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— GalNet

GalNet is a galactic data network and information aggregator corporation owned by the Pilots Federation. It has a near monopoly on market information, galactic news, and communication and data management systems for ships and stations.[1][2][3] GalNet provides the latest information on important galactic news and Powerplay activity.[2] GalNet systems are fitted as standard on nearly all independent ships and even some belonging to militaries.[3]


Originally a star chart, ship data and bounty management system, GalNet has evolved into an effective galactic infrastructure providing news, market pricing and acts as a communication system for pilots.

— Official Description

The Pilots Federation derives the bulk of its wealth from the GalNet data network. Originally a system of ship, bounty and star-chart data, it evolved into an interstellar aggregator of market information and galactic news. By 3300, the Pilots Federation was not only the dominant provider of this information, it's also the main manufacturer of the hardware and software serving this data. Today, Pilots Federation systems are fitted as standard on virtually all independent starships and some militaries.[1] Thus the Pilots Federation's GalNet system has a near monopoly on all shipboard and station embedded systems. The trusted nature and politically neutral stance of the Pilots Federation means there's little resistance to it.[3] Over the centuries this allowed the Pilots Federation to grow into one of the dominant financial superpowers of the galaxy.[2]

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GalNet Audio[]


GalNet and a Type-9

GalNet Audio is an option in the right HUD panel that allows GalNet reports to be automatically read aloud while a pilot is flying their ship. Selecting the "play" button will cause GalNet Audio to begin with the most recent report and progress backwards through the available reports. Alternatively, specific stories can be selected and queued for GalNet Audio through the original GalNet interface.[5]

GalNet Audio will automatically pause and then resume during certain situations, such as combat or when initiating a jump to hyperspace.[5]


  • Local GalNet reports are occasionally interrupted or hacked by third parties, resulting in Compromised Carrier Signals. These can be deciphered to receive secret messages.
  • The Winking Cat breached GalNet's interstellar network in December 3307 to publish multiple unauthorised articles containing clues to a treasure hunt. GalNet's editorial team issued an apology for the disruption.[6]
  • The GalNet Audio function was added with Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One.
  • On August 7, 2019, Community Manager Stephen Benedetti announced that Frontier Developments would be altering the format of GalNet going forward. The number of GalNet reports published would be reduced, with the remaining reports focused on in-game activities and significant narrative developments. The intent of this change was to eliminate GalNet's reliance on "off-camera" narratives which, although they provided a wider understanding of life in the Elite Dangerous universe, had little or no relevance to gameplay.[7][8] This resulted in GalNet going on hiatus from January 15, 2020 to September 10, 2020, during which time Frontier Developments devised a new multi-arc narrative for GalNet that would extend into 2022.[9]



GalNet reports are accompanied by the images below when presented in the game's GalNet interface. The image used for a report is chosen to reflect its content.

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