A where's where and a what's what of the Milky Way. This guide highlights the galaxy's top destinations and hot spots.

— In-Game Description

Galactic Travel Guides are a Salvage commodity in the world of Elite Dangerous.

Galactic Travel Guides are a rare commodity, so increase in value the further you take them from their point of purchase.


1 DEC 3302

The Colonia Council is delighted to offer pilots the opportunity to earn a migration visa for their chosen faction, and join the rapidly expanding Colonia Nebula community.

To compete for a migration visa, pilots must sign up with Colonia Migration Services before delivering quantities of Galactic Travel Guides to Jaques Station in the Colonia system.At the end of the appeal.

The 10 factions that have made the largest contribution will earn the right to settle in one of the specified systems. A new planetary outpost will be constructed in the system for the organisation's sole use.


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