Colonia 3 C A Fungal life 1

A Bark Mound with a Polyporus Growth on Colonia 3 C a

Fungal Life can be found on the surface of certain airless planets and moons, typically those orbiting O-type, B-type, and A-type stars, across the galaxy. Aside from their importance to xenobiology and other fields of science, they also bear various fungal growths that can be harvested for raw Materials without any apparent harm to the host organism.


There are five known types of alien fungal life:


Cordyceps growth

A Cordyceps Growth on a Roseum Brain Tree

Mussidaean Seed Pod

A Mussidaean Seed Pod on a Roseum Brain Tree

Fungal Life sites also feature various growths that can be destroyed to produce certain raw materials. The materials produced depend on the composition of the planet; for example:



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