Milky Way Panorama 1500ly above galactic plane

The Galactic Plane is the plane where most of the mass of the galaxy, consisting of stars and other astronomical objects, is located. It is approximately 100,000 light-years in diameter and 1,000 light-years thick.

High Points in the Galaxy Edit

The highest reachable points in the galaxy do no require extreme jump ranges to access. A range of 55 ly, plus the use of neutron star boosting, should be sufficient, but pilots should take care to ensure they are carrying enough fuel to jump both to and from these systems, as they lack options to refuel.[1]

Systeia Aub BA-A g12 Edit

The system Systeia Aub BA-A g12 is +3173.375 light years above the galactic plane. It can be reached using this route:

  • Systeia Aub KR-W e1-11 (neutron star)
  • 137.79 LY jump to Systeia Aub BA-A g11 (black hole with secondary NS)
  • 211.43 LY jump to Systeia Aub BA-A g10 (black hole and neutron star)
  • 218.27 LY jump to Systeia Aub BA-A g12 (2 x BH and a NS)

Low Points in the Galaxy Edit


HIP 13044 is 17,000 ly below the galactic plane

Syrumbi YE-A g4 Edit

The system Syrumbi YE-A g4 is -3216.875 light years below the galactic plane. It can be reached using this route:

  • Syrumbi IC-U e3-4 (neutron star)
  • 219.22 LY jump to Syrumbi YE-A g7 (black hole & 2 x neutron star)
  • 169.24 LY jump to Syrumbi YE-A g8 (BH & 3 x NS)
  • 199.93 LY jump to Syrumbi YE-A g4 (BH & NS)

HIP 13044 Edit

CMDR Halosos went to HIP 13044 which is 17,000 light years below the galactic plane, outside the galaxy. It is lower than the PSR systems and normally inaccessible. He was teleported there by Frontier for his birthday present during Elite Dangerous Beta 2.1.[2]

Furthest Points in the Galaxy Edit


Milky Way from Beagle Point

Beagle Point Edit

Beagle Point is located 65,279 light years away from Sol. This is more than twice the distance from Sol to Sagittarius A*. There are no further systems to jump to from this system in a 33ly Asp. The Milky Way as seen from Beagle Point there is a shiny band in the distance, too far off to see the dust clouds.

Oevasy SG-Y d0 Edit

Galactic-Plane-OEVASY SG-Y D0 Salome Reach

Galactic Plane in system OEVASY SG-Y D0 at Salomé's Reach

Oevasy SG-Y d0, nicknamed Ishum's Reach, is one of the furthest systems from the galactic plane. It is 65,647.34 light years from Sol. The most remote planet in the system is Oevasy SG-Y d0 9 F, also known as Salomé's Reach.

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