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George Varma is an Admiral of the Alliance Defence Force and a member of the Alliance's Council of Admirals. In July 3304, Admiral Varma was wrongly arrested after a tri-superpower taskforce uncovered evidence that he was "Nexus", the main coordinator for the League of Reparation terrorist group. He was subsequently released and cleared of all charges after the same taskforce discovered that he had been framed by the real Nexus, Rear Admiral Riri McAllister. In January 3308, Varma spoke out against the appointment of Sirius Navy officer Admiral Nikolas Glass to the Council of Admirals as part of the Alliance's strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation.


10 JAN 3308

  • A new member has been appointed to the Council of Admirals to represent Sirius Corporation as the Alliance's strategic defence partner. Political correspondent Vanya Driscoll reported for The Alliance Tribune: "There are always six seats on the Council of Admirals, taken by senior military commanders from the largest regional fleets. Not only is this the first time that a seventh position has been created, it's also the first to come from outside the Alliance. The new addition is Admiral Nikolas Glass, a highly decorated officer with the Sirius Navy. His new role is to coordinate the Alliance's anti-Thargoid operations, which from now on will be directly supported by Sirius Corporation. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Fleet Admiral Hayley Sorokin both endorsed this development as a way of strengthening the Alliance Defence Force, which lacks the might of the Federal or Imperial Navy. Many member systems have demanded increased protection against the Thargoid threat, so this news is likely to be well received. As expected, Councillor Nakato Kaine opposed the defence pact, with Admiral George Varma also critical of 'merging commercial interests with military matters'. Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran also admitted that she abstained during the recent joint vote, but chose not to elaborate on her reasons. So it seems that the Assembly is not fully confident about this union with Sirius Corporation."[1]

19 JUL 3304

  • Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt of Alliance Interpol has broken her silence regarding the League of Reparation. At a special press conference, she made this announcement: "Prior to her death at the hands of the League of Reparation, I worked closely with my predecessor Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride. She revealed how Fleet Admiral Buchanan's assassination could only have been arranged by a senior figure within the Alliance Defence Force. She was patiently amassing evidence pertaining to this – a task that I inherited when she died. Information decrypted from the League's comms network has confirmed Kilbride's suspicions. I can also confirm that the arrest of Admiral George Varma was due to false leads – misdirection on the part of Varma's protégé within the Alliance Defence Force, Rear Admiral Riri McAllister. Rear Admiral McAllister is Nexus, the League's central coordinator. She has now been arrested and formally charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism. We have released Admiral Varma with our apologies. The decrypted data has also revealed the location of two major League enclaves. The taskforce is organising an operation to eradicate these groups, which we hope will be supported by the galactic community." Council Member Jed Trager was also present at the conference, and remarked: "We all owe a debt of gratitude to Inspector Klatt and the late Chief Inspector Kilbride. Thanks to their dedication, Nexus has at last been unmasked. Hopefully this marks the end of the League's reign of terror."[2]

13 JUL 3304

  • A member of the Alliance Council of Admirals has been arrested by the taskforce investigating terrorist organisation the League of Reparation. Admiral George Varma was confronted by Captain Niamh Seutonia and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez during a meeting of admiralty staff at the Donaldson starport in Alioth. Despite protests, he was placed under arrest and escorted to a secure facility. Captain Seutonia gave a brief statement to the media: "We have been trying to determine how the League of Reparation gained access to military-issue weapons, equipment and encryption. We now have evidence that Admiral Varma was secretly redirecting cargo shipments from the Alliance Defence Force to terrorist cells. It's highly likely that Varma is Nexus, the organisation's coordinator, and we are proceeding on that assumption." The arrest has created diplomatic ripples, with Federal and Imperial ambassadors being summoned before the Alliance Assembly. Council member Jed Trager told The Alliance Tribune: "For agents of the Federal Intelligence Agency and Imperial Internal Security Service to abduct an Alliance admiral is an egregious transgression. They will not get away with this." The Council of Admirals has called for an independent inquiry to verify the accusations levied at Admiral Varma. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon made a public statement: "This has come as a great shock, but the body of evidence against Admiral Varma is considerable. I am confident that the trial will be fair, and that our own representative within the tri-superpower taskforce will ensure that justice is done." Deputy Inspector Klatt was unavailable for comment.[3]

24 MAY 3304

  • Commodore Riri McAllister of the Alliance Defence Force has been appointed to the Council of Admirals and promoted to the position of Rear Admiral. The Council of Admirals is responsible for military strategy for the entire Alliance, and each of its six members commands a contributing navy. A vacancy was created when Fleet Admiral Tulimaq Buchanan was assassinated by the League of Reparation. McAllister, who hails from the Lave system and who is now in charge of its navy, is the youngest person ever to be appointed to the Council. She is also the most junior in rank, having bypassed several other candidates from the ADF admiralty, which has caused some controversy. Admiral George Varma defended the appointment: "Despite her relative youth, McAllister is one of our most decorated combat veterans and a master strategist. This makes her an excellent choice to help defend the Alliance." The newly promoted Rear Admiral McAllister made a characteristically brief statement: "I'm grateful to the Council for this honour. As well as my naval duties, I will be aiding efforts against the terrorist group responsible for my predecessor's death."[4]