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The Galactic Cooperative Chief Executive Officer was the head of state and head of government of the Galactic Cooperative. While it is unknown how GalCop chose its CEOs, they apparently served for life upon entering office unless forced to step down due to being implicated in a crime. CEOs had a deputy who could replace them in the event of their death.[1]

List of Known CEOs

Name Term Notes
Hahris Moersven Circa 2696 GalCop's first CEO
Naris Ellison Circa 3149 Murdered in a conspiracy involving Henderick and five other GalCop officials
William Henderick Circa 3149 Ellison's deputy. Later implicated in a conspiracy to murder Ellison, forced to step down.
Simmone Hendry 3153 - 3174 Appointed acting CEO to replace Henderick, appointment made permanent in 3153. Dissolved GalCop's charter in 3174, becoming GalCop's last CEO.