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A Gourd Mollusc

A gourd-shaped organism that feeds off starlight converted into chemical energy.

— In-Game Description

Gourd Molluscs are non-sapient, spacefaring creatures that inhabit Notable Stellar Phenomena and loosely resemble the molluscs native to Earth. They appear to communicate with each other using whale-like vocalizations. They also exhibit an interest in ships and will follow them for several kilometers provided they can keep pace, but will shy away if a ship approaches them closer than approximately 40 meters or they enter the vicinity of other objects such as Metallic Crystals. When near a stationary ship, Gourd Molluscs will repeatedly propel themselves toward the ship and then away from it.[1]


There are seven known types of Gourd Mollusc:

  • Albulum Gourd Mollusc
  • Caeruleum Gourd Mollusc
  • Croceum Gourd Mollusc
  • Phoeniceum Gourd Mollusc
  • Purpureum Gourd Mollusc
  • Rufum Gourd Mollusc
  • Viride Gourd Mollusc


System Type Reported By
Praea Euq LQ-L b22-1 Albulum CMDR Jackie Silver
LBN 623 Sector MS-T c3-12 Albulum CMDR DevaKitty
HD 160167 Caeruleum CMDR THEB3NDER
Col 285 Sector GG-N c7-34 Croceum CMDR Unholyriot
Wredguia XD-K d8-24 Phoeniceum CMDR Dylman Red
Traikeou XK-N d7-6 Purpureum CMDR Cougar
HIP 98182 Rufum CMDR Qilla
BD-12 1172 Viride CMDR Zer0Axis
Swoilz NN-A d1-28 CMDR Siyirtik[1]
Byeia Eurk FI-R b32-0 CMDR KungFuFerret[2]
Bleia Eohn EY-F d12-6 CMDR ArmadilloToast
Pyramoe MI-B d2 Mirakosh Skyrider[3]
M21 Sector CW-D b12-3 Albulum CMDR LocrianDM
Flyiedge KQ-M b50-1 Albulum CMDR Awsomeguy26
Synuefai RQ-K d9-30 Albulum CMDR Space Caveman
Trifid Sector EL-Y d146 Albulum CMDR Tonxzy
Swoilz LO-G d11-6 Albulum CMDR BigLammo
Ploi Aewsy OI-T e3-11 Albulum CMDR J. Grimes
Ploi Aewsy EE-Z b27-0 Albulum CMDR Bunraku
Ploi Aewsy SN-S c17-28 Albulum CMDR Bunraku
Byeia Thaa WG-N b11-0 Albulum CMDR Compander
Byua Eurk MT-P b39-0 Albulum CMDR Compander
Phylur DE-B b2 Albulum CMDR Jacob Martin
M21 Sector AB-E b12-0 Albulum CMDR ManfredVonRichtoffen
Smojue OI-I c23-5 Albulum CMDR Lobster Mournay
Smojue IG-Y c21 Albulum CMDR Rocktester
Byeia Thaa JJ-M b7-5 Albulum CMDR Bruno Esparza
Nidgiae AF-P d6-0 Albulum CMDR YoungDumbBrokeCam
Pro Eurl GV-N c7-3 Albulum CMDR Krakataua