Elite Dangerous Game Mode

Elite Dangerous can be played in different game modes. These are Open Play, Private Group and Solo Play. A mode can be selected when starting the game.

Open Play Edit

This means you can encounter all other Commander who are also playing in open in the galaxy.[1]

Private Group Edit

This means you play the game only with people who you've invited to your private group or if you've been invited to their private group.[1]

To start in a private group you must previously have created one or been invited to one (managed in the Friends and Private Groups Menu).[1]

Solo Edit

This mode means you'll never encounter other human Commanders, but you still play in the same shared galaxy. The simulation will still take into account all other players.[1]

Notes Edit

  • In a 2018 livestream Sandro Sammarco stated that "People who play Open versus other modes are the majority, by a significant margin."[2][3]

References Edit

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