Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank icon

Storage container for fuel used by the ship's power plant.

— In-Game Description

Fuel Tanks can be fitted in the Fuel Store compartment or as an Internal Compartment.


Class Rating Mass (T) Capacity* Value (CR)
1 C 0.00 2 1,000
2 C 0.00 4 3,750
3 C 0.00 8 7,063
4 C 0.00 16 24,734
5 C 0.00 32 97,754
6 C 0.00 64 341,577
7 C 0.00 128 1,780,915


  • All ships come standard with the biggest fuel tank they can fit.
  • Fuel Tanks can be downgraded to increase jump range, but it is not recommended. Since tanks have 0 mass, only the mass of the fuel is considered. Keeping your tank half full will give the same effect of having a full tank of half of your current size, while still giving you the flexibility to fill your tank for longer trips.
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