02 JUL

Mahon speaks out on Alliance Values

Prime Minister Mahon gave a speech today to the assembled graduates of the esteemed Alioth University, the same establishment he graduated from as a student. While his opponents sometimes deride his ‘matter of fact’ presentation, few could argue against the Prime Minister’s passion for the values he holds dear:

“The Alliance of Independent Systems is built upon a single defining principle and that is one of freedom. The freedoms we enjoy range from our personal freedoms as inscribed in the Bill of Human Rights to the freedom of societies and even planets within the Alliance.

“But we should not accept this grace blindly or assume that its existence continues by mere chance. The birth of the Alliance came from removing the burden of the Federation and the Empire who for centuries fought each other for our resources and we were caught helpless in the middle.

“Both of those organisations proudly describe their origins as being freedom from the tyranny of others. And yet now they are the tyranny and it is our duty to oppose them, while also ensuring that we don’t become them.”

The speech then turned to the minutiae of the Alliance’s democratic process. But pundits were quick to comment that this was a bold statement from the Prime Minister and that perhaps the recent successes in the Old Worlds region show a more robust future for the Alliance in galactic politics.

03 JUL

Peace and Prosperity Through Production

The Utopians unveiled their plans to fight back against the pirates of the Pegasi sector today, at a meeting held aboard Yolen Hub in HIP 116213.

Simguru Pranav Antal was met with wild cheers from the gathered crowds as he spoke about the sector’s recent spate of conflicts with the Kumo Crew, the resultant economic downturn and Utopia’s plans for turning all of that around.

Outside the station’s no-fire zone, followers of the Simguru demonstrated the effectiveness of Utopian technology when a wing of ships equipped with Enforcer Cannons shredded an Anaconda in under a minute. A clear message to anyone who thinks the Utopians will let their communes be pillaged simply because their overall philosophy leans towards peace.

05 JUL

The Founding of the Federation

In this new series exclusive to GalNet, famed historian Sima Kalhana visits the defining moments of human history since our first brave steps into space and to the star-spanning species we have since become. In this first article, she talks about the founding of the Federation. With a history spanning millennia, it is the oldest of the major factions.


In this modern age it’s hard for us to imagine that before the Federation, humanity existed on just a single world, bar a few small colonies on Mars and the Moon. Even stranger to our current experience was the fact that so many disparate tribal groupings, or ‘countries’ existed on one world.

The Federation arose from the ashes of the Third World War in the mid 21st century. The war caused tremendous devastation across the planet, decimating the population.

Many different factors changed humanity’s outlook after that. The rise of the corporations, the discovery of the first fossils on Mars, and the explosive exploration triggered by the invention of the hyperdrive by Li Qin Jao and others in the 22nd century, first by unmanned probes, then with manned craft, overtaking the generation ships sent in the previous decades. Despite the huge dangers involved, a massive land-grab followed, fuelled by the voracious corporations.

It wasn’t until some of the ecological excesses of these early colonists became apparent over a century later that Earth took its first steps, founding the Federation and becoming the colossal entity it is now, creating some order in what had become an unruly free-for-all.

In 2242 the Federation Accord was created outlining certain rights and responsibilities for members, uniting many of the new colonies, by force in some cases. After a short conflict the Taylor Colony in Tau Ceti bacame the first signatory outside the Sol system. The name of the Federation was also changed at this time to the ‘Federation of Star Systems’, but the name didn’t stick and quickly returned to just the Federation.

From that point the Federation provided a stable framework to facilitate the further expansion of humanity to ever more distant star systems but not all colonies wanted a part of this. A distant early colony, formed by a band of political idealists as far from Earth as they could manage, in the system of Achenar would eventually spark another defining moment for the Federation and indeed humanity as a whole.

Emperor's Grace Block's People's Princess in Rishair

Last week Rishair was the site of political unrest as activists under the banner of "The People's Princess", Aisling Duval, moved in to disrupt the long standing Imperial slave trade of Rishair. These activists have enjoyed highly celebrated and publicized successful protests in many Imperial systems. However, these fanatical rogue elements operating in support of the People’s Princess were given a stark reminder today not to interfere with correct Imperial procedure after mediation attempts by representatives of Admiral Brennus failed.

Rishair is currently the Headquarters for Admiral Brennus, leader of Emperor's Grace and an influential officer in the Imerial Navy. Although Brennus rarely intervenes on purely political matters, he could not stand by and let politics inhibit trade in his vital systems. After failed attempts at resolving the matter diplomatically, Brennus was overheard as saying "I have no patience for this. Contact Senator Patreus, he somehow has the ability to deal with this nonsense!" according to an anonymous Emperor's Grace staff member.

Immediately thereafter, the Rishair system was prepared to come under the protection of Senator Denton Patreus, in a sign of support to Admiral Brennus and Emperor's Grace through what has become known as Operation BBH by Brennus’ advisors. Senator Patreus agreed to step in on Brennus' and Emperor's Grace behalf to establish Rishair and surrounding systems as a military preparation site, legally suspending any rights to protest within the militarized zone.

Although there have been many complaints from the dislodged activists, there has been no comment from Princess Aisling Duval or her staff. Some have commented that this is not surprising given her public relationship with Patreus.

Raf von Thorn

Emperors Grace.

06 JUL

Aisling Supporters Pledge to Legion

Independent Commanders in support of the People's Princess Aisling Duval have come together in recent weeks under Commander Andariel in the 'Thirteenth Legion'. One Commander reported:

'I was tired of being interdicted every time I tried to run a crate of medicinal supplies in support of the Angels. I sold my cargo bays, fitted shield banks and upgraded my weapon system. Commander Andariel told me where to fight and how.'

At least some Imperial nobility is supporting the pledge of Commander Andariel and others like him. Count Jeffrey Alexander Ryan of Ugain added, 'So many people want to support, few realise how to do it. Some want to trade, others run cargo specifically for my Princess. Some know how to fight, but until the Thirteenth was formed, few knew how to do it making each laser pulse count'.

The Thirteenth Legion has built its base on Chona.

Open Osmium Contract in Abres

The governing authorities for Pangborn Dock in the Abres star system today released an open contract for a staggering quantity of Osmium.

Osmium is a relatively rare transition metal with outstanding hardness and durability properties. It is often used in specialist alloys for starship construction and other heavy industry. While it is uncommon, analysts claim that there is ample supply in circulation for current civilian and military manufacturing requirements. This has led to speculation that a new player may emerge in ship construction or even that a covert build-up of military ships is being prepared.

Dale Torrance, the Business Development Spokesperson for Pangborn Dock, refused to speculate on the rumours:

“Osmium is a material used throughout industry. As the chosen partner in this venture, we are pleased to announce that there will be significant credit bonuses for the successful completion of this contract.”

He then encouraged miners to investigate the contract for more information.

07 JUL

Memorandum of Understanding between citizens of Utopia and Sirius Corp

In their convictions that their interests coincide with each other, Commanders following Simguru Pranav Antal and those in the employ of Sirius Gov have agreed a non-aggression pact. They recognise each other’s right to exist, and to co-exist in harmony and in peace. Their ships are free to travel within each other's space.

All freelance Commanders wishing to sign the pact are welcomed in Lembava or Polevnic to do so and make sure that part of the galaxy will be more secure in the future.

This agreement has been made to seek the benefit of both their independent territories as a whole, to promote trade between the two powers and ensure the continued existence of civilization devoted to future prosperity rather than past tradition or present comfort.

Fuel Rat Rescue Operation Saves Millions of Credits

"I was on my way back from deep space last week when I made a horrible mistake,” stated Commander Fionn Mac Cumhaill. “Running low on fuel, I found a nearby Red Dwarf and expected to fill my tanks but when I exited Frameshift I found myself staring down a T-Tauri with nothing but fumes in my tank. I’d failed to reset my target. That’s when I called the Fuel Rats."

Commanders Beornfrið, Kerenn and Anuranium responded, locating the drifting Asp Explorer in the PRAEA EUQ SY-S B3-3 system just as its oxygen level dropped to 41 seconds of sustainable life support.

"They saved my Asp and 12 million credits of exploration data" said Mac Cumhaill. "I owe them my Pilots Federation promotion to 'Pioneer'."

The Fuel Rat’s dispatch service is in operation around the clock. When you’re out of fuel don’t hesitate. Make the call.

08 JUL

United Imperial Offensive into Pegasi Sector

Apathy toward the Kumo Crew’s activities on the fringes of Federation space was replaced by the full wrath of Senators Patreus and Lavigny-Duval as the Imperial system of Cuchua came under attack this week.

A high ranking officer of Lavigny’s Legion offered the following words as the Legion deployed to assist Patreus’ forces in Cuchua:

"We ask all who are loyal to Princess Arissa to join with us in bringing Imperial justice to these barbarians that think us weak like the Federation.”

The call has been heeded by pilots in every major Imperial power.

The expeditionary forces launched a two-pronged attack, spearheaded by the Velites Squadron of Lavigny’s Legion, targeting Kumo ships in Cuchua and Harma. The operations, code named “Charybdis” and “Davy Jones,” have led to the downing of hundreds of pirate vessels and dozens of Kumo Commanders. Imperial casualties have been minimal, but the fighting continues.

Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace Develop Joint Technology Company

It has been formally announced that an Agreement has been reached between Hammer Arms, biggest independent arms dealer with a seat in Hel, Home of Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace. This is the first ever such agreement made by the fiercely proud and independent Cosmic State with an Imperial faction. Grimnir Allvadderung, CEO of Hammer Arms, kindly invited Admiral Brennus of Emperor's Grace to an evening of carousing and competition. It is reported that vast quantities of mead was consumed by both delegations. This was later followed by an axe throwing contest between Grimnir Allvadderung and Vaarwen Mako Brennus, where Grimnir Allvadderung was declared the winner.

As an esteemed friend and ally, Admiral Brennus was presented with a golden axe by Grimnir Allvadderung in what is believed to be proof of a growing friendship between the two leaders.

On the small matter of the Agreement between Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace no information is being made available at this time other than to declare that Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace agree wholeheartedly in a joint venture regarding research and development of technology and weapons. A joint military exercise of Imperial Naval units and Cosmic State forces in the Hel system was also announced.

Phantagor, Cosmic State

Ambitious Plans for Carns

The leadership for Humason Orbital in the Carns system responded today to a report released earlier in the week, suggesting that the mining operations in the system would soon become uneconomical.

Plans were revealed to upgrade the extraction and industrial facilities to support high tech operations. In the press briefing Ramon Lamor, Deputy Communications Officer, commented:

“We should not see the closure of the mines as a problem, but as an opportunity for this system to become a greater player in the economy of the surrounding region. Our researchers have identified a gap in the high technology market that we can exploit.”

He then outlined an extensive programme of acquisitions to provide the robotics needed for the new product lines, which would see both the extraction and industrial concerns replaced. When questioned about the effects of this change on existing businesses, he replied:

“There will obviously be a number of changes with this global shift in focus. However, if we are to thrive in the future then these adjustments must be made. We will provide both financial and logistical support to corporations operating in Carns.”

At the close of the briefing, he stated that the nature of the local workforce would also need to change and that further information would be revealed within the next few days.

09 JUL

Grand Sale of Slaves in Carns

Following up on yesterday’s surprise announcement of changing economic policy in the Carns system, Deputy Communications Officer Ramon Lamor outlined further changes:

“In the fine traditions of the Empire, our extraction facilities relied on the unyielding efforts of our imperial slave workforce. Their devoted service has been the foundation of our historical success. However, in these changing times we need a new skillset to drive the economy. Some of those slaves who possess the correct aptitude or skills are already being prepared for their new roles. For the majority, we are seeking new opportunities for them to continue showing their personal value.”

He went on to explain that the authorities will finance a substantial discount for slaves sold at Humason Orbital. This discount will remain in place until all our imperial slaves have found new places to work.

Latest Powerplay Column

Another week has passed, and the great and powerful of the galaxy continue to vie for power and influence. Who has prospered? Who has struggled? Read on to find out.

Arissa Lavigny-Duval continued to expand at a rapid pace despite the fact that having her forces stretched thin and has lost the systems of Nunus and Varka. With little actual enemy activity, it's this over-expansion that spells trouble for the Senator’s future plans.

Aisling Duval continues to see huge levels of Commander support, and very little hostile action within her space. She continues to expand her influence at a staggering rate. However, in a first such failure to date, her supporters' attempt to expand into Sounti has been countered by Federal pilots.

Zachary Hudson continues to see extremely heavy enemy activity in the systems under his control, although countered by strong fortification. Hudson has attempted to secure four more systems this week, located within his current territory or in uncontested space.

Felicia Winters again had her pledged supporters successfully secure her sphere of influence in the despite massive incursions by hostile fleets. On the expansion front, Winters' results are more mixed, with Lambla and Carnoeck secured, but attempts to expand towards Imperial space firmly countered.

Zemina Torval continues to see a lot of enemy opposition to her expansion, particularly in the areas bordering Federation space. As a result, three of her expansion attempts have failed. However, Zemina Torval's influence has spread to several other systems, and her borders are well-fortified.

Denton Patreus is no longer in as dire straits as he was two cycles ago, having managed to secure and fortify most of his claimed space. His space continues to see significant hostile action, mainly in border systems. As a result, several of his expansion attempts have failed, although the Senator has managed to secure four new systems.

Edmund Mahon continued to shore up and expand his power base this cycle. While Mahon has seen extremely high levels of hostile activity in the strategically placed Bonitou, outside forces have not managed to compromise the security of his systems or stop his ambitious expansion attempts.

Li Yong-Rui of Sirius Gov is building a power-base in an area of inhabited space just as fine or better than Edmund Mahon's. While Akkadia and 39 Tauri, bordering the Federation, have seen high levels of hostile activity, overall this corporation continues to push its borders with little trouble.

Archon Delaine, the leader of the Kumo Crew has been subject to an Imperial counter-offensive this cycle. While the attempts to undermine his systems have been resisted, the pirate conglomerate's growth has been stopped this week. An aggressive expansion attempt into Cuchua, in Patreus space, and another into Matlehi have both been firmly countered.

Pranav Antal and his Utopia continue to have relatively modest political influence, slowly expanding in face of only minor enemy action and steadily shoring up the organisation's current borders. The exception is the Federation system of Ewah, where focused enemy response stopped the Utopian forces.

CMDR Cadoc

10 JUL

Breakthrough in Artefact Research?

After meticulous and sometimes tedious investigation, scientists working under Dr Arcanonn have uncovered that the recently discovered "Unknown Artefacts" may have some basis in human technology.

Audio studies of the objects show that they emit a distorted but audible signal matching the very long-established Earth signalling scheme morse code, through which the artefact broadcasts the identity of the nearest celestial body when released into free space.

Speculation is rife as to what purpose the artefacts have - scanners, navigational aids, or Thargoid homing-beacons. All of which is considered more concerning now that it is understood that the artefacts appear to have knowledge of morse code, and thus potentially other human technologies, embedded within them.

Dr Arcanonn's team have renewed their plea to the Federal Government to release any information they possess about the artefacts in order to assist with the continuing research.

11 JUL

Naval Academy Graduates join "Operation Davy Jones" in the Pegasi Sector

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the prestigious Naval Academy of Achenar, Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval announced her campaign to liberate the 5.6 billion Imperial citizens scattered throughout the Pegasi sector.

"I wish to extend my personal congratulations for your commitment to personal excellence and to the Empire. As you begin your career in the Imperial Navy, I would draw your attention to a cause that has been neglected far too long. Nearly 6 billion Imperial Citizens are currently subject to the lawless Kumo Crew. An elite Imperial vanguard has engaged the forces of Archon Delaine in what we call "Operation Davy Jones." I invite all graduates who would uphold Imperial order to join the fleet and liberate the Pegasi sector. We will not abandon our people! We will bring these pirates to justice!"

Cheers echoed through the auditorium as the Senator concluded her remarks. An astounding 73% of the 10,000 graduates joined the Imperial armada bound for the Pegasi sector.

12 JUL

Leaked Data Causes Concerns over Latest Imperial Technology

News of technical documents posted anonymously via the shady dark network are spreading virally and causing widespread concern among Imperial Pilots. According to the documents some of the new Imperial modules that have been appearing recently are linked to research carried out by the discredited Professor Denzile Dex and doubts about their safety have been raised.

Professor Dex has been missing for several years and it is widely believed that his sudden disappearance was connected to the 4EverYoung life-extension technology scandal. Allegations of shortcuts and the withholding of critical data were made following a spate of cases where users of the technology suffered various deforming and debilitating mutations. Dex vanished shortly before he was due to give evidence to the official inquiry investigating the allegations.

According to the latest story, research seized from Professor Dex at the time of the 4EverYoung scandal formed the basis of the design for a number of the latest Imperial prototypes including the Imperial Hammer and the Prismatic Shield Generators. Anecdotal reports of side effects from the new technology have already begun surfacing and a number of concerned groups have called for an official statement from the Senate about the leak.

One report claims that the harmonic adjustments in the design of the Prismatic Shield Generator can cause temporary cognitive impairment and even psychosis. Other reports link a form of high-level radiation emitted by the Imperial Hammer with increased rates of sterility and hormonal imbalances. One angry commentator even claimed it had caused him to develop female physical characteristics.

The Birth of an Empire

Continuing GalNet’s series about the defining moments in human history, famed historian Sima Kalhana talks about how the Empire came to be.


The Empire has become such a dominant presence in human culture that it is easy to forget that for almost a century the heart of what was to become the Empire was just a single system. The Achenar system was first colonised in the middle of the 23rd century. It was founded by an expedition led by Marlin Duval, a wealthy woman who had grown disillusioned by the ever increasing rigidity of the Earth governments and stifling social conformity.

Marlin Duval vowed to get as far from Earth as she could, and after a long and treacherous journey across what was then unexplored space, most of the convoy eventually reached the Achenar system.

The system of Achenar was chosen for the outdoor world orbiting one of its gas giants, already capable of supporting human life, now known as Capitol. There was already life on the planet and though Duval didn’t know it at the time, one of the few known sentient species watched their landings.

Back then, life was known to be plentiful throughout the galaxy, though it wasn’t appreciated how rare sentient life was. Before long the species was made extinct by the settlers, mainly through imported bateria. Much later, this extinction would later be used as a pretext for Federal intervention in the system.

Under Marlin Duval the population lived under idealistic democratic rule with elected Senators representing the people. This changed dramatically after she died in a speeder crash. Her brother, Henson Duval, then assumed control and established the now familiar line of imperial succession. Some claim that he killed his sister to claim power, but this was never proved.

For many years succession was restricted to the male line, and it was claimed various means were used to restrict royal births to only male children. This practice was later abandoned, and recent events at the heart of the Empire indicate that male succession may soon be broken.

In 2324 Federal forces attempted to invade Achenar, with the pretext of causing the alien extinction, but also because of Achenar’s refusal to join the Federation. It was the conclusion of this war which resulted in the birth of the second of humanity’s great power blocs, and cemented Henson’s position as a powerful leader of his people.

13 JUL

Alliance and Sirius Corp Pilots Celebrate Agreement

The commanders of the Alliance and Sirius Corporation are today celebrating the one month anniversary of the Inter-faction Mutual Benefit Agreement (IMBA). This agreement declared that pilots of both powers shall aid one another wherever possible towards goals of mutual profit, in the expansion of business and in actions against mutual enemies.

Pilots of both factions have been bringing commodities unique of their region to the capital of the other power as a sign of goodwill and of respect of an agreement between natural allies.

14 JUL

Reports of the Cerberus Plague beyond BD-02 4304

The heroic efforts of the local authorities at Newton Dock in BD-02 4304, combined with independent pilots from far and wide, have slowed the outbreak affecting the local population.

Carl Simmons, the Chief Medical Officer of Newton Dock, responded to reports of further infections in the nearby systems: Dajoar, Eleu and 20 Ophiuchi.

“We can confirm that there have been isolated incidents which we believe are the same infectious agent that we have seen here on Newton Dock. The populations in those systems should not be alarmed and three operations have been initiated to isolate the sick and prevent further outbreak.”

When asked how the disease had spread to those systems, he replied:

“We can’t confirm the vector as yet. Our current belief is that these cases are simply people from here who managed to travel before restrictions were in place. However, as with any outbreak of this magnitude, we are not taking anything for granted.”

He concluded his statement with:

“Once again we are calling on the resources of the independent pilots in the region to help ensure that these cases do not develop into a full-blown outbreak as seen here on Newton Dock.”

While he denied that the team were calling the new disease the Cerberus Plague, one technician did confirm that the name was being used unofficially and came from an unusual three-pronged structure at the ‘head’ of the phage-like organism.

Rise of the Nova Fleet on the Frontier

After several decades as a Freelancer member of the Pilots Federation, Commander DarkStar decided to unite a fleet of former Imperial and Federal pilot. Working closely with Commander Equin0x, he united them into forming a freelancer fleet to patrol the frontier and assisting in their economic development. The long term aim is to help free them the superpowers.

CMDR Equin0x commented to GalNet:

"The superpowers exploit the populations of the frontier colonies to gain cheap labour and materials, in conditions that are near to, if not actual slavery."

Up until now the Nova Fleet constituted a loosely bound alliance of like-minded individuals occupying distant and relatively uncontrolled areas of the frontier. The fleet has recently grown with a sudden influx of new membership, and now this growing collective has now attracted politicians' interest in both Imperial and Federation space.

A spokesperson for the Nova Fleet talked to us about their objectives:

"The Nova Fleet will bring prosperity and security to the frontier of the human civilization. We will avoid political entanglements with the superpowers and their lackeys. The truth of our intentions can be seen from the pilots who once served Federation, Empire and even the Alliance who’ve joined us! We should not be underestimated. We will bring security to the frontier, even if that means to fight against the Empire, the Feds or bloody aliens!"

Their influence and fame seems to spread fast, and with over 100 ships, their number of associates grows even faster.

Long Live the Emperor!

Senator Anders Blaine, Chancellor to Emperor Hengist Duval made a surprise statement on the steps of the Imperial Palace today. With obvious joy on his face he declared that the Emperor has awoken from his coma.

“It is with great pleasure I can announce that Emperor Hengist Duval awoke from his coma in the early hours of this morning. His physicians have completed extensive medical tests and declared him well on the way to becoming fit and healthy. They have advised a few days of rest and monitoring before he resumes his state functions.

As can be expected from our Emperor, he has expressed his intention to lead the senate in a few days time.”

The welcome news of the Emperor’s recovery has rapidly spread throughout the Empire and inspired impromptu celebrations in every level of Imperial society .

Amidst the well wishes a small number of the more cynical pundits have muttered that they will believe the good news when they see the Emperor in person. Most commentators though are simply overjoyed to hear of the Emperor’s return and hope that this will herald a new and more united future for the Empire.

As part of the celebrations for this news it was also announced that all independent pilots with an active rank with the Imperial Navy will be able to purchase the Imperial Courier and Imperial Clipper ships.

15 JUL

Origins of the Velites Squadron

The ancient proverb, “necessity is the mother of all invention,” remains true, even in 3301.

Commander Na’Qan came from humble beginnings as a miner in distant Imperial colonies. Piracy being rife in those systems, he found himself in their sights regularly. Knowing he could not outrun them in his unshielded Type-6, he learned to elude them. Like Br’er Rabbit’s briar patch, the asteroid fields offered him shelter. He learned to manoeuvre silently among the chaotic rocks and metals.

When war broke out in the Pancienses system, Na’Qan joined the fray. He recounted being interdicted by three Fer-de-Lances, and noticed they could not get weapons lock on his craft. Immediately recognizing the relevance of his mining experience, Na’Qan approached his superiors with an idea. Shortly thereafter, Na’Qan began training wings for what would become the Velites Squadron. The stealthy, precision strikes of the Velites are already becoming legend.

For his service to the Empire, Commander Na’Qan is to be awarded the Imperial Order of Merit, First Class, from Senator Arrissa Lavigny-Duval at her headquarters in Kamadhenu this weekend.

16 JUL

Adle's Armada Looks to End Illegal Arms Deal in Hel

Adle's Armada, a Federally aligned militia group, has responded to reports of an illegal arms deal between the criminal organization Cosmic State, headed by Hammer Arms CEO Grimnir Allvadderung and the Empire aligned Emperor's Grace leader Vaarwen Mako Brennus.

"This cannot stand! Our people of the Labour Party of Caill Reddi cannot bear this tyrant any longer. He takes the food out people's mouths in order to make back room deals with the unscrupulous individuals!" says Tyllerius Adle III, Grandson of the groups original founder and current Armada CO.

Adle's Armada forces have been laying siege to the League of Hel and have put them into a lockdown state. Citizens formally supporting the arms dealer now question his rule over Jone's Orbital. With the blockade of supplies to League of Hel combat forces, it will only be a short matter of time before the entire system is forced into a civil war between hungry citizens and impoverished arms dealers. Time will tell if Hel will become a sovereign Federally aligned system under the Labour Party of Caill Reddi or if the League of Hel will continue its weapons trade with shady individuals.

"For the safety of the people, this will NOT stand!"

Security Support Needed For Cerberus Plague Intervention

With increasing reports concerning the so-called ‘Cerberus Plague’, officials from Dajoar, Eleu and 20 Ophiuchi have all declared states of emergency. They are calling on bounty hunters and combat-capable pilots in the region help protect the relief efforts.

The issue arises at the same time that some medics in the systems have stated that the vaccines are not proving as effective against these cases, leading to speculation that the organism has mutated. Carl Simmons, the Chief Medical Officer of Newton Dock and leading the medical team combating this infection, commented:

“While there are some indications that the organism has changed, we are still analysing the data and it is too early to draw any conclusions.”

Further muddying the waters, a representative for one of the pirate gangs claimed that they were helping the right people. In an anonymous statement, they declared:

“As usual it is the rich and well-connected that benefit from official channels. We are simply making sure that these supplies reach the people who need them the most.”

Grand Slave Sale in Carns Ends

The grand slave sale held on Humason Orbital in the Carns system has ended. Deputy Communications Officer Ramon Lamor declared the sale a success, but refused to comment further, or provide actual numbers. He did confirm that a report analysing the sale and the recent activity for the planned market changes at the station would be presented next week.

There have been reports of unrest on the station since the announcement that as of next week, the local economy would be transformed to deal with High Tech goods and services. There was no official comment on these reports at this time.

17 JUL

A Week in Powerplay

It's time for another weekly report on the struggles of the foremost political powers in the galaxy. With ongoing hostilities throughout inhabited space, who has benefitted from the chaos, and who has lost favour?

Arissa Lavigny-Duval has consolidated her existing power base this week and prepared for future expansion. Faced with no new systems to claim for Lavigny-Duval, her supporters directed her efforts to massively fortifying her systems and partaking in the Imperial offensive against Archon Delaine, set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Aisling Duval still expands her power-base at a rapid and consistent pace, claiming several new systems and the support of another Commander group, The 13th Legion. As quick as Aisling's rise to power has been, her efforts to expand towards Federation space have been blunted once more, when Winters' pilots halted her attempt to claim Ax Yac Baru.

Zachary Hudson managed to expand his influence into two new systems this week, despite seeing continued, massive challenges to his power through his controlled space. With a focus on fortifying his existing systems and relatively little attention given to expansion, Hudson might have issues claiming new systems in the coming weeks.

Felicia Winters continues to have supporters secure her space, with focused fortification stopping all attempts to seriously undermine her control of her systems. Her expansion continues to see mixed success, with several systems claimed but others successful opposed - most notably the attempt to claim Lugh.

Zemina Torval has seen a substantial drop in support this week, likely due to significant commercial concerns withdrawing financial support for the Senator's operations. Fortunately for Torval, this calamity coincided with a significant drop in enemy activity against her systems, allowing her to successfully fortify and expand despite her reduced following.

Denton Patreus is the big beneficiary of the combined Imperial offensive into the Pegasi sector. While he only enjoys modest levels of Commander support, he is able to continue to shore up and expand his sphere and influence, now that the Kumo Crew no longer puts pressure on his space.

Edmund Mahon rapidly expands his powerbase, claiming an amazing ten more systems this week. This quick growth brings Mahon's sphere of influence closer to that of several other groups, potentially exposing him to increased enemy activity in the future weeks, and spreading out his forces.

Li Yong-Rui of Sirius Gov continues to see his corporate government expand its influence at a very quick rate, pushing further towards both Federation space, and the territory of Archon Delaine, Pranav Antal and Edmund Mahon. While generally Sirius Gov sees little opposition to their expansion attempts, their attempt to claim Chounjemait this week has been stopped, presumably by Mahon's pilots.

Archon Delaine has seen his Kumo Crew weather the Imperial offensive with surprising fortitude. Despite massive enemy incursions, the pirate lord has claimed three more systems this week, albeit none of them Imperial. Due to Imperial attacks being focused on their border systems, the Kumo Crew was able to focus their fortification in a few areas and weather the storm, at least for now.

Pranav Antal continues to see the benefits of diplomacy and the Utopia's safe strategic position, seeing little in way of hostile activity. While only a small number of Commanders support the Utopian project, they were able to claim another system for the Simguru and to fortify their key systems against enemy incursions.

CMDR Cadoc

18 JUL

The Emperor Speaks out for Unity

Although the Emperor showed some signs of frailty when he appeared before the Senate earlier today, his voice was firm as he called upon the assembled senators to work together and not against each other for the good of the Empire.

“We live in times that hold great promise for our beloved Empire. The uncertainty of the past months has weakened our resolve and this cannot be allowed to continue. For too long some leaders of our society have vied against each other and squandered resources over a matter which will be guided by tradition.

“As Emperor it is my duty to ensure the success of the Empire and its continuation long into the future. To that end the previously announced marriage with my good friend Florence Lavigny will proceed at the earliest opportunity. As the wedding has already been announced we will not have to wait the customary thirty days to conduct the ceremony, but we will still give time for wellwishers to attend. Preparations are in the process of being finalised and will be announced by the middle of next week.”

His speech continued for thirty minutes and covered a range of topics including praising his long term friend Chancellor Anders Blaine for his stalwart support. The Emperor left the senate to a standing ovation and cheers from the normally businesslike senators.

19 JUL

A Clash of Titans

In this third article in GalNet’s series about the defining moments in human history, famed historian Sima Kalhana discusses the first war between the Federation and what would become the Empire.


Although there had been other small-scale incidents beyond the Solar System, the war between the Federation and Achenar (as it was then) was notable as the first large-scale interstellar conflict. Much has been made over the years of the Federation’s reasons for invading Achenar, in particular the claim that the annihilation of the native sentient species was little more than a slim pretext. While it was certainly true that the principal reason for the military action was Achenar’s refusal to join the Federation, it is also worth noting that the protection of xeno-culture and life forms was a key tenet of the Federation’s founding.

Under the command of Admiral Richard Morgan, a fleet was assembled at Beta Hydri and began its transit to Achenar towards the end of 2323. That region of space was relatively unexplored and thinly populated at the time, meaning that the fleet lacked the logistical support needed for a mission of this scale.

Despite a long and fragile supply line, Morgan chose to engage the defenders in a single large battle. Achenar was alerted to the plan and laid an ambush for the invaders, applying the infamous pack-hunting formation against the Federal fleet initially, then against its supply lines.

Throughout 2324 the Federal fleet continued to try and establish a foothold in the system, but with little success. The constant attrition took its toll on the invaders and in 2325 Achenar counterattacked in what is now remembered as the ‘Great Battle of Liberation’. Every local ship, civilian and military, was pressed into service in a coordinated attack against every element of the invasion fleet.

The battle succeeded in pushing the Federal fleet out of Achenar and they retreated to their base in Beta Hydri. Bolstered by improved supply, the Federal fleet held its ground. Skirmishing between the two navies continued for another fifty years. During this time, and seeing the need for a buffer zone around their home system, Henson Duval expanded into the nearby systems. This heralded the change from a single-system colony to a pan-system empire, and so the Empire as we know it today was born.

The Unfettering of the Pegasi Sector

The Kumo Crew has been known to brand free citizens as slaves and ferry them to an uncertain fate in their capital system, Harma. The Imperial blockade of Harma and the surrounding systems has intercepted thousands of these slaves, many of whom are emaciated, deeply bruised, and otherwise afflicted.

One fresh graduate of the Imperial Naval Academy had this to say regarding his observations:

"10 years ago my family had a slave. It wasn't until he paid his debts and returned to his family that I learned he was not my brother. My father told me on that day to remember Peter, my “older brother,” because I too may become indebted, or sponsor a slave like my "brother." That is Imperial Slavery. This... this slavery must be destroyed."

Philanthropic representatives of Sirius Corp. have extended humanitarian services by returning the slaves, liberated by the Imperial fleet, to their homes and families.

Governor Joel Xander Removed from Office and Arrested

Joel Xander, the Federal governor of BD-22 3573 of the Federally aligned Forrester Station, has been removed from office and arrested by Federal agents in a surprise raid early this morning. Xander and members of his family have been taken off the planet in an escorted Dropship marked with the insignia of the Federal Intelligence Agency.

While there is no official statement about the allegations against Xander at this time, recent events in BD-22 3573 give reason for speculations about the background of this dramatic arrest. It has been suspected for a long time that Xander's friendly relations with local rulers like King Justice II of the Justice Party and Supreme Leader Anxo Lino of BD-22 3573 Flag might some day cause trouble.

21 JUL

Fuel Rat Deep Space Relay Rescue

The Fuel Rats received a distress call from Cmdr Neospike as he returned from Sagittarius A* when a broken fuel scoop left him stranded over 3,600 light years from civilization. The Reboot/Repair sequence failed to fix the fuel scoop.

Several commanders responded to the distress call, including Domaq, Paul_Kavinsky, Rusticolus, Cpt_Shinobi, Surly_badger, and Anuranium.

Cmdr. Domaq quickly arrived on scene and provided an initial refuelling to ensure the ship could remain powered while the other ships moved into position.

A relay operation involving several ships and roughly 540 limpet drones then proceeded. Speed was a priority due to the damage Cmdr. Neospike’s ship had undergone leaving all of his systems at less than 5%.

As of this reporting the Fuel Rat initiative has rescued over 190 stranded pilots.

Prism Senator Missing

In the early hours of this morning, a security alert was received from the Imperial suite where Senator Kahina Tijani Loren has been residing.

The entry to the residence was found to be locked, and no response was received from inside. Security personnel were authorised to break in.

The interior of the suite was found to be pristine, with no evidence of habitation. In-room holofac consoles were found not to have been used throughout the duration of the Senator’s apparent occupation. A search has revealed no sign of the Senator’s whereabouts.

Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney made a brief statement to the press. “Senator Kahina has previously empowered me to represent the Prism system on her behalf. I will do my best to discharge that duty according to her instructions. Senator Kahina is a very private individual, and has not sought my, or any other, counsel in the last month. We do not know where she has gone. Naturally we are concerned about her safety and would urge anyone who knows of her whereabouts to contact the authorities immediately. Her disappearance is very disturbing indeed.”

Reaction across the Empire was muted, but many have speculated that something underhand has happened to the visiting Senator.

“Doesn’t matter what Delaney says,” said a commentator from the Imperial Citizen. “Prism belongs to Patreus now, Kahina’s just abandoned it and all the citizens she professed to care about. She’s a coward and an irrelevance.”

“Did she get too close to the fires burning in the Empire?” asked Kazien Vantris, chief editor of the Imperial Herald. “Or is she pursuing some other objective? She was always determined and bold. Wherever you’ve gone, Lady Kahina, farewell.”

Lady Kahina’s Imperial Courier, the ‘Seven Veils’, still at the Capitol spaceport, was impounded and examined. It was found to be completely stripped of all valuable equipment, with the modifications made at Avalon shipyards discovered to be carefully crafted fakes.

Lady Kahina’s Imperial tiara was found in the cockpit, along with a small medallion bearing an ancient symbol on one side and the word ‘Salomé’ on the other.

The symbol is believed to belong to an organisation some refer to as ‘The Dark Wheel’.

22 JUL

Cerberus Plague Shuts Down Station Services

Due to the ongoing crisis caused the Cerberus Plague, key station services at the following starports are not currently available. The following starports are affected:

In the Dajoar system:

Thiel Port

Crown Terminal

Patrick Terminal

Macquorn Rankine Port

Ejeta Enterprise

In the Eleu system:

Finney Dock

Bao Orbital

Elder Station

Tem Station

Pierce Gateway

Bradshaw Station

In the 20 Ophiuchi system:

Chargaff Port

Artsebarsky Gateway

The following station services are unavailable:



Bulletin Board




Black Market

The authorities on these starports report that services will remain offline until the Cerberus Plague has been contained and resources can be spared to work on these facilities.

Date Set for Imperial Wedding

The Office for the Emperor has published details of the wedding between Emperor Hengist Duval and Florence Lavigny. The wedding will take place at midday on Wednesday 29th July. Invitations have already been sent out and this reporter is one of the lucky few to provide news updates from the wedding entourage itself.

Senators and some prominent patrons together with well known celebrities from all over the Empire have accepted invitations from the Imperial Palace, and have flooded the Emperor’s communications team with their responses. The Emperor himself took a few minutes from his busy schedule to give his thanks:

“The well wishes both for my recovery and upcoming marriage have warmed my heart. I am strengthened by the love that senators, patrons, clients and citizens of this great empire have shown me.”

With the news of the wedding date being set, the newsfeeds have erupted with speculation of the outfits for the Emperor and his new Regent. Those boutiques who most closely match the actual attire are likely to see a windfall as everyone celebrates by purchasing the latest trend in fashion.

23 JUL

Cerberus Plague Outbreaks in the Bast, Una and Santjalan Systems

Reports that the Cerberus Plague has reached Hart Station in the Bast system, Hoard Orbital in the Una system and Cantor Terminal in the Santjalan system is causing fear amongst the population. So far a cure hasn’t been found for this disease despite the continuing work of Carl Simmons, the Chief Medical Officer of Newton Dock, and medical teams in the surrounding systems. In a statement he reiterated that people should remain at home.

Hospitals and care facilities in these systems are already overloaded as the number of infected people rapidly rises. Volunteers and local security personnel are aiding the health services in managing the crisis as well as trying to maintain the rule of law.

Any pilots in the region are being called upon to help deliver medical aid to the affected starports.

Cerberus Plague Spreads to the Bastes, Maheou Ti and Ochoeng Systems

News of fresh cases of the Cerberus Plague has caused mass panic among the populations of Shepherd Hub in the Bastes System, Yegorov Station in the Maheou Ti system and Roddenberry Gateway in the Ochoeng system. Even though the number of cases reported so far is relatively low, the medical services and hospitals have been overwhelmed by citizens desperate for treatment, despite not being infected.

Station authorities have appealed for calm and restricted movement to only the most essential travel. States of emergency have been declared and open contracts for urgent medical and aid supplies are being issued for these systems.

Victoria Wolf VI and Commodore Stone launch Operation Augeas

In a joint press conference, Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantress of Wolf 406 Transport Co, and Commodore Helena Stone of the Alliance Defence Force have announced the launch of Operation Augeas. This is a campaign to rid BD-22 3573 of criminal elements troubling local miners and traders. The Federation has acted swiftly after receiving the results of the investigations led by Commodore Stone. The local absolutistic factions, however, need to be dealt with more bluntly.

Wolf and Stone, who besides their main responsibilities also have seats on the board of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, explained that they have secured the funds to pay out a bonus for all bounties cashed in Planck Orbital.

Stone was eager to point out that this is not a military operation. The ADF will observe the situation and only intervene in case of escalation as “the system does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Alliance”.

24 JUL

Meet the Powers - Aisling Duval

In this new series, exclusive to GalNet, the popular political commentator Marcus Macmillan looks at some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this first article he examines the life of the popular darling of Imperial politics: Princess Aisling Duval.

Aisling Duval is Prince Harold’s eldest child, but has gained a substantial following on her merits. She appears to be a canny operator, although many would argue that her advisors provide her with a veneer of acumen. She is young at only 25, and very visible in the media. Her claim to the throne is technically nullified by the fact that her parents were not married, but her claim is no weaker than some of the other contenders.

The people’s princess (as she is sometimes known) is extremely popular with many citizens, clients and patrons. She regularly appears on lightweight chat shows, but tends to avoid anything where she might have to face tough questions.

At heart Aisling is a populist, taking many of her views from the public mood. She splits her time between managing her brand from Cemiess, and spending time with her father in Achenar. Her mother died of a drugs overdose when she was young which, combined with her father’s unfortunate legacy from a hedonistic life, has left Aisling with a passion for helping those whose lives have taken a turn for the worse.

Despite her youth, she enjoys considerable support from the people and also from elements who would benefit from shaking up Imperial society.

The Sirius Corporation – The First of the Mega-corporations

In this latest edition of GalNet’s series relating key points in human history, popular historian Sima Kalhana addresses the rise of the first mega-corporation.

Apart from a few isolated backwater systems, the presence of mega-corporations is ubiquitous throughout civilised space. Massive as many of these organisations are, none of them compare to the wealth and influence of the Sirius Corporation.

The rise of the largest corporation in history started in 2339 when the Sirius Corporation launched the first completely corporate colonial mission arrived in the Sirius star system. The continual state of conflict between the Federation and the Empire catapulted the Sirius Corporation into an economic powerhouse as they became the lead supplier of fuel, then later drives and other technologies.

Within a century, its products were integrated into military and civilian production. It also developed an envied trusted status with both superpowers and indeed supplied both sides during their conflicts. This in part was due to strict information restriction protocols and an open promise that it would favour neither side during any conflict.

The Sirius Corporation developed its own code of strict laws to ensure fair dealing as well as the good governance of its workforce. Its influence reached such a state that the so-called ‘Sirius Convention’ was applied not just during deals with the corporation, but between independent systems as well.

Throughout the years, fuel and drive production has remained their core business, although judicious expansion into other markets has driven its astronomical growth. The Sirius Corporation now operates several product-oriented divisions including: Sirius Catering, Sirius Mining, Sirius Power, Sirius Luxury Transports, Sirius Industrial and Sirius Atmospherics. Most recently they launched a new venture, Sirius Gov, to provide governmental services for population management on all scales.

Its history has been marked with some failures, most notable of which is the Antares incident which I will examine in the next article. However, its successes have far exceeded those failures and the Sirius Corporation remains the most powerful corporation in known space.

The Code Leaves Archon Delaine's Crew

Some months ago, Archon approaches Captain Anopheles of The Code and says: 'Ano, you're my kind of guy. Your crew has been making waves as the most successful of all the pirate crews. Come over to me and make an alliance. I have my tech guys making some sweeeeeeeet tech and I'm running my own space. You can be one of my trusted lieutenants if you bring your guys over."

That sounded good, so Anopheles took his boys over to Harma. Discontent started almost immediately when they learnt that running a couple of systems was less about scantily clad slave girls serving you rum and more about being a bureaucrat.

When the new weapon was revealed, that was the last straw for The Code as it wasn’t what they’d expected.

Captain Anopheles met with Archon and they have a frank and lively debate with added knives. The Code gave him two weeks for things to get better. Arechon refused to change for them, so The Code left.

The Code are going back to basics and going to be roaming the space lanes as "independent asset redistributors". In short, they have left the desk behind and have picked up their grappling hooks again.

Carns Economic Success

Newly promoted Chief Communications Officer Ramon Lamor held an enthusiastic press conference announcing the success of Humason Orbital’s project to upgrade its economy to High Tech.

“This is great news for our future. This economic development will lead to a new era of prosperity for Humason Orbital and the Carns system as a whole.”

When asked about the civic disruption reported in previous weeks, he replied:

“There have been a few and thankfully isolated disruptive elements seeking to keep our fine society in an ever-declining economic state. These individuals have been encouraged to see the error of their ways and are now completely onboard with our grand economic plan.”

Operation Davy Jones - Frontline report

It has been over two weeks since the Kumo Crew's attempted expansion into the Imperial system of Cuchua was answered with 'Operation Davy Jones’. With Imperial Commanders combining their efforts to contain and eventually wipe out the pirate organisation, the Pegasi Sector has been under siege. With an end to the conflict nowhere in sight, we asked Commanders on both sides for their views on the offensive and their forces' efforts.

Commander Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar, aligned with Senator Patreus, said: "It has been a slow start in the Pegasi Sector, but the offensive is just gearing up. Our ultimate aim is not only to free Imperial citizens from unlawful bondage, but to liberate all persons held in branded slavery by the Kumo Crew."

Her sentiment was echoed by Commander Corrigendum of Lavigny's Legion: "Since the first wave of Operation Davy Jones, Archon's forces have been routed from Imperial space. Some milestones were not met as anticipated, but we anticipate greater results as the full might of the Imperial fleet is brought to bear."

In keeping with those statements, the Imperial offensive shows no signs of relenting, with heavy clashes in the systems of Anedjete, Sopontet and Huichi, amongst others . While the Kumo Crew continues to rule some 5.6 billion Imperial citizens, attempts to conquer more Imperial systems have been countered. However, the pirates' stern resistance to Imperial undermining of their territory has given many of their pilots a boost of confidence.

In a brief interview, Commander GluttonyFang, one of the pirates coordinating the Kumo Crew's efforts against the Empire, said: "What we lack in number we make up with our indomitable spirit to fight against imperial oppression. The Kumo Crew will not relinquish its grip on the galaxy. Even if our mortal vessels fail us, we'll haunt our enemies with the wrath of our spirit."

Commanders on both sides appear to agree on one thing: that the fate of the Pegasi Sector will be decided in battle. In response to a question about the possibility of a diplomatic settlement, Commander Corrigendum said: "The Empire refuses to negotiate with any who hold its people captive. Our people will be set at liberty or their captors will face annihilation." With Archon Delaine continuing to defy Imperial demands, it would seem peace is a distant prospect for the once-quiet Pegasi Sector.

Commander Cadoc

Emperor's Grace and Cosmic State Commence Weapons Manufacture

Following the very recent expansion by Emperor's Grace into an Imperial system, a suitable industrial location for the production of advanced technology and weapons has been identified. It is deep within Imperial space and protected by forces loyal to Emperor's Grace. The unnamed system presently has production facilities for both Battle Weapons and Personal Weapons.

Grimnir Allvadderung, CEO of Cosmic State's Hammer Arms and Vaarwen Mako Brennus, Leader of Emperor's Grace met in Rishair to inform the media about the exciting developments between Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace. This announcement was immediately overshadowed by the galaxy wide public announcement that the wedding of Emperor Hengist Duval to Florence Lavigny was to proceed as soon as possible.

This historic Royal announcement preceded yet another evening of carousing by the two friends, and large quantities of beer were consumed. The brewer responsible for the consignment of Beer delivered to the celebrations sadly died that evening, having fallen into a vat of malt, allegedly not long after a number of guests complained about the consistency of the beer. An agricultural system is therefore being considered as a potential location to produce mead in Emperor's Grace territory and additional beehives are to be located on the planet's surface.

A Week in Powerplay

It's time for another weekly report on the struggles of the foremost political powers in the galaxy. With ongoing hostilities throughout inhabited space, who has benefitted from the chaos, and who has lost favour?

Arissa Lavigny-Duval has mustered enough resources to continue expansion despite her focus on the Imperial offensive against the Kumo Crew. Arissa claimed HIP 32812 and Phracani almost entirely unopposed. At the same time, hostile wings have continued to undermine her territory, and while their efforts were largely contained, this disruption helped to push Lavigny-Duval into turmoil.

Aisling Duval claims the #1 spot in galactic rankings this week, after another round of rapid expansion. While Aisling's supporters succeeded in securing her systems against enemy incursions, the effort to claim HIP 95256 was stopped in a surprise opposition push that is variously blamed on either Mahon's pilots or other Imperials.

Zachary Hudson has for several weeks experienced severe efforts to undermine his control, but his supporters have consistently succeeded in fortification. However, while Hudson claimed two new systems, this week the President's enemies successfully undermined Hanggardi, pushing the administration into turmoil.

Felicia Winters saw her efforts to claim HDS 1065 and Potamoi fail, as Federal space continues to see heavy, regular infiltration by hostile Commanders. At the same time, the Shadow President managed to expand her influence to three new systems, and to counter undermining efforts by the means of well-coordinated fortification.

Zemina Torval saw another drop in support this week, reflected in the successful enemy undermining of Tanghpon and the failure of her expansion attempts into HIP 23824 and Mandhrithar. At the same time, remaining Torval associates made good use of their now-limited resources, securing Jamariges and shoring up vulnerable border systems.

Denton Patreus has had his supporters focus their efforts on just one system this week, expanding into Vaka and abandoning attempts elsewhere. This is likely due to many combat pilots pledged to the Senator focusing on the offensive against the Kumo Crew, which continues to take the pressure off Patreus' once-threatened systems.

Edmund Mahon expanded quickly this past week, just as he has for the last month. This allowed him to greatly expand his influence and climb the galactic rankings, but it presents the Alliance politician with a new problem. With Mahon's territory so spread out, fortification efforts are becoming increasingly difficult, and several systems have fallen into chaos following heavy undermining.

Li Yong-Rui has seen a growth both in territory and enemy action similar to Edmund Mahon's and with similar results. A combination of rapid expansion and increased undermining by hostile wings has thrown some of the Sirius Gov’s systems into a state of turmoil. While the situation is not as severe as for Mahon, thanks to extensive fortification, Li Yong-Rui’s troubles as a symptom of the same issues, an increasingly large territory policed by a stretched security force.

Archon Delaine put up a stern defence against the combined Imperial offensive into the Pegasi Sector for the past two weeks, but the first cracks have shown in the pirate crew's fortifications. Half a dozen of Archon's systems, including He Xians and San Muss, have been successfully undermined by Empire-aligned wings. While the pirate crew remains resolute in the face of the massive assault, securing two more systems this week, the pressure seems to only be increasing.

Pranav Antal successfully expanded into HIP 116213 after several failed attempts in the past. Speaking about the system a month ago, the Simguru called the planned new commune "an enlightened defence against the uncivilised horde". This provocative expansion was possible by the peace Utopia continues to see, with their space considered to be, in the recent weeks, one of the safest places in the galaxy, thanks to the relatively small organisation's non-threatening attitude towards its neighbours.

Commander Cadoc

Dignitaries Start Arriving on Capitol

In scenes reminiscent of January, dignitaries and guests from the farthest reaches of the Empire have started arriving on Capitol. Already there is a shortage of suitable accommodation for the guests, and various senators are taking advantage of this by providing places to stay for favoured visitors.

While there is a festival atmosphere to the city, many are taking advantage of the influx of influential people to work deals and to make plans for the future. Since the Emperor’s recovery, there has been a marked improvement in the mood of the citizenry as they see this as an end to the uncertainty over the past several months. Security is as tight as ever, and the secure area around the Imperial Palace has been given the nickname ‘the fragrant city’, because of the proliferation of flowers and finery along and around those already opulent boulevards, gardens and buildings.

In a move well received by the populace, Chancellor Anders Blaine has declared that the wedding day will be a public holiday so that all may celebrate along with the Emperor and his family.

27 JUL

Plague Fighters

In response to the devastating Cerberus Plague outbreak on the frontier, the Dukes of Mikunn have mobilized their members, the Mercenaries of Mikunn, to affected systems in an attempt to assist local governments in quelling the plagues.

Having faced a plague similar to that affecting current star systems for weeks, the massive amount of stockpiled medicine will now be moved to affected systems along with medical scientists in hopes of finding the source of the plague. Fighter wings have also been scrambled to provide safe passage for pilots carrying medicine and to enforce quarantine on local citizens.

When asked about the extreme measures they are employing the younger brother of the Dukes, Caius, stated:

"When we had to deal with the infamous plague of HR 7327 our thoughts went to the people first and foremost, but by not locking down the system and enforcing quarantine the plague had spread to all nearby systems. For weeks we dealt with the same plague in Mikunn, Sukua and Sefry's on top of HR 7327. It was then that we realized that enforcing quarantine would benefit the people more than not enforcing one. The current spread of the epidemic is due to the failure of the powers to act in the best interest of their own people."

Mercenary wings are expected to arrive later today and will remain within the affected systems until the outbreak has been dealt with.

Commander Exil

Federation Secession Crisis

Debate continues to rage in local governments throughout the Pegasi sector over Senator Lavigny-Duval's invitation to become Imperial citizens. The debate has reached a fevered pitch in some systems.

"Our petitions for assistance from the Federation have fallen on deaf ears for months now. I’m tired of the demonizing epithets cast at “Imperial slavers” while Federation citizens are being forcibly carried away into slavery by the Kumo Crew. Hudson and Winters are nothing but spineless cowards and hypocrites,” spat the enraged governor of the Wudjal system. “The Wudjal system is home to more Federation citizens than the entire Imperial population occupied by the Kumo Crew. Until the Federation honours its commitments to us, we will not send a single credit to Sol. I recommend that every governor in the Pegasi sector open an Imperial embassy. At least Imperial citizenship means something."

Commander Corrigendum

Meet the Powers - Arissa Lavigny-Duval

Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes his opinion of some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this second article he looks at one of the most respected women in Imperial politics: Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval .

Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s success as a senator often eclipses the fact that as the daughter of the late Prince Aristide de Lavigny, she is also a princess by birth. It says much of her character that she prefers to represent herself with her achievements rather than just her bloodline. In Imperial politics, of course, having the right bloodline is also an asset and she is astute enough to make use of it when she needs to.

In popularity she rivals Princess Aisling Duval, partly because she is happy to tackle hard issues head on. Her primary platform is one of honour and she devotes much of her attention to tackling corruption. She is a familiar face in the Imperial court and her views often reflect those of the Emperor. The planned wedding between Emperor Hengist Duval and her mother, Florence Lavigny, will secure her position as next in line if anything should befall the Emperor.

28 JUL

Is Arissa Lavigny-Duval Next in Line?

With the wedding of her mother and the Emperor due to take in place in just over a week’s time, it now looks certain that Arissa Lavigny-Duval will become heir apparent to the throne. When asked about this during the Imperial Herald political special show about the upcoming wedding, she said:

“Like all Imperial citizens I am overjoyed at the Emperor’s recovery from his coma. As a close member of the family, I was of course kept in the loop concerning his condition and we all expected that he would make a full recovery.”

In a breach of etiquette for what was supposed to be a light-hearted programme, the reporter pressed for a more direct answer. With regal dignity Arissa Lavigny-Duval replied:

“We are only days from the Emperor returning to the public stage. Trying to debate about what might occur if he were to die in these intervening days is both rude and disrespectful of our Emperor. I look forward to many years in service of Emperor Hengist Duval in whatever capacity he deems appropriate.”

The live online audience booed the commentator and applauded her response.

Meet the Powers - Edmund Mahon

Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes about some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this third article he looks at Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon.

Politicians from the Federation and Empire often underestimate their counterparts in the Alliance. This is in part due to their relative sizes, since of the three superpowers the Alliance is by far the smallest and least powerful. However, it should be remembered that the Alliance was born from defeating both the Federation and the Empire on Alioth, a topic I’m certain the esteemed Sima Kalhana will cover in her Sunday posting sometime soon. The other superpowers also see the Alliance’s complex interlocking of systems, committees and power-sharing as a limit on the Prime Minister’s influence.

Edmund Mahon is a career politician and knows the Alliance political system well. He has a strong academic background as well as a lifetime of service. While some of his counterparts lacked leadership or the ability to drive the disparate elements of the Alliance, he is known to be able to work within the system and actually get things done.

Some would argue, and I count myself among them, that Mahon is probably the greatest leader the Alliance has seen since its inception. He isn’t much to look at, but his drab exterior belies a cunning mind and a will for the Alliance to bring its values to more systems. He is also an expert at ensuring that the concerns of individual systems are properly represented within the Alliance, something that is seen as very attractive for new member systems.

29 JUL

Aisling Duval Questions Convenience of Emperor’s Recovery

In a secretly recorded and unguarded discussion with one of her aides, Princess Aisling Duval is allegedly seen to question the motives of Senator Anders Blaine and other parties close to the Emperor.

“How is this possible? Am I not the most beloved person in the Empire? This is clear manoeuvring to make sure that Arissa becomes the heir. I can see her annoyingly haughty expression now. That Blaine thinks she will let him carry on doing what he wants .”

The recording has received universal condemnation from sources on both sides. Senator Blaine refused to comment directly, although an aide claimed that an investigation would be initiated.

Aisling Duval issued a statement denying the validity of the recording:

“This so-called recording is barely audible, and clearly a fabrication. I have not and would not say the despicable things portrayed in this horrid fantasy. My best technicians are already working to discover how this fraud has been perpetrated, and rest assured that the criminals will be caught.”

Meet the Powers - Felicia Winters

Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes his opinion of some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this fourth article he considers Shadow President Felicia Winters and her sudden rise to power.

With the disappearance of President Halsey and the earlier the murder of President Nigel Smeaton, Felicia Winters found herself thrust in charge of the Liberal Party. She inherited a political party in crisis and has had to work quickly to try and restore people’s faith in her party.

As someone born and raised on Taylor Colony, Felicia Winters learned early on that when presented with difficult choices, humanity can’t always be trusted to do the right thing. She sees it as her duty to push for the right choice, even if it's the hard choice.

Felicia Winters has already proved to be a versatile opponent, and in many opinion polls is running level with President Hudson. Many voters are growing concerned by the President’s aggressive rhetoric and are turning to the Liberal Party to counter what they see as a road to war.

Cerberus Plague Breakthrough

Medical personnel at Hart Station were unanimous in their praise for the many Commanders who delivered medicines to the Bast System as part of an ongoing effort to help those afflicted with the Cerberus Plague. A spokesperson at Hart Station released the following statement:

“We are immensely grateful to the 765 independent pilots who delivered medicine to the primary care facility here at Hart Station. Through their charitable efforts, we were able to bring relief to thousands of patients, and also to devote time we would not otherwise have had to our ongoing search for a cure. What’s more, we think we may have made a breakthrough in that area. So to all those who contributed, we just want to say a heartfelt thank you.”

Apparently, patients at Hart Station who were offered Ceremonial Heike Tea showed some improvement in their health. When other patients experienced similar recoveries, the local team ran tests and sent samples to Carl Simmons, Chief Medical Officer of Newton Dock in BD-02 4304, who is leading research into a cure. He offered the following brief statement:

“Patients were offered the tea simply to lift their spirits, but it apparently contains ingredients that can actually cure those afflicted with the pathogen. The tea is quite rare, however, and is only found in Heike, so I suspect it will be quite a challenge to gather the quantities that we need.”

We can only hope this news signals a turning point in the fight against the Cerberus Plague.

Operation Davy Jones - The Voices of Dissent

The efforts of the Imperial forces engaged in “Operation Davy Jones” have continued this week, with the attackers keeping up the pressure on Archon Delaine’s stretched and battered forces. However, while the pilots engaged in the operation remain optimistic after a series of local successes, the campaign has attracted its share of detractors.

"When I talk with my peers about the issues of the day, it isn't far away systems in the back of beyond that we concern ourselves with”, Commander Edgar Starwalker, aligned with Arissa Lavigny-Duval, said in a brief interview. “Many of us know there is corruption right on our doorsteps, with dictators and credit-beholden corporations in charge of so many Imperial worlds. I think something should be done to bring about change at home!"

While the operation is being carried out by combined Imperial forces of varying allegiance, the core of the fleet is provided by Arissa Lavigny-Duval. As such, concerns about turmoil in the princess’ territory have lead some to question the decision to commit large forces to an offensive against the Kumo Crew. More recently, outrage has been sparked by the attempts, initiated by supporters of Aisling Duval, to solicit the help of Federal Commanders in “Operation Davy Jones”.

When asked for comment, Commander Great Gig of Lavigny Legion’s Velite Squadron had this to say: "When news travelled that Imperial Commanders were contacting the Federation for cooperation and help, I was saddened. Aren't we the mighty Empire of Achenar? Doesn't our history oppose their political and institutional corruption, their mind control through relentless propaganda and consumerism?"

For the past month, the eyes of the galaxy have been on the Pegasi Sector and “Operation Davy Jones”. Whether the Imperial forces manage to maintain their resolve in the face of stalwart defence and dissent at home remains to be seen.

Commander Cadoc

30 JUL

Further Outbreaks of Cerberus Plague

While medical teams across the galaxy work to develop the quantities of antidote needed to eliminate the Cerberus Plague, fresh outbreaks of the disease are appearing in other systems. Our sources indicate that the following systems are currently affected by the Cerberus Plague:



G 139-50



HIP 10175



BD-11 4280


Any independent pilots who wish to help those affected are encouraged to deliver medicines to the systems listed above.

Ending Corruption at Home and Abroad

Concerns have been raised that the ongoing war of liberation in the Pegasi sector, Operation Davy Jones, has left the Empire exposed to invasion and corruption. Addressing these concerns, Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval had these words for her constituents:

"With so many of our Imperial fleets engaged in battle, it is understandable that some are anxious about the security of our territory. I want to assure our citizens that local security forces are not impacted – in fact, over half of the Imperial fleet is held in reserve. Over the past weeks, a number of Imperial systems in our home space witnessed corrupt and repressive governments replaced by traditional patronages. Much of the heavy lifting has been done by Imperial reserve fleets. Our continued success in the Pegasi sector will soon liberate our citizens living there. To shirk our duties to our citizens, whether at home or abroad, is unacceptable.”

Commander Corrigendum

Pegasi Intervention Sparks Debate at Home

Unaffiliated supporters of Arissa Lavigny-Duval have today voiced concerns at rumours of an escalating intervention in the Pegasi Sector on the part of Lavigny's Legion.

Discussion of the the highly publicised plight of Imperial citizens living in volumes of space controlled by Archon Delaine's Kumo Crew dominated newsfeeds and social media throughout Kamadhenu over the weekend. Opinion is split on the humanitarian value of an intervention in a region perceived by some as extremely remote.

Speaking anonymously one commander said: "I don't understand why the Legion is wasting time with a foreign backwater like the Pegasi Sector. I'd never even heard of it before. We've got our own problems with corrupt Dictatorships and greedy Corporations right here at home. We need to clean up the Empire before we try cleaning up the whole Galaxy!".

Anger erupted when it was revealed that diplomatic overtures had been made towards the Federation in regards to confronting the Kumo Crew.

It was later made clear that Lavigny's Legion itself took no part in any talks with envoys of Shadow President Felicia Winters or President Zachary Hudson. A diplomat for Aisling Duval's Aisling's Angels confirmed their own attendance at talks.

The suggestion that Arissa Lavigny-Duval's supporters might be pulled into joint operations with either Hudson or Winters has resurfaced deeply held anti-Federation sentiment, with reports of at least one commander plotting a course to Sol in a well armed vessel in response to the rumours.

Commander Edgar Starwalker

Senator Patreus Supports Stability

Many report that the Senate hasn’t enjoyed such a positive atmosphere since the coronation of Hengist Duval nearly 70 years ago. This happy feeling continued today with Senator Denton Patreus taking his turn to congratulate the Emperor on his return to health and for the upcoming wedding.

“I have always spoken out for stability in the Empire and we could not have hoped for greater stability than the Emperor’s recovery from his coma. The Empire has suffered with the absence of its father and some have attempted to take advantage of this for their own ends.

“I have been accused of doing the same, but I can assure everyone that my actions have always been in the best interests of the Empire. I categorically state here and before my esteemed colleagues, that I will do whatever is necessary to support the Emperor in his vision for the future.”

The Senator’s speech was well received. However, some commentators have uncharitably noted that his campaign has flagged compared to his rivals’, and that Senator Patreus is trying to set himself as a kingmaker to break the popularity deadlock between Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Aisling Duval.

Meet the Powers - Zachary Hudson

Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes his opinion of some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this fifth article he analyses Federal President Zachary Hudson.

Republican President Zachary Hudson became President after the disappearance of President Halsey and a vote of no confidence in the Senate. He has always been supportive of the military, and has recently announced his support for CQC Championship as a training and recruitment tool for the Federal Navy. He is also approving additional funds to begin upgrading and expanding the fleet to counter the threats he sees beyond the Federation’s borders.

In common with most of his party, Hudson believes it is the government’s duty to be as small a burden on the individual as possible. An extensive programme of tax reduction is already planned for most households within the Federation. This has proved popular, but not for those who relied on government support before his election.

He is also an advocate of personal freedom at any cost, although that is balanced by the requirement for citizens to be responsible for themselves.

For fun, the President regularly goes hunting on the many frontier worlds offering holiday activity.

Cerberus Plague Continues to Affect Starports

Although a cure for the Cerberus Plague has been found, the disease has not yet been eradicated, and it continues to wreak havoc in certain systems.

Starports in the following systems have been affected by the plague:


Maheou Ti




In these systems, the following station services are unavailable:



Bulletin board




Black market

Authorities in the relevant systems have reported that services will remain offline until the Cerberus Plague has been either contained or eliminated.

31 JUL

A Week in Powerplay

It's time for another weekly report on the struggles of the foremost political powers in the galaxy. While several regions saw a more peaceful week, there have also been some big developments. Read on to find out who benefited, and who is tumbling down the rankings.

Arissa Lavigny-Duval has expanded her influence into another system with close to no opposition and fortified her space against some well-coordinated undermining by her enemies, all while providing the core of the fleet attacking Archon Delaine, showcasing her ability to project her power over the whole of inhabited space. With her administration rising to the challenge and recovering from recent turmoil, Arissa's territory is set to return to its previous growth.

Aisling Duval maintains her #1 spot in galactic rankings. This is partly due to her continuing growth at a time when some of her rivals are seeing internal difficulties, and partly because the Princess enjoyed a very peaceful week, with few reports of hostile activity in her space and no opposition to her expansions. With vast resources and an efficient PR machine at her disposal, Aisling is set to keep her galactic poll standing for the foreseeable future.

Zachary Hudson has lost standing this week, in part due to somewhat lacklustre expansion efforts, which saw one of his three attempted expansions stopped by hostile wings. However, the efforts of Hudson's supporters to fortify his vast territory have been remarkably successful, again showcasing the President's ability to withstand heavy undermining of his systems.

Felicia Winters has seen her space come under heavy assault this week. While Winters' supporters are by now extremely proficient at defending her space against enemy undermining action, two setbacks have hurt the Shadow President's ranking this week. The attempt to expand her influence into the system of Liburodo has been stopped by overwhelming enemy action, and Edmund Mahon's expansion into Lugh has contested Felicia's hold over several other systems, further taxing her administration.

Zemina Torval lost the support of several financial interests a few weeks ago, and continues to suffer from the after-effects of that, making another rise in the rankings unlikely for now. At the same time, however, Torval makes good use of limited resources, easily expanding to another system and fortifying much of her space. While the Senator continues to see only moderate enemy action in her space, she has once more suffered due to a focused strike against Tanghpon, which successfully undermined her control of that system.

Denton Patreus had a very successful week. While his supporters are still directing much of their attention to Operation Davy Jones, the Senator managed to expand his influence into two more systems, and successfully fortify and even outdo Archon Delaine in the hotly contested system of Cuchua, which both men have attempted to prepare for future expansion.

Edmund Mahon saw his quick rise to galactic prominence suffer some push-back this week. While his attempt to expand into Lugh was successful and his supporters successfully fortified his systems, the massive surge in enemy activity against the Alliance politician's forces may signal future difficulties, and his expansion into Lugh could trigger more conflict with Felicia Winters and Zachary Hudson. For now, however, Mahon's #3 standing is well deserved, and he enjoys a steady growth in support not enjoyed by his rivals.

Li Yong-Rui expanded into no fewer than five new systems this week. This, along with his successful fortification efforts, easily justifies his rise in galactic standings. Sirius Gov has so far seen few attempts by its rivals to stop its efforts, and it's not entirely clear how the corporation will cope once it's seriously challenged, but it's clear that Li Yong-Rui's organisation will not be returning to the bottom of the galactic ranking any time soon.

Archon Delaine is still in a difficult position, but his supporters have managed to limit the damage done by the Imperial attackers this week. While Operation Davy Jones succeeded in undermining the Kumo Crew's control of five key systems, better organised fortification efforts have actually left the pirate lord with more resources at his disposal than he had the week before. With no new expansions and the continuing assault by huge numbers of Imperial pilots, the pirate band is still in danger, but five weeks into the offensive they continue to resist and to test the resolve of their attackers.

Pranav Antal has spread the vision of Utopia into four new systems this week. This is an unprecedented surge for what has been one of the galaxy's less prominent powers. Utopians appear to credit this unexpected push to a new group of Commanders who are currently unidentified and not in communication with the rest of Pranav Antal's forces. If that force, nicknamed by some “The Many”, continues to support the Simguru, then Antal's rise to #9 in galactic rankings might yet be sustained. Further rise may be compromised by an ambitious attempt by Utopians to establish a commune in the distant colony of Sothis, which is sure to tax the organisation's scant resources.

Smuggling on the Rise in Conflict-Strewn Pegasi Sector

"Let's just say I'm not flying a small ship anymore!" laughed one Commander, pledged to the Kumo Crew, when asked about the ongoing conflict in the Pegasi sector. "We all know that these Imperial types have been flying around and ransacking ships in our space, but what have they actually achieved? Archon Delaine has consistently shown us that, under his leadership, we can repel any fleet and make an absurd number of credits in the process. Who is really losing this fight?"

It is certainly hard to argue with the Commander’s logic. The combined Imperial fleets have continually undermined Kumo Crew territory, but they are yet to make any significant headway into smuggler-controlled space. Reports indicate that illegal contraband has risen at alarming rates since the conflict began, and an unusually large quantity of credits has made its way into Kumo Crew space from their aggressors' territory.

When asked where these seemingly never-ending credits were flowing from, the Commander had this to say: "I'm a supplier of goods, some legal and some...not-so legal. People don't care about a line in the sand – they want their trinkets and toys. War is good for business, and business is good."

With no end in sight, it certainly seems one group will be making the most of the situation while it lasts.

Commander Shadewarlock

Ex-Governor Joel Xander Charged with Venality and Abuse of Office

Federal prosecutor Kerstin Marling has brought charges against the former Governor of BD-22 3572, Joel Xander, in the Federal court in Rhea.

Marling stated that she has evidence that Xander had been receiving financial support from local leaders King Justice II and Supreme Leader Anxo Lino of BD-22 3573 Flag, which has led to a dramatic decrease of Federation popularity in the sector.

“It is of utmost importance to show to all the poor people who have suffered because of this man's corruption that this was not official Federal policy, but the work of an individual, who will be treated as a criminal for his deeds.”

Meet the Powers - Denton Patreus

Senator Denton Patreus is the latest subject in this sixth article from political commentator Marcus Macmillan about the movers and shakers in 3301.

Senator Patreus is often seen as the muscular aspect of the Imperial Senate. He is one of the more powerful senators (although lagging behind the heavyweights of Senators Lavigny-Duval and Zamina Torval) and enjoys great loyalty from his followers. This is in part due to his record of low taxation funded through aggressive economic and military conquests.

While some have accused the Senator of unethical behaviour for his strong-arm tactics, others respond that if governments put themselves into debt then they only have themselves to blame. His shrewd policies have allowed him to assemble deep credit reserves and a formidable fleet, providing him with power beyond what his standing might indicate.

Hailing from Eotienses, he is a charming and charismatic leader who prefers to govern from his Majestic-class Interdictor called ‘Imperial Freedom’. During the Emperor’s illness, he called for the Imperial throne to pass along lines of popularity rather than blood. Since the Emperor’s recovery he has steadfastly supported Hengist Duval, but many wonder if this attempted break from tradition has limited his popularity in the wider population.

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