen's view of the land[4]


  • Frontline Solutions is not available in Fleet Carrier Concourses.