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Geology is the study of the structure of astronomical objects and processes that have shaped them. The mineralogical composition of rocks gives insight into their history of formation. Important geological events are e.g. earthquakes, floods, orogeny (mountain building), plate tectonics, and volcanic eruptions.

Several geological types have been discovered on planets and moons with 0 to tenuous atmospheres.


Robigo-B1-Canyon Planet-Crater-Ship Silicate-Fumarole CMDRExorcist-BlueFumaroles
Canyons Craters Fumarole Ice Fumarole
Gas-Vents-and-SRV Water Geyser in NGC 7822 Ice Geyser on Europa Lava Spouts 11 CEPHEI A 1 A
Gas Vent Geyser Ice Geyser Lava Spout

Material farming[]

Geological sites are prime locations for farming protrusions for raw materials and synthesis. The actual materials produced depend on the composition of the planet such as:

Fumarole locations spawn a combination of crystalline clusters, crystal fragments, needle crystals, and piceous cobble on the side of the fumarole vents. Shooting these objects with the SRV laser cannon allows them to be collected with the cargo scoop.

Such materials can be found on icy planets, high metal and rich metal worlds.


Minerals are chemical compounds that are mined from naturally-occurring deposits and can be refined into other substances. Some minerals are prized as precious gemstones and can fetch a high price at most markets.