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Frutexa Flabellum

This frutexa species has vivid colouration when young that alters as it matures. Its upper branches produce lines of small pea-like seed pods.

— In-Game Description

Frutexa are a species of alien organism found on planets and moons with thin atmospheres across the galaxy. They can be sampled with the Genetic Sampler and scanned with the Short Range Composition Scanner.


There are seven known types of Frutexa:

  • Frutexa Acus
  • Frutexa Collum
  • Frutexa Fera
  • Frutexa Flabellum
  • Frutexa Flammasis
  • Frutexa Metallicum
  • Frutexa Sponsae


System Planet Coordinates Type Reported By
Blo Thae OC-M d7-5 2 A 46.5693, -33.9210 Acus CMDR Methan Disery
Gru Eoq BD-P c20-1 7 A 56.2973, 36.3745 Flabellum CMDR Methan Disery
Hypio Flyao WD-H b15-24 A 2 A -19.9736, 140.4425 Fera CMDR Methan Disery
Graea Eoq WZ-Y e1 AB 10 D -40.9225, 118.2702 Sponsae CMDR Methan Disery