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Genetic Sampler

The Genetic Sampler is a pilot tool introduced in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. It can be used to collect and index samples from simple living organisms.[1] It is equipped with the Artemis Suit. Data collected with the Genetic Sampler unlocks Codex entries for the related species, and can also be sold at Vista Genomics for Credits.[2]


The area scan function

Using the Genetic Sampler first requires equipping a Loadout with the Artemis Suit. While On Foot, the Genetic Sampler's "Sample Mode" can be used to extract a partial sample from a single specimen of alien flora. To locate valid specimens, the Genetic Sampler has a scan pulse function with a range of 70 meters that can be activated by aiming it. The area immediately surrounding the user will be temporarily highlighted in different colors:

  • Purple for specimens of a different species than the sample that is currently stored within the Genetic Sampler
  • Blue for specimens that have already been sampled
  • Green for specimens not yet sampled or have samples in the Genetic Sampler

Upon activating Sample Mode within range of the specimen, the Genetic Sampler will automatically scan and collect a partial sample of genetic material from the specimen.[3] In order to acquire a complete specimen, the user must extract a total of three partial samples from different specimens within the same species that are outside of that species' clonal colony range. For example, if a sample is taken from a specimen of a species with a clonal colony range of 100 meters, then the next two samples need to be taken from specimens at least 100 meters away from the first in order to provide the necessary genetic diversity. Once three samples are collected, they will combine and create a single complete specimen that can then be redeemed at any Vista Genomics location for profit, which also counts towards Exobiologist rank.

The following species can be sampled with the Genetic Sampler:

Species Clonal Colony Range
Aleoida 150m
Anemone 100m
Bacterium 500m
Bark Mound 100m
Brain Tree 100m
Cactoida 300m
Clypeus 150m
Concha 150m
Crystalline Shard 100m
Electricae 1000m
Fonticulua 500m
Frutexa 150m
Fumerola 100m
Fungoida 300m
Osseus 800m
Recepta 150m
Sinuous Tuber 100m
Stratum 500m
Tubus 800m
Tussock 200m