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Croceum Globe Mollusc

These organisms are so called because of their spherical shell. Despite being animals, they generate chemical energy through a process similar to photosynthesis, using their tentacles to absorb starlight.

— In-Game Description

Globe Molluscs are non-sapient, spacefaring creatures that inhabit Notable Stellar Phenomena and loosely resemble the molluscs native to Earth. They have a tendency to retreat if approached by ships that have their headlights on.[1]


There are six known types of Globe Mollusc:

  • Cobalteum Globe Mollusc
  • Croceum Globe Mollusc
  • Niveum Globe Mollusc
  • Ostrinum Globe Mollusc
  • Roseum Globe Mollusc
  • Rutulum Globe Mollusc


System Type Reported By
Eol Flyou KC-V f2-3149 Niveum, Roseum CMDR Taoa
Eol Flyou KC-V f2-5802 Croceum CMDR Taoa
Eol Flyou KC-V f2-5570 Ostrinum CMDR Holy Cow!